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The Big Deal


AAA Grade | Types May Vary

14 Grams | $115 $85
28 Grams | $220 $160

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What’s The Big Deal?

28 grams for $160!!

Here at Budmail, we like to pass along the hot prices when we can. The Big Deal comes in 14 & 28 gram increments
from $85-$160, while quantities last. Grab it while it’s hot!

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113 reviews for The Big Deal

  1. BlazaFatty

    Bought 14g of Sept 2019 Chemdawg batch. Very impressive looking buds with loud kush/fuel/chem smell. They break up nice and taste sooooo nice and smooth in a joint. The effects are perfect for afternoon, evening and nighttime.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks, effects and smell.

    Def rebuy

  2. BlazaFatty

    Grabbed 14g of July 2019 Chemdawg batch. The buds were huge and dense. Hardly any stems. The taste was delicious tangy gassy kush. Very very smooth on the inhale and exhale. The ash was light grey in colour. The effects are awesome for all day usage. Found I was happy and had giggles.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks and potency. This is such a great strain, you dont realize how quickly you can finish it.

    DEF REBUY!!!!

  3. FelixTheCat

    I’ve ordered The Big Deal numerous times, always speedy delivery and great quality bud. This last order was Tuna Kush 28g, nice sticky buds, smooth smoke, major couch lock high! You’ve been warned!

  4. Transporter

    Got my Oz of purple candy and was extremely happy with what I received. Stuff smells great and smokes amazing. My whole neighbourhood smelled this lol

  5. Blaze4Daze

    Grabbed 14 grams of chemdawg and wasn’t disaapointed. Not the best quality but for the price you are more then getting your moneys worth. Also hit great in the vape.


    Always a pleasure to order for here price is awesome and bud is satisfying i received my BUBBAS GIFT and am waiting for my black diamond 😎😎 like i said very satisfying buds with a good buzz always good s**t thanks BM ✌️

  7. Fugen

    Always come here for the big deal! Just tried the AK-47 for the first time and was impressed. The buds were decent sized and have a super strong lemony taste and smell… will buy again!

  8. dabdaddylidell

    Can’t go wrong with the big deal. The grapefruit and bubbas gift are both great value for the price and smoke nice and clean when rolled up. Thinking I should just start throwing one of these on every order from here on out… 🤔

  9. 👌

    I got 14 grams of “bubbas gift”. Overall pretty happy. Could smell it as soon as I cut the vacuum sealed bag open. Nice chill buzz. Thank you BM

  10. Hdollops

    Great deal. Got bubbas gift. Highly recommend if you see it. Not super dense but squishy and resiny…………………………………………….

  11. CaptainChronic

    Great product at an even greater deal! I ordered it twice now and I plan to make it a third time very soon! The Bubba Kush was amazing and the Death Bubba was excellent too! One of the reasons I love this site, they’re always full of surprises! Never know what’s coming! Check often because different varieties come up all the time! I’m going to keep getting this deal as long as I can! Great stuff at a great price!

  12. cate

    I ordered the 14 g of Purple Candy and receivedd it quite quickly as always. Definitely one of the sweetest smokes I’ve had, smooth too. I ended up sprinkling a bit of it into my other bowls too to add flavour

  13. 4our2wenty

    This is a great deal for the price……I recently got a half of death bubba and have no compaints with it. It’s gotten much better sitting in the jar as it was very sticky when it arrived.

  14. Bud Master Kojer

    Got some bubbas gift when it used to be $150 for the big deal. Even at $160 now that’s a good deal, you could absolutely tell it was a bubba strain from the smell and the high, very relaxing and great before bed. Will definitely be trying more strains with this deal.

  15. Princess

    purchased 2 oz’s of AK-47 and i am so glad I did. This stuff is potent and eased my headache in no time. The hindu kush pre roll was awesome as well. thanks!!! Highly recommend both. Thanks BM 🙂

  16. Piffany

    I’ve got the big deal a few times. This last time I got Death Bubba and it was a fantastic deal. Not the most amazing bud, but worth the price and then some. The deal is amazing and totally worth it.

