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Refill Cartridges (BC Trees)


1x 0.5ml Cartridge for $45

Oil Type: C02 Oil


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BC Trees Cartridge
Price:   $45.00
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BC Trees organic refill cartridges’ vape oil contains 100% organic cannabis oil in raw uncut form. We do not use any third party terpenes, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, vitamin E, or other additives.

Our farmers practice true organic growing methods to ensure you can enjoy the best of what B.C. has to offer with no compromise. Plants are harvested and cold cured, a process that involves hanging the plants in a cold environment to dry for up to three weeks. This method of drying ensures maximum terpene preservation giving the highest quality and flavour possible.

All BC tress vape products are extracted through a solvent free CO2 process. This involves a proprietary 2 stage extraction to create the fullest terpene and flavour profile, leaving you with nothing but pure organic oil for cannabis vaping.


While everyone else has been catching up with the quality of our glass and ceramic vape cartridges, we have been continuing to perfect the puff with our cutting edge 510 thread ceramic vape cartridges.

· Internally heated ceramic element.

· Wickless and coil-less design, oil is heated from the ceramic element.

Instructions for use: Remove battery and cartridge from packaging. Gently screw cartridge onto battery until snug. DO NOT overtighten cartridge. If cartridge is overtightened it may damage the contact which can prevent it from working, and charging. If any problems arise with the battery, please see youtube video: how to x 510 cartridge. Press button 5 times quickly to turn on or off battery. Press and hold button while inhaling to draw vape. To charge battery, gently unscrew cartridge, and screw USB charger on. Plug USB charger into any USB charging adapter. Red light indicates charging, green light indicates full charge.

Overall, we’re happy to carry their refill cartridges on our vaping menu!

112 reviews for Refill Cartridges (BC Trees)

  1. Lacaar (verified owner)

    Got the Red Congo and it’s really nice. Makes my wife a chatty cathy haha.
    Has good flavor and I believe the base flower is represented nicely.
    Only knock is the value, 1g carts would be nice.

  2. EDCF (verified owner)

    Honestly love all things Pink! The Pink Kush is one of the faves and is great for just mellowing out. I keep these on hand all the time and really enjoy these!

  3. Jai (verified owner)

    Black Mamba was a bit thicker than the ones I tried, but also hit harder for me so I would suggest for more experienced users especially when it only takes a few hits to get fried.

  4. Jai (verified owner)

    Don’t know what to say, took like 5 puffs and I was already pretty fried, it is good, tried the Red Congolese and I liked it more than the Punch Breath

  5. Biohacker (verified owner)

    Absolute sativa fire. These may just be the highest end best carts i’ve ever had, not shocking that they’re $50 for .5ml. Pure high quality organic co2 heaven. Tasty as F.

  6. Sophie (verified owner)

    I bougt 3 bc vape cartiges and i found them not that strong compared to the haaze disposable thc pen. But the cartiges are made from a good quality and they dont leak.

  7. Malibuquest (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff. It’s stronger than anticipated but a nice easy high. The fact it’s stronger is actually better, usually I find vape pens to not have the same kick as good o’ll bud! A good choice for vaping, nice flavour too.

  8. Mar (verified owner)

    I love the BC Trees line! Great quality products. Death bubba is my favourite indica cartridge from then. Faceplant’s name speaks for itself 👌🏻 Highly recommend

  9. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    The cartridge was great, the flavour was great, the high was great. The price felt like a lot compared to how much oil you get, I went through it disappointedly fast.

  10. Choul (verified owner)

    I found Red Congolese to be harsh to the taste. Too much of it and it’s hard not to spit the whole smoke at once, even if you are a consummate user. The potency is there though.

  11. Choul (verified owner)

    Great BC Tree line as usual, but with this one I did not feel at all the grapefruit taste. This was kind of a bummer, but the product itself, in terms of potency, is what you’d expect.

  12. Choul (verified owner)

    Very smooth and great flavour, I too can tell what strain I’m using even without the label. Like for a wine, in a way. This BC Trees brand and specifically this strain is quite smooth, flavourful and overall was a fantastic buy. I highly recommend.

  13. Choul (verified owner)

    This is one of the best I’ve ever tried. The taste is great and very smooth smooth to smoke, very high quality. It is much more potent than expected and one of the best highs I’ve had in a long time.

