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Chocolate (Adorable)


200mg bars for $12 each

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Adorable Edibles is a Canadian edibles producer that makes high quality edibles.  Adorable promises moments of bliss that will melt on your tongue while creating the right mood. Overall, we’re very happy to carry their chocolates on our menu!

Each bar contains 200mg THC

Each square contains 20mg THC

Dark Chocolate with Blanched Almonds: A game of quality and flavour that brings joy to the taste buds. Come to the dark side. We have infused chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Almonds, Cannabis Extract.

White Chocolate with Hazelnut & Corn Flakes:  Richness in taste and intensity. Each peace means celebration. Celebration that turns into a tradition that lasts endlessly.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Hazelnuts, Milled Corn, Salt, Cannabis Extract.

Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt: A slice of heaven in every bite. The best ingredients in the world, delicious symbiosis of components and respect from chocolatiers. A feel-good bar while packing high quality flavour.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Salt, Cannabis Extract

Gold Chocolate with Caramel & Pretzels: Enchant your senses with the exquisite bliss of Adorable. Handcrafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and a premium collection of British Columbia cannabis, our artisanal bars redefine the world of edible confections.

Ingredients: Caramelized Sugar 2%, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Wheat Flour, Cannabis Extract

Keep out of reach of children!

Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more.

72 reviews for Chocolate (Adorable)

  1. Vaga

    Wow is this stuff delicious, I got the white chocolate hazelnut, it does taste like weed a little but it’s complemented by the hazelnut really well. Tempting not to eat the whole thing. Ate three squares my first night, that was a mistake!!! These are strong! I had a good sleep though.

  2. Fuzzer

    I’m a regular edible user and these chocolates are one of my favourites. I always get the milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt, and oh my goodness are they delicious! I want to gobble up the whole bar but restrain myself to two squares. These pack a quality high that leaves you social, happy, and energized. I love these and highly recommend!

  3. Thisisez11

    Love these. They come in a sleek packaging, the chocolate itself tastes great but there’s no aftertaste of weed, which I love. I purchased the white chocolate with cornflakes, and it worked wonders. I only need 3/4 of a square while my fiancée has a square and a half. You get a great high, moderate couch lock, and buzzing sensation throughout the night.

  4. Shuga_freak

    I loved these so much😍😍 I’m not a chocolate fan but I often eat white chocolate and these tastes like white chocolate with lots of caramel In it. It’s so sweet and it gives a good high too.

  5. Thisisez11

    These are excellent. I’m an occasional consumer, so the potency per each square was the perfect amount for a physical and mental buzz. It tastes good

  6. K

    Very tasty, high quality chocolate, liked the milk better than the dark, no weedy taste at all. Good dose, 4 squares got me feeling pretty good and 1 square got my inexperienced friend feeling great.

  7. mquinny

    I’ve ordered the dark and golden chocolate bars and both are equally delicious. The dosing is the most consistent and convenient of all the products I’ve tried.

  8. Rockstarr

    If I could rate these chocolate bars higher I would!! These are my go to edibles. The dosing is convenient and consistent effect, the flavour is amazing!!! I’ve tried the dark chocolate, milk, and golden and I will keep ordering.

  9. Wolfendra

    The taste was good-found it had no oitvtaste at all. Taste smooth and the cornflakes gave it a nice texture. One full square would do it for me-the potency was a bit lower then advertised I found (unlike jellies, which give me more bang for my buck).

  10. OgLoc

    I love these chocolates. Not too high of a dose to knock you out. Really great flavour and texture to these. Belgian chocolate is awesome in these edibles

  11. Olivia

    I’ve tried many many edibles from this site and honestly I was blown away by this one. Value is great, did the job extremely well. Tasted nice too! I purchased the Adorable one, white chocolate.
    Great product! Can’t wait to try the others.

  12. Budboy

    My favourite edible! The salted toffee one is great, almost too great as you can’t taste the THC. I like to have one square or half a square as these are high dose. They are consistent in dosage and even a half piece is a nice sweet treat.

  13. Strong

    Really thrilled with the quality and flavour varieties of this brand. I used to only like gummies because I found some of the chocolate too earthy but this one is perfect.

  14. Strong

    I really love the flavour options. The Pretzel one is incredible. I used to only like gummies but this brand has made me make the switch over to what I love most. CHOCOLATE!!

  15. MFG

    Very tasty and also effective, glad to say. Goes down smoother than some more intense edibles on here. Nice chocolate in both. The Sea Salt / Toffee option is delicious. Dark chocolate and almonds also delicious. I recommend this definitely.

