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Purple Ayahuasca

AAA Grade | Indica

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Purple Ayahuasca

Purple Ayahuasca is a cross of Master Kush (a plant with roots in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan and Pakistan) and Red River Delta (the Red River Delta is located in Vietnam and known for early hemp cultivation).

The primary aromas are unique, expressing hints of hazelnut and papaya. The buds are compact and flourish attractive patches of royal purple and a liberal coating of frost. It displays imminently relaxing, full-body effects that are best suited for the end of the day. It’s anyone’s guess why Barney chose the mysterious name. Perhaps because its effects herald inner peace, and take hold of both body and soul.

Flavours: Sweet, Berry, Earthy, Nutty
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Happy, Spacey, Peaceful
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD

29 reviews for Purple Ayahuasca

  1. Gruff (verified owner)

    Ok, so this is a very very nice pheno.
    Imo its a little too sweet for me, but thats just splitting hairs.

    Bag appeal 10/10 it looks the same as the sluricanie, so much so I thought they’d sent me duplicates..beautiful purple white and green hues

    Its a total different flavor more representative of the purple bud. Sweet…

    Smoke excellent. I was really impressed with this bud. Disclaimer I got it I the 420 sale so it was cheap cheap.

  2. B.NUGS (verified owner)

    Picked up half OZ of this and it’s wicked. The smell is like dank cheese and flavourful forest mixed!! Great buzz, if I were to guess I’d say it was a balanced hybrid but its lineage is indica. Good potency. A+++++

  3. Alarmclock (verified owner)

    I’m already floating away on a puffy cloud. Zero anxiety, and I get it really bad with the wrong strain. With the next few hits pain and muscle cramps melt away. I’m left with pleasant thoughts, relaxed, and tingling from head to toe. Time to go lay down in the bed and drift to sleep. Very strong, but not in a racy way. Super “stoned”. No paranoia, no racy thoughts, but the most intense body tingling and buzz I’ve ever had. My mind was going places I’ve never been before

  4. Trapstarr7o5 (verified owner)

    Found this strain to be well maintained and beautifully cultivated. Although i only ordered a quarter of this one and another strain which was also phenomenal (White Death) i still enjoyed both for their own specific properties. Will order again.

  5. Nic (verified owner)

    Loved it! Lots of crystal and the purple colours in it are very appealing. A nice high that isn’t too heavy, great for day time use without turning your busy day into a lazy one

  6. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Very nice flower indeed. Cured to perfection – has a nice aroma and flavour I would definitely recommend this strain well it is available! Get it well it’s hot friends!!

  7. 420lion (verified owner)

    Very beautiful frosty purple buds. When it arived the buds wernt as dry as i expected so they smoked nice and slow in a joint. the terps tasted great too.

  8. Beans (verified owner)

    Looks like AAAA strain. The name is awesome to begin with. The taste is excellent the ash is white. Checks all the boxes in what you look for when seeking good bud.
    Thanks for this one BM

  9. Fun (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains of all time. The last batch was very nice. I should’ve ordered more cause it was gone when I came back for it. The bud was pretty and the taste was as good as ever. Nice indica strain for a relaxed evening cause it doesn’t completely knock you out.

  10. clutcher (verified owner)

    Not the quality i was expecting.Nice looking bud but smell was off(ammonia)- sizzled when smoked in a bowl,taste matched the smell.Not worth the AAAA rating.Glad i got this at the sale price

  11. MasterVin (verified owner)

    Can’t pronounce the name lol but Very nice Buds, dense full of Flavour with lots of Purple hairs. I just got a Quarter and I was really impressed, A Nice night time Buzz was the finally.

  12. B4Nj0 (verified owner)

    Amazing exotic fruity taste, nice buzz – not too strong, and as usual, the weed is just well dry, not too much. this is a must try! Very good produt !