  17. FrankieCdn

    Bought a 1/2 of the Grapefruit, though I am by far not a Sativa man I truly enjoyed this stuff. It made me happy unless I smoke to much then it’s time to be a few of the 7 Dwarfs, you go from Happy to Dopey to Sleepy. All in all good bang for the buck and since I am an insomniac I like being Sleepy lol.

  18. thicchigga

    ak-47 was nice thicc medium sized budds with a tight ass manicure, definite sativa dominate with all the energy i get from it, almost smells of sweet berries 🙂

  19. iliketrees

    I have had Dolato #6, Death Bubba, and Purple Candy… all of these purchases have been great success stories. The quality of product for the price is better than any other deal I’m aware of.

  20. trangst

    enjoyed this strain though i dont usually love sativas, i found it didnt hit too hard as a sativa and was super enjoyable, and i could smoke it at any time of the day. lasted me a long time and was also great in my vape

  21. Corcor

    The AK is probably 1 of my top 3 favourite big deals yet.. my first time purchasing ak47… So was surprised by the smooth floral or woody smell that isn’t that loud, transfers to taste so i like it for joints when I can..economical bong hits are the usual.. what’s awesome is that it’s potent . Freshly cured. And fairly priced. I

  22. a.m.

    received a half oz of purple candy today. smells good and looks great- all nice sized buds, purply and crystaly. for me the most important part is potency and this did not disappoint. I am very pleased with my first experience with The Big Deal. thanks, budmail

  23. Jeepster

    Have ordered the big deal several times now. Never been disappointed. Last order was for Dolado. Smells and looks good. Very dense buds and strong stone.

  24. Transporter

    Definitely something that I would order again hands down. Impressed with the price and the quality of what I received. Good bang for your buck. Shipped fast.

  25. Berta-baby

    5/5 – Bag Appeal
    5/5 – Vivid / Clear High
    5/5 – Price is unreal !

    Budmail is a household name in our home and our community, this is a prime example of why. Seasoned users can relax knowing this is one amazing deal and worth spending your hard earned money on, they keep producing top quality strains and healthy product every week with “ The Big Deal”



  27. Judmode

    I got death bubba at 160$ Very nice smell, it’s a good indica. If you like AAA grade you will be happy. If you search for greenhouse grade or deals at 100$, it may be expensive when it’s the only choice left. The shiping been very fast, the same day.

  28. Mo

    Got an Oz of bubba lush, really nice indica. Best smoked at night, puts me to sleep. Buds are well trimmed, medium size to big. Smoke was smooth, highly recommend..

  29. ZigZagCOCORICO

    I always order the bud deal its really worth the price for good quality smoke 😎 ive tried a couple of different strains and so far im very satisfied thanks BM for taking care of your costumers ✌️

  30. BornToHula

    Bluefin Tuna
    Awesome strain, loved it and for the cost… You can’t beat it. Wish it was still the deal but it’s on the menu still, just with a higher price. Definitely will order more of this.
    Blueberry x Tuna. Yum! Great indica for lazy afternoons or to just relax your muscles after a hard days work. Smell taste looks and high were top notch.
    Thank you BM!

  31. FrankieCdn

    I bought the Amnesia Haze, it was touted as being energizing. I don’t find it energizing or much of anything at all. It’s a mild buzz that makes me sleepy. It’s not very resinous as the strain is apparently supposed to be, It is highly recommended by many but from this example I am at a loss to know why. Based on this example I wouldn’t buy it again.

  32. thicchigga

    Picked up the bubba kush, always a classic with nice dense buds with orange hairs, buds being sticky to the touch, amazing relaxation and always a smooth smoke 🙂

  33. Corcor

    Bluefin tuna was nice. It was nice to have that nice reak of the tuna. It’s a heavy kush smell that revels the pungency of a rotting tuna. This stuff under 200 is a wondifferous deal

  34. Smoke Anon

    Just got my second batch of an ounce of Bubba Kush. Nice big buds with orange…just as shown in the pics. The high is nice and lasts a couple hours. Always recommend this best deal!