  16. Fugen

    Finally tried the Gold – Caramel & Pretzel and it might have been the best yet! These bars all have some ganja taste and this was no exception but the flavor was delicious!

  17. EE

    Toffee and Sea Salt – 1 square is enough to give me a pleasant evening. I’m a lightweight, and it doesn’t take much 🙂 The flavour is really good – there’s a hint of weedy aftertaste, but it’s minor. Would definitely recommend for future purchase.

  18. Blue Dreamer

    As an occasional partaker, one square hits the spot for a great day of chilling and no issues being out of sorts the next morning. With ten squares per bar, that’s some fantastic bang for buck. I keep it in the fridge.

  19. OgLoc

    Nice consistency and flavour from the caramel gold one. Decent buzz for heavy user. Would buy again to try the other flavours. High quality chocolate.

  20. Jez

    Got the toffee sea salt flavour, not bad, bit of a weedy aftertaste but not overpowering. Solid buzz. Easy to break squares, which is convenient. Would buy again.

  21. bigdankboiiii

    This hit how an edible should, the chocolate for one was super tasty and fairly fresh. The high was nice and kicked in after about an hour, it definetely snuck up on me lol.

  22. Ag

    Great body hi ..Just the high I was looking for in an edible. Didnt taste like weed, and the most delicious chocolate bar I’ve ever had. I’d recommend 2 to 3 pieces if you smoke on the reg

  23. Ag

    Great body buzz. Just the high I was looking for in an edible. Didnt taste like weed, and the most delicious chocolate bar I’ve ever had. If you’re a regular heavy smoker I’d recommend 2 to 3 pieces

  24. SID

    THESE ARE MY FAVORITE EDIBLES! I have tried just about every edible on this site and these and the Twisted Extracts jelly bombs are hands down my go-to edibles for all my needs. These chocolate bars are super weedy tasting but suuuuuper rich in chocolate flavor, made with good ingredients and the starting material they use to make these edibles must be some REALLY nice indica because the high is extremely sedating, very relaxing, takes the edge off of any sort of anxious feeling at all. I don’t fly well so I first bought these to take a flight with and ate one about an hour before boarding and was completely relaxed for take-off (I’d usually be anxious and freaking out). The high is very not paranoid, doesn’t make you feel nervous at all, really just evens you out and helps you sleep, helps you sink into wherever you are. I buy these whenever they are in stock, they are that good!! Stick to these for all things – whether you are in pain, you are an insomniac or you have bad anxiety at the end of a work day – these are your go-tos!

  25. Fed

    If you know somebody that loves chocolate… and cannabis: buy them one of these chocolate bars asap! I think they are an awesome gift idea. They are 50g chocolate bars. I wasn’t a huge fan of the white chocolate & cornflakes combo but I’ll order more of the other flavors! If you are a beginner or an occasional (like once a week) user I’d recommend to stick with no more than one 20mg square.

  26. Mi

    Bought as gift for a newbie friend – He so far as stated he has had a great relaxing buzz with this and the chocolate quality was very good (coming from him…that’s a feat!)

    More will be purchased soon!!

  27. Grezzo

    I ordered these on a whim, I usually just buy gummies and hard candies. And I did not regret it! The sea salt is my favorite but I loved the pretzel pieces in the pretzel one. I was excited there was several nut free flavors as well. I don’t know if it’s just the way the chocolate digests or the potency of these but I felt very stoned after a couple squares. (Probably 3 or 4 throughout my evening) I dose often. So far for potency these chocolate bars have packed the most punch for me!

  28. Sparkes

    Not as strong as I was hoping. Tastes good, very strong taste. Mellow high for me. I found that it didn’t last as long as other edibles but left me feeling normal afterward. I wasn’t dragged out or spacey at all. It did give me a HUGE Appetite though so be careful if you like sweets 🤗

  29. LT

    The taste is devine and the buzz is nice and easy. Good for a day to keep you in a relaxed, active state of mind and body. Bar stores great, and makes a nice gift.

  30. KatlandKat

    Really liked the toffee and sea salt ones
    Flavour was great with no strong weed taste so was using them during day and at night. Worked great for me

  31. EDedNeddie

    Great chocolate, one square will do the trick on a sunny afternoon. Not too overpowering and the chocolate itself is of a fantastic quality. WIll buy again

  32. Smac

    recently my dr informed me NO chocolate. This is the saddest thing I’ve been told as I LOVE chocolate, but this bar. This Golden bar is my savior.
    Great product, 4 squares and I’m good

  33. Samwizegamgeee

    I usually order the Mota chocolate bars but tried the adorable brand this time. The flavor is great and half the bar give a nice buzz for me! The portion pieces are great to break off or put into a hot drink!

