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The Big Deal


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14 Grams | $115 $85
28 Grams | $220 $160

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What’s The Big Deal?

28 grams for $160!!

Here at Budmail, we like to pass along the hot prices when we can. The Big Deal comes in 14 & 28 gram increments
from $85-$160, while quantities last. Grab it while it’s hot!

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459 reviews for The Big Deal

  1. Soltz

    I have ordered many different kinds. All of them have been great. Just about to get the UBC Chemo and lemon walker OG. the Blueberry, Blue diesel, Tuna Kush, Pink Death, and bubba were all amazing

  2. BB

    Just got the bluefin tuna and I couldn’t be more pleased. Small nugs but who cares its amazing. Looks just like the picture that was posted, frosty and dense and it smokes great. if the other big deal strains are close to this quality you can’t beat this deal.

  3. buck master shoon

    I have purchased the big deal 3 times now, the ice wreck is amazing and by far the best weed I’ve smoked in awhile. I have also purchased the grapefruit, and the Amherst sour diesel. Both strains were exceptional. I will forever be a returning budmail customer!

  4. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    I got an ounce of the chocolope, and on my last order I got the ice wreck. Both strains were great quality and definitely worth the price. Ice wreck was strong and the chocolope was a great smoke as well.

  5. Rose

    Well i dont know where too start, Ive ordered SOOOOO many different strains since the April 420 sale its not even funny! 🤣 they where all such a good deal I couldn’t help myself! I tried, Blueberry Pie, Pink Death, Electric CoolAid, Blackberry Punch, Zombie Kush, Death Bubba, Sour Tangie, Golden Goats of Oregon, Platinum Bubba, and I know theres a few more but i cant remember the names! All and all not one complaint from ANY of them! Thumbs up Budmail, Taco Farms and Skookum! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. beefy

    Great price can’t go wrong got the chocolope one it wasn’t as strong as I like but smell and taste were on point the ash is white and some big sized nugs

  7. Spaced

    I’ve ordered a few different strains from this and have never been disappointed. Always worth the price and sometimes you score some amazing stuff, like the Blue Fin Tuna I just got recently. Taste is strong but so good. Hits pretty hard as well. A must get whenever it’s on the menu. Only regret is not getting more!

  8. Jake

    Ice wreck

    5 stars for the price, this was the nicest out of 4 orders now and the crystal is just pouring off the buds. Had a nice calming effect, no anxiety, will order again

  9. Jake


    5 stars for the price, beautiful buds, well packed, fresh!! Not dry. Very intense sativa haha I had to take a pause, cant wait to add this to the repeats list

  10. Towelie


    Very nice smell and cure spicy, sweet smelling light green frosted nugs very happy high you can tell it’s a sativa dominant I was very pleased with this stuff, and I’m sure you will be too!

  11. vin

    Got the pink death and bubba kush, both absolutely worth it. Pink Death was more sativa/hybrid than I expected but great smoke. Been mixing it with Indicas to add a punch

  12. crazyperson1177

    No matter the order am always happy and stoned the price cant be beat and top quality every time have ordered few diff kinds stuff only gets better when store in dark place let it dry open lid every few hours ordered trim and wow i will be ordering more when it comes up again for sure lots small buds and mix it was so good even the shake is good for smoking

  13. Sparkes

    Nice fluffy buds very fragrant
    Smooth smoke and a nice clean high I found it perfect for my morning cup of coffee and routine
    Doesn’t leave you super groggy and slow.

  14. Peek

    Chocolope – This strain caught me off guard. The scent was not as powerful as other strains, so I was worried this may be a weak sativa, wrong. WRONG. A very nice strain that will hit you before you are halfway through your doob. A very relaxing high and no burnout – very nice for daytime use. Buds are dense too. Very happy with this, BM never disappoints.

  15. chris758

    Got the violator kush. Smells amazing and has a fantastic taste. The bud of the day is an amazing deal. Buds are trimmed very well. Covered in crystal , overall very happy will be back again

  16. JKFC

    Pink Death 28g – frosted small sticky popcorn buds covered in trichromes. Dense light/dark green buds. Smelled like spice with a bit of fruit. The bag appeal was lacking but the quality is no different than flowers offered by budmail outside of the big deal strain.

  17. Shelby

    I bought 14g of pink death and was not disappointed this strain had a great heavy smell and very smooth smoke . Kittle bits of purple and in some pf the buds

  18. Shelby

    Chocolope was great. Love the price for the weed i get. Great smell not too dry and lots of crystal ! Veey good sativa dominant strain will buy again!

  19. Crass

    I had Death Bubba. Good terpy smell if not particularly fragrant. Taste is fine, a little harsh at times. Trim and bag appeal is not fantastic. Overall, still good for the price point; smokes fine, tastes decent, nice and strong. Some dense nugs and some very fluffy and airy.

  20. rEVOLution

    So far I’ve had Amherst Sour Diesel and Violator Kush. The Amherst looked better, but the violator still wasn’t shabby. Better than anything you’d see on the street.

    The Amherst was pleasant, smelled good, tasted good, and did the job.

    Violator was alright. nothing to brag about. The high was shorter lived than expected. It’s some harsh stuff, wouldn’t buy it again on that alone…but the GF enjoyed it.

    I’ll be ordering the big deal every pay, I love the variety. On top of that, the quality for the price is awesome✊🤘☁️…and I’m awaiting Chocolope and Ice Wreck! 😁😗💨💨💨💨💨

  21. genericid

    Grabbed Chocolope through the big deal. Nice sized nuggets were ready to smoke in a pipe. Nice head store. Still able to do chores. This deal is a good deal to try many strains for a good price.

  22. Sixty

    The Chocolope that I just received is an excellent deal at this price.
    Cleanly trimmed, nicely moist buds, exhibiting all the good sativa characteristics of this strain that I so enjoy.

  23. Alchino

    I’ve bought the big deal every week for the past 6 weeks. I try to get the kushier/heavier strains and press it into resin. I’ve been getting almost 20-25% yields on everything I’ve bought except for the 9LB Hammer. The blueberry and the bubba cookies made it into my personal smoke for a bit so those were tops for me. All In all one of the best products for in comparison to price for quality. Sometimes you’ll get extra lucky. Regardless your still paying a good tag for the flower your gettihg.

  24. Kushlover

    Got the gorilla glue, for the price it was worth it. Buds are well packaged, no smell and discrete. Buds well trimmed, sticky, and well cured overall although slightly dry for me.

  25. Jack La Clack

    Depuis que je fume du Budmail je suis Aux Anges !!!! Le Skoookoom Est Vraiment le Meilleur Produit que j’ai eux le Plaissir Dessayer je le recommande a Tous

  26. Firebreathing_Dragon

    Ordered pink death through the big deal during april and got a bitchin price!! I was very impressed with the quality of the bud, although a little harsh when smoked through a bong. Rolled very nicely in joints and put me to sleep quickly. It was my first time ordering with BM but definitely not my last. Impressed with the packaging that my order arrived in as well.

  27. Gunsnfknroses

    Ordered the LA Grape when it was available during the same and it knocked me out a couple of times. Highly recommend the big deal indicas for insomnia

  28. Jonko Pappie

    Second time I’ve bought the Big Deal, really happy again with the price/quality ratio. I got the Blue Diesel, it burns nicely and the buzz last pretty long even though it feels like a light strain while smoking.

  29. Holmes

    Received 14g of Mont Blanc on the Big Deal and the buds are of AAA quality. Nice mellow buzz perfect for daytime or night. Always love the Big Deal. Thanks as always BM.

  30. Shelby

    I bought pink death last time and the next time i bought gorilla glue. This is one of my favorite strains and was soo happy to see it available on the big deal

  31. Shelby

    I havr bought 14 grams of pink death and i absolutely love this deal ! Great price and great weed .i love this site ! I always check to see what available

  32. Kal89

    I ordered and received blueberry kush and thank God i ordered some. Definitely worth it. Smell is good (strong) high is good taste is good. Overall i have nothing to complain about. Great buy. Order this one when it’s around don’t sleep on it.

  33. Cyberstace

    Good deal for 28 grams of smaller buds . Not as good as some of the higher end buds but very good for the price . You can’t go wrong here and diffetent strains to choose from .

  34. Chakari

    Mont blanc – great hybrid. High lasts pretty long. Taste is somewhat on point. It was a great deal grabbing whatever strain they had for the big value

  35. CanadianStoner69

    Big Cheese… big deal… big high…big bong rips…big joints. Man, the big deal really is a big deal. I ordered 2oz big cheese and I was blown away. This stuff was very potent, the smell was fruity, sour and very danky. Budmail has changed the experience of marijuana for me. Thank you

  36. weedman

    Got 28g of blueberry hybrid, i am very happy with it, smells amazing looks amazing and smokes amazing, safely put it in my top 10 favorite strains. I hope it goes on sale in the big deal again soon

  37. Jake

    Blueberry Hybrid 14g – from the initial opening of the package I was greeted by a strong smell of skunk, the buds were decently trimmed, sticky fresh, glimmering in thc

    Would order again

  38. Jake

    Death Bubba 14G – a good indica, heavy at the beginning then lightens up, nice sized buds, sticky fresh, fairly trimmed, whole house reaked when I opened the package.

  39. Bud Master Kojer

    Snagged some Blueberry Kush that was on sale 20% off.

    I like to take a chance on the Big Deal every once and a while and this one has slightly renewed my interest in it. I’ve gotten some pretty poor stuff before but now that Budmail has started including pictures of the strains, being able to see them before purchase will help a bit so kudos to BM for that.
    Anyways, the Blueberry doesn’t look like the best stuff; mostly small & tiny buds with a few chunky thumb sized ones, a few gangly stems and all quite leafy. Decently sticky to the touch and while busting up. The smell is mostly prevalent when grinding the nugs, and consists of delicious creamy vanilla and sweet fruity blueberries. The taste is hit and miss but when you do find it, it’s like the aftertaste of a nice big bowl of blueberries and cream. It burns great, right down to a small pile of white ash. The high is also phenomenal; very calm and relaxing but not debilitating, a great buzzy head-high coupled with a nice mellow body stone that washes over you.

    Overall i’m glad i picked this up, and it’s a great example of a strain where looks can be deceiving.

  40. Apotvin

    Got tuna Kush. Very nice Indica for the Price. Very potent for the price. I should have take 1 once. Will order again the big deal option. Thank you bm!

  41. MisterFogers

    Recieved the BM monthly deal and as usual was not disappointed. The Violator Kush did not pack much bag appeal as the buds were small but what they lacked in beauty they regained with substance. B+ thanks BM

  42. Jeremiah

    Love picking up the big deals! Lucked into getting Platinum Bubba and I was expecting a decent smoke but I was blown away with how good this one was. Easily in the top 3 nicest buds I’ve ever had! Coated in crystal, filled with deep purples and glistening like diamonds! Amazing buzz every time!

  43. Ellies420

    Kush was really good not bad at All would of gave them 5 stars if only they reply a little faster to there customer thats it no cap if they answered quicker they be one of the best

  44. Peek

    Blueberry Hybrid – Another great strain on the BD. Thick, fluffy buds that reek as soon as you open the package. Bud breaks up nicely, rolls & smokes smooth. A relaxing high, nothing too intense, but not too weak either. Good for daytime or night, but I’d probably stick to night time use with this one. Overall very happy with my order, as usual. Thanks BM!

  45. Gmoney

    First of all, for the price this is an absolute steal. The nugs are soft and uncompressed, and perfectly frosted. It won’t obliterate you like premier line bud, but it’s high quality stuff! You really can’t go wrong with a price like this.

  46. Peek

    Mont Blanc – This is a very nice hybrid. Powerful smell immediately after opening the package. Dense, medium size buds and well cured. Breaks up very nice, rolls smooth and smokes beautifully. Not an overly intense high, but it does stick around for a while – so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth – but that is the case 99% of the time when you go with the big deal from BM. 10/10 on shipping and service for BM, as usual.

  47. arrow39

    Grape ape was awesome has good nose on it burns nice and clean would recommend it and ak47 was nice too little leafy but for the price I would buy again thanks BM

  48. Slammed Spam

    Got the Gorilla Glue #4 and its a potent, peppery smoke with a sweet smell like dank bc bud. very impressed, and of course its a good price. A win win situation. If you see something you would like to try though dont hesitate bc it changes fast and you might be missing out on your new fav strain :).

  49. Nick9

    I dig this big deal. You might dig it too! Nice buds, fresh aroma and the trichomes glisten in the moonlight. I find the high precisely as desired, not too in your face like the spring rapids but more like churning creek with an uplifting feeling. Aids my aches which is electrifying;)

  50. MarkFloyd

    Can’t go wrong for that price. Got Pink Death, and while the nose could be stronger, the high itself is just what I was looking for. Burns clean and gets me ripped.

  51. Kam

    Quality was great and smoked very well. Would definitely buy again. Got a good amount of kief from my grinder that has a kief catcher on the bottom. I recommend.

  52. MackerelSavage

    After having a good experience with my first purchase here, I decided to splurge and buy again. This time I got two oz of Mont Blanc and I was just as impressed with the quality. The buds are super frosty and there always seems to be a good mix of big and small buds. At this point I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong with this deal.

  53. MackerelSavage

    I picked up two oz of pink death during the 420 sale and was very pleased with the quality. I really enjoy the flavour I get from it in my vape and the effects are on point. Considering the price I paid I think it’s the best purchase I’ve made yet. Definitely will purchase again.

  54. Bohdangerous

    I got the GG4, and the LA Grape.
    Firstly, let me say I am amazed by the presentation of the box and discrete delivery. The LA Grape is by far one of the best indices I have had in a while. I cannot describe the pungent aroma. Flowers are great sized buds on this one and it’s caked. Will order again in a heartbeat. The GG4 has an amazing high, and the buds looked well caked. The aroma was skunky in a jar with cute small-sized buds. Really great hybrid for an amazing deal.
    Thanks Budmail!

  55. Cing

    Not the best high but you get enough for what you pay for . Big and small buds. Good for smoking with friends and rolling joints. Not good for a high using my one hitter but I am a chronic smoker so maybe good for beginners

  56. Travelmachine

    Gorilla glue was excellent! Great taste, great looking and great aroma. Smoke easily and its soft for the
    throat. L’après buzz est vraiment doux et laisse pas trop de fuggy time

  57. Johnnysmurf

    Big deal is Amazing! So much and so good for much less. Got the Death Bubba, love this strain – it’s a good one to put me down for the night. Vapes very smooth.

