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Animalitos Pet Tincture (Mota) – Dog


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Animalitos CBD Dog Tincture is non-psychoactive, and meant to help with anxiety, arthritis, mild pain, inflammation issues and seizures.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Pacific Salmon Oil, CBD Isolate

Strength: 300mg CBD

Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Use once or twice daily. Combine with your pets food.

Serving Size: 0.5ml per 10 lbs of body weight. Example 1ml for a 20 pound dog. Use measuring cup provided.

20 reviews for Animalitos Pet Tincture (Mota) – Dog

  1. TheStoutTrout

    Makes everyday life for an elderly dog so much better. Easily administered in food or on treats. This stuff increases the lifespan of a dog. I have been using it since I found bumps on our dogs belly. They were pea-sized and seemed to have disappeared after using it with the bully bits. 💗

  2. Alicia

    Had a friend recommended this product for our dog who’s starting to get arthritis, and it absolutely works. I highly recommend! I see a huge difference when she has it or doesn’t.

  3. six

    Our Samoyed tore his acl and surgery was not recommended we have been dosing with tinctures for the past several weeks and this seems to work great ..

  4. Baker

    We have a large lab/Australian sheep dog that has arthritis in her hind legs. This pet tincture really helps her move around more and she seems happier. A little bit in the morning and before bed seems to do the trick.

  5. Silly_jenn

    I have two dogs that need this product for different reasons. My old girl (13.5yrs) benefits from it for her pain and my old boy (10yrs) benefits from it for his separation anxiety. It does make their breath smell fishy – which is pretty hilarious actually 🙂

  6. 11d11

    I have a large breed dog, she is terrified of storms and fire works. I wish it came with a dropper. It took a couple trials to find the right amount for her.

  7. Newfiegirl

    I have a dobie and pitbull so took a few times to figure out the right dosage. wanted calm not stoned. lol! Friends small dogs were able to travel in car after a ml without any issues. All dogs loved the taste so didn’t have to hide in food

  8. :)

    Love this stuff. Really helps to calm down both my dogs. One of which is hyper and the other has extreme anxiety. Not a huge fan of the little measuring cup that comes with it. I use a dropper from an old tincture.

  9. El Roacho

    I have two very large breed dogs, getting long in years, one is very peaceful, the other, rather skittish with anything loud, and getting worse. Started giving the oddball a full syringe whenever thunderstorms/fireworks were in the forecast. She finds a quiet spot and lays down..no more pacing around the room. I really think it helps, but rather pricey if you have 100+pound dogs..lol I’ll be reordering just to keep my girls comfortable. thanks BM

  10. TRACY

    This product has helped my min pin/chihuahua so much. He’s ten and and has been getting glaucoma in his eye I think it’s been helping him threw that transition. He’s use to be a cranky and he’s much nicer his fur has even been coming back in. He rolls on his back and relaxes instead of hiding under the covers. And he loves the taste will take it right off a spoon.

  11. :)

    This has been a game changer in my home. I have 2 young and very hyper dogs and this does a very good job is calming them. I add it to their evening meal and can enjoy a little peace at the end of the day. It has become a regular item in my order.

  12. SourCreamCreamy

    I bought this for my cousins little annoying poodle to calm her down when she’s a pest and ripping out her own hair. And it works fairly well, kinda irons out her anxiety.

  13. B

    The best stuff going….getting this 2 bottles at a time for my big old boy 110pd , 11yr old lab. I am convinced without this he would not be doing as well. And super fast shipping..wow….6 days to the east coast Atlantic nl.
    Local mail can take 4 days between towns 30kms apart!!…
    Awesome guys?

  14. xxblinkfan182xx

    I’ve been buying this for about a year for my senior (10 yo) black lab x boxer. Stuff works miracles. He still gets sore and is slow to get up but his limp is gone and hes back to his happier self. Recommend for any dog with arthritis or chronic pain.

  15. :)

    I have 2 dogs, 1 has severe separation anxiety and the other is a bouncing bag of beans all the damn time. This works wonders on both of them. I’m so happy I tried it. Noticed the effects after the first use.

  16. B

    My senior lab is loving this..some days he is more spunkybthrn others. He’s 11 and has week legs. Get this in him at the start of the day for his week legs and hopefully no psin

  17. Jay

    Really like this product for my aging Staffy.He is 11 yrs old and has bad hips and inflammation in his legs.He limps a lot after long walks so I give him this and oh boy does it make a difference.His energy levels changes and he runs like he is 4 yrs old again.Thanks Bm

  18. ryken25

    I’ve been giving this to my dog for a couple of months for anxiety issues, and it’s working good so far. Tried other brands but they weren’t successful. Mota’s bottle is also big.. you get a lot for the price compared to others. Great product!

  19. soupy42

    My dog is epileptic and so far CBD has done wonders in treating her condition, even my vet was happy to hear how well it’s been working for her. My first experience with the Mota Animalitos line was with the cookies, but my dog doesnt like peanut butter so I had to try something else. After experimenting with other brands i’ve decided this is the best product for her. She loves the fish oil so much that i probably dont need to hide it in treats (but I still do). She has not had a single seizure on days that she takes CBD, and often goes months seizure free. It’s harder to find CBD products in Toronto now with legalization. When I run out, I know its only a matter of days until the seizures return. I would highly recommend this to anyone as an alternative *treatment* (not a cure) to epilepsy in their pets, and I think this product easily deserves 5 stars. Also worth mentioning is that she does not show any signs of being intoxicated after ingesting this, which is very important to me. Thanks to Mota and Budmail for keeping my dog happy and seizure free!

  20. Covertempire

    I’ve just started using this as an alternative to the treats to try to keep costs down. My pup hasn’t had a seizure since adding this to his daily diet mixing with his food.

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