  14. Choul (verified owner)

    Great Cartridges. The whole BC Trees line is great. Some vapes you can feel the burning sensation but not with this line. I very highly recommend this one!

  15. Dang (verified owner)

    This distillate was awesome.
    I ordered the Grapefruit strain for my refillable pen, went out for a mountain bike ride and tried it out, made me hear and see everything in the forest hahaha

  16. Careful with this one (verified owner)

    I’ve used all kinds of oil cartridges and this one really stands out. It’s a great day time high, makes music sound amazing, and is alarming strong. So good. Will absolutely be repurchasing

  17. acrolix (verified owner)

    I’ve tried red congo and grapefruit, both are amazing! But don’t be fooled, these can really get you really high! Don’t smoke too much too fast, it might surprise you.

  18. Bre (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best carts I’ve ever tried!!! The taste absolutely phenomenal and is so smooth to smoke, no burn at all, extremely high quality. I’m in heaven 🙂 I found it to be very potent and one of the best highs I’ve had in a long time. Gets me to exactly where I wanna be. I tried the Organic Pink Kush and I’ll be grabbing more as long as it’s around! Highly recommend!!

  19. Nicki (verified owner)

    I think I may have just found my new favourite! I’ve been working from home for almost 4 years……and it can be tedious. This strain keeps me on task, productive and happy…. only small doses have made my work days easier to handle, especially during these hard times. Highly recommend giving Red Congolese a shot!

  20. Megs (verified owner)

    Tried the BC grapefruit refill this time. It was really nice. Have a great flavor with a hit of grapefruit. Smooth. I love the pens for time when your out need a puff

  21. hnovik (verified owner)

    I loved trying these cartridges. Packaging is nice and simple. The taste is quite smooth, I was impressed. The BC Trees line is awesome, they definitely have a high quality product line. Switched to another product as it was more bang for my buck.

  22. C Stew (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I use it either late afternoon or for the evening for a little pick me up / relaxation vibe . Nice flavor , not too bad of a burn out , great little taster.

  23. BMac (verified owner)

    Tried the Magic Jack cart. Very smooth, good taste and don’t need much. Would buy again. I’ve tried other BC Trees carts as well and haven’t had any complaints. Good reliable products.

  24. Choul (verified owner)

    Very smooth. The best I have tried thus far. It is also the most potent. Overall, this product delivers what is promised, hence a good deal – and on the top of it, the cartridge looks good, with its golden tip.

  25. Lee (verified owner)

    I ordered the organic pink kush cartridge and I am in love! Only need a few puffs to feel the effects! One of the best vapes I purchased ! Clean smooth taste, will definitely buy again

  26. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    I have a hard time sleeping at night because I have too much going on inside my head and this just helps me take it down a notch and relax and get ready for bed.

  27. Tatia (verified owner)

    I love the BC Trees line. Gave Magic Jack a try and was not disappointed whatsoever. Subtle and pleasant taste. Nothing harsh and very smooth. I will definitely be trying more from this line.

  28. Mar (verified owner)

    I love the BC Trees line. The company produces some wonderful strains. Smooth to smoke. The flavors are strong and without harsh tastes. Great quality

  29. DontFearTheReefer (verified owner)

    Best vape cart going right now. Magic jack is my fav from BC Trees gets me where I wanna go very potent.

    I also find these carts very flavourful too if that’s what you’re looking for. Always looking to add some BC Trees carts when I order.

  30. Luke (verified owner)

    Liked them but found the 1 gram for 50 dollar carts were more cost effective with my tolerance. didn’t notice a discernible difference between the high end co2 and fse distillate but maybe I just got an off cart

  31. lkellzl (verified owner)

    Great product. Smooth and tasty. I would highly recommend these to anyone interested in vaping. Great flavours, clean burn and zero coil taste. Thanks.

  32. Leon the professional (verified owner)

    Great vapes . I got the sour d . Package is very nice and it’s quality smoke . Taste is good. I only had the daily ones and always thought about trying this and I’m glad I did . Not that it’s better but seems similar quality. Thank you

  33. Em (verified owner)

    Great Cartridges. You definitely get what you pay for. The whole BC Trees line is great and hasn’t let me down yet. Would absolutely recommend to anybody.