  58. Peek

    Purple Kush – Not terrible, not amazing. I can’t complain given the amazing sale BM had in April, but I was expecting a but more from this bud. It smells fantastic, but it’s a bit dry and tents to burn quick. It’s also fluffy when broken up, which makes rolling require extra attention. Overall, no regrets but I wouldn’t try this strain again. Still happy with BMs amazing customer service, prices and speed!

  59. MaryShelley

    I got the Death Bubba strain when I ordered. It was ok. The bud was beautiful and smelled and tasted VERY strong, but the buzz was very mild. Obviously a AA version, not the usual knock-me-on-my-ass that I’m used to with Death Bubba. Decent but not really worth it in my opinion. Perhaps other strains are better for this deal though, the only one I had from the big deal was the Death Bubba.

  60. clutcher

    Got the chemdawg and am very happy.Nice piney/skunky flavor .Great indica buzz,wouldn’t recommend hitttin’ the grocery store after smoking this !?!.Can’t beat the great prices-Thanx for 420 sale

  61. Adam

    Grabbed the Tuna Kush big deal, couldn’t pass it up at the price during the 4/20 sale. Damn this is some good bud especially for the price. Thank you Budmail!

  62. kidsmoke91

    Black Diamond is a great strain. Always a heavy hitter with an enjoyable high. I always consider this one more of evening smoke due to the effects. Always makes me sleepy & munchie. Definitely enjoyable & a great price!

  63. kidsmoke91

    Can never complain for the price of the “Big Deal”, but occasionally the strain can leave a little to be desired. I have had some banging strains, however, including Death Bubba & Chemdawg.

  64. Curtis

    I have not seen any other reviews thus far on the Black Mamba batch that Budmail had a few weeks ago during their 420 sale, for the quality of these buds and the amazing deal I got on it, like the last review says zero complaints on this grow I am pleasantly surprised!!

  65. BornToHula

    Grabbed the purple kush that was on sale. For the price we were very happy. Not too much scent at first but after transferring it into a jar, after opening the jar you get a lovely classic kush scent. Buds were a bit dry and leafy but again after some time in the jar with a boveda pack it became more sticky. Really liked the looks of the PK but not a huge amount of crystal. Some of the nugs were pretty big. Rolled nicely and smoked very smooth. Lovely taste and the high is pretty strong. Would definitely order again.
    Thanks BM and staff for your hard work during these tough strange days.

  66. Bic Mitchum

    Bought an oz of the death bubba and wow wow wow talk about mind blown! Dying to make some hash out of this stuff! Good nugs, great high and nice and smooth! Gotta love it!

  67. Turn

    Ordered the Tuna Kush during the 420 sale. It was much better than I was expecting for such a great price.
    There are certainly no complaints with this one!

  68. bigcomfycouch

    Solid deal, got the GG4, very impressed for the price. I will be ordering again for sure. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this deal when it’s available. You won’t regret it.

  69. Ozzie

    I love the big deal. It is my go to source of flower since early 2019. I will strongly recommend it due to its quality and value for your buck. There are no hesistations. Do note that package comes well sealed therefore, it is 100% smell proof. Also, flower comes with a Boveda humidity control pouch preserving the freshness of your flower. Bottomline here, will strongly recommend you to go for the big deal.

  70. Lotto

    Ordered the ChemDawg.
    All small little nugs, but damn, they are deadly!!!
    chemdawg is my new favorite strain, the piney diesel is great.
    worth a reorder definitely

  71. KushNL

    What a month of sales by budmail for the month of April! In the big deal category I ordered tuna, bubba, and purple kush . Tuna is 🔥 . Beautiful smell and taste ! . Bubba is lacking taste but nice bud . I was let down by the purple . Only a cpl of nice buds in the 14g. Discreet and professional packaging. No smell ! Overall I’m very happy with products and will be ordering again ! Thank you Budmail! 🌲

  72. alyssalovesugly

    I’ve gotten the half zip budmail specials a few times and I’ve never been dissapointed. It is NOT pure shake for those that fear. You legit get solid nugs alongside popcorn buds. Snag one while you can!

  73. chris758

    Zombie Kush. Very happy with this, Great taste, looks awesome and beautiful smell.
    The price is amazing as well. Cant go wrong . I will be back for more thank you so much.

  74. Dirk

    Got the purple Kush last time around. Awesome deal! Could have been a little more fresh tho. Already drying up a bit after recieving my order a week ago

  75. Pablosplug

    Gets u high and looks nice but i felt the trim coulda been better, but overall the high is mellow and u definitely get what u pay for and its in no means under or over valued.

  76. Carstar

    Death bubba is great, budmail has awesome service. I originally ordered something else but they were super nice when reaching out to let me know it wasnt available. I had an extra freebee surprise in my package when it arrived. Thanks friends!

  77. Stonedtothebone74

    Got an oz of pink kush for the purpose of making cannabutter. I wouldnt smoke this too often, stringy wispy buds, smell wasn’t overwhelming, reminded me of the bud I got 20 years ago here on the east coast. But again, I bought it for the soul purpose of making budder and it worked out in that regard!

  78. Stonedtothebone74

    Bought some GG4… quite small buds, not much of a smell until you grind it up. Tasty to smoke in a fat joint, but it doesnt have the potency that I’m used to. Overall, good bang for the buck

  79. Stonedtothebone74

    Purchased a half oz of Widow Cheese. Much like UK Cheese, big fat buds, lovely funky cheesy smell. For the price (especially during the 420 sales), I couldn’t pass this up! Great strain 👍

  80. Screachilo

    Some yummy! I could smoke it all day long and for the price, I could smoke it all week!My gf agrees that this tastes super good and the effects are long lasting.

  81. Deckard

    Got it at the discount price in April.

    Chemdog , it’s decent. Fair price .
    All popcorn nugs, but it doesn’t bother me that much. Can be a bit harsh though.

  82. Baketree

    Grabbed the Tuna Kush. While not much to look at, my 1/2 zip was half small nug and even smaller nug, I am pleased with it overall. Limited smell but after being busted up it releases a great odour. Smoked a joint and it burned really well, grey/white ash and definitely had the Tuna taste that I expected. One of the better TK examples that has come on the menu, not even close to the initial Premier offering 10+ years ago but better than anything else that has popped up under this moniker.

  83. Trevor

    It was about what you would expect for cheaper weed, in my opinion. It wasn’t great or terrible. I think maybe I was a little disappointed because the reviews here and on reddit made the big deal sound much better than what I found it to be.
    Who knows? maybe I was just unlucky and got some from an inferior batch.

  84. JamesN

    Originally ordered death bubba but got chemdawg due to sticking issues. Chemdawg is smooth smoke and sticky buds. Will order again when available. Great product from great people.

  85. Kire

    Ill comment on bubba kush. I am a big fan of death bubba,so i have to try this brand. It is a good kush, you have the sweet earthy pine taste of the bubba. The buzz is very strong. I have broked my arm and it did ease my pain and made my remission much easier.

  86. Peek

    ChemDawg – if you ever see this strain on the BD, it’s a no brainer. Strong aroma right out of the package and small but dense buds. Break up nice, roll & smoke evenly. Even though ChemDawg is powerful, I find it can work for both daytime and night, as there doesn’t seem to be the hard burnt out that can accompany other strains. Overall very happy once again, thanks BM!

  87. Oli777

    Got 7g of Purple Kush for 60$. Great price and good quality weed. I was disappointed to realize the strain wasn’t purple but I guess that’s why it was so cheap! Definitely will check out the Big Deals again!!!

  88. J Kush

    Great product for a great price with quick delivery service. I got Purple kush and it gives me a great happy high. Perfect for enhancing a movie or gaming experience

  89. corposant

    Just received my order yesterday, and it was an oz of Gorilla Glue #4, popcorn nugs, great aroma, nicely cured. If these were big buds they’d be picture worthy. Great bud, great price, totally happy!!

  90. papigatorade

    The Pink Death batch from the 4/20 sales is incredible! 14g for 60$ is mental and the quality of the buds is amazing. I regretted not getting the oz, but now I’m waiting on some Black Mamba, should be good for a while… or not haha. Thank BM

  91. Stevie beats

    always great quality and a good smoke. Varied selection of buds from week to week and nice big buds not just the end of a bag like i kind of expected it to be

  92. Dutchlady

    Ordered pink death during the April sale, came nice and quick and shipped very professionally. The buds where covered in crystal and taste fantastic! Kinda creeps on you but is long lasting.

  93. Rush2112

    Recently received the death bubba , wow what a deal , best bang for your buck . Effects are exactly what I was looking for , perfect bud for relaxation and the burn and taste for a cheaper product was outstanding . Thanks again budmail

  94. Kinger

    420 sale was amazing and you can never go wrong with the big deal. Great bud at an amazing price, it’s always a treat to open up. Thanks budmail, always hooking me up.

  95. NuLee_3’sKush

    Great bud for your buck! Ordered a few ‘big deals’ and have never been disappointed with quality! Would recommend! First I had the black tuna, and more recently blueberry pie. Both great tasting and decent buzz.

  96. JT

    Every time I order The Big Deal it is always of high quality. I add this almost exclusively to every order. Best bang for your buck for MOM. Keep up the good work BM!

  97. DayTimeLush

    Fantastic deal, definitely worth ordering. I really enjoyed the purple og, it was very smooth and hit pretty fast. The nuggets were very soft, it smelled great and you could actually see the purple in the flower

  98. JLKush

    Picked up an Oz of the Zombie kush and WOW, this stuff is incredible. Caked, well cured buds. Sweet, kushy terps. Clean and smooth burn. Thank you BM!

  99. iliketrees

    You can’t beat the big deal. I have purchased this numerous times now (10+) and each one has been very decent. The quality is usually AAA, though I have received some that maybe aren’t quite AAA. Still – For the price you can’t find a better deal. My last purchase I got an oz of chemdawg and an oz of grapefruit. Both are top notch.

  100. OG

    The zombie kush was, dollar for dollar, the best bud I’ve had in a while. I was super happy with it and will hit up the bid deal again and again and again.

  101. jonnyb

    Got the pink death, very impressed with the bud. Smell, taste and potency up to par. And for 60 bucks for half zip is incredible. If all big deals are this good it’s the wAy to go . Thanks bm

  102. Jk

    Just received my order which included some gorilla glue #4 and it is some pretty good bud, very happy with the quality of these nugs. Price was a steal with the April sale Thank you BM.

  103. JAG

    Got the tuna kush really nice indica. Bought some pink death with a buddy and it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be but still good for $112 a ounce.

  104. NickNuked

    Ordered the Quantum Kush and Pink Death, they are sooo nice. What an amazing deal i regret only buying the half zipps. Thank you BM for everything and the amazing bud that will surely help us get through tough times during covid.

  105. jason420

    When ever and what ever the flavour when you get the big deal
    You know its going to be good
    Just make sure to get your strains when they are up
    Just cant say nothing but good things
    Thanks budmail folks

  106. smokeybear

    Good bang for your buck. Great variety of strains everytime.. budmail never disappoints no matter what you buy from them, I dont remember ever getting a order I havent been satisfied or beyond with.

  107. Fordf150

    Waiting for this to arrive, I can’t wait to try this out. I have never been disappointed by any order, plus you can’t go wrong with the price. Quick shipping.

  108. ant

    had the chemdawg big deal this time and quality is great as usual. definitely got a strong soury smell to it. high is just right but can get you banged up with the right amount

  109. Weedislife

    Took advantage of the sale, two of my favourite ones are GORILLA GLUE #4 and Death Bubba. Usually i grind the entire ounce or whatever at once but with gg4 its nice to see the nugs and smell it. It’s a great deal at $112 per ounce. Would buy again!

  110. Holmes

    Got 14 grams of Bubba Kush and find the buzz a nice mellow high. As always cant beat the price on the Big Deal especially during the month of April. Cheers BM.

  111. Bongsesh666

    Just got my big deal and once again its worth every penny! Ive gotten the big deal lots but this time around I was extra impressed.. 420 savings and being able to get some legendary Purple Kush i am very happy. Awesome 3 A bud that does the trick nicely…. no complaints at all. All hail the big deal!!! And just want to send out a extra big thank you to everyone at bm.. especially during this covid thing. You have no idea how much of a great service you provide and i have much respect for that. Thanks again

  112. ohcanada

    ordered 14g quantum kush, great price for the value especially this month, BM420 !!! the packaging was excellent as always,….. awesome as always!!!!!

  113. Soltz

    This time I tried the Bubba Kush and Pink Death. Both are very nice. Again, I am very happy with the quality and the price. Will continue to order this deal and try other strains.

  114. jason420

    Got me an some violator kush and some l.a.grape
    Took a little longer due to the postal service
    But when it did come was a nice surprise
    The kush came in some decent nugs nice smell looks were about a 8 out of ten couple leafy nugs but whoopie
    Then I opened the grape
    At first not alot of smell but nicely trimmed nugs all little popcorn buds 10 out of 10
    Busted up a nug of each
    Kush had hints of good old kush but was faint decent buzz
    They grape when busted up stunk I like
    It had more of a kick out of the 2 but you cant complain
    Both were well the purchase

  115. DC

    Love the price and variety. Currently I have 4 14 gs on the way and am very excited for it. It is bubba kush which happens to be one of my favorites on this site

  116. Killsitch

    Yet to be disappointed by the big deal! I’ve baught many rounds and everytime is almost like receiving a gift since your paying half price. Always on top of keeping options on the big deal is a pretty big deal to all of us. Cheers BM highly recommend

  117. MacTennis

    I usually buy the more expensive stuff, because im quite picky with my herb. This stuff looks killer for the price. The trim (4/5), look (3/5), and cure (4/5) are all great. Not on the same level as the regular menu or the tin/jars obviously but if you want the best bang for your buck this is most likely it. Had some bigger buds in my half (3 or 4 1g nugs, maybe 8 .5 nugs, and the rest is popcorn). Killer deal, have yet to vape it though. I dont smoke a lot and have 1.5oz of the skookum stuff on the way so i might vape test this and then make RSO out of it. Trying to give the most honest review that I would appreciate if I was purchasing again. 6/5 stars on this one Budmail. Not sure if you guys read these but please continue this level of service, ive ordered from many sites and Budmail is the only one who truly cares about providing customers with great, consistent product all the time, at fair prices, and with phenomenal customer service. I am very loyal to this service and recommend it at every opportunity bar none, whether it is here, reddit, or elsewhere. Stay safe everyone

  118. Sam Roach

    With an ongoing pandemic I was able to get this delicious deal in a few days. I ordered 28gs of Quantum Kush, it’s a fun strain that has gotten me uplifted ripped since I got it. 10/10!