  35. Mo

    I received an Oz of chemdawg, medium to big size buds, nicely trimmed and got that chemdawg smell. I had this strain before, smokes smooth. I enjoy this baby in the day and at night before bed. Highly recommend.

  36. Fugen

    Had a full bag of the Chemdawg, lots of decent sized buds but was a pretty mediocre trim job. Smoked just like any AAA bud, burns clean and has that distinct chemdawg taste… good day-time smoke.

  37. DOLO

    Got an ounce of Blue Fin Tuna, first time buying weed online and couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was. For $150 cannot complain, good sized buds that were fresh and slightly damp making them perfect for rolling. Will definetly be buying again. Much cheaper than what any dealer can offer right now in the rocky mountains

  38. Baldy

    Just got Mgrupp and I was sceptical but omg people. The buds are gorgeous, perfect trim and just covered with frost. The smell hits you as soon as you open the bag. Don’t hesitate next time it’s available.

  39. TheStoutTrout

    Got the Bluefin Tuna. Was delightfully introduced to a dank diesel blueberry smell. Nice popcorned nugs that had good density to them. Wound up giving you crazy mad munchies but gave a really good and long high. For 80$ a half. You can tell your dealer to take a hike!

  40. sanx-bile

    BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! Haven’t been disappointed in these deals, recently ordered Blue Fin Tuna and McGrupp. Blue Fin is a nice lazy night time smoke. McGrupp haven’t heard of but was surprise in the smell. I thought there were grapefruit rinds laying around at how strong it smelt. Awesome day time smoke. Would recommend and purchase again. Thanks BM

  41. Earlzy

    Picked up an oz of the Green Crack God, pretty good stuff. Bag appeal is amazing, it’s just coated in crystals. Cool purple hue to it too. Effects were not quite what I like but it is more of a sativa-leaning strain so that’s to be expected I guess. Still, can’t go wrong for the price.

  42. Smoke Anon

    Picked up half an ounce of the BlueFin Tuna. Smells nice but the buds were popcorn size. Other than that, the high is nice. Best deal…highly recommend!

  43. Mo

    Grabbed a hlf Oz of BlueFin Tuna and McGrupper. Love both strains. Small to medium size buds, and the buds look beautiful. McGrupper is more of a daytime smoke, give lots of euphoria. BlueFin is more of a night time smoke. Just put an order of Chemdawg, looking forward to it.. Thanks BM for this awesome deal, hope it keeps coming..

  44. Cambby

    Nice deal, good quality bud every time I’ve grabbed this deal. The regular zips go for $220 for a bill 50 is a good price considering. However, I’d grab the pot of gold deal 1000 times before this deal cuz the variety and quality is amazing.

  45. Julia

    Great flower for the price I highly recommend. I only buy the Big Deal Special because I haven’t been let down yet it’s always quality flower the best part is there usually two strains to choose from usually an Indica and a Sativa

  46. Filzflowr

    You can’t really go wrong with Budmails The big deal. I’ve ordered it a couple times and I have yet to be disappointed. I really like the fact that every couple days to have new options select from.

  47. bizyb

    Gods green crack was amazing, price a bonus. Hindu Kush was nothing special to look at but was good to smoke. Have bought this deal a few times now, haven’t been let down yet

  48. Smoke Anon

    Absolutely the best deal out there. This time I grabbed an ounce of Chemdawg. Buds were a little smaller however a good smoke that burns nice. High is not as strong as l like but still a great deal!

  49. BrainStorm

    I ordered an once of Chemdawg and I have to say that the quality and price are excellent. The smell and taste are real good and it burns very clean. I can’t wait for my next order to add some of the Big Deal Discount weed in it.