  34. DgC (verified owner)

    This is definitely one of my favourite. It hits very good. Not too heavy on the luungs. Has a bit of an after taste but could be worst. can basically be used anywhere in secret

  35. Beans (verified owner)

    Have tried the Pink kush and the death bubba both really tasty. Nice product when you are unable to twist a joint. Easy to vape and is very strong love the buzz

  36. 204Tokes (verified owner)

    Really smooth and perfect flavour, I can tell exactly what strain I’m using even without the label it’s that good. When you crank up the temperature the flavor becomes more intense and gives you a stronger hit. The fact they even have CBD strains is such a win , keep it up

  37. CC (verified owner)

    BC Trees is a fantastic Vape Pen. Super discreet. Quick to turn on and off. Good quick and short buzz. El Jeffe is definitely my favourite. 1:1 is too light for my liking. Sour Diesel is a good option.

  38. CC (verified owner)

    BC trees pen and cartridges are discreet, handy, and easy to use. Sour Diesel is a lighter feel and wears off quickly and cleanly. Would recommend BC trees.

  39. Max (verified owner)

    Death Bubba hits the spot and is a very good cartridge for the price range. It’s indica effects hit strongly and suddenly in a nice way that gets rid of any and all pain you may have had. The aura is subtle yet affirmingly calming when it comes to smoking it. Highly recommend.

  40. Lawleighbee (verified owner)

    BC Trees pen is the best I’ve ever had. Didn’t know how to get it going but once I got it going wow. I would highly recommend this Pen. I will buy another one.

  41. MM (verified owner)

    This company is consistently good. I’ve tried most of their strains and all are fantastic. I’ve been getting more into cbd lately and their CBD cartridge is also great. Full flavor, generally doesn’t make me cough.

  42. Maryjane (verified owner)

    I really like this one. It’s a good taste and a great high that’s not too strong at first but definitely creeps up and will put you to sleep. Recommended

  43. Road House (verified owner)

    Very calming effect. I love the 1:1! Great for during the day and to calm yourself. A balanced effect of thc and cbd. The high is very gentle and lifts you up. Definitely getting again. Thank you guys!

  44. Koibito (verified owner)

    Magic jack sativa. Tastes great. Gave me a little relief, but being high tolerance smoker I did not enjoy it as much as hoped. Pricy for a small dose.

  45. Maryjane (verified owner)

    One of my favourite bc refill cartridges for sure. It has an amazing taste and this hits hard!! Not for the novice smoker that’s for sure. The highlight for me is the amazing taste !! Quality

  46. Megs (verified owner)

    Love the vape pens. Tried the death bubba. Great taste. Burns nice. Good after taste
    nice up lifting feeling .Love this for times when you can’t lite up or rip on he bong.

  47. Tarboss (verified owner)

    These are very easy to use and discreet as F.
    I purchased the Oregon Golden Goat and Zurple, I’m very impressed by both. Both are tasty, potent and long lasting compared to many other vapes I’ve tried. Organic and solvent free is pretty amazing also. I’d recommend for sure.

  48. TF (verified owner)

    Love this pen! Not a strong flavour in the one I ordered so excited to try and different flavour next time! The quality of oil is awesome very happy with it ! The charge also lasts a long time and is so portable for recharging with the USB port.

  49. Jesus Is Lord (verified owner)

    Smooth, strong, easy, portable. Not the best oil, but better than most and certainly strong enough to get the job done. The actual vape pen from this brand is very high quality though.

  50. Megs (verified owner)

    First time trying the death bubba cartridge. I really like the flavor. No sour pungent taste. Nice and smooth. Definitely like this one. Would recommend!!!!!

  51. ellesee (verified owner)

    as a high tolerance user, these carts are awesome. loving the zurple punch. great flavour, great buzz! really enjoying the bc trees pen too. the adjustable temp is super handy since these carts are kind of thick.

  52. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    I got the Magic jack cart, and I was pleased but not amazed. I usually stick with the daily brand but I wanted to switch things up. The flavour of the cart was actually really good, and I did feel slight effects very quickly, but the more I vaped I did not feel more effects. Also the effects wear off within an hour if that, but these are a good second option imo.

  53. nat (verified owner)

    I got the golden goat in the last free pen promo and I really enjoyed it, a nice energetic sativa high. I’ll need to stock up soon and try some of these other strains out.

