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Resin (HDC) – Old School LHO

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Old School LHO is a form of Budder/Wax/Honeycomb uniquely derived from the LHO process, which is exclusive to Horatio Delbert Concentrates.  This is the classic profile of a “Cannabinoid Crumble” that long-time LHO connoisseurs were originally introduced to; before the inception of LHO 7.0 and its family of terpene profiles.

Everyone has different methods for medicating, and there is a wide variety of choices beyond direct dabbing: Supercharge joints, crown bowls of cannabis in a bong, or even mix with neutral cannabinoid distillates for a more acid THC-A high.

The high is decidedly cerebral, with a big mood boost and jolt of energy. It spurs creativity, and helps you complete tasks with a dash of anxiety. Perhaps most effective in treating lethargy, depression, and couch lock. “The peoples LHO”, expect a longer and side-effect-free high that can be relied upon for daily smoke.

6 reviews for Resin (HDC) – Old School LHO

  1. nugtender

    This is the best concentrate I’ve had off BM. The flavour and high of this LHO is bar none. The terp profile is out of this world, and a little goes a loooong way. Unparalleled to any terp saps, oils, shatters, budders etc. I’ve tried. I’ve had the White Widow x Death Bubba, White Death, and Golden Ticket and they have all been fantastic. Grab this while it is available, especially on sale.

  2. Baketree

    Grabbed the MK Ultra and was not disappointed. I prefer this example to the one I previously reviewed. It is more of a budder texture and is really easy to dab. Smells heavenly, not as overly MK but smells like LHO. Nice strong stone that creeps on me. Such a great product.

  3. Microdose

    I received the original and was very pleased. I find Horatio Delbert’s LHO products give me optimal effects. I will likely make this a regular purchase. Loved the colour and dry crumbly consistency of the original.

  4. TMG

    I would pick this over anything on the list. If I could give 10 Stars I would give 10 stars to this. Instant effects Great Taste very smooth going in very potent coming out. This is the old school high school action. I highly recommend!

  5. Baketree

    I grabbed the MK and it’s really nice. Smells great and tastes great while dabbing. Very crumbly and a little harder to deal with. I’ve had the MK LHO 7.0 and this is a less flavourful version, both taste and smell. The buzz is a little different too. I found this to be a little heavier hitting. I do think the 7.0 is a more intense buzz, if that makes sense. When the wallet permits I would choose the 7.0 but when a strain I want to try comes up there would be no hesitation to grab. Great medicine.

  6. 27and73

    if you remember when oil was for sale it was this. 5 stars!
    it melts into brown oil just like the old times!

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