  50. Mo

    Got an Oz of Purple Candy, decent size buds, looks good and well trimmed. It’s kinda all day smoke but more will put you down to sleep, which I really like. Already put an order for McGrupp and Blue Fin Tuna, looking forward to smoking those babies.. Highly recommend…


    Ordered 28 grams of purple candy and was very impressed with the bud size great buds smooth burning and not so harsh. Always picking up on this deals. Great deals you can’t miss out on
    Thanks BM

  52. NVLT

    Cheap, Potent, and Consistent! With the variety of strains, I don’t believe there is a better value in Canada, let alone the rest of the site! Can’t go wrong with this deal!

  53. NVLT

    First got this during the 420 promo, and the strains were pretty amazing considering the price! Glad they kept the deal around cuz this is now my fifth or sixth time grabbing an ounce and the strains just keep getting better. Recently picked up the Lemon Haze and Purple Candy and both are definitely the best i’ve had from this deal! I would consider Purple Candy a close second to Watermelon as my favorites on this site so far! You ultimately can’t go wrong with this deal!!!

  54. Greybush

    Picked up an ounce of Chemdawg and could not be happier! The smell and flavour is wonderful. This is my second time ordering the Big Deal, the price is excellent for the quality of product. Highly recommended!

  55. Kreamyg

    Probably my favourite item, always something new or interesting to try. Never been disappointed so far and I doubt I will be. So far Hindu Kush has been my favourite. Thanks bm

  56. CaptainChronic

    Loved it! I got Death Bubba the first time. Now I just ordered Chemdawg can’t believe it, getting this deal twice in a row! Great deal on great AAA marijuana strains! I love Pot o’ Gold more because of the varied amount of flavors and strains! But this is a deal just as good!

  57. Cottage Bob

    As a senior on a limited budget who’s be en smoking for decades, the Big Deal is a real boon for me. I’ve had the Death Bubba and Chemdawg so far. Both were excellent. Thanks Budmail!

  58. parkdalekid

    The Big Deal is The Best Deal. For me, this is better than pot of gold because these are proper buds and I can choose my strain. As I suffer from anxiety, depression, and fatigue, it’s important to choose a strain that doesn’t make me feel worse. Always great product, a couple strains to choose from, and amazing value.

  59. FrankieCdn

    This time I got Death Bubba, awesome lil popcorn buds, perfectly cured. The odour hit me as soon as I cut open the plastic wrapping, nice and dank. It tastes rather herbal in the pipe, a nice pleasant taste, a bit harsh but not terribly. The buzz is pretty quick to set in being a bit heavy but nice and relaxing, definitely euphoric and soon I bet hungry. Vaping is also awesome according to my roomie who is now higher than a kite. Awesome for the price!


    Honestly, you cant beat this deal. It is great gear, the price is fabulous, you cant lose!. I have purchased several different strains on several occasion and have not been disappointed even once.

  61. Mrsjrm

    I have ordered the big deal a few times (in both 14 & 28 grams). Obviously the price is amazing and you cant beat it, and for the cheap price the quality is pretty good. I will continue to order in the future.

  62. FrankieCdn

    I got the Purple Diesel, it goes down smooth with a minty aftertaste when you exhale, almost spearmint in flavor. It’s a lil stemmy for my taste but at the price I am not complaining. Very nice dusting of crystals. I like the effects but the weed is awfully dry, weirdly dry even but still smokes well. Almost tasteless in the vape except on exhale, it’s also fairly tasteless in the pipe and less minty less in the pipe, Overall I would buy it again.

  63. Smoke Anon

    Love this deal. Great weed for the best price! Grabbed an ounce of the Hindu Kush and it didn’t disappoint. Nice cerebral buzz as with all Kush. Great smell too. Highly recommend.

  64. BornToHula

    Got bubba’s gift this time. It was decent for the price. Lots of smaller buds this batch.
    More of an evening smoke but not potent enough for bed time use. Thanks BM!

  65. Smoke Anon

    Picked up an ounce of the Bubba Kush and it did not disappoint. Nice big buds and nice smell as well. High was nice and long lasting. Would definitely order again. Highly recommend!

  66. Sir Smokes Alot

    Great deal for great bud. I grabbed an ounce of death bubba just to roll joints and blunts with and it smokes great . Only giving 4 stars because there’s a lot of small nugs but other than that the flower itself is great!

