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Jellies (Mota) – THC Black Clear Sphere


300 mg THC per Sphere

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Mota Black Clear Sphere + Mota THC Jellies
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This tasty cherry-flavoured jelly, made with THC distillate really packs a punch. It can easily be cut into 5 equal 60 mg pieces for accurate dosing. Or if you think you are up for it, eat it all at once!

Strength: 300mg THC

Strain: Hybrid

Ingredients: THC Distillate, corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavours and colours, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

86 reviews for Jellies (Mota) – THC Black Clear Sphere

  1. C_baer (verified owner)

    These are very good they are my second pick after Mota chocolate bars. One wedge is just right for after work to chill and crash to bed. They taste pretty good

  2. Choul (verified owner)

    Extremely tasty, like gulping down one ton of sugar at once, lol. I made the mistake of eating this thing piece by piece. If you are an “experienced user”, then I recommend eating this beast in one bite. That’s what I will try the next time!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    This was amazing! I toss the whole thing down at once and had a fantastic buz for a long time! It’s probably the first time in a very long time I didn’t spend the whole morning smoking bongs/pipes. I was so high I didn’t touch my flower all morning.


  4. Swelter (verified owner)

    Great taste, I like the segments, easy to cut into multiple doses, but as apparently a user with exceptionally high tolerance I ate this all at once. Result was a low buzz for me, I could feel it, but had all faculties, just relaxed. I would purchase again just for the flavor. Zero weed aftertaste for me.

  5. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    I have had high dose Mota products in the past. I have never been disappointed, they are always consistent in quality and dose. I was reluctant to eat the whole sphere because I knew what to expect. I did eat the whole thing, what a ride! The peak was a wee bit intense. I have my daughter a great laugh, when she looked at me and started laughing because I looked so very high.

  6. David (verified owner)

    You will always have confidence when you order a Mota product. This jelly sugar-coated item might say black cherry but this purplish looking gummy has outstanding qualities. Comes pack in a ziplocked baggie for perfect storage.

  7. Alexx (verified owner)

    I’m a semi-regular weed smoker (almost daily, but evenings only) and I took half of 1/5 of the big piece (so that would be about 30mg), and it put me in a great mood !!! definitely felt it, but I wasnt too too high. just enough to actually enjoy it. tastes great too. TAKES A WHILE TO KICK IN almost an hour.

  8. PEACHY (verified owner)

    I really loved this gummy. Tasted so good and wasnt too sticky compared to other gummies. One wedge was the perfect nighttime dose. Not for novices. Definitely one I will order again.

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    This is the candy edible I’ve been searching for. Tastes great and is pretty potent. Usually I find edibles a guessing game for dosage but 2 of these are perfect

  10. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    The Black Sphere, ouhh, wow. My lady friend told me that it was some serious shit, not for newbies, that she usually took 1 quarter and she was away for several hours. So I thought that it could be good then to try a half a quarter for the first time, because I have a strong resistance too but not as much as her. Well, how can I describe that… I was really gone away, the buzz hit me like a truck, wow. I also smoked a big blunt and took some Dweebs, but for sure, this 1/10 piece of Black Sphere did the job! So take it slow, little tiny baby bites to begin my friend. 😉

  11. Adam (verified owner)

    Mota’s best product in my opinion. These taste absolutely fantastic. I took just one of the five pieces and got a nice buzz. I would imagine that two pieces would be even better.

  12. Serval (verified owner)

    My favorite edible. It’s the way to go for experienced users or people with a high tolerance. The taste is good, although the THC really comes through. But nothing comes close in terms of potency.

  13. Jamjam (verified owner)

    I’ve bought several of these since summer time. Due to the 300mg being put into this little sphere of fun, depending on your required dosage, this will fly you to the Moon (or Deathstar). Just shave little pieces like you’re cutting micro pieces off of an apple if a full 60mg dose is too much. Fast hitting, tastes good to me, and hits like a Mack truck. Booooooom!

  14. Herbivore (verified owner)

    Mota products tend to be great in general, and this gummy ball is their second best of all (after their champion, the 900 mg THC chocolate bar). The 5 cloves make it easy to portion out a ball to individual 60 mg doses, but splitting the individual cloves into equal halves (~30 mg) is a bit more challenging. To me, the taste is OK; better than most gummies, but nothing to write home about. The texture, on the other hand, is distinctly better than others (softer and ‘creamier’, if that makes any sense). They do pack a punch, though, so be careful. For moderate users, half a clove is usually enough, and (at least in my case) the effect hits you in about 40-50 minutes with almost zero transition (imagine eating a whole clove, watching some videos for about an hour, and then suddenly discovering that you cannot move your body at all and your room is bending around you like you are in the middle of Inception…) Not the cheapest, but overall it is still a good deal.

