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BHO Bots (Mota)

240 MG THC per package

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BHO Bots

240 MG THC

BHO Bots are made for those who require very high levels of medication in a simple, discreet hard candy. Despite their space invader demeanour, these Bots are actually sweet and comforting. Each BHO Bot is perfectly infused with a high dose of 120mg pure THC, extracted from the finest cannabis. Package comes with two BHO Bots for a total of 240mg THC.

Strength: 120mg THC per Bot

2 Bots per Package

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

Ingredients: Isomalt, THC Distillate, Artificial Flavour and Colour

Edibles can affect each person differently. Some can notice 5-10mg of THC, where others may not notice well over 100mg. First, it is always best to dose with caution and start with a small amount. However, you seasoned smokers out there feeling confident, know that your edibles tolerance and your smoking tolerance are completely separate! At Budmail, we recommend waiting about 60-90 minutes while noting the effects before increasing your dosage. Some edibles can really sneak up on you!

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About Mota Cannabis Products

From Vancouver Island – An evolution, forged by experience, knowledge, sensitivity and year-after-year dedication. By working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and adjusting and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques, our island team has won a privileged reputation for producing some of the finest infused cannabis products in the land.

Island Traditions

Hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. All our derivative cannabis products are made the same way. A passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. We began by helping a small group of patients – people we knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible. And we’ve never forgotten.

Today we still produce all our cannabis products with that kind of personal care.

Cannabis medication doesn’t need to be complicated. Prove it for yourself with Mota’s great range of delicious everyday beverages. From precise dose infused teas to comforting hot chocolate we’ve created a range of cannabis-medicated beverages to suit almost every need and taste preference. It’s a natural solution for those who like to keep things… simple.

Mota got started as a resource for patients we knew as friends. And all our capsule products reflect our original philosophy of careful preparation and devotion to quality and purity. The highest quality with consistent, pure while precisely specified THC and/or CBD are what Mota capsules deliver. Discover the Mota difference.

Topicals & Tinctures
More and more people are seeking CBD-only cannabis derivative products with no psychoactive THC. The best known CBD strain –Charlotte’s Web – spiraled into a news sensation for its use controlling epileptic seizures. Now science is zeroing in on the full spectrum of CBD therapeutic effects. Mota’s CBD-only derivatives are wisely sourced and carefully produced to meet every patient’s needs.


52 reviews for BHO Bots (Mota)

  1. Beans (verified owner)

    Bang for your buck these little BHO bots put you where you need to be. Nice to use on a day when you don’t have anything to do and can just chill out.

  2. DayTimeLush (verified owner)

    Great product, I would definitely get it again. The boys had a great build up and the high lasted a while. I tried the watermelon and the flavour was pretty good. Very strong, not for beginners

  3. Scooby (verified owner)

    BHO Bots are my go to for edibles,small candy with a big punch.Not recommended for beginners but fun for the avid smoker.
    Bought the cherry and grape this time .
    Tks Budmail Team!

  4. Steve-o (verified owner)

    These edibles are a good deal if you wish to get the maximum THC per dollar. At 19 for 240, your essentially paying 9.5 per 120mg which compared to other mota products is pretty good. Only complaint is the two large single pieces makes dosing difficult if you dont want the 120 at once! 4/5

  5. Adam (verified owner)

    These little guys tasted good. I only did one at a time and it got me buzzed. I imagine that doing two would get you really messed up. For the price, not bad.

  6. Sprinks (verified owner)

    Good hard candies got me fried off one personally I like gummy’s but these did the trick packed a punch 🤜 and I gave the other one to a buddy then had a mid day nap lol

  7. Peek (verified owner)

    If you’re not overly picky on taste – then these bots will do the job. Fantastic high – almost too good – but the flavor is pretty brutal. Still though, 240mg for this price is a deal.

  8. Laddy (verified owner)

    I ordered these for a friend of mine who has a pretty high tolerance. He enjoyed his buzz. He would recommend this item to someone who has a more higher tolerance.

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    These thing are way too strong for me had one gave the other to my friend about an a hour in I was so high I thought I was going to green out The taste was a very strong oil taste the oil also made your mouth really sticky next time I think I’m going to break them up into little pieces I might be able to handle it better more for a higher tolerance person still a great product tho

  10. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    Good! These guys are cute and bigger than I expected. I sorta worry about accidentally choking on the thing every time, won’t lie. I went to town and bought the cherry, the grape, and the blueberry BHObots (won’t touch watermelon, sorry). All were very tasty! I got more of the cherry expecting to like it the most, and one blueberry expecting to like it least. Turns out that cherry was my least favourite of all. The cherry flavour itself is ok, but of all of them, it had the most bitter/harsh/burn-ish aftertaste on the tongue… which lasts longer than you’d like. Grape was my very favourite and didn’t have much of that sensation. Blueberry was nice second, as well. Didn’t taste the usual suspects much, if at all. If ever a crowd can ever be, these surely would please one. But, at the same time, I tried the SEC Starlits, and they trumped these guys for me. I would say get these if on sale, but they don’t best the Starlits at the same price. Still really good, though.

