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Bubblehash – Blueberry Kush

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Pure, unpressed, unadulterated Bubblehash, locally made from Blueberry Kush.

The basic principle is this: plant material (either dry or fresh-frozen generally) is mixed with cold water and ice, then agitated manually or mechanically in order to break off the now-brittle trichome heads. This solution is then filtered through specifically-sized screens to remove anything undesirable, leaving behind a relatively pure finished product.

This is a mix of 45 and 73u Bubble Bags, meaning it may melt when heat is applied. Ideal for ‘super-charging’ joints and to enjoy on it’s own. Only a minimal amount is required to put you in the zone.

Blueberry Kush

A pure indica, Blueberry Kush is the offspring of two legends, Blueberry and OG Kush. It packs massive THC content, making for effects that are deeply relaxing, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. A great late-night strain and an effective way to treat insomnia! I

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flavours: Berry, Blueberry, Fruity, Sweet
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings

49 reviews for Bubblehash – Blueberry Kush

  1. Kushedtothedge

    This stuff is amazing! Knocks me on my ass. First time I’ve ever purchased 14g of hash, very happy with the decision. You can add this in a joint, on top of a bowl or have a bowl of it alone if you want to be pinned to the couch. Budmail is the best! Keep up the great work.

  2. 420Maiku

    Great price! Good stuff I recommended. Almost lasted me 2 weeks for 7g! Will be ordering more soon! This time a whole lot of more quantity. Smoke on!!

  3. Soabboy

    What a great purchase this was. I absolutely loved it. I ordered this and 3.5 of greenhouse bud. Mixed some of this into each J. Sure kicked up each J perfectly. I would not recommend smoking it in a pipe or bong. It’s very light and did not hold up well. This stuff is amazing with a J. Especially anything with blue strain in. Anyone…BUY BUY BUY this. Enjoy if you do. Thanks BM

  4. soulman

    Was okay potency wise, but the high was short,it does the job,,really nice hot knifing it,topping it off. With flower is also good,,,was hoping for a stronger bubble hash like last spring,,

  5. gogetyourshinebox

    Really really nice quality hash. Burns SUPER smooth in a joint and is perfect for supercharging. Really heavy potency and gives a joint an extra kick that will KO you

  6. sanx-bile

    Premium product. First time purchasing this product and was a lil skeptical but WOW!! All doubt was put to rest after my first smoke. Superb buzz and great taste. Smoked as a topper outta my sheldon black.

  7. Microdose

    I feel confident I’m getting a premium craft product when I buy this. Beautiful aroma and effects.
    There’s a lot of different concentrates and extracts out there right now but I keep coming back to bubblehash.

  8. JonnyMTL

    What else can you say bm picks up the best products. Great smell as soon as you open sting bubble and water smell. Smokes nice a little unhappy with how sticky but best I can get my hands on 🙂

  9. Ferkle

    Great hash! It burned beautifully and the taste was great. I loved the flavours of blueberry/berries. After a couple bong hits I felt very calm and relaxed. Definitely helped me snack throughout some days when I’d be feeling under the weather as I have severe crohns disease. Would recommend!

  10. Mykhthrone

    Great stuff. Ridiculously potent, wonderful tasted and smell. Good to mix in if you maybe have some not-so-great stuff you want to use up. Great on its own of course too, but beware! A little goes a long way!

  11. TnT

    Great bubble hash, nice earthy taste with a strong high. Easy to roll, just sprinkle (but not too much or else it’ll make you cough). One of my favorites at BM.

  12. KD

    Awesome stuff! Super potent and tastes like quality. Use it mostly to add some spice to my bowls and no regrets. Price point is great too! Shoutout to BM for this one.

  13. TRwriter

    So far this is the only bubble hash I’ve tried, but this really helps go to that next level of high when I sprinkle a few grains with the dry flower I want to vaporize. My tolerance is a little above average, so this stuff gives my vaporizing sessions a really nice kick. It smells like blueberry too.

  14. wassamhere

    My 2nd time purchasing a gram of this. Tastes earthy and a tad spicy on the exhale. This is probably in the top 5 hashes I’ve tried from this site in terms of potency and burn quality. Will order again!

  15. lostintheclouds

    This stuff is an absolute lifesaver for so many things for me. From cramps to anxiety to so many things I find it just can nip anything away for me. Definitely will keep purchasing.