  15. C_baer (verified owner)

    Very good excelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllĺlllllllllllllllllllllent buy again yay

  16. Trapp (verified owner)

    I had 1 of these like 5 months ago and I just ordered another one , these are super strong I had 1 slab 60mg , only like 20 minutes after I took it , it just hit me , I was laying in the bed watching a movie I was mangled I couldn’t barely move for a fewww hours , super strongstuff … .

  17. Dan (verified owner)

    after sampling a few different edibles, these 300 mg black cherry gummies are by far my favourite. For starters, the taste is the least “weedy” and actually tastes great. The dosage is perfect as well…

  18. Andi (verified owner)

    This little ball packs a BIG punch! Of course it takes while to feel the effects so I would recommend little bites until you’re used to it. For me, if I take to much I get a migraine.

  19. fishbulb (verified owner)

    This is the first edible that made me realize cannabis gummies were going to be a thing, ~2.5 years ago. There’re other edibles I prefer to use regularly, but these spheres in particular I find useful while travelling. I order a single sphere, care of the hotel front desk, sent direct from Budmail before I arrive. One sphere will last me a week, and there’s not a whole lot of packaging to get rid of.

    Oh, and they taste really good.

  20. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Stocked up with the gummy sale in April. I have used these before, great to pack for a trip when you can’t smoke. Just nibble a bit at a time and you will be nice and toasty. Thanks Mota and Budmail!

  21. Kay (verified owner)

    These are simply fantastic. For someone who has difficulty getting any results from edibles, these really did the trick. The tasty sphere, which is easily portioned, is a great option for those who are not generally impressed by edibles. Wowza this was really good and I highly recommend.

  22. AP2000 (verified owner)

    These never fail to disappoint. What I’ve come to appreciate is that I know exactly the dose I need from these. They are so consistently potent that I don’t need to toy around with the correct edible. These are them for me. Thanks BM!

  23. Sarah (verified owner)

    These taste great and are perfectly designed for dosing. I have a high tolerance so I eat an entire sphere and they get me higher than any other edibles I’ve tried. I also hate the taste of edibles, so the awesome flavour makes these a stoner staple in my household.

  24. Winston p humphries (verified owner)

    I love these things . Just a dark orb of thc . I have yet to eat an entire one in a single sitting. Probably the best edible on the market I think , I’ve had a gorilla bullet it’s a 500mg hard candy doesn’t compare to three slices of this Darth Vader of edibles nastiness. It’s the best .

  25. Katie (verified owner)

    Delicious and great high; dosing is simple with this sphere! I am a daily smoker, and found that 2 slices were enough to melt me in to the couch for hours. 1 is a pleasant high!

  26. mike jones (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic. I can eat one wedge and top up with a few small gummies if I want, or I can eat two wedges and be nearly comatose on the couch. The flavor is amazing, and the product is very easy to handle. Can’t recommend this enough

  27. 57years (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I have a tolerance that rivals Godzilla. These do the trick for me but I need to eat a small meal with them to get the best effect. Highly recommended!!

  28. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    These taste phenomenal, best weed candy I’ve tried thats for sure. They are pretty potent, I take 2.5 doses and I am good for the night. Great high, great potency, great taste. Love this product.

  29. El Roacho (verified owner)

    I love these..perfect when smoking a big fatty isnt such a good idea. Just break off a segment and good to go. Tastes better than most gummies. im a smoker, but these will do in a pinch

  30. KmKro (verified owner)

    Love that these are easy to portion out and the flavour on these is great! No weird aftertaste like you get with some other gummies. Will def. be buying again

  31. ryanfarkas (verified owner)

    You could slice off slivers for a month and still not be done. A potent little nugget of consistent buzzed bliss that manages to maintain for an entire evening.

  32. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Can’t stop, won’t stop! Back for another order, especially with the 4/20 deals, this is such a good bang for your potent buck! The gummy is dosed very heavy so just a nibble at a time work for me. Thank you!

  33. rolled gold (verified owner)

    these are my favourite and always deliver a nice long satisfying high follow by a long and deep sleep….best to gauge your individual tolerance cuz 300 is too much for lightweights

  34. Gimme (verified owner)

    This one is more potent, so be careful with dosing if you are after a mellow but interactive state vs want to go to sleep and stay asleep for a few solid hours state. Good flavour w the cherry, but I prefer the blue raspberry to sweeten it up a bit.