  67. Dr.Greenthumb

    Got 14g of Mcgrupp and for Sativa strain it was really good. Everything about it was excellent. I would order again! I will be sure try a indica strain next time I’m ordering! Thanks BM

  68. Towelie

    bubba kush was very nice. great cure, nice kush nose, and burns well in a joint. White ash, smooth, and the high is very mellow…. great for sleep as i always find bubba is. thanks BM.. been loving these big deals

  69. Baldy

    Got the Big Deal twice now and both times I was impressed. Great flower, great counts. Awesome looking buds. Smell phenomenal. Monster Truck was much better than expected.


    Order two varieties from the discount section, Primus and Bubba Bomb. Both were much better than i expected, definite value beyond one’s expectation. A real deal, worth buying for sure!!!. Thanks BM!

  71. Magicactus

    Finally got to try my bag of Primus.. an indica… the bag appeal I must say for $150.00 it was stellar… scent was kushy and ok… it did the job, I personally found kind of mild… and a little harsh… probably give this one away to a friend that is a little less picky than myself… kind of happily spoiled on the Premier stuff!!

  72. BornToHula

    I ordered the bubba kush and was very pleased with the quality for the price.

    Big nugs with that nice kushy scent and were cured to perfection. I kinda wish the taste was a little better and the high more potent but that’s why this strain wasn’t more money. It’s a good night smoke but not knock out like the death bubba I recently had
    I would definitely order more of this up.
    Thanks BM for giving your customers a great deal. 🙂

  73. Bakeddubious

    Have ordered the big deal many times now
    Bubba and cali were really really good lol
    Romulan also was a good bag! lol great bud great price!
    Thanx bm! 👍🏼


    Ordered Mcgrupp and Cali kush was pretty impressed with both misty the Cali kush.
    Great price for a great buds looking forward to the bubba kush I just ordered.
    Thanks BM

  75. iliketrees

    Picked up 14g of ice breaker. It is a decent strain – smells kind of like chemicals (thing Chem Dawg or OG chem). The smell and taste are the same , and that is a good thing 🙂 The high is a decent indicia high. This big deal was well worth it in my opinion!

  76. Smoke Anon

    Got an ounce of the Durban Cookies and it didn’t disappoint. Nice big buds with the slight silver tones. Smoke is nice and a strong head buzz. Great price for some good weed.

  77. smokeypup

    I recently purchased this “Big deal”, the cost was good as well as the flower, Ice breaker at the time. The bud is nice and soft, well cured in my opinion and burns non harshly. Good in a bong or a vape pen. The smell is pungent with dank and tangy scents, the flavors were pleasant as expected with the description and the effects were very good.
    Over all it is packaged in such a way that keeps it all fresh until the last smoke.
    I would definitely recommend this deal and the strain, ice breaker.

  78. Mo

    Got 1 oz of Icebreaker, decent size buds. Smoke is smooth, and the buzz is high quality. Looking forward to place my next order. I highly recommend it..

  79. Fugen

    Got the McGrupp this time and it’s a dank bud with a super resin-y aroma. Smoke is a bit harsh but does the job and then some… not my preferred stuff but would buy again for the price.

  80. Jk

    Ordered the monster truck and for 80 bucks a half ounce it was WELL worth it. Some nice big frosty buds in the bag that gave a pretty decent high for the price, I definitely would purchase the big deal again, not too many bad reviews on it yet again good job Budmail.

  81. thicchigga

    Picked up the bubbly bomb and no shit it’s the bomb! classic bubba chunky nugs with the sweet smell this batch a a super strong sedative effect amazing trim job!

  82. cremedonut

    Got a ounce of Primus while it was up for sale. Fluffy nugs that are sticky, uncompressed, and well-trimmed. The cannabis has a lovely lemony-floral scent that tasted great on the exhale as well. One of my favorite deals to catch on the site!