  119. Gman

    zombie kush is one of the most medically beneficial strains I have smoked, if your looking for some knock out one two punch bud then this is for you. highly recommended

  120. Paddy

    Bought 14g of Blackberry punch, absolutely wonderful strain. A nice earthy berry smell, great for an evening walk before going to bed. This will give you a wonderful nights sleep. Looking forward to the next deal, Pink Death.

  121. buds ahoy

    Widow Cheese had nice looking, fairly dense, big, and sticky buds. Not a lot of umpf though but pleasure to smoke, only requiring bigger joints with maybe some kif or bubblehash. Effects are similar to description.

  122. Megs

    Got the Amherst Soul Diesel. Great price. The size of the buds were amazing and hugh. Nice smell, lots of crystal. Found it a bit harsh. But over great for the price And quality.

  123. Soltz

    Purchased the Amherst Soul Diesel. Price was on point.
    Product was great for the pricetag. Lots of crystal and a smooth taste through the bong. Strong sativa that left me lifted and ready for the day. Would not recommend before bed.
    It’s no quad but I would purchase again no problem. Great smoke when not trying to toast yourslef

  124. RedBeard

    BM’s 420 sale!! wheuu! What a screaming deal. I ordered the big deal of Chemdawg twice, that has to tell you something. The bud is always so sticky and

  125. 50gang

    Got the zombie kush and it’s really nice. Caked in Crystal’s and a bit of a sour smell. Would definitely buy agian. Very smooth smoking, hits well out of the bong.

  126. FuzzyFizz

    Ordered quantum kush. Haven’t received it yet but what a great price. Excited to recieve it and leave a real review. Also would love to try the asd. Great sale!

  127. clutcher

    Got 14g’s of Widow Cheese and wish I got more.Buds are well trimmed and frosty.Nice cheezy smell and taste.Proper indica high for stress relief here on the East Coast.

  128. Beardo

    Amazing deal, one of the best around, always have a great variety of selection. These are a must get everytime there available as they don’t last long.

  129. Jeepster

    Fantastic work once again Budmail! The big deal is my go to option when considering my order. The price is excellent and the quality is top notch. Never have been disappointed, have ordered at least 10 times.

  130. Lotto

    Ordered 2x14g of black Mamba.
    Very happy 🙂
    Trimmed perfect, smells like glory!!!!
    purple highlights throughout the bud.
    double vacuum sealed for discreet delivery. :):):):)
    The smoke hits hard and heavy.

  131. Filzflowr

    Ordered some black Mamba for the 4-20 sale. Great looking large sized buds, it smells amazing and the smoke is fantastic. Great value, I would deff buy again. Thx BM

  132. Joshbucky420

    Ordered the quantum kush. This was part of the big deal. Very pretty full of crystal the boveda packs left it at the right humidity and the price is right .

  133. Butrfly

    I just got the widow cheese and it’s quite good. Nice big buds, not too sticky, burns really nice in a joint. Gave me a few good giggles and felt very chill.

  134. Mervy

    Just got my Gorilla Glue in and wow am I impressed! Beautiful dens nugs, amazing aroma and wow does it ever have a nice kick! It was a great surprise receiving my package on 4/20 😀

  135. Peek

    Gorilla Glue #4 – Another great find on the BD. I was skeptical at first because the aroma wasn’t very strong right out of the bag. But as soon as you grind up a bud – which breaks up huge – you can smell the power. Burns at a low temp, so no throat irritation (for me) and a very nice, mellow, long lasting high. Very happy with this strain and I would buy it again. Wonderful & respectful service from BM, as usual.

  136. bombtings

    It was my first time ordering the Big Deal and similar to most of the other reviewers I found it to be of exceptional value.

    Amherst Sour Diesel – Lighter, fluffier buds with good trichome coverage and some stickiness. Fresh earthy smell predominates, get more of a sour and slightly gassy nose when busted. Taste doesn’t translate that well in the bong, but great, clean day-time high. AAA flower for great value, 4/5 overall.

    Blue Cream – Dense, compact buds with a very fruity nose. Seems to be good trichome coverage. Another strain I think is perfect for relaxing in the early afternoon. Not great taste, but great value nonetheless. 3.5/5 overall.

  137. islewarp

    I got a half of the Amherst Sour Diesel and the buds were massive. The 14g’s were in maybe 4-5 nugs total so that’s always nice. Smell was a nice musky deep spicy fuel kind of smell. Flavour was a lot better in my vape but it hit me pretty hard out of the bong and joint just the buds were a little leafy so it affected the taste a bit. Overall for a $60 half ounce it was well worth it.

  138. Nodi

    Got a bag a death bubba , can’t go wrong with a price of 112 . The flower was dank , medium size buds , big dry but nothing biceps pack can’t fix . The high was exactly what you would expect from this strain , calming , soothing evening toke . Would highly recommend.

  139. banda

    The best. Flowers are usually small to medium size but that doesn’t impact the quality! Always a fine smoke. Packaged nicely with a humidifier so the product comes ready to go. MUCH better than in stores.

  140. Blue Dreamer

    Blueberry Pie: Tasty, smooth, and a great pleasant mood. Well above average. It does get toasty quicker than the Crafts I’ve tried but at this bang for a buck I really can’t complain 🙂

  141. weedman

    Got 2 oz. 1 of chemdawg and 1 of death bubba. Got bubba kush the week before. All were A+ the big deal should change to the great deal. At $112 for April is a steal. And at $160 regular price the big deal is still a bargain. Always great quality and great bud.

  142. TheStoutTrout

    Got the Black Mamba and wow has it got alot of trichomes. Nice purple black specs amongst dark green and red hairs. Very bulbous nugs and they just need a bit of a cure. I am willing to wait. Such a steal at $112.50!!!

  143. Rachel 75

    The Big Deal! Is my favourite item hands down 😊 never disappointed. My last big deal was Chemdawg, I like to smoke every day and sometimes all day. Never losses it’s goodness

  144. thicchigga

    Chemdawg order was insane, medium to small sized buds but my my is it ever sticky on the fingers and in the grinder, the high is really good balanced leaning towards indica style tiredness 🙂

  145. Alchino

    Thanks to other reviewers. I managed to snag some Bubba cookies on my second order and was very happy with price for quality. Got a couple 2 gram nugs and a huge 4 gram nug mixed with meds in my bag. Pretty potent stuff and the high was nice and relaxing.
    The 9LB Hammer was my first order and it was standard, got mostly meds less smalls.. I didn’t like the high, my girlfriend did though! I tried live pressing a quarter in a 160u bag but end result was only about 0.36.. Which was surprising when you look at the bud (pretty Caked and good moisture content) Almost came off shatter like ; So I’ve decided to make some edibles with the remaining 12 grams and I hope they dont disappoint.

    Overall for the price you pay dont expect much, but you might get lucky who knows 😉

  146. bigdankboiiii

    this was a really nice looking bud, covered in crystals and big fat nugs…exactly what you want. the scent wasnt my favorite, but overall its a nice heady high and smokes very well. good bud, solid delivery time as well.

  147. sativaguy

    Best deal ever! Got an ounce of sour diesel for such a bargain. Literally always checking the big deal and am never disappointed. I love sativa and there Is almost always options for me. Buds that come are huge and I never get any shake. Amazing!

  148. MisterFogers

    Great value for your money every time!!!! Buds have great bag appeal. Buds are frosty,dense and always potent. The Big Deal has thrice now served me well now.

  149. Dom85

    Ordered 14g of Amherst sour Diesel. In general I’m a big fan of sour diesel but for some reason this strain made me feel tired and burnt out. I’m guessing my wife and I just got so used to ordering the premier line/AAAA strains from budmail where the high just felt alot cleaner if that makes any sense. All in all you can’t go wrong with this sour diesel for the price… With the 30% off came to $59. I ordered some hash so I will probably mix that in with my joints.

  150. Peek

    Blue Cream – This strain threw me off a little because though the buds look nice and healthy – the aroma just wasn’t there. Tightly packed buds yield a lot when ground and it burns evenly. The high isn’t overly intense though – it’s nice, but more for daytime use – it won’t cause couch-lock if that’s what you’re looking for. Overall still a good bud for this price. BM always does it right!

  151. Peek

    Amherst Sour Diesel – After months of everyone telling me to get my hands on this strain, I finally did (through the Big Deal no less!) and it’s impressive bud. Very strong + pleasant aroma as soon as you open the package. HUGE, thick & sticky buds that break up and burn very nice. Smooth taste and relaxing high. Another great strain from BM – wish I picked up more!

  152. Fugen

    Had a bag of the Vanilla Frost on my last order just to try it out; strong (actually a bit harsh for me), burns fast and hot but definitely does the job.

  153. Mark

    This was my first time getting the big deal and my second ever order from BM. I got an ounce of amherst sour diesel during the 30% off. Crazy value for what I got here.

    First off— customer service is awesome.

    About the buds— they’re massive, covered in crystal and properly cured. The buds are moist and potent. I smelled pineapple and orange peels. Bit thicker stem but not a big deal.

    About the bag— great appeal. No shake and came with two bodeva packs. I hadn’t gotten that on larger 4A orders from different sites so that’s appreciated.

    The high isn’t as important as strains vary but I’m finding myself taking a lot of time with smaller things. It’s feeling like an afternoon strain for me.

    Cx service- 10
    Bud (appeal, dosage, duration)- 8
    Shipping, payment- 10

  154. Baketree

    Hard to find fault in a $60 half oz. First time trying the big deal, grabbed the Amherst Sour Diesel. What I expected from this price point, even at $85 regular would be reasonably pleased. Buds were huge with a fair dusting of crystal. Had a general ‘fresh’ weed smell but did release more of an odour when pinched. Cure was nice and smokes a fairly white/gray ash. Definitely smoked better than I was expecting. High was underwhelming but I was expecting that as I’m a heavy smoker and why I grabbed 3.5g of bubblehash to sprinkle in.

  155. Shred the gnar

    Chen dawg: Great value! Smells great, attention to detail in the nicely trim buds really shows!
    Thanks Budmail for another great batch of dank!
    Quick shipping as always.

  156. Wodlin

    Love budmail! Your products speak for themselves awesome!! I’m always looking forward to see what I’m able to get my hands on next this time I grabbed meat breath nice sativa, no complaints here just like every oz I buy from you BM please keep doing what you do!

  157. FrankieCdn

    I recently got the Pink Kush, Amherst Sour Diesel and Sugar Black Rose. All are awesome examples of expertly grown cannabis at an amazing price. Just in time for the virus blues BM comes up with the best April ever! I’m only sad because I have run out of money to spend. The Amherst Sour Diesel is particularly impressive with huge buds that are cake in crystals, some of the nicest bud I have seen in years. It had a lil stem but at the price I paid I will take a lil stem. Thank you BM for being awesome!!!

  158. Jk

    Sugar shack smelt a bit fruity buds were just kinda fair to look at not a bad smoke for the price but don’t expect it to knock you on your ass. Probably my most disappointing big deal to date. Still worth the price Thank you BM for everything.

  159. Slammed Spam

    I ordered up an Oz of da Bubba Kush…..pretty happy with it for a heavier Indica…..def brings on a relaxed/tired feeling pretty distinctly. Great price fore quality. I kinda like that it is not too overpowering in the cerebral sense (like high THC Sativa or hybrid)……can still function in the daytime. In fact I have been mixing it with velvet cookies cbd from the last order (a milder but energizing sativa) with great results. The mix makes for a great tasting, more powerful high that doesn’t knock me out. Individually they both have their setting, this strain is def more for chilling/evening use. Very happy with this order, Thanks, Budmail!

  160. cool

    Amherst sour Diesel very pungent and nice big jugs beautiful bag appeal. Blue cream wonderful smell and nice tight nugs. Buds are flying off the shelves with this sale gotta keep checking everyday to see if you restocked! Love BM!!!!

  161. Bricky

    Well I just got my order of blue cream! I got say it’s some nice looking bud! The smell is amazing berry candy sweet! Loaded with Chrystal! Tastes oh so smooth burns nice with white ash! Again th3 big deal doesn’t disappoint! Perfect for daytime smoking and well you could go to sleep feeling really relaxed! Another quality product from budmail!

  162. ADbud

    Bubba Cookies could be my new favorite strain.
    It’s a after work strain, but still social.
    Hopefully Budmail can get some more again soon.
    Thanks budmail

  163. Rybowski

    What an amazing deal! Got the Platinum Bubba and the value here is great not the best bud by any means, but tasty & potent and went a long way. I would HIGH-ly recommend.

  164. Craig

    Electric coolaid was a great surprise. High isn’t overwhelming, very easy to carry on with your day while maintaining a buzz. Would definitely purchase these nice purple buds again!

  165. Hatofawizard

    I’m not one for writing weed reviews. I don’t smoke weed like one would drink wine. I don’t have the words to describe every little aspect. I am however an experienced and moderate-volume smoker. I’m 43, smoked for 30 years and dawn till dusk type addict. We’ll go with a scale of highness, smoothness and use.
    Instead of writing Administration a gushing letter about how much I appreciate this service, and soooo much more in this time of crisis, I’ll slip it in here and hope they see it 😉
    My last shipment was late because of it and I had to resort to locals for smokes. I’ll just say it was an extremely deceiving and frustrating experience and I have a renewed sense of gratitude forthe top notch service I’ve always received with BM

    As far as the Big Deals go, which is what I usually get, I have yet to be disappointed. Some strains have been better than others, but they just don’t sell bad weed here.
    I’ll describe the last two I received.

    Electric KoolAid:
    Afternoon use. Very smooth and tasty, clean burning. Delightful weed, I would say.
    High is 4/5, therefore the pm designation

    Bubba Kush:
    Morning use. A bit harsh and I would call it an entry-level Kush. Awesome daytime weed with a specific morning designation due to its more stimulating effects.
    High is 3/5.

  166. haldir6480

    The Electric Coolaid strain is great, a nice relaxing indica with a nice long buzz, not the strongest bud around but totally worth it for the quality to $ ratio. This is way better than many of the strains available to me locally and way cheaper! Will definitely buy again, especially when on sale. Thanks Budmail!

  167. Jk

    Platinum Bubba was my most recent purchase of the big deal, very frosty purple hued buds that did not disappoint at all. Sugar shack might have a hard time competing with the PB but the big deal don’t usually disappoint! So why not, thanks Budmail great job!

