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Dog Treats (Animalitos) – CBD


5 MG CBD per Treat
150 MG per bag

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150 MG CBD per bag | THC-Free and Non-Psychoactive

Dog treats infused with CBD offer relief for dogs who suffer from arthritis, inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, seizures, cancer, or dogs who are sensitive to stress. The anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities of CBD allows your pet to regain their energy and quality of life without any psychoactive effects.

Pain | Inflammation | Cancer | Epilepsy | Stress | Anxiety

Flavour: Peanut Butter Banana

Suggested Serving: 1 MG CBD for every 10lbs of body weight.

Strength: 5 MG of CBD per treat and each bag contains approximately 30 treats. Package contains 150 MG of CBD.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Bananas, Organic Ground Flax Seed, Dry Roasted Organic Valencia Peanuts, Organic Tumeric, C02 Extracted Solvent Less CBD Oil



17 reviews for Dog Treats (Animalitos) – CBD

  1. Flint

    Great product. It really helps my dogs with joint pain and anxiety. Also it helps calm her when her anxiety hits … like when fireworks are going off.

  2. Mrsjrm

    I give my 2 dogs each 1/2 a treat (24lbs & 28lbs) and it definately relaxes both. My bigger dog will sleep, where as the smaller one not as much. They both like the taste.

  3. 6ight

    Very hard to chew.. packaging says “approx. 30 treats” I counted and had 16 in my bag. That’s almost half the amount.. wouldn’t say the price matches the value.

  4. Caner

    This was the first cbd treat I tried for my epileptic husky. They are harder than cement but no difficulty for a 75 pound food driven husky but I could see why smaller or older dogs would have issues crunching them. Although I saw some difference in her nerves, it was not a 100% fix. She was still nervous when it came to her triggers BUT she didn’t seize which is amazing all on its own. I was however was disappointed in the quantity and packaging. The pack clearly stated “approximately” 30 treats per bag but upon opening the first bag only had 16 treats and the second bag only contained 18 treats! I found this frustrating to dose and felt slightly ripped off as these extras are expensive to begin with. Found more consistency with bully bits and will continue with their treats!

  5. LisaJayne

    Just like everyone else has stated these treats are definitely on the hard side, but still great for heavy chewers like my valley. She has extremely bad separation anxiety and these really help her chill a little

  6. Gen Brock

    We have an older Golden Retriever female who loves to swim, but gets very sore around the hips after a good dip. These cookies seem to give her real relief, and she loves the flavour, too.

  7. Flint

    These treats are great. My dog has severe anxiety issues when fireworks are going off. These take the edge off and help her cope. So glad I found them.

  8. Milo_pug mum

    These treats are great. Our pug went from limping to running around within a week. Now he does need about three full treats a day and he’s only 18lbs. So one bag lasts us 7 days. They are way to hard, even to break in half. PRO TIP: take a paper towel wet it place inside a open sandwich bag and place this inside this treat bag and seal up. Within a day these treats have more moisture to where you can break them in half with ease and your dog can crunch them no problem. Otherwise you’ll need a hammer to break them up.

  9. Dr. Zaius

    Definitely on the dry and crunchy side, but our little dog loves these. Easy to dose based on the package’s recommendation. Love the minimal ingredients and slick packaging as well. Our little guy comes running any time you open the bag.

  10. bluntman

    Dog loved em, and it wasn’t an issue switching from the Bully Bits. She crushed em, and the cbd helps with the joints after long hikes. Would recommend to anyone if your dog needs it, and if they love food it shouldn’t be a problem getting them to crush them.

  11. jadou1306

    My labrador is 13 years old and starts to have pain in his paws. He could also be a little anxious sometimes. Those relaxe him and seems to relieve him. The only thing that I dislike in that product is that it’s really hard and dry.

  12. soupy

    i have an epileptic border collie that i purchased these for, and so far she hasnt had any seizures but convincing her to eat the treats is difficult, shes not a big fan of the taste… hoping to see more flavour and size options on the market soon but for now i would consider buying these again

  13. AuntSher

    This is a great idea, however none of my three dogs would eat any.

  14. Xjr23

    Thought they were not lasting as long as I thought they would so I opened a new bag and counted. Only 19 treats in the bag not 30. Hard to know how much cbd we are give the dog.

  15. Meg77

    I have a 4 year old Husky-Golden Retriever who suffers from anxiety. She was abused for the first year of her life and sometimes has bad anxiety attacks if we leave her alone, and sometimes struggles with eating. We previously used CBD treats from a different company (which were great) but these are stronger and cheaper, so we pay less but get more out of it! She loves the taste of them and they work almost immediately (standard time, effects appear after around 20 minutes). I will be buying her treats here from now on! I suggest anyone who has a dog with anxiety issues, problems with eating, restlessness, or any type of stress including car rides. tries these out! It replaces any prescription medication your vet may prescribe, and costs a fraction of the price. 5 stars!

  16. Covertempire

    My dog loves these things, he loves the crunch. Seems to help him find his chi and stop being such a stressbag.

  17. SomaDoll

    These were hard to rate because they are hard as actual rocks! I soaked them in boiling water for 10 minutes before they were chewable…However, the effects lasted a FULL 24hours though. My 12yr old arthritic Labrador was a happy, relaxed and mobile young dog again 🙂

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