  83. Smoke Anon

    I grabbed 1/2 ounce if the Mcgrup. Smokes ok and smells different..not something I care for. Has a citrus/lime taste. I found it Ok. It wasn’t a very strong high and give it a 3/5.

  84. ZigZagCOCORICO

    I got some super silver haze and i cant say im dissapointed because it was very decent 😎 big buds nice flavor and ok smell 😎 overall very good choice of selection i recomend it for yall to try 😎 next up bubba bomb 😂 thanks BM – smoke on – ✌️


    The Sour Jack had an amazing smell out of the bag, powerful, also very well cured. An over-abundance of crystals awaits your grinder! Mostly very large buds in my bag, proper trimming as well! Thank again, BM!


  86. Fugen

    Grabbed a bag of Romulan to try and wasn’t disappointed,
    Decent buds (thumb-sized) and trimmed like any other AAA strain you’ll find!
    Just ordered another bag of the McGrupp

  87. Baldy

    Very impressed. Never heard of the strain before and now that I’ve tried it. I will order again if it comes up for sale again. Smell wasn’t overpowering but the smoke and taste were awesome.

  88. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    I’ve ordered this deal for several strains (Sour Jack, Monster Truck) and am yet to be anything close to disappointed. Great value for higher-end ganja!

  89. Sandilicious

    I’m quite impressed by the quality for the price on this deal. I received the Monster Truck strain and it definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of aesthetics and potency. Thanks BM, and well done!

  90. LanceUppercut

    I recently ordered the Sour Jack and I was VERY satisfied!!! The buds were huge and very well trimmed, and the quality was amazing for the price…smokes very nice, and is also great in a vaporizer! Super mellow and uplifting, cerebra effects with little body buzz/couch lock. I’ve paid more for inferior bud in the past and must say that the “Big Deal” is definitely worth it based on my first experience. I’ll definitely be ordering it again in the future!

  91. 4our2wenty

    Sour jack looks like it was recently picked. Smells of lemon, diesel. It’s a racey sativa without any burnout. It got much better after a week in the jar. I put in a little bit of premium buds to make it burn even and not go out. I’ll probably purchase one of these again….

  92. stickygorilla

    Yeah was great. Got the Purple OG. Buds were very nice. I’ve definitely bought worse for more before, from other sources of course. Gonna order again fur sure.

  93. Marshall

    My first order of the purple OG was good but then I thought I would get sour jack.It was some of the worst batch of weed I have ever received from budmail in fact I’m surprised they even called that a deal.I can’t say about the others . Very disappointed.

  94. Leon the professional

    Got the Cali kush. It’s very nice great deal bm. Well worth it . Would order more at this price and quality

  95. Smoke Anon

    Got the Durban Cookies and love it. Big buds and nice bag appeal. The smell is is a bit
    piney and smoke is smooth…high lasts a couple hours. Would buy again.

  96. Rawbeigh

    Got the Super Silver haze and was really impressed. Didn’t look like a discount bag at all. Bud’s are caked and sticky with size varying, on the bigger side, with a couple huge buds in the pack. Smoked, tasted and affected very similar to the Super Silver (AAAA) I picked up a while back. Might not be as lifting, and I mean slightly, but still the Super Silver Buzz I remember. Very happy to get a great batch of one of my favorite strains, on the cheap.

  97. Piper7

    Great deal for an ounce. Not really my favorite tasting but the high was really great. Very sticky pot great for rolling joints, joints burn awesome.

  98. Magicactus

    Unbelievable, the Romulan I decided to try came in today and I just couldn’t believe it, big full stunning buds full of orange hairs and crystal… wonderful fruity scent… all for one hundred a fifty bucks hahahaha.. laughing all the way to the bank… this is an even bigger deal than the pot of gold and it cost fifty percent more.. amazing Budmail… you are definitely rocking wit here!!!