  34. bigcomfycouch

    The dark chocolate with blanched almonds was heavenly. This is an affordable and great quality option for those wishing to not only treat their taste buds, but to relax and ponder the mysteries of life while grinning from ear to ear. As with all edibles start with 1 or 2 squares if you’re not experienced. Highly recommended. A+

  35. ryanfarkas

    eh, they’re fine? I expected more out of the potency to be honest. They taste great but really need the extra oomph to put themselves into the next tier,

  36. Crass

    I ordered 2x toffee + sea salt. The flavor tastes great, and it’s very easy to portion with 10x20mg squares. Would love if the label had more information about the extract used – distillate or FSE, etc.

  37. Not your mother

    I ended up ordering the sea salt one and the white chocolate and corn flake one. Both flavours tastes great (even my husband commented on how good they were) and one square does the trick. I did find that it took about half an hour longer than some of my other edibles, so just make sure not to jump the gun and take a second square. I found the high to be the perfect chill and lasted for quite a few hours.

  38. SoGood

    It tastes so good and gives a nice high for a couple of hours. Though I find it to be a bit too sweet for dark chocolate. Otherwise I recommend it to edible lovers.

  39. Fugen

    This is the second one of these bars I have tried, the white chocolate hazelnut and cornflakes was another great tasting bar just the right amount. Looking forward to trying another flavor!

  40. Jeff

    These are pretty good. One square does the trick. I find it helps me to relax and ease my anxiety, and keeps me focused on my creative work. My only complaint: as an allergy person I really wish they would make a white chocolate version without the hazelnuts. But then I might go bankrupt! lol

  41. EE

    The white chocolate with cornflakes is really nice – good texture, not an overwhelming weed taste. I find one square is enough to give me a nice buzz (I am a bit of a lightweight) for the afternoon or evening, and it’s nice to take a few hours before bed to help me drift off.

  42. Stonks

    Good dose, good price, can’t ask for much more. The 20mg per piece dose is perfect. I usually like around 40-60mg so this bar works perfect for me.

  43. highgirl22

    i just received my items last night and i was quick to try these edibles for the first time, they were amazing. i thought the dosage was perfect and so was the price.

  44. IMLARK

    Exceeded my expectations. The high was amazing and the taste WOW. Can’t wait to try another flavor. Btw great service and fast delivery. Will be buying again!

  45. joeyallday

    These are my favorite edibles. The dosage is a great amount and allows you to control how high you want to get witb each bar being about 20mg. The packaging in itself represents how truly great these chocolates are. Even the chocolate bar itself looks appetizing with a cool weed leaf engraved into each piecee and it does have quite an odour to it, which I don’t personally mind.

  46. fishbulb

    These are pretty good. My second time buying them on a sale. The white chocolate with cornflakes in particular I really liked. I usually go with gummies but I’m sure to pop one of these into my cart every now and again.

  47. Autumn

    Exceeded my expectations that’s for sure. Loved every single bite of it. The potency was spot on and the high was amazing. I can’t wait til you restock! The gold bar is what I ordered. Will be buying again!

  48. Rachel 75

    I just had the caramel and pretzel bar. It was delightful, with a nice buzz. I like that you can portion out your doses. And it feel like you I got these bars from Willy Wonka 😂 the bar was warped in a gold paper, very fancy.

  49. Fugen

    This was possibly some of the best tasting chocolate edible I’ve ever had! Tried the Dark Chocolate and Almonds in the Holidaze Pack and now I can’t wait to try the others!

  50. Shorty

    Love this chocolate
    The toffee and sea salt are my favourite, the white one not so much
    The price is pretty decent as well
    You only need a couple pieces and your good to go

  51. Zeebear

    The white chocolate hazelnut and cornflakes is soooo good. I can eat that in a day easy. The price is decent for what you get, although i am used to a higher dosage per piece with other products. This is good for the times i just need a mellow mood lift to get through the day. Big fan of this brand.

  52. Zeebear

    I love the toffee and seasalt chocolate bar. The taste makes me forget its an edible. I usually take 2 pieces at a time and its a mellow experience for me. I enjoy this brand a lot.