  168. Smoke Anon

    This is such a great deal. I’ve ordered it many times. Just picked up an oz of the Platinum Bubba. The smoke is smooth and burns nice. The high lasts a couple of hours. Definitely recommend. 😊

  169. Peek

    Blueberry Pie – I’m not usually a fan of the Blueberry strains because I find them mostly hit and miss. Blueberry Pie from BM was definitely one of the better berry strains I’ve tried, but it still left a little to be desired. Smells nice, buds we’re healthy. No regrets and still great bud for the price.

  170. Peek

    Meat Breath – This is probably one of the best Sativas I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. A very earthy scent, close to fresh moss wet from the morning dew. Thick, healthy and sticky buds. Rolls nice and burns slow. Flavour is similar to the scent, overall pleasant. Nice buzz that hangs around for a while too. Another big win from the big deal! Thanks BM!!

  171. wardawg

    What’s not to love about the big deal? Got some Wedding cake, delightful sugary appearance and complex smell, incredibly pillowy texture that I have NEVER gotten from my province’s store, just the perfect cure. Very relaxing indica stone with kind of a peppery taste. Some might consider the lack of monster buds a trade-off, but it was WELL worth it if that’s how you want to look at it. Thanks to budmail for the great deal and for the prompt service during these uncertain times!

  172. Dr.Greenthumb

    Have ordered this many times and it never disappoints. My most recent order was the electric Kool aid and just like the very informative description said it would smell and taste like berries and grape it was a spot on! I would recommend to anyone for a high quality OZ for a low price!

  173. Hoffoh

    This deal is incredible! As a frugal consumer I can say that the value and quality are both top notch. Ordered several different strains through this deal and enjoyed each one. Thank you for passing on the savings!

  174. highgirl22

    i picked this up for the second time now and it honestly does the job. i am impressed with the quality and you cant beat the price. would definitely recommend.

  175. Toker96

    This is one of the best deals on budmail! I got the 14g deal and i gotta say im really impressed! The smoke was so smooth and the Quality of the high was just perfect!

  176. Marvelously Stoned

    I got Black Tuna a little bit ago and it’s still amazing!! It’s such a different high than I’ve been used to lately, which is great for mixing your strains now and again. Mellow, and definitely feeling euphoric. Great mix with some awesome music

  177. Jeepster

    The Big Deal has never disappointed me. Love that there is an ever changing lineup of options to choose from. Alway excellent weed perfectly cured, not all dried out like the OCS buds.

  178. Krssp

    Bang for the buck. I ordered a few of these and love the quality for the price. Most recent was the death bubba. Great overall smoke earthy but potent. Thanks for the consistency over the years BM.

  179. th3platt

    Great Quality for the price. Always come back to the big deal without being disappointed. Buds are trimmed nicely, usually nice small nugs and always a smooth smoke. Highly recommend to anyone

  180. Corcor

    Congratulations to me. 9lb hammer is the best oz I have ever received for the big deal.. Here’s a micro of it
    It’s trichromes are like snakes and create a maze of crystals. I really like the smell of subtle floral.

  181. Zolius

    Bubba Cookies: Beautiful large and medium dense colorful buds. Covered in crystals. Overwhelming smells as soon as you open the bag. Taste is delicious. Humidity was a little high and also a little harsh on the throat but very good product for the price. Very satisfied, Will buy again.

    Pink Kush: Medium and smaller size fluffy buds, covered in crystals as well. Its smells ok but no wow factor when you open the bag. Taste is sub par compared to other PK. Taste and smell is more on the earthy side and lack sweetness IMO. Pink Kush is my favorite strain which maybe explains why I am so critical. Still a decent price at $180 an ounce. Will pass this strain next time I order BD.

  182. Wodlin

    Loving all the strains that BD has to offer and will continue to try them all! Awesome flavor and always good buzz and bang for your buck can’t go wrong!

  183. FrankieCdn

    I bought some Pink Kush and some Sugar Black Rose. Awesome deal! They are both heavily crystallized, beautifully trimmed and cured, and above all fresh unlike the crap at the local dispensaries, I feel for those guys, at the mercy of the AGLC who is providing them the crap. So I have made a few small purchases there but no more, just budmail from now on as before. The Pink Kush is awesome, couch lock, the typical Pink Kush experience at a bargain price! Sugar Black Rose is a more subdued high, better for the daytime despite being an Indica. Tasty and beautiful, priced right, thanks BM!!!

  184. theonlycatmomever

    great value for great bud!
    purchase this value all the time and have never been disappointed. Price is a steal. Very happy with time of delivery as well.

  185. Peek

    Sugar Black Rose – I must admit, when I opened the bag I was skeptical. It had a very strong herbal scent, almost tea-like – so I was worried it would be weak. WRONG. This bud will get the job done before your doob is finished. A very relaxing high and good for both day and night use. The buds look thick and healthy – overall very happy with this strain and if it’s ever back on the BD, I won’t hesitate to grab it again. Another fine BM product!

  186. GrimTroll

    Platinum Bubba; bag appeal right off the bat is at least a 8.5-9, beautiful purple-frosty prickly nugs – burns clean, tastes great, grinds nice.
    Nose appeal isn’t explosive, reserved and dank yet sweet & piney; really appealing.
    Flavor is mild and slightly earthy and sweet; delivering a smoother throat feel and moderate chest hit.
    Fairly potent, not physically heavy, uplifting and chill with minimal or no burnout.
    Daytime or active evening smoke.

    Thanks for another great product BM

  187. Peek

    Pink Kush – My actual rating is 3.5/5. The buds are very fluffy and while they have a great aroma – the high isn’t as impressive as I hoped it would be (based on other reviews). No regrets as it’s still a decent bud and does the job – so if you’re not looking for anything too intense or crippling – this will probably serve you very well. Overall still satisfied with the BD from BM, always a great opportunity to try different buds at a decent price!

  188. Peek

    Platinum Bubba – If you’ve had Death Bubba before then you know this will probably be a great strain – and it is! Small, tight nugs with crystals and a purplish-hue. Very potent before you even open the bag. Rolls nice and smokes evenly. High is very nice & relaxing – this feels like ‘throw on a movie’ type of bud – I just wish the high would last a little longer. Otherwise another fine BD from BM.

  189. Peek

    Death Bubba, 2nd batch – strong aroma and flavour. Bud were a little on the dryer-than-perferred side, but still great. A few huge nugs but mainly small buds. Breaks up nice and burns slow (so I guess isn’t not too dry). Overall nice buzz and will have around for a while. For this bud at this price, it’s definitely a Big Deal.

  190. Corcor

    On my last I received the death bubba. I never had a bag of death bubba till this one.. it was a very tasty smoke. All the buds were of nice size and perfect moisture content. I always leave happy with this deal.

  191. Hits the spot – Great value Great Smoke – tuna kush

    The fish of Kush is good, real good i got skookum 3 queens and although better smoking barley notice a difference for half the price. Tremendous value here and a good night time smoke

  192. Jami

    The Big Deal has been a favourite of ours for a while now. The buds never disappoint. Last time was Rockstar (a personal favourite 🤘) and Death Bubba. Great as always!

  193. Bricky

    Hey guys just got some platinum bubba! It’s really nice bud loaded with Chrystal and burns awesome smells and tastes like it should kinda sweet and earthy I really liked it! It’s top notch flower for sure very impressed with the big deal! Don’t hesitate to get it like I did you won’t regret believe me! Beautiful flower. Thanks Keith

  194. ant

    got the 28g death bubba this time and quality of nuggets were okay and tight. not bottom budds nor expect any giant ones. as hit goes… it goes bubba

  195. HazeyDonutEater

    First time buying an oz. Got some Super lemon haze, and its gotta be a fav of mine now. Smooth smoke, productive and some good energy from it. Nice social smoke that has been a big hit anytime I share. Nugs were nice size, very nice smell to them. Definitely gonna be getting the big deal again.

  196. MeowMix

    Great stuff for a great price. Ive purchased the big deal twice now. This time I tried the bubba cookie and it was very nice. Highly recommend if you go through a lot of grass.

  197. cool

    Excellent value. I was shocked by how nice the buds I got were. I tried out the big deal when it was on sale because it was too good too pass but now it might become my go-to even at regular price. Very impressed by all 3 stains I got. Fav was the lemon do-si-do, second, velvet cookies, then death bubba. Cheers, BM really is the best dispensary in Canada.

  198. Stephan

    This is my second oz. of Death Bubba and I am very pleased. Last time I split it with a friend but this time… not happening. So I cooked half of it into 500ml MCT oil (turned out beautiful) and I have the other 14g of gorgeous dank-ass nuggets to savor in mine pipe (when I finally stop staring at it and playing with it and smelling it).
    You rock, Budmail – Keep up all the quality work! (please)

  199. Valloux4

    Death bubba perfect for relaxing and sleeping well. I sleep like a baby . The most reason i take this the death bubba don’t smell too much. I really like this one !!

  200. Weedislife

    I got 2 oz of bubba cookies(indica) and BM was nice enough to give me a gram of free mandarin haze so thank you for that. Both bubba cookie bags look and smell great. The ash is clean and white. The high lasts a long time, if you’re like me and smoke all day, then you’ll find that you’ll be so couch locked that you’ll feel too tired to roll another joint lol I was so impressed, i got another oz of pot of gold to cover the sativa cravings. Hoping it’s just as good!

  201. joeyallday

    Do you like quality strains of weed? Do you like smoking a lot of weed? Then the big deal is the reason you order from budmail. I always cop the big deal when I order, it’s always good strains at great prices.

  202. Rose

    LOVE THE BIG DEAL! Always primo smoke in each bag! Ive bought about 3 diff strains so far and not one have I been disappointed with! Cant for my Bubba Cookies to come in! Chem Dawg was AMAZING, Death Bubba and Lemon Do-Si-Do where both top notch aswell! 10’s all around!

  203. thicchigga

    Bubba Cookies- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this to the regular menu!! the 14g’s I received were absolutely coated in THC this was the hardest hitting flower I’ve smoked in years beating out some of the budmails premier line 🙂 11/10 overall and the smell and taste is unreal

  204. C dog dinger

    Mmmm mmmm good
    ,,, ok,,you caught me with my hand in the cookie jar .:) Oh man,,this has got to be by far the best big deal bud strain I ve purchased from BM ..just amazing bubba cookies for the price ,outshines some varietys fir 220…,just jampacked with trichomes,,some buds have a vibrant purple hue, just amazing bud for the price …. What a deal!! Oh so stoney and relaxing ,,long lasting and lively …really hits the spot …great deals on amazing AAA quality bud like this cant be beat,,,by anyone… Thanks again :)rock on rock on

  205. Bzzz 🐝

    I chose the chemdawg in the big deal format. Very satisfied! Sticky dense nugs of good size and produced a lot of Kief in the coffee grinder. Taste was good and bzzz 🐝 is definitely top notch. Then throw in the price…. instant success!

  206. dre

    Picked up a half of the lemon dosisdos.. MAN the aroma from this thing was amazing ! Perfect sized nugs and an amazing smooth smoke. The High was decent, amazing stuff budmail.

  207. RedBeard

    This is my first purchase of the Big Deal and man can I say what a Big Deal it was! the bag appeal was amazing, the order came in two days in this nice tight 3x vacuum sealed bag, as soon as I got through it the smell overwhelmed my whole house! I ordered 28g of Chemdawg and it was some of the nicest bud ive had in a long time. way better product from Budmail than any government source.


    Another stellar buy from the Big Deal @Budmail. Velvet Cookies are a great day time strain for a medium high with a high CBD % which is great for pain relief. A truly compassionate group of people working @Budmail. Thanks again guys!


  209. ant

    Always a great deal. these aren’t bottom of the bag nuggets nor are they the top buds but still does the trick. If you’re like me who blazes every waking moment -this fills those moments 🙂

  210. Cyberstace

    I got 14 grm of Lemon Do si dos and i really like it for the price. Great taste and nice little buds. Not overpowering but a nice buzz. I am a long time toker and can some the best of it .

  211. Highlander

    Got really lucky and picked up the rare Cactido #5 Big Deal. Excellent smoke. Gorgeous buds, nice spice and earthy smell.
    I really enjoyed the vape experience. Great taste. The buzz is exactly as describe, calms the nerves yet boosts mood and energy. A go-to to chase teh winter blues.

  212. NotseeParty

    I tried chemdawg a while back and wasn’t very impressed but I gave it a second chance for the awesome deal. I couldn’t be more happy with it. Its one wet bud🤙

  213. NorthernONt-baby

    Bubba Cookies was a quick pickup for the weekend and was easily the most bag appeal I’ve ever seen. Buds looking like this usually come in small batch tins cans I was pleasantly surprised for such a good price.

    It’s smokes amazing, earthy and just smooth with a white ash

    Appearance is Easily AAAA

  214. FuzzyFizz

    The big deal is just that. Smaller buds are nevertheless aaa quality and compete easily with strains at full price. Just wait for your favourite strain and stock up.

  215. cory trevor

    got the chemdawg most recently, really strong, good sized nugs for the price paid. Most of the time I order and am pleased with something bubba related for sleep, but different strains (super lemon haze was great) have also been very consistent through quite a few orders.

  216. Amysaidnomnom

    I got impatient waiting for Trim to come back (which I caught twice nearly instantly after ordering this). I went with Chemdawg, as I recall liking this strain elsewhere. Great quality bud, for sure, better than I’ve previously experienced of the same strain. Discount was right on for the value. Thanks, Budmail!

  217. JT

    So my third and last review of the big deal as the half of death Bubba that I received on Monday. I am once again blown away by this train and it’s gorgeous well trimmed stinky beautifully grown nugglets of joy and happiness. Such a great buzz, I’d guess it was a sativa if I was guessing, but it’s apparently a indica! Who knew!! Haha thanks for the fantastic work and beautiful highs from these three heavy hitting knockouts ( death bubba, Hindu Kush, and chemdawg. 💯🤙🤪🔥

  218. JT

    This review is of the Hindu Kush I got a half ounce of this through budmail for the great deal. Absolutely phenomenal. The only thing I have to say about this on the negative side, is that the buds are slightly leafy and that’s not even a complaint it’s a slight discomfort, other than the trim job these buds should be AAAA imo. Wow the smell and look is fantastic and no complaints on the buzz which is an uplifting happy cerebral explosion of wonderfulness. Highly happy with Hindu Kush. Great buzz great nugs, just needs a better trim and I’ll be 💯❤️🤤😍

  219. Talal

    This was my first purchase from budmail, and i wasn’t disappointed a bit.
    I ordered on OZ and I am gonna smoke it all up soon. surely gonna order this deal again!

