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BC Rockstar


AAA Grade | Indica

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BC Rockstar

BC Rockstar, also known as Rockstar Kush, hails from British Columbia and is appreciated across the country. Nicely grown while flourishing purples and greens on chunky, well-trimmed buds. Rich and robust to the smoke while capturing the kushy dankness of its aroma. We recommend this for long periods of focus or a chill night indoors. Soothing and relaxing to the body with twinges of cerebral qualities. Grab it while it’s hot!

Flavours: Gassy, Earthy, Musky, Kushy
Effects: Calming, Relaxed, Focused, Euphoric
Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Inflammation

12 reviews for BC Rockstar

  1. Cosmic (verified owner)

    Compared to other strains I’ve gotten from this site, this bud is not as good as others but it’s still pretty decent smoke and quite potent. Wasn’t too fond of the taste but that’s just my opinion, but all in all it’s good bud.

  2. thepulse101 (verified owner)

    I left a previous unsavoury review of this weed. However after spending some time with it, it has grown on me. Earthy with notes of pine and lemon and the buzz is strong and long lasting. Overall solid weed and worth the money. Sometimes you gotta get to know her a bit first without making your mind up.

  3. Mrniceguy (verified owner)

    this is another great tasting strain! Nice clean white ash when burned! Taste like the old rockstar back in high school we use to get! The Platinum rockstar was just as good though if not dankier!

  4. thepulse101 (verified owner)

    Decent weed. High was not too bad, didn’t really enjoy the taste that much in the vape, kinda tasted like salmon, also had some notes of pine. Overall it’s decent weed but not really worth the money when there’s so much better out there.

  5. Louis (verified owner)

    Overall this is good stuff. It’s not quite as potent as I usually like but the effect is good. Grinded well and smoked nicely. Probably won’t come back to it just because it’s not as strong as I like but I would recommend.

  6. Smac (verified owner)

    Slightly disappointed with the BC RockStar It was rather dry and the smell was dull.
    Burns clean and is easy on the lungs. Definitely needed a stronger strain

  7. Frosty420 (verified owner)

    Very musky , not very good bag appeal, sadly one of the lower end rockstars I’ve tried, pretty disappointed , but it burns clean and it’s very smooth , probably best suited for the novice smoker

  8. Uldinga (verified owner)

    Not bad weed but it does the trick. Wish it had more of a kushy taste. Worth the price of the weed, nugs looked decent and grinded nice. i would give it a 6/10 respectfully

  9. Lotto (verified owner)

    Good tasting, especially on the exhale.
    The bag appeal isn’t really nothing special.
    Not too strong on the smell either.
    Buzz is pretty decent. Not bad!

  10. Uldinga (verified owner)

    I’m through with standing in line to clubs I’ll never get in
    It’s like the bottom of the ninth, and I’m never gonna win
    This life hasn’t turned out quite the way I want it to be
    but the BC rockstar kush did. 7/10

  11. highskid (verified owner)

    like the taste of this strain… it’s awsome. not too strong just right if you ask me. would recommend for someone looking for a good tasting bud!

  12. BornToHula (verified owner)

    Was kinda let down by this batch. Very dry and not much nose on this one. Burns clean and is easy on the lungs though. More like a hybrid feel for me, wish it had more potency.
    I received a free sample though so very happy about that. Thanks BM!

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