  16. THR

    I was never big on hash until I discovered bubblehash.
    If you’re looking to blast off into outer space, sprinkle a little of this on top of your bowl. It’s like throwing a shot of whiskey in your beer – it gives it that extra kick.
    It has a more pungent, rich, earthy flavour than the flower of the same strain.

    This stuff does tend to melt, so you can’t really smoke it on it’s own. If you do want to try, have a few replacement screens ready, they will get clogged up in a hurry with this stuff.

  17. 4our2wenty

    Blueberry kush is one of my favourite indicas and this…One of the best hashes ive purchased off budmail. It’s smells really fruity and tastes amazing through out the whole session, every hit tastes like the first time you toke it. Its nice to add on joints helps the j burn for longer and even at roach length it still tastes like it was just sparked! The stone is the best part though its soooo mellow and calming. This is just bliss. If you are tense, rilled up… this will be a ‘pheeeeew’

  18. TomFlry337

    Not usually a hash person but this turned me around. Conveniently pre-powdered and I can add it to my joints easily for a great boost to a regular experience.

  19. wassamhere

    This is my first time trying bubblehash and I was very pleased, The texture is similar to kief. I would add this to the “Pot of Gold” flower to take it to the next level. Subtle fruity hints on the exhale. 8/10 for potency. May rebuy again, but waiting for a new strain that looks like my cup of tea.. 😀 Cheers, happy toking!

  20. lostintheclouds

    I love this! Works wonders on my mood when I am very low. Cant recommend more for just a comfortable anxiety free high. Love to add this into whatever i’m smoking.

  21. SID

    This stuff is my favorite stuff on all of Budmail’s website! I absolutely love it. I am diagnosed Bipolar and I have tendencies related to psychosis and obsessive thought – This stuff truly cuts through that like a knife. I sprinkle this onto a joint of some low THC flower and some dried camomille flowers and I am satisfied. If you use a little, you can smoke it and still be functional throughout the day with the edge taken off of any lingering anxiety or nervousness. If you smoke more of it, it will start to lull you into a sleepy relaxation spot where you feel cuddly and warm. This just hits the spots perfectly in more ways than one. This is great for people with low tolerance or looking to add some calming effect to any strain they have. Some strains I find can be a little too racey or a little too intense and this bubble hash can take the edge off of any of it. A lovely product that I hope you guys have for a long time! Anyone with mood disorders and gastro-issues, this is your product!!!

  22. JonnyMTL

    The best bubble I’ve smoked this year! Smelt sweat when I opened the bag! Small nug like ball that crumbed when touched! Mouth watering tokes each time that gets you very high! Taste 5/5 high 5/5 smoke 5/5

  23. TomFlry337

    I personally loved it…I used it as a bowl topper and smoked it alone, flavor was 10/10 with a very sweet taste that reminded me of baked goods, high was pretty heavy and I give it a 8/10

  24. lostintheclouds

    This stuff is really nice. The taste is absolutely beautiful. Will definitely order more in the future as I only grabbed a gram of it this time. I can see this being gone soon, really nice

  25. diversitea76

    If your not getting fully toasted from this incredible hitting nearly full melt all I have to say is …..you need to take a week off quit and try it again. Flavour is amazing buzz is killer long lastimg . Nuff said

  26. Orchyd

    Decent quality won’t run through a metal pipe filter that has been used at least once, ordered a gram to test would recommend you save and buy multiples. Light on flavor and burns clean.

  27. YourNickname

    ordered the blueberry bubble hash and got blueberry pressed hash. assuming its made from the same stuff and only tried a small amount the taste wasn’t the best but ill try more to really form an opinion. the effects were great from what I’ve felt so far.

  28. Sam

    This hash is ridiculously goodd! I only smoke it at night because this will definitely put you back into your seat! Thanks BM!

  29. Bill

    Thought I’d try something a bit different and order bubble hash… Cute name but fairly gross watching the actual process on YouTube. Wasn’t really impressed. Light on smell and taste. I don’t feel it’s the best bang for the buck. But still fairly effective hash.

  30. XtremeC

    Continue from last review – This is a very poor product and batch, BM you should be ashamed of yourselves for offering such poor quality on your site.
    I’m actually really mad at you BM!
    This is pure garbage for $20/g.
    I’ve tried it multiple times over the last week, on its own and topped bowls, it actually tastes horrible, I’m not going to be able to finish my tester and still a lot left, I may even throw it in the garbage 🙁

  31. Selenium Sam

    Slightly different color and taste than the last batch but still tasty and effective. I am still satisfied with this product at the price point it is.