  53. Paisleywytch

    The is a really nice quality creamy chocolate and the mint covers the slight weed taste. If that bothers you this is a good flavour to try. 1 square is enough to be effective so this bar goes a long way for a good price. I would recommend this one to anyone!

  54. Paisleywytch

    This is one of my favourites. The chocolate is really smooth and creamy, very nice quality. The mint covers the slight weed taste, if that bothers you this is a good one to try. If you are new to edibles this bar goes a long way as you don’t need to consume a lot to be effective.

  55. Shorty

    These are my second favourite chocolate, love the toffee and sea salt ones, not a big fan of the caramel and pretzel that’s gross. Have a good kick to them

  56. forkeg

    Ordered one for myself and one for a beginner friend. He reported that he loves the taste and it was an effective high at 1x20mg dose. However, i’m a more experienced user and did not find the high strong what so ever. Ate the whole bar to get a strong buzz but 16$ price point is just too high in my opinion.

  57. Rachel 75

    This is a delightful chocolate bar, the taste is amazing. The chocolate remind me of a Cadberry bar. I had the Toffie sea salt and no weed taste which I don’t mind the taste of weed. However I like the body high it gave me and helped me have a solid sleep. I look foe to trying the other flavours

  58. Rachel 75

    This is a delightful chocolate bar, the taste is amazing. The chocolate remind me of a Cadberry bar. I had the Toffie sea salt and no weed taste which I don’t mind the taste of weed. However I like the body high it gave me and helped me have a solid sleep. Definitely going to order again

  59. Rachpuffs

    I bought the caramel&pretzels one and the white chocolate&cornflakes. I don’t normally enjoy extra things in my chocolate, but they were both very good and didn’t over power the chocolate itself. Tastes amazing, but I personally don’t think they are super strong, just a nice buzz

  60. combeng

    Very tasty, probably my favourite chocolate on here. I get a decent high from half of a bar, so all in all pretty good value, but overall edibles still seem pricey (albeit clearly not like the garbage legal stuff with insanely low THC limits). I’ve enjoyed a number of these myself, and bought a bunch for gifts as they look and taste better than most other options on here.

  61. NotaDisneyPrincess

    It had a nice high, good for newbies however experience uses may find they need a few peices of bar. The chocolate was really tasty. I did have a couple of the peices with a really strong weed taste.

  62. obc93

    I’ve tried all these flavors and the caramel and pretzels are phenomenal. Hardly any taste of “medicine” and seem pretty expertly dosed. I was sad to see the BAKED EDIBLES brand disappear but these are right up there.

  63. Lulu

    The Toffee and sea salt is amazing. The taste is fabulous, and it takes about 20 minutes for the body buzz to kick in. It was perfect for a movie night.

  64. Red

    These chocolates are amazing! Usually only take half a square and I’m good for the night, definitely wait 30-45mins before trying the other half. Really good high!

  65. Smac

    This time we ordered the GOLD bar.
    OMG this bar is to die for !!
    So good I’ve returned to order more and it’s only been a week and I’m not supposed to order anything else for a month. YA RIGHT

  66. Envycleopatra

    DELICIOUS chocolate – honestly very tasty and does not have that weed aftertaste. The dosing is also perfect at 20mg per square and gives a nice mellow, happy high. The only reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is that I find the high does not last as long as other edibles – it tends to dissipate rather quickly and I go through the bar quite fast.

  67. Smac

    The white & milk chocolate bars are delicious.
    We were skeptical of the cornflakes but, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
    It was a nice change to be able to order white chocolate as that is my boyfriends favorite.

  68. 6ight

    This tastes absolutely divine and melts in your mouth. nice body vibe. feelings of chill and jollyness. perfect for the holiday season… sharing is caring for this one 🙂

  69. Tkins

    I absolutely whole heartedly love the White Chocolate with hazelnuts and corn flakes. Each piece was incredibly delicious making me want to have another. Really loves the high from this chocolate as well. Will buy again for sure

  70. obc93

    WOW! I was very pleased with this purchase. The TOFFEE & SEA SALT tastes amazing and the dosage is spot on. One square is plenty to give you a nice little hit if you’re new to edibles. Will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

  71. YoungBalsamic

    One of my favourite products from my recent order. These chocolates are delicious. I purchased all three, and I have to say the toffee sea salt is my favourite. A piece or two is all you need (unless you have a crazy high tolerance)!

  72. Marshall

    My boyfriend and I split this chocolate and it was delicious very good for price .We don’t usually get chocolates but we would probably purchase this product again.

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