  11. Hollyc (verified owner)

    I love watermelon so when I saw these I knew I had to get them. And wow they were so delicious and very tasty and the high was a ten out of frickin ten

  12. Hollyc (verified owner)

    These are the bomb dot com. I like that they are a hard candy and you can save some for later if that is something that you choose to do. Wicked stuff

  13. NuLee_3’sKush (verified owner)

    Hands down my favourite edible to date, tasted amazing and hit HARD! Definitely not for lightweights or first timers. Will definitely be adding a few more of these with my next purchase!

  14. bigsmoke416 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the biggest fan of these hard candies, the jelly option is always the best way to go. Also didn’t get that high considering the amount of thc in one candy. Have only tried it once

  15. Bern (verified owner)

    Very very strong definitely would recommend if a high dosage is required. I was happy with the flavor and effect of these bots. Nothing bad to say about these.

  16. Bud’s (verified owner)

    Love the Bots I love when something like this comes along and nocks me on my ass lol. Once again Bud Mail great product and a fair price will definitely buy again.

  17. Squiggly (verified owner)

    Definitely strong! Just ate the head of one Bot and felt great for the night! Good flavor too! Definitely wouldn’t eat the whole bot unless you need heavy Medication.

  18. Smac (verified owner)

    I just recieved my grape flavor robots GROSS they tasted a little like soap
    the blueberry ones have much better flavor
    now to try the rest

  19. Smac (verified owner)

    These edibles are great
    I ordered blueberry so tasty and not a super hard candy i was still able to chew it
    Mota is a great company with great product

  20. Modern_smoker.710 (verified owner)

    I love these edibles and i really like mota. They where the first mom website i ever ordered from and every time i ingest their edibles i remember why i like them so much…

  21. Torontofoodiechick (verified owner)

    To be honest this is the worst edible I have ever had. The taste was horrid and I also didn’t get high at all. IF you have an enemy you want to play a prank on, send these edibles their way.

  22. steve (verified owner)

    This is my favorite edible . They taste great , you can eat it pretty slow and the dosage is perfect . This is in my opinion the best quality for price on the market . Have fun!

  23. Patient Zero (verified owner)

    First time trying & started with half of a bot. Good watermelon flavour- really enjoyed Helped with bad headaches.
    Will probably reorder, Thanks BM!

  24. Tamara M (verified owner)

    Super tasty even for my picky pallet and intensely STRONG and potent effect. I do have a high tolerance so I was surprised at how strongly it affected me! Wll buy AGAIN.

  25. Coze (verified owner)

    I would say that the batch of BHO Bots I had (2x packages of Blueberry) were moderate strength. The candy is OK – I found that sucking on them (as they are hard candies) left my throat a little raw. I don’t regret trying it but I probably wouldn’t go for it again due to the lack of potency.

  26. Burst (verified owner)

    Tried one of the bots yesterday the taste was ok started good then you could really taste th thc but that was fine no worries there, the high is kinda hard to explain I was expecting it to punch me in the face but it was more like a Sativa head high that lasted 3-4 hours. All and all 4*

  27. Sir Smokes Alot (verified owner)

    Great tasting edible, the watermelon one is my favourite. I would recommend taking one first and waiting for the effects before consuming the second one!

  28. Mariss (verified owner)

    Enjoyed one bot at time 120mg of THC per bot and had a comfortable high although this may be a much harderhit for a beginner. The appearance of the candy was very cute however the taste didn’t quite measure up. I ordered the grape and it wasn’t quite flavorful enough to disguise the THC flavor. Took about an hour to feel effects, left me feeling pain and anxiety free. LONGLASTING

  29. Princess (verified owner)

    This is another fantastic edible. Am more into the chewing edibles but the hard candy was good. The taste at first was amazing but then could taste the thc in it. Good high for about 5-6 hours. Would highly recommend

  30. HappyCamperStace (verified owner)

    Holy smokes BM these are THE BEST! Most definitely the best tasting little bite sized HARD candy but BE CAREFUL ! ! Not for the beginner but perfect for those needing a heavy HITTING dose of medication without smoking or having to eat a big portion of a product. Loooooove them. My new GO TO! Thanks guys! 💞

  31. Highlander (verified owner)

    Good stuff to medicate when I can’t vape. Very relaxing and pain relief is nice.

    Being a hard candy I hoped I could bite some off but it is pretty hard so I took a whole one. It works pretty efficiently.

    Taste is ok. Taste good but doesn’t last long. A bit bitter and harsh near the end.

  32. Caner (verified owner)

    I have to say that these were my fav out of a whole bunch of options I ordered to try out. They are strong so I ate half at a time but that was sufficient to give me a really nice high without completely knocking me on my ass. Would highly recommend to the seasoned but urge caution to any beginners! Definitely on my reorder list!!!