  54. Knomadoobad (verified owner)

    This is a review for BC Trees Pink Kush.
    My go to carts are the Daily brand ones but based on all the positive reviews for the BC Trees brand, I decided to give it a try.
    Ordered the Pink Kush and my expectations were high.
    To be honest I was a little disappointed. The buzz was nice after about 3-4 puffs but it wasn’t as intense or long lasting as I anticipated.
    Overall I would rate the Pink Kush cart as average. Perhaps other strains hit harder?
    Personally I would stick with the Daily carts.

  55. T0PSHELVE (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I find the same stain (in flower) has more of an upper or more energetic feel, than the vape strain. Golden Goat for example, the vape liquid gives me more of a Indica feeling, than the flower feeling of Golden Goat being Sativa. Sour Diesel felt the same way for me.

  56. Jwoo (verified owner)

    Try an enigma cart with a yocan uni …. it will change you life. Live resin and others are way way ways tastier and def hits like a dab. Never again co2

  57. Kri987 (verified owner)

    Love BC Trees!!! One of the best vapes I’ve ever used and for the price, you can’t go wrong. Grabbed the Death Bubba this time and must say it lives up to its name. So far, Death Bubba and Pink Kush have to my absolute favourites. Good long high and nice clean taste!

    Thanks again BM!!

  58. Furiousd (verified owner)

    Mind blowing how good the quality of this product is. Tastes amazing, lasts a long time so make sure you read carefully on which strain is right for you. Cartridges will be a consistent add to my order from now on

  59. Momo (verified owner)

    Great products! Lasts long, easy to adjust your hit with the volt settings, easy to charge! All the cartridges have been great so far, I’ve tried purple zurple, pink kush and face plant. Face plant has been far the tastiest and purple zurple is definitely on the sleepy side 🙂

  60. Chuck2388 (verified owner)

    Same with the BC Trees Pen this Cartridge goes with. This is my 1st Organic Cartridge. Got the Death Bubba and Pink Kush. Both hard hitters and fast acting depending on your voltage setting. Mine was on 3.8v and it’s pretty strong if you take a full hit until the light starts blinking. Looking forward to trying out more strains.

  61. Megs (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this cartridge and the pen I got one special! I got the Zurple Punch says Indica, but it’s more of hyrbrid. Not to strong in less you turn it up high after a few puffs you get that relaxing feeling.

  62. Megs (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Nice smooth taste. Definitely try this one again. Found it did burn a bit fast. But overall loved it. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  63. Adri (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this cartridge and the pen is so pretty! I got the Zurple Punch which is labelled as Indica, but is more of a hyrbrid. I usually don’t go for Indicas but this one is not sleep inducing at all! It’s a good high for day time! Excited to try more of the flavours!

  64. Zurple Punch (verified owner)

    The Zurple Punch was phenomenal. I love these high quality cartridges. I will be purchasing more of these in the future. It’s a good high at the end of a long day.

  65. Olivia (verified owner)

    Ive tried a couple different ones and got the complimentary vape with it last order. I’m so so so impressed by the quality and very excited to try more refills.

  66. Kri987 (verified owner)

    Pink Kush – just received it not that long ago to add to the collection! The flavour alone is amazing, very smooth and definitely takes the edge off. Would definitely recommend and can’t wait for my next purchase!! A MUST HAVE PPL!! 👌👌👌

  67. theblob (verified owner)

    Wow. I wanted something different. This is it. As much as i love my old vaporizer, it’s getting tired. I must say i’m impressed with this BC Trees oil and their device. I was expecting something made from cheap plastic but this is clearly not the case. It feels like quality. And the oil….wow. Got some Sour Diesel, but it’s written nowhere so i can’t be sure it’s that, downside here. The hit is strong, i can feel it now. I used the minimal voltage and i’m getting bigger hits than expected. The taste is something too.

  68. TheLaw (verified owner)

    First time using concentrates from this company and certainly won’t be the last. I was shocked at how amazing they tasted, especially the Cherry Kush.

  69. nets (verified owner)

    ordered the 1:1 a while back; not only did the oil last for weeks and weeks but it also provided such a light, easy smoke every time. gentle pine flavor, discrete, great for public use.. perfect for travel. packaging and delivery was top notch too. budmail at it again with their excellent customer service.