  35. JB (verified owner)

    OKAY! New Favourite!! My past experiences with gummies haven’t been great, I took 100mg once and felt nothing *HOWEVER* this Mota brand knows what they’re doing. I had a slice of this sphere, the taste was incredible, and within an hour I felt so dang good. Definitely stocking up on these one day.

  36. CC (verified owner)

    Excellent gummy product! Black cherry is nice flavour, nice buzz, no hard crash. Will definitely order again. I cut them in half and it was great. Highly recommended.

  37. Chris (verified owner)

    Very nice product very strong, I am an everyday smoker and have a high tolerance level, this was very tasty and I had to resist eating all of it right away, the effects set in on an empty stomach in about 30 mins and was feeling great.

    Would recommend, will be buying again

  38. Miranda (verified owner)

    Bought this for me and my girlfriend and it works great for both of us! We only have half a slice each, and it hits us hard every time. The taste is great, I can’t recommend these enough, great product!

  39. Cann4Life (verified owner)

    A nice grape flavour almost to a black cherry taste makes it easy to start your evening without the funky aftertaste of some edibles. Black Mota then creeps in over the next half hour to settle into a wonderful euphoric buzz. This lasts about 6 hours and is a great foundation for any additional “toots” and “beers”. I like the feeling of not just “vegging” out and this keeps me “up” and active. This makes for a more enjoyable evening out with friends. Will continue to purchase Black Mota Sphere and recommend it to others. To date, everyone I have recommended this product to is just as satisfied.
    Great product!

  40. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Back with the second time purchase! This is such a treat to take a wee nibble every now and then. It was great for travel and sharing with loved ones. This is deff worth the price/hype

  41. AP2000 (verified owner)

    I can’t begin to recommend these enough. They are in my opinion some of the best edibles out there. They’re potent and tasty, but I suggest that new users tread lightly. Tip: pre-cut the doses so you don’t have to tear them off when you want them. Please keep these on the menu forever, BM!

  42. Ed (verified owner)

    Fantastic, good and strong. Love that is portioned about for proper dosing. Great buzz, last long time. Great flavour with this. Eat it with a snack.

  43. FlyingInuk (verified owner)

    5/5 stars for this edible! It is highly potent and as it reads on the package ‘Not for beginners’ it really is. I’m a daily smoker and I thought I wasn’t gonna get as high as I did first time trying these. If you say you didn’t get high from only one segment or at least half you are lying! But TBH first time ordering these I thought I was gonna get more than one sphere (Should at least say one sphere’ but seeing the bowl full of these got me thinking wrong but anyway will most definitely order again as they are my favourite edible.

  44. SheHigh (verified owner)

    The gummy is larger in size then I thought it would. It comes with 6 little segments that are easy to pull apart. I am a daily user and I found this gummy to be very powerful! I didn’t even eat a full segment. For those who did not feel anything after eating the whole gummy, it’s not the gummy…. perhaps consider a tolerance break?

  45. Torontofoodiechick (verified owner)

    I personally really enjoyed the taste! It stated just like Steward’s black cherry pop which is soda that I love. It came in awesome packaging. The only complaint I had was the sphere was squashed together which must have been a shipping issue. It was hard to try to cut the pieces in order to get the right dosages after this. The high was very enjoyable and I would buy this again not only for the taste but also the effects.

  46. Nigz (verified owner)

    I always try to give my best honest opinion as they help me make a choice aswell sometimes. I’ve been looking at this gummy for awhile now as it seems to have a lot of mixed reviews. Taste was alright and it’s bigger than my thought it would be. It’s like a ping pong ball sectioned out lol unfortunately I guess I have a super high tolerance as I ate on empty stomach in the morning and with my usual dose of 30mgs of thc capsules and nothing 😳😔 ate at about 10:30 -11am it’s 5pm now. I was expecting to be comatose but no dice. Texture is really soft and coated in white sugar. Anywho I would not repurchase as I got nothing off it and feel a little ripped as it’s a $35 gummy pretty much lol FYI I ate whole thing at once. Very disappointed ☹️

  47. Cing (verified owner)

    Big size. I must have a high tolerance because I have tried different edibles and nothing gives me the body stone I am lookin for so I thought I would try this. By the reviews it sounded very strong so I only ate half and then about 30 mins to 1 hour later ate the other half and smoked a joint . I did not feel a body buzz . Maybe a bit More lazy but nothing like what people say. I wish I would of ate it all at once. Maybe edibles just aren’t for me

  48. nick (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC PRODUCT – I gave my wife a pc the size of my thumb nail and i ate the rest – she was throwing up and non-responsive – yet i was just fine! ha

  49. JonnyMTL (verified owner)

    Why is Mota so good at coming up with new ideas that are amazing! I’m not sure but whoever is in charge of the ideas gets a 10/10. As for this product not for beginners takes amazing and before you know it it’s all done and your fucked lol 🙂

  50. AP2000 (verified owner)

    These are my favourite edibles on the menu. Great potency, easy and convenient. Tasty and elegantly packaged. This is what I want out of an edible. Just be sure to go easy and portion conservatively on the first dose.