  33. DY (verified owner)

    Tasted very strong… definitely got the job done but didn’t taste the greatest. also since they’re hard candies they take a while to choke down. At least the gummies tasted good

  34. Deb (verified owner)

    These were good. I had the cherry flavour and the taste was decent and packed a good punch. I thought they were gummies when I ordered them and because they’re so hard, could not divide them up for a smaller dose. 120mg got me feeling pretty damn good for a few hours.

  35. Jrose (verified owner)

    I give these a 4 Star not a 5 Star based purely on taste. I tried the cherry and the taste was okay, but there is a tart bitter after taste that lasts for a long time. These candies also make your mouth dry. I will be trying the grape next time I order.

    The high is amazing though. It’s fast acting and long lasting. You get 2 bot candies that have 120 mg of thc each. I cut my boys in half so I had 4 60 mg portions which gave me a hard hitting long lasting high.

  36. Pixxiestix (verified owner)

    These traveled well in the heat compared to the chocolates which were sadly melted by the time they got to us. Awesome for pain and sleep. Taste is ok, I chewed mine up as I’m not patient enough for hard candy. Will purchase again for sure!!!!!

  37. bluntman (verified owner)

    One of the strongest edible I have ever ate, this stuff is awesome. I got the cherry and loved it. While it doesn’t match up taste wise with the nerds or jerky, these are still good and make up for it in pain relief. Stuff is powerful, give it a shot if you haven’t already.

  38. Osoausymemo (verified owner)

    Pretty effective. Taste not so great after awhile… weird sorta burny aftertaste. But they are super discreet and easy to get anywhere. Have some gum, mints or drink for the after eating part lol.

  39. Osoausymemo (verified owner)

    Whoa! Pack a punch and taste pretty good. Last a long time. High is a nice body stone and pleasant feeling of calm. Well definitely order again. Lost a star because they are super hard candy.

  40. Luktcha (verified owner)

    well i hear about bho bot many time,never try before. now i have try one of these famous Bot and i can say they are very Potent, the first one climb me and few hours after i took the second one, i can say i have pass a very good day,and evening, i went sleep early and had a wonderful sleep, i will buy again, good job BM

  41. Harry Brownschwagger (verified owner)

    5 stars for the potency . I felt it still lingering 6 hours after I ate 2/3 of one bot. 2 stars for taste, because it wasn’t enjoyable like the gummies. I will still order these again for the strength.

  42. deadpoet (verified owner)

    The strongest of the candies have to be these bots. it’s always worth it to order a bag. so far i tried the blue berry which which tasted much better the reviews imply above. crushed with a food hammer it makes a nice addition to a secret candy bag.

  43. Koibito (verified owner)

    These taste awful, Compared to the Cherry flavored Mota Jellys anyways. Hubby liked them. He would eat its head, legs then torso in different sittings. Cutely shaped.

  44. Anonymous

    Very potent as indicated. I find the taste to be quite good as well (cherry) despite what some other reviews have said

  45. codym

    Was very skeptical at first about ordering. Took the chance and 3 days later they arrived! Product is fantastic with not an overly strong cannabis taste and great high. Will be ordering again ASAP! Thank you bud mail from a happy Cape Breton customer!

  46. Chris

    I suffer severe chronic pain from a broken neck that is now deteriorating causing endless nerve pain. Sleep is elusive at best. So goes the endless search for relief. As for this candy, I had one candy at 9pm, was finished by 9:15pm, started to feel the full effects around 11pm and was sound asleep by 11:15pm for 3 solid hours. That, people, is a win! I have to be careful of sedation so I won’t try any more than 1 candy. But I’m satisfied!

  47. a.m.

    They work as intended. True some flavours are not so great but they definitely work. These and mota bars are my favourite, and I dab, not sure what some people may be experiencing

  48. NorthernLight

    These taste awful! Very cute and high dosage but not enjoyable to eat.

  49. newnick

    These worked well for me. Eating one is enough to be pleasantly medicated. Eating both is probably not a great idea unless you have a super high tolerance. The aftertaste is a little bitter.

  50. Dick Dingerz

    Terrible. Ate two with no effect whatsoever. The flavor lasts for about a minute then it’s like sucking on a piece of plastic. Very Frustrating when you expect to be medicating but receive no effect.

  51. SmokeyTheBear

    Had no effect after eating one bot on an empty stomach, ate the other bot and waited two hours hoping something would happen but nothing, very disappointed as they specifically say “for those who require high levels of medication…”

  52. Bj4

    “This was my final attempt at BM edibles. First the Mota Chocolate bar, then the turtles, and now these bots. I literally had 0 effect from the bot I ate. I had one whole 120mg candy.

    I do smoke very day, but just once a day. My tolerance shouldn’t be making these edibles ineffective.”

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