  13. D (verified owner)

    Like this: “Imminently relaxing effects are on display. Encapsulating and full-spectrum with a kick of creativity. Thoughtful and social while a calming mellow bastes the cerebral pep. Wonderfully versatile and sure to impress.”
    Visually and aurally spectacular. Caked. Smokes beautifully.
    Doesn’t hit me heavy but covers me completely, if that makes sense.
    BM has ruined me, they set the bar high. Great appreciation for the 420 month long sale!!!! In these trying times, both emotionally and financially, your efforts help ALOT. Thank U!

  14. Bricky (verified owner)

    This is a real nice heavy hitting indica! Loved the flavours floral little fruity with that nut taste! Burns awesome white ash and very smooth! Buds loaded with frost! You will not be disappointed in this flower strain! Top quality product from budmail once again!

  15. El Roacho (verified owner)

    Love this strain..tried it back when they had the big deal sale, which had seeds. Thought i’d give Taco farms a taste since they seem to be the most consistent with top notch product.. i’ll order again

  16. Hazytown

    So I got a gram of this in the sample pack and found it to be a decent indica with a touch of sativa. Tastes great in a vape and isn’t to expansive on the lungs. All around great after dinner bud.

  17. Rick James

    This was a kicker to the head, but I am more of a Sativa kinda of guy. Though my cousin he loved it, he suggested Sativa in the morning and Indica at night, and I said to him ‘yeah ok there 2 chain!’ and if any indica it would be this one he really really liked it. Very good looking buds bright colours I enjoyed it but because of the strength, I’d plan my night a write out. It definitely helped me sleep, I got my sleep on that is for sure. Cheers

  18. spaceman

    Great cannabis for the price. Mostly Indica but definitely has a little Sativa mix in. Smokes smooth and is really flavorful in a vape. Spacey type of high for me. Definitely worth a try for Indica lovers!

  19. Anonymous

    Awesome for cooking and smoke at a great price!

  20. Anonymous

    The name is spot on, because this gave me closed eye visuals like I’ve never experienced from bud before. But it was a little dry and burned up faster than I’d like. The flavor is unreal, nothing like I’ve experienced, so it’s worth trying a gram for that alone–it’s not kidding about the papaya tones. Very strange. I’d have it again, but I don’t think I’d go to it regularly. The euphoric, nearly hallucinogenic state was not what I go to an indica for, and I think I would have enjoyed those traits more with a sativa. Instead, I had really… strange… dreams…

    The flavor, though. Mm. Put this in a vape.

  21. iliketrees

    Very nice flower indeed. Cured to perfection – has a nice aroma and flavour with a sourish exhale/ after taste. I feel both sativa and indica properties from this one!

  22. Steel

    Beautiful buds! Lots of crystals! Definitely dont make plans to do anything after you smoke this!

  23. Padams89

    Good tasting, dried out really quick though. I prefer a soft/moist bud over dry.

  24. GoonyGooGoo

    This is exceptionally good indica for $200 an ounce. Nice medium to large sized buds covered in frost. Not much smell. The high for me was very similar to lemon hashplant; pure indica bliss. Great for relaxation!!!

  25. walls

    Euphoric, creative, focused high. Great eye pressure relief

  26. stp0808

    Well now that’s a decent weed ! Looks like the picture , kind of a rough cut but beautiful buds, burns nice, covered in crystal. Gets you baked !

  27. Ruski

    Nice, fat buds, loaded with trichomes! I couldn’t tell the smell until I remembered the smell of papayas, as its been a while since I ate one. Not sure about the hazel nut tones…. Great smoke for night time chilling or falling asleep with. I’ll be visiting this strain again in the near future.

  28. ccblazin

    Pretty decent weed. Tastes good and offers a strong high. However the trim is pretty loose and there is not one purple leaf on the nugs.

  29. Goonies

    “J’ai bien aime cette sorte…Tres agreable a fumer ☺

    Tres belle fleurs representant bien la photo et puis, elles sont plus givrees solide 😆”

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