  51. El Roacho (verified owner)

    I had never tried edibles before i bought one of these. Read all the reviews and ratings, so i ordered one…wasn’t disappointed. Great for when you cant light one up. But be warned…try a section first…before you go eating a whole sphere. WOW! Thanks BM

  52. Mykhthrone (verified owner)

    This stuff was almost too much for me. I’ve become a bit of a light-weight with age and had little experience with edibles. I ate a full segment and felt great for about 20 minutes but it kept on increasing. Before long I was “watching” tv with my eyes closed freaking out over things that normally would not even worry me. Huge panic attack. So the next time I only ate half a segment and that seemed to do the job nicely with no anxiety or panic-like feelings. Seems a little pricey at a glance, but really is fairly consistent with most of the edibles in a dollars/milligrams sense. I’d buy this again. Once I’ve regained some courage!

  53. Princess (verified owner)

    Wow!! This is probably the best edible out there that I have tried yet. Didn’t even have a whole slice and had a good high for about 5 hours. Had the grape one and was fantastic flavor.

  54. JonnyMTL (verified owner)

    The best edible I’ve ever had hands down! Wow am I happy I looked at the reviews and did not eat in one sitting .. long time weed and hash smoker and edibles where I’m from don’t do a thing so was going to take it all and wow again happy i did not..! Taste 10/10 high 10/10

  55. Chong (verified owner)

    This was a great edible and kicks in really quick, recommend eating 1 half and then an hour later eat another half for the best experience in my opinon.

  56. Fuzzy (verified owner)

    Very nice! 1/2 portion was just right, be patient, as it takes a short while to hit but when it does, it does so kick back, relax and enjoy the ride, and hit the other half.

  57. AP2000 (verified owner)

    These are always a winner. Potent and fast acting. One wedge is usually enough to put me into the couch for a good 3 to 4 hours. They’re quite tasty too!

  58. Nicole (verified owner)

    Okay so I’ve been trying a bunch of different edibles for a few years now and never had one knock me off my rocker till I tried this one. One slice and 20 minutes later and I’m melted into the couch. An amazing high and lasted pretty much the rest of night (had a great sleep from it too). Listen to the warning, this will kick your butt. Definitely going to buy again.

  59. Sir Smokes Alot (verified owner)

    So I’ve been smoking for the past 14 years and edibles have never really worked for me. However, these bad boys are the truth. I ate half the ball because I thought it wouldn’t do anything to me…. boy was I wrong! It had me zooked out of my mind, seeing blurry and snoozing within 2 hours. This is definitely for vets only!

  60. CilviaDemo (verified owner)

    Ate half a slice and that already was enough to push my tolerance to its limits! Definitely not for beginners. An amazing high nonetheless that lasts hours.

  61. :) (verified owner)

    Wow. Each piece is good for 3-4 uses. Fast acting. Doesn’t take too long. You can feel the effect quicker than most edibles. Taste is good. Would buy again.

  62. dbnu (verified owner)

    This gave me a nice high each time I nibbled off a piece the size of a pea. I think tolerance rose pretty quickly however.
    If I could maintain that ratio then the price point isn’t that bad.

  63. Montecore (verified owner)

    First edible to make me buzzed, taste was amazing! Like a sour cherry gummy, Only downside Is I wish I had more! Darn little things are pricey but they defiantly work!

  64. Caner (verified owner)

    These are awesome!!! Offer a great high and taste amazing! My husband and I both enjoyed these and agree that they aren’t for beginners but were right up our alley. Definitely will reorder for sure!

  65. Hoggle (verified owner)

    Great taste and exceptional high. I have found that a half piece is sufficient. My first experience with edibles and have found this to be as good as anything I have smoked. Will order again.

  66. Budlove (verified owner)

    These are definitely potent! Pretty expensive for just 1… I would buy again if it wasn’t so much, but understandable because it is strong! Great to get if your going away somewhere you cant smoke.
    I would recommend not to pop the whole thing at once, I’m an everyday smoker and edibles usually don’t work that great on me, but this knocked me on my ass👍

  67. FlyingInuk (verified owner)

    Tried these as soon as they came in the mail and I was not disappointed. After about 45mins the high came in outta nowhere. Tried other candies before and I gotta say these are the best. Took two of them cuz I thought they weren’t that potent. It says ‘Not for beginners’ and it’s all true, been smoking half of my life now and they knocked me out.
    Thanks BM for a great product. Giving it 5 stars.