  70. Fartface (verified owner)

    Great cart really enjoyed it. Kinda tastes like your smoking a tree. Works decent good buzz. Not quit as strong as some other ones out there but was fairly pleased with this. Overall good product

  71. NorthernONt-baby (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, for daytime anything ! It really hits fast and makes you really happy I would recommend to anyone that is looking for the best quality stuff here

    Best vape pens for 510 thread

  72. Tammy (verified owner)

    Ordered the Pink Kush.
    Awesome for sleep and full body relaxation. Very heavy head and body.
    Love the great clean flavor.
    Very very satisfied with my purchase.
    Will order again.

  73. rEVOLution (verified owner)

    Death Bubba: Nice tasting, smooth inhale and a nice calming high. In higher amounts it knocked me out at bedtime. In lower doses I found it to be a floating and peaceful high that was great for a hike if you can tolerate indicas.

  74. sucrebrule (verified owner)

    Pink Kush – DEFINITELY a HEAVY HITTER!!! – Which is perfect because a small puff goes a LONG way – I love using this all day long in small doses on the lowest charger setting (3.3 v). Definite a earthy flavour, which taste real and good – Vape smoke and smell on the exhale is very discrete when vaped in SMALL doses. VERY SMOOTH, not harsh on my throat. REALLY helps with my anxiety as it puts me in a more relaxed state and functionable mood. I also found that I had less arthritis pain when I vaped Pink Kush and munched on the CBD gummies. I will ALWAYS get Pink Kush as long as its on the menu.

  75. GELATOO (verified owner)

    Great product, very smooth earthy feel to it and very potent. If you want something to watch a movie with this product is a great pick! But be prepared to fall asleep this heavy hitter makes you sleepy.

  76. J (verified owner)

    ordered the pink death and I tell you its amazing such a clean taste and wicked high one of my favorites! Will order again hands down! A+++ from these cartridges.

  77. Bonz (verified owner)

    Ordered this to go with my BC trees pen. A perfect match and the taste is wonderful! It lasts a long time (about 2 weeks) and doesn’t burn my throat.

  78. Hexo tsunami (verified owner)

    I got the Death Bubba and was very impressed. I stopped smoking cartridges because they were harsh on my throat, but this BC Trees brand and specifically this strain I got was very smooth, flavourful (not fake at all in taste) and overall was a fantastic experience. I would totally recommend it anybody.

  79. Etienne (verified owner)

    Overall very good cartridges, solid and efficient. Ordered El-Jefe, very calming and perfect for night, and the taste is crazy, full of fruit. Golden Goat is excellent for day, great taste too.

  80. Valloux4 (verified owner)

    First time for me with vape pen. This product was really perfect for insomnia and pain back . Bc trees are really good product ! Smell good taste good . I dont need too much for sleeping well.

  81. TheStoutTrout (verified owner)

    Never had El Jefe co2 before and it is deligntful. Spicy earthy and lemony it has that og background that lifts you big time. Great for after hard labour or during it! Great addition to the game

  82. Agent 47 (verified owner)

    Everybody hype this product up so much that I had to try this muthafcka out and HAWT DAYUM WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED
    I ordered the 1:1 and smoked that bad boy for 2 weeks straight (I have low tolerance) this little guy is addictive and I cannot wait to order more like it from BC trees

  83. six (verified owner)

    Great product ! Clean and tasty no burn smooth pulls ! A excellent vape product ! When you want something different from the regular bud .. bc trees is definitely a go to !

  84. JKFC (verified owner)

    I purchased the 1:1 and it’s perfect for daytime use. I like how discrete it is to use and the smell disapates quickly. Will probably try all the carts BC trees has to offer!

  85. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    Decent product. I never feel like I get much of a high from this one, definitely could be more potent. It tastes great though and I would probably buy again but just pick a different strain. I got Pink Kush this time round.

  86. Lilo (verified owner)

    I bought the 1:1 cartridge and really enjoyed it. It’s very smooth, doesn’t give you a big high. I take 2-3 puffs to start my day and it makes me noticeably more productive. The taste is very good as well, one of the best I’ve had so far. You can tell this is a top quality product. Will definitely reorder.

  87. MJ (verified owner)

    I got the death bubba. Flavour and effects were good. The hits were smooth but the cartridge clogged after only a few hits and continues to clog everytime I use it 🙁

  88. munchqueen (verified owner)

    I got the Death Bubba this time (third cartridge I’ve ordered now) and it gives me a really smooth high. I definitely get how it’s Indica heavy since it knocks me right out before I go to bed!

