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Big 5 Pre-Roll Promo (5 pack)


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6 reviews for Big 5 Pre-Roll Promo (5 pack)

  1. Fugen

    Perfect bundle of a great variety of strains; I was super happy to see top shelf stuff like Animal Cookies and Jet Fuel OG, plus my personal favorite Dutch Hawaiian!!

  2. Greenfred

    Great deal couldn’t go wrong
    Kinda nice to have a few doobies rolled up for you and ready to go,if someone drops by your all set .
    Nice variety unfortunately I had tried almost all but still a very nice treat thanks BM.

  3. Tinta Dawn

    Very nice treat to have it all pre-rolled. Joints were large and burned perfectly all the way to the bottom even if it was put out half way thru, and re-lit later. Half a joint is all that was needed for a personal session. I enjoyed and approved of the variety amongst the spillfs. Definitely would buy the strains in the future.

  4. Chuck2388

    So got > Death Bubba .. Jet Fuel OG .. Animal Cookies .. Blue Coma .. And Dutch Hawaiin. I’ve had the Blue Coma and Death Bubba before. All of them were really well Rolled and Burned even better. Only complaint is I was Hoping for more of the Premier Strains.

  5. lia

    great variety! got some of my fave strains in my pack, all smoked great, would recommend to anyone who smokes on occasion and likes to experiment with different strains

  6. Vaga

    Five kinds of tasty weed, very impressed for a free promo pack extra. My favorite was Dutch Hawaiian it was really smooth and super tasty with a mild buzz.

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