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Bottle Rocket (Mimosa #6)


AAAA Grade | Sativa | Organic

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Product Description

Bottle Rocket (Mimosa #6)

Bottle Rocket M6 is a Mimosa #6 pheno and is certainly a new favourite. Grown 100% organic in living soil by our friends at Skookum. They are medium/thumb sized but are a sight to behold. The buds parade an aesthetic of rich dark purple and orange tones while the trichomes are highly prevalent. The cure is expertly done and the buds are sticky and resinous to the touch. Upon opening your bag, you’ll be walloped with a complex and deep grapefruit, blood orange zest and grape popsicle funk. A sweet and sour mix of berries and grapefruit rounds out the flavour. Bottle Rocket fires you into a soaring and stimulating uplift. In addition, the effects are focused, happy and invigorated and shine through with a purpose. Meanwhile, the high swims on for hours with laser-sharp energy and minimal burnout. Bottle Rocket M6 is an invigorating daytime strain!

EXTREMELY limited quantities! Grab it while it’s hot!

Lab tested at 19.4% THC & 0.9% CBG

Flavours: Citrus, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Grape
Effects: Invigorating, Uplifting, Happy, Focused, Productive, Cerebral
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression, PTSD

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.


12 reviews for Bottle Rocket (Mimosa #6)

  1. Dailytoker

    Ordered twice. Savoured every last flake haha. The smell taste appeal and smoke of this are all top notch. Ash is as clean as ive seen. The high is immediate and lasts all day. Bust up a pile and you will forget about it haha

  2. Not your mother

    I bought this for a gift and it is AMAZING. It looks absolutely beautiful and smells almost like candy. The high can be a lot for beginners, so take it slow or wait until you have played around with a few others before jumping into this one.

  3. Bricky

    Forgot a couple things the colour and Chrystal on this bud is absolutely amazing! Again the quality of budmails flower products are the best online period! The love and care that goes into there flower products you can’t beat ! They just keep on coming with amazing stuff! Thanks budmail

  4. Bricky

    Well I must say this stuff is top of the line sativa! Nice and sweet and very tasty has a unique smell as well just love everything about! Its a potent strain after taking just a few pulls your stoned for a good 2 hours! Another top notch job in the growing department from our friends the skookum boys! It’s a must try. Thanks budmail

  5. Ned

    Im excited that I got some of this flower because last time it sold out before i got to order. I only got 3.5g, but I was impressed by the bag appeal. Nice large nugs and the smell of the bag upon opening was breathe taking. Buds were very purple and dense. The bud smoked nice, and provided a great buzz.

    I wish I ordered more. 9/10 will buy more in the future

  6. Bud Master Kojer

    Bag Appeal – 5/5
    Straight up this is some of the most beautiful weed I’ve ever seen. Dark black buds with black leaves that have dark green undersides. Absolutely covered in crystals, looking like gold dust on the black background. Uniformly thumb sized nugs or bigger with the odd small one.

    Smell – 5/5
    They totally nailed it with the grapefruit and blood orange. Can smell it through the bag, very potent..

    Burn & Taste – 2/5
    Unfortunately it burns quite hot and harsh, salt and pepper ash at best but usually black. Also I do not get any flavour from it in a pipe; only very slight hint of grapefruit from a joint, and the most flavour comes from a dry herb vape – being mostly the sweet grassy-piney weed flavour with a surge of subtle grapefruit afterwards.

    High – 4.5/5
    Great sativa high, all cerebral/head high, feels like I’m wearing a warm tight toque and the pressure hits in the forehead and behind the eyes/sinus’. Very clear headed high but very powerful, to the point where it can leave me with a headache. Not the best sativa I’ve had but definitely one of the most potent.

    Total – 4/5
    The best thing this bud has going for it is it’s looks, smell and high, not so much in the flavour and burn department yet but I’m thinking that it’s just the cure, and hoping that this is one of those that will only get better with age if kept in the proper humidity-controlled storage as has been the case with most sativas I’ve bought from here.

  7. sho

    This stuff is wild, some of the most beautiful bud ive ever seen. Blue purple, almost black nugs with gold flakes all over, truly a sight lol. the smell and taste is exactly as described. surprised this stuff isnt premiere line honestly.
    super duper recommend, excellent buzz

  8. jimmy

    This is a incredibly exotic strain, the colors on it are amazing, wonderful ascetics on this flower, the high is just as appealing, clean white ash and rich flavors, the high is a good sativa dominant feeling. I would definitely purchase this again. wonderful job with this one.

  9. arrow39

    First time trying bottle rockets aka mimosa one of the smelliest flowers I’ve gotten from skookum buds are beautiful buds are almost black with fire orange pistols huge fan of anything skookum

  10. bhrk

    So glad I decided to try this one out! Awesome bag appeal, tight little nuggets COVERED in crystal that busted up very nicely. Kinda smells and tastes like candy. Not recommended for newer users as the high hits pretty hard and if you smoke too much it can definitely green a person out very easily.

  11. JLo

    Glad I got to try this after the tins sold out so fast. Definitely has that strong citrus from the Clementine genetics, I’m very impressed with how the sourness transfers over to the flavour. The only reason I can see this being AAA is it had some small buds in my 1/4 but other than that it was phenomenal. Dense frosty dark purple and navy buds that burn very clean and are perfectly cured. Definitely hope to see this one around again.

  12. Greenfred

    Great bag appeal ,nice smell but different, great high though ,able to function and get stuff done! Right up till you can’t lol not sure where the name comes from but it works very well can’t believe it sold out so quick!

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