  68. Mcfluffster (verified owner)

    Very potent and great tasting. If you get the dosage right it starts off as a sativa high where you just fall into an hour long laugh attack and then eases you into an indica chilling mood. Keep eye drops with you the redness is real!

  69. alex (verified owner)

    If you have to take 2 … you should just smoke. Very nice high and good taste. If it wasn’t so expensive I would buy more. (I still prefer the brownie)

  70. Pixxiestix (verified owner)

    Best tasting gummy I have ever had! No aftertaste at all. The high is amazing! It’s an old school skipping class kind of high. We took a couple of theses camping and were not disappointed at all. Will be purchasing again!

  71. Justme (verified owner)

    Very new to using medicinal cannabis. This delivers a potent punch and is consistent. Easily my choice every time. It takes effect withing an our, Great

  72. Sidd (verified owner)

    This is the best edible I’ve ever had easily. Also possibly the best high I’ve had in years, brings me back to getting into smoking for the first time. It says not for beginners on the package and it means it! Lol 1/5 of it gives me an intense high that lasts like 4 hours. I havent even tried having more than one piece at a time. If this doesn’t work for you, you seriously need a tolerance break. Well done budmail, keep these in stock forever and I will never stop buying them.

  73. AP2000 (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! They pack a punch and are very tasty! The effects can be long lasting and quite intense, so exercise care when determining dosage. Easily the most effective edible that I have had to date.

  74. B-radley (verified owner)

    You have found what you are looking for. Great tasting candy with a true thc flavor. Like other reviews 1/5or even 1/10 of this will have effects. Found it to kick in pretty fast also. Worth a try if your on the fence about it.

  75. dild0g (verified owner)

    Hands down best edible I’ve ever tried. First of all this sphere tastes so damn good, I had to fight myself from having another piece. Secondly when the high hit me, IT HIT ME HARD (but in a really nice way). I recommend this edible to intermediate tokers.

  76. adamtwelve

    I tried these twice, ate the whole thing both times, worked great for my insomnia however they are just too damn expensive and even if they were prorated tolerance is an issue.

  77. fishbulb

    These and the Moto “jellies” are the best edibles I’ve had to date. Portionable, and an excellent texture. Also not something you’d be inclined to pig out on.

  78. Nowman

    Love these little guys. I’m a daily cannabis user and have been for the last 15+ years and I get a good strong effect with a fifth and a good functional effect with a tenth. I’ll be purchasing more.

  79. brandonx27

    “So I just opened the bag…..

    I’ll write another review when the buzz kicks in, but right away, forget about THC, this is the best tasting candy I’ve ever had just by itself already.

    And as I’m writing this, the buzz is kicking on…

    I smoke VERY regularly and have had gummies and candy in the past, and they do NOTHING.

    I took 1 quarter of this baby and in less than 10 minutes I am in a very happy place. Will be constantly reordering this.”

  80. ohncg

    Very tasty, only takes half of one fifth (one tenth) to do it for me. good smooth high. Will order this again!

  81. Dick Dingerz

    These will take you to where you need to go. This is the only edible I will purchase of the mota brand as all the others are ineffective and I’m guessing falsely advertised as to the content of thc in their products. Half of this candy is more than enough for me. If you’re wondering why this candy is more expensive than the others of the mota brand it’s because this one ACTUALLY has the content of thc that it claims to while the others do not. Take my advice as a seasoned veteran on the subject and stick to these. Flavor is great, it’s easy to accurately dose and very discreet. Mota should be proud of this candy and ashamed, very ashamed of the rest of their edibles line.

  82. mikew

    “I bought two of these, and two packs of the Infused Kiwi’s – I ate two of these Mota Black 300mg’s and two packs of the 125mg Infused Kiwi’s and felt absolutely nothing.

    What a waste of over $80.”

  83. Paulosophy

    “Very potent, tasty, easy to handle and dose. This is my favourite edible.

    At about a dollar per 10 mg. of THC, it is a good buy too.


  84. EmeraldSphinx

    Incredibly potent and tasty. Love how easily you can dose. I’m an everyday smoker and one wedge was enough to give me an amazing all day buzz accompanied by good pain relief. Well worth the money, will order again!

  85. Brayden

    It was ok. Flavour was very good. And wasn’t to hard. But didn’t find it super potent. Again this is my opinion. Haven’t had edibles effect me much.

  86. okcismelanie

    Great tasting grape flavor, easy to dose and very strong!

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