  89. Danler (verified owner)

    Great taste, smooth smoke, really nice high; will definitely order more of these! I think the coil in this as opposed to others makes a big difference.

  90. bigcomfycouch (verified owner)

    I got the magic jack based on recommendations in the reviews, and I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely order again and I’d be interested in trying more strains. Real quality stuff here.

  91. Rus (verified owner)

    I got the Pink death and Death bubba cartridge, and let me tell you this is one of the best cartridges I’ve tried! It was my first time trying CO2 as well, and the taste is phenomenal. Have only tried the Pink death so far, and the high definitely creeps up on you only after 3 decent sized hits I was feeling hella stoned and I have a heavy tolerance.

  92. Magnolia (verified owner)

    BC Trees for the win! I love this strain it was a beautiful balance of THC and CBD. It gives a great body buzz but keeps a clear mind, such a great balance. I like the high quality of the cartridges you can tell there is a big difference between these and other brands. The taste is so delicious and SMOOTH it’s a nice treat for your taste buds!

  93. BaconMasterXXL (verified owner)

    Tried a disposable vape pen on vacation and liked it so decided to try this when we returned. Have Tried Golden Goat, Zurple and Magic Jack

    All 3 are very good but Golden Goat for the win! I find it is a really nice body high without couch lock, helps me to focus when my mind is too busy and I am able to get so much done.

  94. nic (verified owner)

    I have used many of these cartridges and this is one I would order again. Others have a butane or fake taste and they don’t feel good when you inhale, caused headaches too. These DO NOT – would order again 👍🏻

  95. patches (verified owner)

    Nice clean vape, purchased a cartridge with a BC Trees battery to replace a lost 510 unit. Works the same as the last one but the cartridge is better quality. It’s a quick and discreet with a smooth taste and buzz.

  96. EvePolastri (verified owner)

    I got the Death Bubba and was very impressed. I stopped smoking cartridges because they were harsh on my throat, but this BC Trees brand and specifically this strain I got was very smooth, flavourful (not fake at all in taste) and overall was a fantastic experience. I would totally recommend it anybody.

  97. Darling Mabel (verified owner)

    I ordered BC Trees Organic Magic Jack as a refill for my Toko Gold (since discontinued). For some reason, there is only a small vape cloud afterward but I still get baked. I’m functional and can jog or do dishes with no lag and mild munchies. This is a great product.

  98. munchqueen (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering cartridges but I’m really happy I went with BC Trees. I got the AC/DC and it tastes just like how it’s described. I like the subtle pine notes and it gives me a really clean high. I can focus on my work while feeling pretty relaxed. Will definitely order again!

  99. YoungBalsamic (verified owner)

    This is my second order from BC Trees and I can honestly say that this one is as good as my last! Magic Jack and Golden Goat really kick. Great taste and aroma. You can’t go wrong – the quality of the oil is awesome.

  100. Mockingbird (verified owner)

    Review for Golden GOAT: This have become my all time favorite strain for daytime use, excellent gain of focus and creativity.

    The BC Trees line in General has become my new go to for vapes.

    Amazing Quality!

  101. SID (verified owner)

    Revisiting my old review on this as I’ve delved more into the BC Trees lineup of cartridges and wanted to put a word in:
    These cartridges are diverse and totally impressive. as of now, I’ve tried El Hefe, Zurple, Golden Goat, Lava Lamp, the 1:1 and Cascade and I have yet to be disappointed. They all have unique terpene combinations that you can tell are coming straight from the bud, no added stuff to make it “flavorful” – it’s just straight up C02 oil which is what I will usually only go for. El Jefe is a nice heavy smoke for the evening and you can smoke it until it’s right before bed, Zurple is a good early evening smoke or a good lazy day smoke. Cascade is a great functional, work day smoke if you’re dealing with pains, anxiety, tummy aches. The 1:1 is a fantastic all day smoke when you’re hanging at home and want to stay functional and productive. Golden Goat, I find it hard to stay productive with it at home because I’m often scatterbrained once I hit it, haha but it’s an awesome smoke for going out for a nice walk in nature, going grocery shopping, running errands, etc. Lava Lamp was a good laaaaazy stone that keeps you awake but definitely leaves you wanting to sit down on a comfy couch and netflix it up. All in all, fantastic line up of products this company has and really great quality. Also a huge fan of their battery – was using the Zen Daily pen for a while (still love their cartridges) but I love that the BC Trees pen allows for temp variation so you can really explore the flavors of each cartridge. Thanks BC Trees and Budmail!!!