  220. JT

    I am completely blown away by the chemdawg this bud is beautifully trimmed and has gorgeous amounts of crystals and is very sticky and the consistency of the bud is perfect. I don’t think any cannabis could come out any better than this. The grower did an amazing job! I’d love to shake their hand and given a beer. Job greatly done. I’m blown the @*#$ away once again Budmail you are amazinggggg!!

  221. dre

    Grabbed a half ounce of the lemon dosidos! Man the nugs are small-medium sized , they are perfectly trimmed and super frosty! Budmail always amazes me with how well they can provide excellent bud at such affordable prices! Best MOM out there

  222. Mockingbird

    This was my first purchase when I joined BM! Amazing bud with an accurate description The actual bud ranged in size from small – large and delivered an incredible mellow vibe.

  223. Transporter

    I love the big deal. I got chemdawg. Do si do. Rockstar. OG Chem. And a few more. All are awesome. Nice to have so much selection. They smell bomb and stink my house up haha.

  224. Fugen

    Of all the strains I’ve had here with the Big Deal I’m always glad to see Chemdawg in the selections! This stuff is always quality bud and one of my personal favourites!

  225. Bud Master Kojer

    Got a couple oz of Hindu Kush during the 30% off sale. The look of this bud alone may have been why they had it for 30% off, it’s some of the scraggliest, leafiest bud I’ve ever seen. Way to loose and airy to look like an indica, and it just smells musty and old, like a used couch, no good kush smell or even any weed scent at all. At least one of the bags was just junk, but the second bag looks and smells a tiny bit better, slightly less leaves and airy buds. I may even try smoking some of the second bag, but at $4/g these bags will more than likely just make some cheap edibles.

  226. Mr. Oti

    Chemdawg and Bruce Banner grab them when you can…..great deal enjoy most of the strains that are available. You can’t really go wrong with these prices.

  227. ADbud

    Hi, I got Chemdawg & this is going to be my new favorite strains. It has very strong odour, but a pleasant flavour. This strain should be smoked after work/evening.
    thanks Budmail

  228. TJ

    Rockstar – Got an ounce of this strain during the big deal sale. Clean smoke, very moist, strong scent, and not too harsh. The effects come on strong, but not too overpowering during days you need to get things done.

  229. Peek

    Chemdawg – this is probably one of my favorite strains and anytime it’s available on the BD you’d be wise to pick some up. Very potent odour, very strong but pleasant flavour. The high is very nice and it hangs around for a while. More of a nighttime / end of the day type of bud, but also won’t destroy you if you happen to smoke one in the afternoon. Another hit out of the park with Budmail.

  230. Loop

    Grabbed during a sale, the Death Bubba is caked and smokes great. Even at regular pricing it would be a steal. I’ll be keeping my eye on what strains are offered for this deal.

  231. Jeepster

    I have ordered The Big Deal monthly for about a year now. I have never been disappointed in the product. Each time the weed was top notch. I also like that there are usually a couple of selections to chose. Usually receive my order 4 to 5 days later.

  232. Rose

    Review on Death Bubba & Lemon Do-Si-Do
    Loving the Death Bubba a little bit more than the Lemon. Both are super good indicas, and a great stone off of both. But I don’t like the smell of the lemon. Very strong citrus smell that Im not a fan of. Beauty buds for both. Would definitely order again BudMail!

  233. Rose

    First time i ordered the big deal i ordered OG Chem, and it was AMAZING! From the smell to the crystals on the buds, to the way it taste, EVERYTHING was good about this one! Nice hard hitting stuff, great couch lock for a few hours! 😉 Hope to see it up again!

  234. Bricky

    Well it’s my first time getting the big deal! Got lemon do si do!and rockstar! Must say I’m impressed of the quality of the flower! Both very nice indicas smell and taste great! Burns smooth and nice white ash. Definitely be getting that again especially when it’s 120 an ounce on sale. A real bargain that’s for sure! Highly recommend it! Thanks Keith

  235. CRnorth

    Review Velvet Cookies CBD. The buds surpassed my expectations compared to what we usually see in the Big Deal categories. Bright & dark purples, smells sweet & tart. Perfect amount of thc for being productive during the day. The CBD is amazing for pain relief. Wicked good buy ! Thanks Budmail !

  236. JT

    I’ve had the big deal 2-3 times now I forgot lol. Each time I’ve smiled ear to ear as I unveiled the beautiful flowers. Every single time I have been more than impressed. BM is my go to spot for nugs. Always impressed and can’t ever stop ordering now. I’m always on

  237. Peek

    Death Bubba – Absolutely excellent. From the pungent aroma as soon as you open the package to the soft flavours of the smoke itself. This is one of those strains where you don’t even realize your doob went out half way, because you’re already ripped. Very nice high, relaxing and lasts! Another big win from the Big Deal – my only regret is not ordering more.

  238. Peek

    Went for the Velvet Cookie CBD this time around and mostly happy with it. Strong scent right out of the package, but had to take one star off because it just didn’t hit as hard as I expected/had hoped based on reviews. The buzz is nice but it doesn’t seem to hang around for very long. Still worked great and at this price it remains a good deal. Always happy with Budmail.

  239. Holmes

    Ordered The Big Deal Velvet Cookies CBD Strain to help with some pain issues during the day and wasn’t disappointed. Just the right amount of THC as well to keep up the good mood. Got the Pot of Gold Plus Indica for evenings (would have reviewed separately but its currently not available) and it has to be the best deal available anywhere. The Buds were of AAA quality. Thanks as always BM.

  240. Htmk4222

    Tried Blue Fin Tuna- great deal- mixture of smaller and bigger buds in the bag, great quality Indica and absolutely cannot beat the price. Would recommend!

  241. cake

    Tried both Chemdawg and Rockstar, happy with both. Classic indica strains and the strain specific characteristics we look for definitely shine on both. The value is unmatched for this quality as far as I know.

  242. JB

    Ordered The Big Deal about 6-7 times now. Never disappointed. Most recent was Candy Kush I believe.. always tight buds, relaxing high, and so much keif!!

  243. Red eyes

    OG Chem dawg is a great strain! I was so happy to see it on sale as a big deal. Would definitely buy again! It helps calm me before bed and smells wonderful. Great weed to smoke in a pipe!

  244. JustinK

    This time I got Cactido# 5 and was very happy with it. Nice buzz and taste. and smells good too. would recommend and will look for it again in the future.

  245. buddy

    I have never been disappointed with the Big Deal Strains. The OG Chemdog was my favourite big deal strain so far. It was amazing bud with only a couple of leaves not trimmed and I enjoyed smoking them anyways.

  246. Bob

    I ordered the big deal twice and both times I was very impressed. Second order received the blue fin tuna. One of the best tasting blue fin tuna. Great smoke and high. My new go to place. Thanks Guys.

  247. Bird

    This is my go to no matter the strain. Quality varies, but always within an acceptable range. Most recently got the OG Chem. Some really good size nugs, with an amazing taste. Up there with some of the more expensive strains I’ve had.

  248. NickNuked

    Another big deal… another big smile.

    This time i grabbed the rockstar which is as good if not better than i remember the last time it was on the site.


  249. PuffDawgette

    Ordered the big deal a couple of weeks ago when it was the lemon haze . Big buds not the best taste but sure gives a great high and burns smooth
    The price was even better Would definitely order the big deal again 😀

  250. Zilla

    Grabbed 14g of the OG Chem that was the deal a couple weeks back. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit, solid flavour, burns smooth and vapes even better! I would absolutely recommend grabbing The Big Deal if you see a strain you like or if you’d like to try something new on a budget!

  251. Bud’s

    OG chem loved it will definitely buy again. It’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with the big deal once again great idea and product BUD MAIL always top shelf.

  252. Fugen

    Saw the Super Lemon Haze on here a couple of times but just got to try it for the first time… nice sugary buds with a strong citrus-y aroma and flavor!

  253. carl79

    super bud super gout super prix ALORS vous attendez quoi pour commender?merci a toute l`équipe de budmail pour les produit de qualité offert.un client plus que satisfait.

  254. Rachel 75

    I really like ordering the big deal! I like that’s there’s different buds to choose from, I’ve never been disappointed ordering the big deal. Bud is nicely trimmed, Burns good in a joint And a smooth smoke. The price is a steal and budget friendly 👍🏽

  255. frozenlandscape

    Have gotten multiple different strains with this deal and they have all been pretty decent, no major complaints. Favourites so far have been Bluefin Tuna, Citrique, Platinum Kush, and Chemdawg.

  256. weedman

    I always love the big deal awesome bud for an awesome price. I picked up a 28g of super lemon haze. It looks great nice big thick buds. The problem is that this weed has a strong peppermint smell to it. I left it out to air off and the smell goes away but the bud does not smell like anything afterwards. When it is busted up the mint smell comes back. The taste is not there and the high is not there either. Got to say i am disappointed not sure what is wrong with this batch but i am not a fan of it. Its not the regular budmail quality i am use to. I hate to give 1 star but this stuff just dont cut the mustard for me. I am sure my next order will be back to that house filling strong weed aroma of budmail is known for.

  257. CRnorth

    Review – Candy Kush. For the price it’s phenomenal ! You really can’t beat it. Bud sizes all mixed from small to large, all equally coated in frost. Very musky yet sweet tasting and gets better after every joint. Awesome stuff ! It really is A BIG DEAL !!

  258. Tokesbeforeblokes

    Such a great deal!!! I’ve purchased several strains in the big deal, most recent chemdawg and black diamond. They were both great (hated the smell of chemdawg but it was a good smoke so tolerable). Really impressed and I love the selection 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  259. NorthernONt-baby

    This review they had listed for it was literally A billion% true And one hell of a great deal

    OG Chem is a cross of Chemdawg & OG Kush. With celebrity parents like this, OG Chem has a lot to live up to – and it does not disappoint at all. Forest green aesthetic over frosty trichomes and auburn pistils. A pungent diesel aroma is expressed over a musky earthy backdrop. It boasts a super happy and uplifted high that leaves you upbeat and energetic for hours on end without causing anxiety. The high hits you first with a creative boost that lifts your mood and infuses you with artistic inspiration and the desire to create anything that comes to mind. You’ll be incredibly euphoric as this high builds, yet somehow completely relaxed

  260. Bob

    First time ordering the Big Deal , got the super lemon haze very impressed. Nice looking buds huge and very dense , the smoke was amazing tasted like lemon pie and potent would definitely order again.

  261. AP2000

    Just ordered some of the Citrique. Vapes like a charm with a wonderful lemon rind flavour. This is fantastic binge-watching nighttime stuff, and at the price, a great deal!

  262. Peek

    I’m a huge fan of Chemdawg so when I saw the OG Chem show up on the big deal, I had a feeling it wouldn’t disappoint – and it definitely does not disappoint. From the moment you open the bag you know it’s going to be good. Smooth and rich flavour that will keep you couch-locked for a solid hour or two. As far as price vs. quality is concerned – this is a no brainer!

  263. CBD_KiD

    ChemDawg what can i say … I Love You ! your a woman who smacks me around and i must say i like that in a woman … each time we meet you hit me just right . now i must say for the price this is a steal even with taxes … taxes ? really ? anyways back to the review , so the product is dank for the price and the stank the girl gave off when she came walking threw that frontdoor … OMG reeks of citrus skunk and chemical funk . and will hit you like a 50 gallon drunk of nuclear waste . i must give thanks for Top Dawg for acquiring these seeds in the 90’s from a grateful dead concert out of a bag of weed . yes folks its a true story its no legend and its a 1980’s strain so again on my point about classic genetics … there better due to more bio-diverse genes being used … cannabis is a Out Crossing plant not a Inbred plant so these new genetics wont ever compare to the classics . chem your a great classic . theres a reason your still around …

  264. JT

    I have ordered the big deal about six times now and not once have I been unimpressed. Always high quality but sometimes even better than the AAAAs I get from other sites. My new go to.

  265. Butter

    Grabbed a half O of Chemdawg not long ago, and was extremely happy with the price – quality of the bud.
    Very good/Very relaxed, with a happy and energetic high.

    Awesome deals.

  266. GanSpring

    Got some Black Domina through the big deal at big savings. The flower does not disappoint. Very sticky and gives a smooth, euphoric high that’s enjoyable for a few hours. A little goes a long way in the case of this flower. Will definitely order from The Big Deal again.

  267. JustinK

    I picked Chemdawg and i was very happy when I opened the bag. It has a very nice, pungent smell and the taste is great too. Full buds, great price. Would “highly” recommend lol.

  268. mandaaboss

    i love this ! its an awesome price and buzz. i recommend for sure ! (Y) xooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooox

  269. Menace

    Picked up a zip of black diamond. Quality product. Medium to small sized nugs which is probably why I got it at even further discounted price but the trim was perfect, almost no shake whatsoever. On the slightly sticky side, burns clean. Unique kush aroma. The high quietly settles into a couchlock, better than your avg strain. Doesn’t punch you in the face like like it’s og parent but well worth it especially for the price.

  270. FelixTheCat

    Always my go to for good bud for a great price. Got Chemdawg this time, great smooth smoke, perfect in a bowl with some kief thrown on top. The Big Deal never disappoints!

  271. Holmes

    Received an oz of chemdawg and was very impressed with the nicely frosted buds and crazy smell like no other. Great for any time of day really:) The big deal is great quality at an affordable price.

  272. NickNuked

    Epic big fantastic deal! Got that oz of Candy Kush for so cheap and its awesome.

    Great taste and burn.. love that on point kush taste and the indica does the job.

    Tyvm BM

  273. Peek

    Black Domina. You can smell this right out of the package and it’s thick. Nice looking buds and not overly intense of a high. A decent bud on its own but also worth tossing in a salad if you’re looking to stretch out a better strain. Overall price for value is good.

  274. DeliP

    I got the Chemdawg big deal and I like it for a day smoke. It helps reduce my chronic pain and I don’t notice couch lock at all. I have been extra productive in fact.

  275. higuy42o

    picked up an oz and was pleasantly surprised by the density and size of the nugs. this bag has amazing value and will last me for months. next time i pick up i will definitely come back to this deal.

  276. Adam

    Got the Chemdawg. Amazing buds and a great count for an incredible price. Very nice high as well. Thanks, Budmail! It was a great way to kick off the new year.

  277. MR.BS

    Recently got 14 grams of Chemdawg. Quality relative to the price is amazing. Good skunky smell, burns clean, tastes good, and potency is on point for a AAA grade.