  32. XtremeC

    Should be $15/g, when I first got it I actually thought it was the Afghan Bullrider looks like those pictures, dark brown. Not much of a smell or taste either but nothing bad either. It does have some kick too it and I like that its powdery easy too top bowls but is somewhat disappointing over all, maybe after I finish smoking it i’ll have a new opinion but first impressions well….. I remember the Maui Wowi Bubblehash from 10 years ago where has that quality gone too 🙁

  33. soulman


  34. highlyfunctioning

    Burns great, beautiful aroma, classic hash flavour that is potent enough to make your throat tickle. This batch came in a nice little plastic container which has been a lot easier to handle than the plastic baggies some of the Kif come in.

  35. teflon_shawn

    I’m really liking this hash! Burns nice and clean, not harsh. Hits me like a freight train and its light out. I find its best on a bed of ashes in a bong or in a pipe is nice too. 5/5 Don’t miss out, its a “must try”

  36. yaya

    good hash but larry og is better than and your are out of stock of larry og
    good buble hash good taste and good feeling
    larry og is very good high and taste

  37. reesedeluca

    I like mixing this with flowers becuase it’s pretty strong. The flavor is nice and sweet and potent. Very nice high and has a really great blueberry smell.

  38. soulman

    cough cough cough,,this is instant hit but the burnout is quick and swift,,but it is really good mixing in weed with it,it has a kick of its own,,good choice of hash,,,.

  39. Marshall

    I’m not happy with this batch at all it didn’t melt like the other batches of bubblehash I purchased off of here.It didn’t seem like it was from 45 and 73 bags.would not stick together really to make bottle tokes. Not sticky enough.Got a ok buzz but I hope the lemon cookies is way better.

  40. bigjeff22

    First batch was much better slightly melty also much more tasty, current batch is dark brown with zero melt and pretty much no taste disapointed to say the least this batch should be maske at 15$/G

  41. Mundane

    Doesnt take much for a clean, heavy stone that tastes great.
    Amazing product, fair price; hopefully this stays on the menu for a while.
    Thank you BM

  42. soulman

    its strong hash good bang for your buck,hopefully this will stay for a bit,,had 1 hit and felt the high rightaways,,definitly will order again,potent,.

  43. Camo

    Very good hash. Smokes really well, I sprinkled some of this in with some Kush I have. All I can say is that I would recommend that you only smoke this when your ready for bed lol

  44. Ionically

    Well this was definitely an experience and a half for the wife and I. Helps with insomnia for sure, if you have anxiety then this stuff works great ! We both give this a 10/10 due to everything it offers. Melts great for bottle tokes, a lot of smoke, very smooth in its nature, didn’t need much to do the job, lasted long enough to put us to sleep, and looked exactly like the picture.

  45. Viral

    I have tried a few of these Bubble Hashish including this one here. They are all amazing in flavour and taste. I love adding it on top of my green bowls in my bongs, it just adds that super smooth, hash flavour and stone. You can’t beat this price and flavour for how easy it is to use and the great stone you get! Perfect for rolling up in joints too and it makes them nice and slow burning, will not be disapointed if you order ANY of the bubble hash but this is my most recent order so it gets the review!

  46. webster_5001

    Great hashy taste. excellent on top of any green in my bong for a very relaxing high. I hope it stays in stock. I quite enjoyed it and will be ordering this one again.

  47. Baketree

    Has a wonderful blueberry smell to it. Pic is dead accurate. Smoked in waterpipe and it was fairly melty. Taste is fantastic and mimics the smell. Stone was strong. Didn’t take much to get a buzz. I also wanted to see if it was dabbable. Got a small amount of powder to stick to my dabber and went at it. It by no means fully melted but it didn’t gum up my nail and make a mess. Mostly just some residue on my dab tool. The buzz was more subtle than from the waterpipe but slowly crept up and was quite enjoyable. The meltiest hash I’ve tried from BM. I would love to keep this stuff on hand at all times.

  48. deepfreq

    Awesome potency and flavour! just picked up a gram to test out and like always BM came through with a solid product that I’ll definitely be ordering on the regular if it stays on the menu. Thanks BM 🤙🏼

  49. deadpoet

    Taste heaven. while domestic afghan has that butthash type sweaty taste to it the bbk bubble hash adds flavor and a strong buzz to any spliff. great as an addition or alone in a bong its one i will retun to.

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