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Bubblehash – Rockstar Crumble

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Bubblehash – Rockstar Crumble

This Bubblehash/Crumble was made locally in B.C. using  a specific cut of Rockstar.

Rockstar is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star. An aroma of spice and dank fuel greet you at first. Floral and musky classic kush notes are also prevalent. The flavours follow suit, imparting a sweet floral perfume, while expansive on the lungs. A wash of relaxation takes over as this is smoked. The effects have cerebral qualities but are more likely to leave you quietly focused while happy and relaxed. Excellent for evenings with minimal plans. Overall, Rockstar is a flavourful strain with potent effects and full-bodied flavours.

Flavours: Earthy, Savoury, Musky, Fuel
Effects: Heavy, Dreamy, Euphoric, Calming
Medical: Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Depression

4 reviews for Bubblehash – Rockstar Crumble

  1. SwampsOfSnye

    this is my intro to crumble and i am a fan. i’ve been strictly using this to top off a bong load before bed and it has been an amazing and noticeable boost in relaxation and pain relief. also has a great high, btw. it’s just the pain relief this provided for me really made it stand out. nice heavy body high, can’t wait to give this a go out on a hike. looking forward to trying more crumble.

  2. AnAbsoluteAlien

    Being crumble, the surface areas increased and it just burns so nicely. A soft chocolate undertone can be tasted on the exhale. Wasn’t blown away by the stone, a nice heavy body high that lasted a while. Terpenes just didn’t align with my body chemistry so I didn’t find it anything special, but that’s not to say you won’t enjoy it.

  3. Misfit Malice

    That is da bomb! I really love that hash! Perfect to smoke with a pipe, so you can dose it perfectly (I don’t like to be too stoned, I prefer to keep a smooth buzz going on for all the evening). As soon as you exhale, you feel a chill, smooth buzz taking over, giving you a perfect smiling mood, like “life is just beautifull”! The taste is great (not as much as the Pink Kush Crumble, which is my best one), and it’s drier than it (I prefer when it’s a little bit more humid, only personnal taste, here) and the smell is good and sweet (not as much as the Pink Kush Crumble, again). Definitely one of the best hash here. Really potent if you’re not a heavy smoker. I strongly recommend it!

  4. Maryjane

    This is my first time trying bubble hash so all I have to compare it with is regular hash. It has a similar smell as regular hash but the main difference being the texture. It’s crumbly. It burns better than regular hash in my opinion and the taste is superb. This particular batch has a very sweet smell. Much sweeter than the gorilla glue#4 which I also got to try. It has no minty after tone but instead has a deep sweet almost chocolatey smell. It’s amazing. The taste is delicious as well. Like I said in the review of the gorilla glue #4 bubble hash this type of hash is my new favorite. You definitely get more of the taste and it’s easier to top bowls with and roll joints. It’s amazing stuff!!! I recommend trying a gram at least

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