  278. Peek

    Black Diamond – I have to admit I was a little hesitant on giving this a try (mixed reviews across the web) but it turned out to be well worth it. The aroma isn’t a potent as other strains but it still pack a decent punch and smokes very smooth. I often worry about the ‘harshness’ of lesser-priced strains however Black Diamond does not have this issue. I would definitely buy this again.

  279. Peek

    Chem Dawg! Where have you been my whole life?

    This is a nice strain and packs a good punch. Definitely an after-work / evening bud. Very potent smell, smooth smoke and a very thick but pleasant flavour. Chem Dawg is a no brainer – especially when it’s listed on the BD.


    Always a great deal never miss. Never been disappointed yet in the big deal all bags are great from small size buds to big buds. Always try to order everytime I see a strain I think I might like

  281. Greenleaf

    Orderd up some chemdog and found it to be very good and potent. Smooth no cough, nice relaxing burn, flavorful another great product from BM, can go wrong with the big deal

  282. Sharkeatsgirl

    Absolutely love the big deal! Recent faves were Black Diamond and OG Chem. Both were so yummy with great highs. The Chem was an amazing daytime smoke (not for work though, lol) and tasted unbelievably good. The Black Diamond also tastes great and was an awesome evening smoke. Half a joint and I’m off to bed! Will continue to buy the big deal forever.

  283. stunslush

    Got the Candy Kush – not my jam: more like 1/2 kush: 1/2 the flavour and 1/2 strength. Usually very happy with my Budmail but this was disappointing.

  284. Gotitfishbirds

    Always great deal for price point. Never seems to be a let down only when no stock. Good size nuggets and not dried out . Definely worth the price will not disappoint of you understand it is assorted.

  285. Mrniceguy

    The Big deal is the reason I check budmail out daily! I am a huge cannabis conneseiur, And i can honestly say i have never been let down with the big deal.

  286. Fugen

    OG Chem is a KO! Anytime I see a strain with similar traits to sour diesel I always grab a bag and this stuff is right there with it… that taste and smell with that real head-y buzz is the best!

  287. Fugen

    Had a half-bag of Black Diamond just to round off an order and it’s been my regular night-time toke; super relaxing and brings a great nights sleep every time!

  288. SourCreamCreamy

    Yo ladies and gents I got Black Diamond and it was a good deal! Really nice looking buds, very dark green hue with a robust smell. It made me relax and I felt content, I may have even had a little giggle fest. Try vaping it too, it tastes very nice. It’s a good high that is well worth your mad do$h.

  289. Cas

    Stella Blue-
    Really liked Stella Blue, nice smoke, busted out fat and made me smile. It’s a little spacey, but a great time. Really like this bud and I would definitely recommend it and get that shit again! Oh Ya.

  290. RyanOkaitok

    Got some Black Tuna, it was pretty good stuff for the price. I hope to find some in the tin can series

  291. Fugen

    Always grab the big deal every order and never disappointed! The Bruce Banner is one of the better ones I’ve tried and is a super strong strain for AAA and would definitely re-order.

  292. Bud Master Kojer

    Tried an ounce of the black tuna kush as I had it once as a premier strain and it was one of the best, hardest hitting strains I’ve ever tried. Hard to be disappointed at this price point, but it wasn’t the best representation of the strain. Nice looking buds, dark and covered in trichomes – looks like someone dropped them in the sand. Decent kush smell with that odd fishy-tuna kick to it. However despite appearances it was somewhat lacking in flavour and potency. It did the job of course, but didn’t hit that hard and took a bit to kick in only to last for a short time. The premier line from BM has wrecked me and I just can’t justify buying cheap stuff anymore. Tin series and premier line is basically all I go with now, however I still check out this big deal because every once and a while you can find a hidden gem. I got an ounce of bubbas gift once back at the $150 price point, and holy hell.. was all small buds but damn the smell and taste is straight up bubba kush with some stellar potency from the god bud in it, rivals some of the regulars I’ve gotten from them. 3/5 for tuna kush, but 4/5 given the price and variety of offerings.

  293. duke420pack

    Well worth the price. Got Strawberry Kush. Not sure why I waited so long to try “The Big Deal” bud is good smells good looks good burns good high is good. Helps with my arthritis

  294. coldbeer

    Thanks bud mail for offering some discount buds for those of us that can’t afford the good stuff all the time. quality is three out of five but for this price it makes it worth it

  295. Marshall

    I can’t believe the quality of this weed for the price I paid on the BLACKFRIDAY sale I regret not getting a QP .I tell ya if I see this OG chem on here again will definitely be grabbing this stuff really impressed lots of crystals and nice and smooth good buzz. Budmail you guys rock thanks for the awesome prices.

  296. Dailytoker

    Perfect for bong rips on a fay off when your token all day. Lighter on the pocket for sure. I had tried a few but that most recent master bubba was hands down the best one ive tried yet. Great job keeping up some nice deals like this BM!


    You cant beat this deal. I usually buy the premium grades but I’ve tried a number of the discounted varieties and i can say they never been a disappointment and every so often I get something really quite good for an absolutely rock bottom price.
    A real steal!, thanks BM!

  298. twisted

    This is a great everyday smoke! Anyone who smokes daily should buy this deal! You can’t beat the price! Every month offers different flavors and they haven’t disappointed me yet!

  299. OldJames

    I got this when it was hindu kush and was impressed overall. All small buds but they where sticky and no shake. Nice classic indica effect on consumption with decent vapor production and potency. Other than the small buds and strange (to me) flavour, this is as good as most $220 buds on this site. Great budget option!

  300. Smoke Anon

    This is such a great deal. I’ve ordered it many times. Just picked up 1/2 oz of the Master Bubba. The smoke is smooth and burns nice. The high lasts a couple of hours. Definitely recommend. 😊

  301. RedV.

    I’ve gotten The Big Deal a few times now, and I generally find it to be a good buy. While the flower has always been a bit on the drier side (make sure you’re aware, as it will burn a bit faster) it’s always a good/potent smoke for the price point.

  302. Fugen

    Always have a bag of the Big Deal in every order!! Had the Bruce Banner this time around and I’m a big fan of this strain, great draw for any time of day.

  303. S

    This is still excellent quality stuff at a fair price.

    My most recent order was an ounce of Chemdawg – this stuff reeks as soon as you cut open the vacuum seal and is quite potent, even for a daily smoker like me.

    Smells good (albeit strong), tastes good, high impact – it locked me to the couch for a while. It’s not the first time I’ve ordered the Big Deal and I’ve never been disappointed.

  304. FrankieCdn

    I bought the Chemdawg, and recently received it. I opened the package and was almost bowled over by the odour when I removed the first of two sealed plastic bags the box was contained in, the stuff has a strong smell that I love. The buds are medium to large, tight, frosted with trichomes, and cured to perfection. I ground some up and put it in the pipe, it has a bite to be sure but is an awesome blend of dank earthiness and a touch of mint. The high is relaxing, euphoric, social and definitely got some pain relief. In the vape it’s smoother, produces a decent amount of vapour and you get the benefit of the vape leftovers to make things with, some canna butter comes to mind. All in all the best bf deal I have gotten yet! Thanks BM!!

  305. buds ahoy

    this was a nice surprise for quality. I smoked my 14g of Death Bubba with large joints to my delight with little to remember unfortunately. Maybe just my lifestyle. Burned nice, tasted fine, smelled fine, am satisfied. thank you.

  306. jimmy

    strawberry kush was excellent, nice medium green color, very well cured and manicured nicely. excellent value . I would purchase this again if i saw it pop up on the menu

  307. D

    You can never go wrong with the big deal. A couple of months ago I got the Hindu Kush and fell in love with the smell. Nice big chunky buds that broke up beautifully and made for perfect night time joints. I just got my batch of black tuna, and i’m already a big fan of it as well. Will definitely re-up again.

  308. Sirach306

    Got the Black Diamond… huge healthy buds. Just under 2 grams of beautiful piney Budder…for $85 and $10 in materials. Perfect. Thanks BM…
    Well done… The Big Deal will be on every order

  309. Sirach306

    Got the Pink Kush..just Stellar. Unbelievable for the price. These are now standard order for me. Everything was perfect with the Pink..big healthy buds, nice burn
    Can’t wait to see what’s up next😙

  310. Royb

    I ordered 14 g of the Bruce Banner. This was a seriously good deal. I am a heavy medical user. This stuff practically had me dancing in my kitchen. It was a very euphoric energizing high. I cleaned my house and listened to music and it was amazingly enjoyable. This burned very clean and wasn’t harsh at all. Highly recommend if it comes back.

  311. RyanOkaitok

    My 2nd time ordering from the big deal. The 1st time I got some Chemdawg, that was an awesome deal as I purchased Chemdawg before it went on the big deal and the stuff you get in the big deal is just a little less potent than the regular.
    My 2nd order was Black Diamond OG, it is just as described.
    Best clean burning bang for your buck.

  312. TheStoutTrout

    Received halfer of Bruce Banner. Smoked some then listened to David Banner. Great time overall. Had a different taste profile. Sweet and berry but kind of hazy. Loved it!

  313. NickNuked

    Grabbed another one of these. Got the bruce banner. Expected a sativa dominant hybrid, bag says indica though.. ? Maybe a typo idk.

    Smoked some last nigh, a little leafy and sticky. Messed me right up though lol.

  314. Dutchpassion

    Had a good few of these now and nothing but good things to say. Stand out so far would be the chemdog. I preferred 150 an oz lol. Still not bad value at all.

  315. Allen Lake

    Smoked a really nice DO – SI – DO strain from the weekly and it was a buzzer it’s good for gaming i played a whole lotta league on this strain, Good weekly i picked up

  316. TheStoutTrout

    Got the Do-si-do halfer. Was full of perfectly manicured nugs. Had that popcorn nug build on the colas. Makes it really easy to bust off with minimal stem. Loved the taste and feel of this stuff! Great big deal discount served again.

  317. NorthernONt-baby

    Nuken Oct/15


    Price is perfect and the buds are plenty frosted

    Clean burn white ash and smooth exhale along with a taste that ain’t half bad

  318. NickNuked

    100% worth it. BM making a strong argument here to keep us happy as we know there are many MOMs that offer these types of deals.

    But as BM customers we know the quality is 2nd to none making this the go to option for discout bud imo.

    We grabbed the jr Mint oz and was very impressed.

    Ty BM

  319. Budman

    The big deal is awesome! Great price for good weed. I’ve ordered it a couple times now and the quality of the bud is always worth it. I haven’t been disappointed yet

  320. Goonies

    Great deal! Violator Kush was very earthy with very goods effects! Beautiful buds covered by crystal! Good quality and very great indica strain! Thanx for this deal!

  321. alnaas

    Triple A strain-Triple A quality. It is mot grown the best, it is usually a bit immature and not many trichromes. A good/fair deal for what you get.

  322. 👌

    I got the Dolato #9. $85 for the half ounce I got is a steal. Taste really nice. Burns to a nice white ash. The last 3 or 4 times I’ve ordered the big deal I have not been disappointed. Good job budmail!!

  323. ZigZagCOCORICO

    Received my MC GRUPP 😎 always a good strain for anytime of day and smoking some of that DOLATO 😎 mmmm very tasteful sativa strain its a must try BM your awesome ✌️

  324. FelixTheCat

    I love getting The Big Deal, always great product for a great price! Last time I got Purple Diesel, I found it to be a smooth smoke with a nice head-high that leaves you still able to be very productive and not couch locked.

  325. d-rOc

    The Big Deal is a big deal.

    I got an oz of Black Domina earlier this summer and it hits like a gentle freight train taking you to bed. The buds were so dank it stinks up my in-laws house for a week, asking several times afterwards if I ‘got a new batch’.

    Stop waiting. Just get it. The price is right but more importantly the medication is there.

  326. TheStoutTrout

    Got the junior mint half ounce mailed today. What a dank smell these nugs gave off! Perfectly cured and ready to be napalmed. It has such an interesting flavour. It is a must try forsure. Gives you a nice long lasting cerebral high.

  327. Travjohnnnn

    I’ve been searching high and low on the dark web for the perfect place for premium quality bud and let me tell you I have found a home with Budmail. I went and got the oz of McGrupp and everything about it blew my expectations away. The smell and taste and that beautiful white ash had me grinning from ear to ear, do not hesitate and get THE BIG DEAL!!

  328. CW

    I got the violater kush and it was decent , not the best high ever was kind of a creeper but not bad for the tag and will keep an eye out to see other strains for this deal.

  329. Tokesbeforeblokes

    I am a huge fan of this deal. I like to order the half ounce, the last strain I ordered was Hindu Kush and I loved it. Just ordered the violator kush and I’m so excited to get it. Thanks budmail for this great deal!

  330. ZigZagCOCORICO

    Violater kush was the bomb i also enjoyed the black diamond strain and most of the others i cant wait to get my junior mint and my mcgrupp loll thanks BM for being the #1 place for quality smoke with reasonable prices keep up the awesome work team ✌️

  331. clutcher

    Got a 1/2 oz of bubbas gift early in Sept.Nice buds with great taste.Good buzz for sittin’ around the fire.Excellent price for qaulity product.Looking forward to the next Big Deal.

  332. Miki

    Grabbed 14g violator kush and smell so Nice but very dry. Also a little bit hard in mouth. May be 2 or 3 day in a jar and it Will be more wet.
    Thank you BM

  333. teflon_shawn

    I’ve never been disapointed by any Big Deal strain. My last order was Blue Fin Tuna and it was AAAA to me and I’m an everyday toker. It works better than any sleeping pill. 5/5 BM rocks!!

  334. FrankieCdn

    I recently bought the Violator Kush and was happy when it arrived. Awesome bag appeal, nice big nugs, super tight, nicely dusted with crystals, super nice dank, earthy odour, awesome flavour in both my pipe and the vape. All in all another BM home run. There’s a reason I have bought from BM for over a decade and it is summed up in one word – excellence.

  335. lofibeatstosmoketo

    Violator Kush, like, what a good deal for good bud. I love how accurate the description is for it was because it straight up told me i’d be happy, social and then wanna pass out. Boy, it’s not kidding. It’s a perfect night cap for me and again the price was on point for it. These big deal things are apart of my rotation now.

  336. TheStoutTrout

    Grabbed the Hindu kush on 20% off day. Loved that promotion BM! Made this purchase even easier than it already should have been. AAA hindu for 130$ an 0. Not bad for well-grown BC Bud! Godsends!

  337. Mo

    Got platinum bubba kush, small dark buds, got that Bubba Kush smell which I like. It’s definitely a creeper, so beware. This is Bubba Kush on steroids, will knock you out flat.. smooth smoke, kushy taste and POTENT.. will grab more for sure when it’s around.. you gotta try it..