  99. Bmow

    A deal so good I had to order twice, I had pruple of the first time and Cali kush this time, I gotta say the smell is amazing, definitely a strong kush nose with some citrus aswell. It tastes the exactly how it smells and isn’t very harsh when smoked through a bong, only had one bong so far which has put me in a pretty good place. Its a pretty strong head high and doesn’t seem like the couch lock kinda buzz. 10/10 would recommend 👌

  100. Eatmyswiss

    My friend make me try the purple one
    Was really good but that made me order romulan and wow chronic Pain away everything is perfect smell, look , man too bad it’s not there anymore 🙄😥🤤 I should order like 4

  101. Swazi King

    Got the Durban Cookies and was really hoping for a better high. The buds look perfectly fine…just a weak high, though. Too bad cause I have so much of it!

  102. El Roacho

    ordered an oz of the violator kush…super deal, really nice weed, not an indica connoisseur but i think im keeping this all to of the buds was 6 g lol… pretty mild smoke, doesnt put you in couch mode..

  103. alxpha

    The Cali Kush was a great pick up. Medium to large size nugs. Great bag appeal. Smell was definitely part of the kush family…earthy and overpowering. Rolled a king sized raw with this. Clean white ash all throughout. You can tell this is a hybrid but more towards the indica spectrum. What a deal! Thanks BM!

  104. FrankieCdn

    I grabbed an oz. of the Romulan which seemed fitting cause we have been watching Deep Space 9 on Netflix lol. The buds are nice sized, medium to large, Grinds up nicely, beautifully cured, the odour is herbal with a touch of pine, In the pipe she is a tad harsh but not terrible. The stone is nice a combo body/head buzz that has me lying back enjoying tunes and forgetting about everything else. In my Solo vape it definitely has a bite to it, not terrible but a definite bite. The herbal/pine taste comes through more when vaping also. I suspect the vaped stuff will make for some excellent butter for some out of this world cookies, reduce, reuse, recycle. The price is awesome. All in all another home run by Budmail!!! Thanks BM!!!

  105. Jm85

    I got the purple og & that was some pretty gnarly nugs! The buds were full, tasty, white ash when smoked & overall amazing! This category is worth the $ for sure. I’m looking at Romulan right now. I love that strain!

  106. Bmow

    Pick up 2 oz of purple og and I’m really glad I did, great bag speak with large frosty buds, when you crack the buds open the smell was pretty overpowering, I’ve had purple og on my first before and the price did did not affect the quality at all. This has to be me favorite strain, hopefully I can get some more of that purp again soon. Thanks again budmail for the great Cron! 👌

  107. 👌

    Got an oz. of “Durban Cookies”. And to be honest I had higher expectations. At least half of the ounce was tiny little popcorn buds. The high was just okay. Average bud at best. I guess that’s what you get for $150

  108. Montecore

    Decent stuff! Wish there was an indica option, but other than that this is probably the best deal/most bang for your buck. Pungent and it’s no bag of ‘shake’ Haha!

  109. MR.BS

    I bought an ounce of the Purple OG, excellent quality for the price. Tastes good, smokes clean, got a few really good looking nugs and very consistent quality overall. Won’t obliterate you like premier line bud, but it’s high quality stuff! You really can’t go wrong with a price like this.

  110. Northview

    I was happy with this stuff i got the violator kush instead of the purple og the buds are big ,nice and dense the buds are sticky , it’s got that kush smell and taste and the smell will fill a room upon opening the bag , the high is better then the og kush on the site they are very simular but this would be x2 the smell, taste and high but cheaper i will order this deal again if they offer it I would and will take advantage of this offer ,hope this quality and price sticks around !

  111. REZBOY

    i picked up a oz of the violator kush the other week, oh boy it was great stuff very pungent and potent and for a very great price, comes with nice big buds and good for rolling joints since its so sticky
    awesome stuff would order again

  112. cremedonut

    First of all, for the price this is an absolute steal. BM’s 420 sale did not disappoint this year. I got the Purple OG, and it does indeed have delightful purple shades throughout the flower. The nugs are soft and uncompressed, and perfectly frosted. Love it 🙂

  113. Big Tuna

    Although this bud isn’t trimmed as well as I would prefer, it carries a full bodied aroma and smokes beautifully. Produces quality crystals for the leaf content.

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