  102. Rayzor (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed ACDC. The CBD level is nice in taking the edge off of ailments, and a slight high also helps in taking the edge off without being wacked all day.

  103. Danna (verified owner)

    I bought two kinds of refill and now I dont know which is which! I really like a certain brands idea of actually putting an abbreviation of the name on the refill. Its always in different colours for indica/sativa/hybrid/CBD. I know at a glance what I will be vaping, which is important to me medically. Id love to see BC Trees and other producers do the same!
    Both products are a nice smooth draw. Good flavour and convenient.

  104. Mockingbird (verified owner)

    Review for Magic Jack: Definitely my favorite of the strains I purchased…it was very smooth but had a very uplifting and energizing sensation. Would recommend and would buy again!

  105. Mockingbird (verified owner)

    Review for Zurple Punch: Very smooth taste, calm and relaxing feel and definitely more potent than I was expecting….would definitely recommend the product

  106. Jimmy jack jones (verified owner)

    Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa

    Spectacular oil,,I got the magic jack ,,, I went Abit nuts and decided to hotknife some after a quick scoopsy… Oh man,,, so pure,,so clean ,just packed with flavour ,and energy,, got me flying around the house for an hour or two like a hamster running on a wheel trapped in a cage….
    Those fuzzy F****ing hamsters….
    now I m free as a ferret,and after a few more hits of magic jack I will be as free as a bird…. Who knows where I ll go …
    ah ****,,I ll probably end up in the back yard again …thanks bm

  107. Alchino (verified owner)

    I usually hate on AND EVEN prefer not to smoke disillate and never come across anything that the high lasts and doesn’t burn my throat.
    After trying this I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the dispensary for a cartridge ever again or to any other brand. This tastes like I’m vaping nice quad bud from my mighty handheld vape. DELICIOUS!!! Clear headed high!! Long lasting!! I tried the 1:1 ratio and it mellowed my nerves first hit. Same fancy tip as I get on my refillable cartridge from Kandy pen. 10/10 again budmail…. I love y’all.

    This is made with co2 oil! Vape products made with co2 oil are often much more full sprectrum in effects and taste much better. Also a big fan of this product : ) Thanks for the review!


  108. Gongshow (verified owner)

    I tried the Ac/DC and I am happy with the purchase. I like the BC trees line and organic quality. Some vapes you can feel the burning sensation but not with this line. I will be looking to try another from the line soon.

  109. JT (verified owner)

    Unbelievable product. I have re-ordered and am worried they will run out. Definitely my favourite. It is very clean tasting and gives a good blast right away. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  110. teez1998 (verified owner)

    Just received my nee BC Trees pen and pod and so far I am loving it . I ordered the “Lava Lamp” pod and it’s a much better high than my previous “KEYY” pods I used to use. The flavour is much cleaner in comparison to other vapes I have used and I’ll continue to purchase more!

  111. Zoo (verified owner)

    Love the whole BC Trees line, definitely the best organic quality and smoke out there. Full confidence vaping with their Co2 oil and the taste is amazing!! I’ve tried a couple of different flavors and so far my favorite strain is Magic Jack and CBD Lalalemon.

  112. SID (verified owner)

    So I ordered the Organic Dancehall cartridge hoping it’d be for me (I’m picky about my strains/products I use due to mental health stuff) and it unfortunately didn’t end up being for me, PERSONALLY. THAT BEING SAID – This is a really high quality cartridge. The flavors coming off of a toke are so complex and really clean and delicious. Immediate effects felt and while the strain wasn’t my cup of tea, my partner ended up loving it. He finds it to be a really present high that allows for creativity and focus without the anxiety that he can sometimes get with certain strains or cartridges. Would be a fantastic strain/cartridge for outdoor activities. It vapes beautifully and is an affordable cartridge that is really high quality, I’d stick with this brand or Zen if you want high quality, affordable cartridges but there’s lots of options on here! that’s just my two cents 🙂

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