  338. Smoke Anon

    Picked up an ounce of the Platinum Bubba Kush. Wow…this is nice stuff. Small buds but the smoke is very nice and smooth. High lasts a couple of hours and I’m a long time smoker. Nice vibrant colour with frosty purple crystals.

  339. Smoke Anon

    Picked up 1/2 ounce of the AK-47. This is a sativa, which is not my favourite but it is a good cerebral stone. Lasts a couple of hours. Good smoke for a great price. Recommend.

  340. Smoke Anon

    Just grabbed a half of the Bubba’s Gift. Nice Kush smoke with a good high. Mellow and relaxing. Definitely the best deal…Will order again. Love this deal.

  341. Twelvefold

    Another great buy from the greatest! Me and my gf always get the big deal. Never lets us down! Last two strains were platinum bubba and Hindu Kush, both potent. Budmail is just the best. They always give a little extra too, thanks for the pre roll, sticker and the little extra in the sac today!!!!

  342. Mrsjrm

    I always get the big deal! Definately is the best bang for your buck if your an every day smoker. Platinum Bubba and chem dawg were the latest ones I ordered and probably my favs so far.

  343. Miki

    Got a 14g bubbas gift and wow smell just as paradise. Buds are very Nice and taste as Well.
    The best deal for price !
    I Will ordered To budmail for sure !

  344. John

    I ordered 14 grams of the tuna Kush and I was so happy with what I bought.
    kinda smells strong but the buzz was really good. the flavour wasn’t bad at all too

  345. Harry Brownschwagger

    Can’t go wrong with this purchase. Bag appeal is just as great as a AAAA. The potency is AAA, which is nothing to complain about. Highly recommended.

  346. weedman

    I got Bubba’s Gift 28g. My review is smell 4/5 look 2/5 (alot of loose leafy almost home grown looking buds) smokable 3/5. (A bit hard on the lungs and no backround taste) High 4/5 overall ok bud for $150

  347. BlazaFatty

    Bought 14g of Sept 2019 Chemdawg batch. Very impressive looking buds with loud kush/fuel/chem smell. They break up nice and taste sooooo nice and smooth in a joint. The effects are perfect for afternoon, evening and nighttime.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks, effects and smell.

    Def rebuy

  348. BlazaFatty

    Grabbed 14g of July 2019 Chemdawg batch. The buds were huge and dense. Hardly any stems. The taste was delicious tangy gassy kush. Very very smooth on the inhale and exhale. The ash was light grey in colour. The effects are awesome for all day usage. Found I was happy and had giggles.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks and potency. This is such a great strain, you dont realize how quickly you can finish it.

    DEF REBUY!!!!

  349. FelixTheCat

    I’ve ordered The Big Deal numerous times, always speedy delivery and great quality bud. This last order was Tuna Kush 28g, nice sticky buds, smooth smoke, major couch lock high! You’ve been warned!

  350. Transporter

    Got my Oz of purple candy and was extremely happy with what I received. Stuff smells great and smokes amazing. My whole neighbourhood smelled this lol

  351. Blaze4Daze

    Grabbed 14 grams of chemdawg and wasn’t disaapointed. Not the best quality but for the price you are more then getting your moneys worth. Also hit great in the vape.

  352. ZigZagCOCORICO

    Always a pleasure to order for here price is awesome and bud is satisfying i received my BUBBAS GIFT and am waiting for my black diamond 😎😎 like i said very satisfying buds with a good buzz always good s**t thanks BM ✌️

  353. Fugen

    Always come here for the big deal! Just tried the AK-47 for the first time and was impressed. The buds were decent sized and have a super strong lemony taste and smell… will buy again!

  354. dabdaddylidell

    Can’t go wrong with the big deal. The grapefruit and bubbas gift are both great value for the price and smoke nice and clean when rolled up. Thinking I should just start throwing one of these on every order from here on out… 🤔

  355. 👌

    I got 14 grams of “bubbas gift”. Overall pretty happy. Could smell it as soon as I cut the vacuum sealed bag open. Nice chill buzz. Thank you BM

  356. Hdollops

    Great deal. Got bubbas gift. Highly recommend if you see it. Not super dense but squishy and resiny…………………………………………….

  357. CaptainChronic

    Great product at an even greater deal! I ordered it twice now and I plan to make it a third time very soon! The Bubba Kush was amazing and the Death Bubba was excellent too! One of the reasons I love this site, they’re always full of surprises! Never know what’s coming! Check often because different varieties come up all the time! I’m going to keep getting this deal as long as I can! Great stuff at a great price!

  358. cate

    I ordered the 14 g of Purple Candy and receivedd it quite quickly as always. Definitely one of the sweetest smokes I’ve had, smooth too. I ended up sprinkling a bit of it into my other bowls too to add flavour

  359. 4our2wenty

    This is a great deal for the price……I recently got a half of death bubba and have no compaints with it. It’s gotten much better sitting in the jar as it was very sticky when it arrived.

  360. Bud Master Kojer

    Got some bubbas gift when it used to be $150 for the big deal. Even at $160 now that’s a good deal, you could absolutely tell it was a bubba strain from the smell and the high, very relaxing and great before bed. Will definitely be trying more strains with this deal.

  361. Princess

    purchased 2 oz’s of AK-47 and i am so glad I did. This stuff is potent and eased my headache in no time. The hindu kush pre roll was awesome as well. thanks!!! Highly recommend both. Thanks BM 🙂

  362. Piffany

    I’ve got the big deal a few times. This last time I got Death Bubba and it was a fantastic deal. Not the most amazing bud, but worth the price and then some. The deal is amazing and totally worth it.

  363. FrankieCdn

    Bought a 1/2 of the Grapefruit, though I am by far not a Sativa man I truly enjoyed this stuff. It made me happy unless I smoke to much then it’s time to be a few of the 7 Dwarfs, you go from Happy to Dopey to Sleepy. All in all good bang for the buck and since I am an insomniac I like being Sleepy lol.

  364. thicchigga

    ak-47 was nice thicc medium sized budds with a tight ass manicure, definite sativa dominate with all the energy i get from it, almost smells of sweet berries 🙂

  365. iliketrees

    I have had Dolato #6, Death Bubba, and Purple Candy… all of these purchases have been great success stories. The quality of product for the price is better than any other deal I’m aware of.

  366. trangst

    enjoyed this strain though i dont usually love sativas, i found it didnt hit too hard as a sativa and was super enjoyable, and i could smoke it at any time of the day. lasted me a long time and was also great in my vape

  367. Corcor

    The AK is probably 1 of my top 3 favourite big deals yet.. my first time purchasing ak47… So was surprised by the smooth floral or woody smell that isn’t that loud, transfers to taste so i like it for joints when I can..economical bong hits are the usual.. what’s awesome is that it’s potent . Freshly cured. And fairly priced. I

  368. a.m.

    received a half oz of purple candy today. smells good and looks great- all nice sized buds, purply and crystaly. for me the most important part is potency and this did not disappoint. I am very pleased with my first experience with The Big Deal. thanks, budmail

  369. Jeepster

    Have ordered the big deal several times now. Never been disappointed. Last order was for Dolado. Smells and looks good. Very dense buds and strong stone.

  370. Transporter

    Definitely something that I would order again hands down. Impressed with the price and the quality of what I received. Good bang for your buck. Shipped fast.

  371. NorthernONt-baby

    5/5 – Bag Appeal
    5/5 – Vivid / Clear High
    5/5 – Price is unreal !

    Budmail is a household name in our home and our community, this is a prime example of why. Seasoned users can relax knowing this is one amazing deal and worth spending your hard earned money on, they keep producing top quality strains and healthy product every week with “ The Big Deal”



  373. Judmode

    I got death bubba at 160$ Very nice smell, it’s a good indica. If you like AAA grade you will be happy. If you search for greenhouse grade or deals at 100$, it may be expensive when it’s the only choice left. The shiping been very fast, the same day.

  374. Mo

    Got an Oz of bubba lush, really nice indica. Best smoked at night, puts me to sleep. Buds are well trimmed, medium size to big. Smoke was smooth, highly recommend..

  375. ZigZagCOCORICO

    I always order the bud deal its really worth the price for good quality smoke 😎 ive tried a couple of different strains and so far im very satisfied thanks BM for taking care of your costumers ✌️

  376. BornToHula

    Bluefin Tuna
    Awesome strain, loved it and for the cost… You can’t beat it. Wish it was still the deal but it’s on the menu still, just with a higher price. Definitely will order more of this.
    Blueberry x Tuna. Yum! Great indica for lazy afternoons or to just relax your muscles after a hard days work. Smell taste looks and high were top notch.
    Thank you BM!

  377. FrankieCdn

    I bought the Amnesia Haze, it was touted as being energizing. I don’t find it energizing or much of anything at all. It’s a mild buzz that makes me sleepy. It’s not very resinous as the strain is apparently supposed to be, It is highly recommended by many but from this example I am at a loss to know why. Based on this example I wouldn’t buy it again.

  378. thicchigga

    Picked up the bubba kush, always a classic with nice dense buds with orange hairs, buds being sticky to the touch, amazing relaxation and always a smooth smoke 🙂

  379. Corcor

    Bluefin tuna was nice. It was nice to have that nice reak of the tuna. It’s a heavy kush smell that revels the pungency of a rotting tuna. This stuff under 200 is a wondifferous deal

  380. Smoke Anon

    Just got my second batch of an ounce of Bubba Kush. Nice big buds with orange…just as shown in the pics. The high is nice and lasts a couple hours. Always recommend this best deal!

  381. Mo

    I received an Oz of chemdawg, medium to big size buds, nicely trimmed and got that chemdawg smell. I had this strain before, smokes smooth. I enjoy this baby in the day and at night before bed. Highly recommend.

  382. Fugen

    Had a full bag of the Chemdawg, lots of decent sized buds but was a pretty mediocre trim job. Smoked just like any AAA bud, burns clean and has that distinct chemdawg taste… good day-time smoke.

  383. DOLO

    Got an ounce of Blue Fin Tuna, first time buying weed online and couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was. For $150 cannot complain, good sized buds that were fresh and slightly damp making them perfect for rolling. Will definetly be buying again. Much cheaper than what any dealer can offer right now in the rocky mountains

  384. Baldy

    Just got Mgrupp and I was sceptical but omg people. The buds are gorgeous, perfect trim and just covered with frost. The smell hits you as soon as you open the bag. Don’t hesitate next time it’s available.

  385. TheStoutTrout

    Got the Bluefin Tuna. Was delightfully introduced to a dank diesel blueberry smell. Nice popcorned nugs that had good density to them. Wound up giving you crazy mad munchies but gave a really good and long high. For 80$ a half. You can tell your dealer to take a hike!

  386. sanx-bile

    BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! Haven’t been disappointed in these deals, recently ordered Blue Fin Tuna and McGrupp. Blue Fin is a nice lazy night time smoke. McGrupp haven’t heard of but was surprise in the smell. I thought there were grapefruit rinds laying around at how strong it smelt. Awesome day time smoke. Would recommend and purchase again. Thanks BM

  387. Lilly

    Picked up an oz of the Green Crack God, pretty good stuff. Bag appeal is amazing, it’s just coated in crystals. Cool purple hue to it too. Effects were not quite what I like but it is more of a sativa-leaning strain so that’s to be expected I guess. Still, can’t go wrong for the price.

  388. Smoke Anon

    Picked up half an ounce of the BlueFin Tuna. Smells nice but the buds were popcorn size. Other than that, the high is nice. Best deal…highly recommend!

  389. Mo

    Grabbed a hlf Oz of BlueFin Tuna and McGrupper. Love both strains. Small to medium size buds, and the buds look beautiful. McGrupper is more of a daytime smoke, give lots of euphoria. BlueFin is more of a night time smoke. Just put an order of Chemdawg, looking forward to it.. Thanks BM for this awesome deal, hope it keeps coming..

  390. Cambby

    Nice deal, good quality bud every time I’ve grabbed this deal. The regular zips go for $220 for a bill 50 is a good price considering. However, I’d grab the pot of gold deal 1000 times before this deal cuz the variety and quality is amazing.

  391. Julia

    Great flower for the price I highly recommend. I only buy the Big Deal Special because I haven’t been let down yet it’s always quality flower the best part is there usually two strains to choose from usually an Indica and a Sativa

  392. Filzflowr

    You can’t really go wrong with Budmails The big deal. I’ve ordered it a couple times and I have yet to be disappointed. I really like the fact that every couple days to have new options select from.

  393. bizyb

    Gods green crack was amazing, price a bonus. Hindu Kush was nothing special to look at but was good to smoke. Have bought this deal a few times now, haven’t been let down yet

  394. Smoke Anon

    Absolutely the best deal out there. This time I grabbed an ounce of Chemdawg. Buds were a little smaller however a good smoke that burns nice. High is not as strong as l like but still a great deal!

  395. BrainStorm

    I ordered an once of Chemdawg and I have to say that the quality and price are excellent. The smell and taste are real good and it burns very clean. I can’t wait for my next order to add some of the Big Deal Discount weed in it.

  396. Mo

    Got an Oz of Purple Candy, decent size buds, looks good and well trimmed. It’s kinda all day smoke but more will put you down to sleep, which I really like. Already put an order for McGrupp and Blue Fin Tuna, looking forward to smoking those babies.. Highly recommend…


    Ordered 28 grams of purple candy and was very impressed with the bud size great buds smooth burning and not so harsh. Always picking up on this deals. Great deals you can’t miss out on
    Thanks BM

  398. NVLT

    Cheap, Potent, and Consistent! With the variety of strains, I don’t believe there is a better value in Canada, let alone the rest of the site! Can’t go wrong with this deal!

  399. NVLT

    First got this during the 420 promo, and the strains were pretty amazing considering the price! Glad they kept the deal around cuz this is now my fifth or sixth time grabbing an ounce and the strains just keep getting better. Recently picked up the Lemon Haze and Purple Candy and both are definitely the best i’ve had from this deal! I would consider Purple Candy a close second to Watermelon as my favorites on this site so far! You ultimately can’t go wrong with this deal!!!

  400. Greybush

    Picked up an ounce of Chemdawg and could not be happier! The smell and flavour is wonderful. This is my second time ordering the Big Deal, the price is excellent for the quality of product. Highly recommended!

