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Salve (BC Trees)


50ml jar for $56

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BC Trees Pain Salve – 50ml jar.

500mg THC & 35mg CBD in each 50ml Salve jar.

Relief from: arthritis, injuries, tendinitis and muscle pain.

BC Trees takes special pride in producing one of the most potent and natural pain salves you could ever treat yourself to. A supersized dose of 500mg of THC is what distinguishes our product from the competition. Apart from the active cannabinoids, our salve consists of a blend of arnica oil, turmeric oil and coconut oil as well as Shea butter, beeswax and menthol. Each of these ingredients has been carefully selected to not only provide deep tissue pain relief but to also nourish and sanitize the skin at the same time.

BC Trees Skin Salve – 50ml jar.

500mg THC & 35mg CBD in each 50ml Salve jar.

Relief from: eczema, psoriasis, bruises, rashes, bug bites, scars and other skin irritations.

Topical skin irritations often occur as a result of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus trying to take over your skin. Therefore we have selected each of the essential oils in our skin salve for it’s anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, whereas rosemary oil contains a terpene called carnosol, a rich anti-oxidant that has been discovered to balance androgen and estrogen in the body and therefore reduces inflammation at the cell level. Combined with 500mg of THC Cannabis oil, coconut oil, shea butter, tamanu oil, turmeric oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and beeswax makes this your go-to salve next time you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.


8 reviews for Salve (BC Trees)

  1. Jez

    The pain salve works fairly well, and has a nice menthol feel on your skin, but I found the smell a little off putting. Not terrible, just a little unpleasant for me personally. You get used to it, but if you apply the salve before getting in bed, the smell will stay on your sheets a bit until you next wash them.

  2. Amanda

    Good quality. But Pricey for the size and how long the pain effects last. Seems to work better on other areas of the body then others. If there was a higher dose, I would probably order again.

  3. MyDude

    I tried the pain salve.

    It works fast and fairly well, it’s comparable to “Tiger Balm” or “Woodlock oil” if you’re familiar.

    I like that it’s got natural, quality ingredients. However, at about 5x the cost of the alternatives, this salve is not performing any miracles and the price for the quantity makes this a luxury item.

    If you have skin issues, in addition to body pain, this salve is for you.
    If you have the cash and arthritis from counting it, this is your product.
    For everyone else, it’s decent, but not worth the money.

  4. Budboy

    I bought this thinking it was a pain salve, not skin salve. However I am super happy with the product! I used it on any type of sore or rash and it works better than any prescription topicals. It also works great on dry itchy skin, and even lip balm!

  5. Goose

    Was a bit skeptical, but needed something for my aching shoulders. The pain salve ended up being awesome. Gave me that relief I needed to help me fall asleep. Will be buying this again.

  6. Gert

    Just got my order yesterday and tried the cream this morning….almost instant relief..helps so much with arthritic pain and muscle aches! Love it..will definitely be ordering again….fast service also! Thank you!

  7. slimcj

    Only picked up yesterday and tried last night, but rubbed in and helped alleviate the dull ache that is always in my neck. Looking forward to using this product more, and will repurchase when I go through it.

  8. B.Rak

    I love this stuff! I purchased the pain salve as I am not able to see my chiropractor at the moment and wowee it’s good! The smell took some getting used to but by the second time I used it I wasn’t bothered. After about 5 minutes of rubbing it in you are relieved of the aching pains. Would definitely purchase again.

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