  401. Kreamyg

    Probably my favourite item, always something new or interesting to try. Never been disappointed so far and I doubt I will be. So far Hindu Kush has been my favourite. Thanks bm

  402. CaptainChronic

    Loved it! I got Death Bubba the first time. Now I just ordered Chemdawg can’t believe it, getting this deal twice in a row! Great deal on great AAA marijuana strains! I love Pot o’ Gold more because of the varied amount of flavors and strains! But this is a deal just as good!

  403. Cottage Bob

    As a senior on a limited budget who’s be en smoking for decades, the Big Deal is a real boon for me. I’ve had the Death Bubba and Chemdawg so far. Both were excellent. Thanks Budmail!

  404. parkdalekid

    The Big Deal is The Best Deal. For me, this is better than pot of gold because these are proper buds and I can choose my strain. As I suffer from anxiety, depression, and fatigue, it’s important to choose a strain that doesn’t make me feel worse. Always great product, a couple strains to choose from, and amazing value.

  405. FrankieCdn

    This time I got Death Bubba, awesome lil popcorn buds, perfectly cured. The odour hit me as soon as I cut open the plastic wrapping, nice and dank. It tastes rather herbal in the pipe, a nice pleasant taste, a bit harsh but not terribly. The buzz is pretty quick to set in being a bit heavy but nice and relaxing, definitely euphoric and soon I bet hungry. Vaping is also awesome according to my roomie who is now higher than a kite. Awesome for the price!


    Honestly, you cant beat this deal. It is great gear, the price is fabulous, you cant lose!. I have purchased several different strains on several occasion and have not been disappointed even once.

  407. Mrsjrm

    I have ordered the big deal a few times (in both 14 & 28 grams). Obviously the price is amazing and you cant beat it, and for the cheap price the quality is pretty good. I will continue to order in the future.

  408. FrankieCdn

    I got the Purple Diesel, it goes down smooth with a minty aftertaste when you exhale, almost spearmint in flavor. It’s a lil stemmy for my taste but at the price I am not complaining. Very nice dusting of crystals. I like the effects but the weed is awfully dry, weirdly dry even but still smokes well. Almost tasteless in the vape except on exhale, it’s also fairly tasteless in the pipe and less minty less in the pipe, Overall I would buy it again.

  409. Smoke Anon

    Love this deal. Great weed for the best price! Grabbed an ounce of the Hindu Kush and it didn’t disappoint. Nice cerebral buzz as with all Kush. Great smell too. Highly recommend.

  410. BornToHula

    Got bubba’s gift this time. It was decent for the price. Lots of smaller buds this batch.
    More of an evening smoke but not potent enough for bed time use. Thanks BM!

  411. Smoke Anon

    Picked up an ounce of the Bubba Kush and it did not disappoint. Nice big buds and nice smell as well. High was nice and long lasting. Would definitely order again. Highly recommend!

  412. Sir Smokes Alot

    Great deal for great bud. I grabbed an ounce of death bubba just to roll joints and blunts with and it smokes great . Only giving 4 stars because there’s a lot of small nugs but other than that the flower itself is great!

  413. Dr.Greenthumb

    Got 14g of Mcgrupp and for Sativa strain it was really good. Everything about it was excellent. I would order again! I will be sure try a indica strain next time I’m ordering! Thanks BM

  414. Towelie

    bubba kush was very nice. great cure, nice kush nose, and burns well in a joint. White ash, smooth, and the high is very mellow…. great for sleep as i always find bubba is. thanks BM.. been loving these big deals

  415. Baldy

    Got the Big Deal twice now and both times I was impressed. Great flower, great counts. Awesome looking buds. Smell phenomenal. Monster Truck was much better than expected.


    Order two varieties from the discount section, Primus and Bubba Bomb. Both were much better than i expected, definite value beyond one’s expectation. A real deal, worth buying for sure!!!. Thanks BM!

  417. Magicactus

    Finally got to try my bag of Primus.. an indica… the bag appeal I must say for $150.00 it was stellar… scent was kushy and ok… it did the job, I personally found kind of mild… and a little harsh… probably give this one away to a friend that is a little less picky than myself… kind of happily spoiled on the Premier stuff!!

  418. BornToHula

    I ordered the bubba kush and was very pleased with the quality for the price.

    Big nugs with that nice kushy scent and were cured to perfection. I kinda wish the taste was a little better and the high more potent but that’s why this strain wasn’t more money. It’s a good night smoke but not knock out like the death bubba I recently had
    I would definitely order more of this up.
    Thanks BM for giving your customers a great deal. 🙂

  419. Bakeddubious

    Have ordered the big deal many times now
    Bubba and cali were really really good lol
    Romulan also was a good bag! lol great bud great price!
    Thanx bm! 👍🏼


    Ordered Mcgrupp and Cali kush was pretty impressed with both misty the Cali kush.
    Great price for a great buds looking forward to the bubba kush I just ordered.
    Thanks BM

  421. iliketrees

    Picked up 14g of ice breaker. It is a decent strain – smells kind of like chemicals (thing Chem Dawg or OG chem). The smell and taste are the same , and that is a good thing 🙂 The high is a decent indicia high. This big deal was well worth it in my opinion!

  422. Smoke Anon

    Got an ounce of the Durban Cookies and it didn’t disappoint. Nice big buds with the slight silver tones. Smoke is nice and a strong head buzz. Great price for some good weed.

  423. smokeypup

    I recently purchased this “Big deal”, the cost was good as well as the flower, Ice breaker at the time. The bud is nice and soft, well cured in my opinion and burns non harshly. Good in a bong or a vape pen. The smell is pungent with dank and tangy scents, the flavors were pleasant as expected with the description and the effects were very good.
    Over all it is packaged in such a way that keeps it all fresh until the last smoke.
    I would definitely recommend this deal and the strain, ice breaker.

  424. Mo

    Got 1 oz of Icebreaker, decent size buds. Smoke is smooth, and the buzz is high quality. Looking forward to place my next order. I highly recommend it..

  425. Fugen

    Got the McGrupp this time and it’s a dank bud with a super resin-y aroma. Smoke is a bit harsh but does the job and then some… not my preferred stuff but would buy again for the price.

  426. Jk

    Ordered the monster truck and for 80 bucks a half ounce it was WELL worth it. Some nice big frosty buds in the bag that gave a pretty decent high for the price, I definitely would purchase the big deal again, not too many bad reviews on it yet again good job Budmail.

  427. thicchigga

    Picked up the bubbly bomb and no shit it’s the bomb! classic bubba chunky nugs with the sweet smell this batch a a super strong sedative effect amazing trim job!

  428. cremedonut

    Got a ounce of Primus while it was up for sale. Fluffy nugs that are sticky, uncompressed, and well-trimmed. The cannabis has a lovely lemony-floral scent that tasted great on the exhale as well. One of my favorite deals to catch on the site!

  429. Smoke Anon

    I grabbed 1/2 ounce if the Mcgrup. Smokes ok and smells different..not something I care for. Has a citrus/lime taste. I found it Ok. It wasn’t a very strong high and give it a 3/5.

  430. ZigZagCOCORICO

    I got some super silver haze and i cant say im dissapointed because it was very decent 😎 big buds nice flavor and ok smell 😎 overall very good choice of selection i recomend it for yall to try 😎 next up bubba bomb 😂 thanks BM – smoke on – ✌️


    The Sour Jack had an amazing smell out of the bag, powerful, also very well cured. An over-abundance of crystals awaits your grinder! Mostly very large buds in my bag, proper trimming as well! Thank again, BM!


  432. Fugen

    Grabbed a bag of Romulan to try and wasn’t disappointed,
    Decent buds (thumb-sized) and trimmed like any other AAA strain you’ll find!
    Just ordered another bag of the McGrupp

  433. Baldy

    Very impressed. Never heard of the strain before and now that I’ve tried it. I will order again if it comes up for sale again. Smell wasn’t overpowering but the smoke and taste were awesome.

  434. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    I’ve ordered this deal for several strains (Sour Jack, Monster Truck) and am yet to be anything close to disappointed. Great value for higher-end ganja!

  435. Sandilicious

    I’m quite impressed by the quality for the price on this deal. I received the Monster Truck strain and it definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of aesthetics and potency. Thanks BM, and well done!

  436. LanceUppercut

    I recently ordered the Sour Jack and I was VERY satisfied!!! The buds were huge and very well trimmed, and the quality was amazing for the price…smokes very nice, and is also great in a vaporizer! Super mellow and uplifting, cerebra effects with little body buzz/couch lock. I’ve paid more for inferior bud in the past and must say that the “Big Deal” is definitely worth it based on my first experience. I’ll definitely be ordering it again in the future!

  437. 4our2wenty

    Sour jack looks like it was recently picked. Smells of lemon, diesel. It’s a racey sativa without any burnout. It got much better after a week in the jar. I put in a little bit of premium buds to make it burn even and not go out. I’ll probably purchase one of these again….

  438. stickygorilla

    Yeah was great. Got the Purple OG. Buds were very nice. I’ve definitely bought worse for more before, from other sources of course. Gonna order again fur sure.

  439. Marshall

    My first order of the purple OG was good but then I thought I would get sour jack.It was some of the worst batch of weed I have ever received from budmail in fact I’m surprised they even called that a deal.I can’t say about the others . Very disappointed.

  440. Leon the professional

    Got the Cali kush. It’s very nice great deal bm. Well worth it . Would order more at this price and quality

  441. Smoke Anon

    Got the Durban Cookies and love it. Big buds and nice bag appeal. The smell is is a bit
    piney and smoke is smooth…high lasts a couple hours. Would buy again.

  442. Rawbeigh

    Got the Super Silver haze and was really impressed. Didn’t look like a discount bag at all. Bud’s are caked and sticky with size varying, on the bigger side, with a couple huge buds in the pack. Smoked, tasted and affected very similar to the Super Silver (AAAA) I picked up a while back. Might not be as lifting, and I mean slightly, but still the Super Silver Buzz I remember. Very happy to get a great batch of one of my favorite strains, on the cheap.

  443. Piper7

    Great deal for an ounce. Not really my favorite tasting but the high was really great. Very sticky pot great for rolling joints, joints burn awesome.

  444. Magicactus

    Unbelievable, the Romulan I decided to try came in today and I just couldn’t believe it, big full stunning buds full of orange hairs and crystal… wonderful fruity scent… all for one hundred a fifty bucks hahahaha.. laughing all the way to the bank… this is an even bigger deal than the pot of gold and it cost fifty percent more.. amazing Budmail… you are definitely rocking wit here!!!

  445. Bmow

    A deal so good I had to order twice, I had pruple of the first time and Cali kush this time, I gotta say the smell is amazing, definitely a strong kush nose with some citrus aswell. It tastes the exactly how it smells and isn’t very harsh when smoked through a bong, only had one bong so far which has put me in a pretty good place. Its a pretty strong head high and doesn’t seem like the couch lock kinda buzz. 10/10 would recommend 👌

  446. Eatmyswiss

    My friend make me try the purple one
    Was really good but that made me order romulan and wow chronic Pain away everything is perfect smell, look , man too bad it’s not there anymore 🙄😥🤤 I should order like 4

  447. Swazi King

    Got the Durban Cookies and was really hoping for a better high. The buds look perfectly fine…just a weak high, though. Too bad cause I have so much of it!

  448. El Roacho

    ordered an oz of the violator kush…super deal, really nice weed, not an indica connoisseur but i think im keeping this all to of the buds was 6 g lol… pretty mild smoke, doesnt put you in couch mode..

  449. alxpha

    The Cali Kush was a great pick up. Medium to large size nugs. Great bag appeal. Smell was definitely part of the kush family…earthy and overpowering. Rolled a king sized raw with this. Clean white ash all throughout. You can tell this is a hybrid but more towards the indica spectrum. What a deal! Thanks BM!

  450. FrankieCdn

    I grabbed an oz. of the Romulan which seemed fitting cause we have been watching Deep Space 9 on Netflix lol. The buds are nice sized, medium to large, Grinds up nicely, beautifully cured, the odour is herbal with a touch of pine, In the pipe she is a tad harsh but not terrible. The stone is nice a combo body/head buzz that has me lying back enjoying tunes and forgetting about everything else. In my Solo vape it definitely has a bite to it, not terrible but a definite bite. The herbal/pine taste comes through more when vaping also. I suspect the vaped stuff will make for some excellent butter for some out of this world cookies, reduce, reuse, recycle. The price is awesome. All in all another home run by Budmail!!! Thanks BM!!!

  451. Jm85

    I got the purple og & that was some pretty gnarly nugs! The buds were full, tasty, white ash when smoked & overall amazing! This category is worth the $ for sure. I’m looking at Romulan right now. I love that strain!

  452. Bmow

    Pick up 2 oz of purple og and I’m really glad I did, great bag speak with large frosty buds, when you crack the buds open the smell was pretty overpowering, I’ve had purple og on my first before and the price did did not affect the quality at all. This has to be me favorite strain, hopefully I can get some more of that purp again soon. Thanks again budmail for the great Cron! 👌

  453. 👌

    Got an oz. of “Durban Cookies”. And to be honest I had higher expectations. At least half of the ounce was tiny little popcorn buds. The high was just okay. Average bud at best. I guess that’s what you get for $150

  454. Montecore

    Decent stuff! Wish there was an indica option, but other than that this is probably the best deal/most bang for your buck. Pungent and it’s no bag of ‘shake’ Haha!

  455. MR.BS

    I bought an ounce of the Purple OG, excellent quality for the price. Tastes good, smokes clean, got a few really good looking nugs and very consistent quality overall. Won’t obliterate you like premier line bud, but it’s high quality stuff! You really can’t go wrong with a price like this.

  456. Northview

    I was happy with this stuff i got the violator kush instead of the purple og the buds are big ,nice and dense the buds are sticky , it’s got that kush smell and taste and the smell will fill a room upon opening the bag , the high is better then the og kush on the site they are very simular but this would be x2 the smell, taste and high but cheaper i will order this deal again if they offer it I would and will take advantage of this offer ,hope this quality and price sticks around !

  457. REZBOY

    i picked up a oz of the violator kush the other week, oh boy it was great stuff very pungent and potent and for a very great price, comes with nice big buds and good for rolling joints since its so sticky
    awesome stuff would order again

  458. cremedonut

    First of all, for the price this is an absolute steal. BM’s 420 sale did not disappoint this year. I got the Purple OG, and it does indeed have delightful purple shades throughout the flower. The nugs are soft and uncompressed, and perfectly frosted. Love it 🙂

  459. Big Tuna

    Although this bud isn’t trimmed as well as I would prefer, it carries a full bodied aroma and smokes beautifully. Produces quality crystals for the leaf content.

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