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Budder (KleerX)


1 gram of Budder for $45.

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Product Description

1 gram of Budder for $45.

KleerX’s budder is known for its amazing flavour. It is a great way to explore the world of cannabis concentrates. To make their budder they begin with high quality in-house grown flower. Which they then process over 120 hours and 6 steps, to ensure that the flavour is pronounced. Approximately 30-35% THC.

26 reviews for Budder (KleerX)

  1. Chuck Brown

    I bought the “Harmony” … I prefer hybrids, especially for the daytime.
    This was good, tasted: lemony > earthy. Sweet.
    Nice, manageable consistency, like very sticky, smooth peanut butter.

    Not harsh. I also use Oro 1:1 ~80% So I found this to be a little weak. Not bad though.
    A nice long, unbroken grain of cooked, white rice. Is the about the size I usually use. With the Harmony I had two grains for the same effect. It is definitely 35% ! It has lots of terpenes, and more varied cannabinoids. I found it to uplift my mood, relax my muscles, slow my mind but still stay focused and alert. It has some noticeable differences in effects. Compared to just 80% THC/CBD.

    I wouldn’t buy/use it all the time. I like this strain, but it is twice the price!
    Compared to High Voltage Sauce. Which is about the same price. I found it to be about the same. Taste and potency wise. The descriptions of the flavors are usually quite accurate.
    “The Price is Right!”

  2. BobTV

    The Harmony is the worst budder I’ve ever had. Didn’t get me high which is why I buy it. Kleer-x has made some good ones, like the MK Ultra, but this was a colossal disappointment.

  3. John A

    I have reviewed this before but I think I was a bit jaded. After not smoking BHO for a couple months I bought some, kinda crappy actually. The taste is good and it got me nice and high a couple times but its not very strong. Must be made with low quality bud or something.

  4. funkbreaks

    First time trying, taste was ok but not like the budder king budder. Best part about the lemon og was the clear and stable high. As far as concentrates this is pretty good bang for your buck

  5. Ancient

    so far so good , mk ultra was amazing but sent you in the couch or bed , this headbang though is perfect for day time use and has a nice taste and aroma . ill be getting more for sure

  6. coldwhite

    I ordered a gram of this and it’s really not too bad, the inhale was smooth and the budder was tasty, it had a unique taste to it. I would definitely order more because of how smooth it is to smoke. Thanks BM

  7. Thrashknar

    very nice, very clean, easy on the lungs to dab!! I was pleased to see that the budder looked exactly like it does in the online picture. I have been down with bud mail for a long time because they always bring the best quality

  8. Ancient

    Okay , let go on and say that this stuff will put you down if your not active . and by active i mean not sitting on the couch it will keep you there . out of everything i bought my last order this was the one i kept for night time , any other time of the day was a dangerous game lol . that being said it was a bit dry but manageable , the taste was good and the high is nice . it is well worth the 45 bucks and i feel like you get a fair amount in size .

  9. JLo

    This reminded me more of sugar than budder. Might have just been the White Widow. Very terpy and tasty, I’m a huge WW fan though. Wish it came in glass instead of plastic. Clean terpy wax at a decent price, definitely want to try the Headband now.

  10. IcE426

    Tried lucky lime a while back. Not bad budder for the price. Lacking a little in the taste department and a little crumbly for my liking. But for the price can’t really complain

  11. nrthnrkoala

    Not as much of that great yummy taste that budder should have, but the high is quality! I’ll definitely be ordering it again. I tried the Lucky Lime strain!

  12. Bud Master Kojer

    White widow – Total rating – 3.8/5

    Taste – 3.8/5
    Since the main aspect of this product is supposed to be the flavour, I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t more potent. Granted while this is just the first one I’ve tried from Kleerx, I’ve had other budders, such as the Phant brand, that were much more flavourful without that being a selling point, but I guess that most likely depends on the strains used as well. One good aspect to the flavour is that the profile is more varied, even with the better budders I’ve tried a lot of the time the flavour is potent but singular, while Kleerx seems to retain more of the whole terpene profile similar to a terp sap. Either way this Kleerx is still great, the white widow has a slight spiciness reminiscent of a kush with some gassy undertones throughout the hit but it finishes with a faint orangy floral note on the exhale, almost like the aftertaste of a weak cup of herbal tea.

    High – 3.8/5
    I’m not a huge dabber I usually just use vape pens and usually only use concentrates during the day time because it’s a more clear headed high and even in large quantities just doesn’t satisfy me like a big bowl of flower does. While this white widow hit nice and hard, it seemed to be a fairly short lived high that took a bit more than expected to get me there, and it didn’t make me as sleepy or lazy as the actual bud does. Concentrates often make me cough a lot too but this one is super smooth.

    Looks/appeal – 3.8/5
    Not as bright or yellow as the pictures, and not as chunky/solid. Mine came more as crumble than budder, and it was more brown and waxy. As a matter of fact the size/consistency/colour would best be described as a lighter shade of ear wax. Easy to use with the right tools but I would prefer silicone or parchment paper as opposed to the crappy plastic containers this stuff always comes in.

    Bottom line – good flavour, good high, good price. Will definitely be trying more.


    It’s been awhile since I ordered concentrates. I’d say a few hits with the hot knives does the trick. Ordered some whit widow and was impressed few hits take you a long way 😃. Thanks BM

  14. snicklefritz

    Really enjoy this product, i got the dutch treat. Looks great, tastes great, smells great and smokes great. Really good price for budder especially since it is still very quality. Will try more

  15. Budsfan

    White Widow & Dutch Treat is what I ordered didn’t know what to expect. Solid budder. Exactly what I was looking for. Very flavorful & strong ! oh HAPPY 420 !

  16. Nigz

    Forgot to mention the packaging it’s very cool. Little box with strain name with plastic wax cup. It was worth coming back to let ya know as some people that matters to like me 😉 😎🇨🇦

  17. Nigz

    Very decent 👌🏼 white widow gassy and does the trick with minimum dabs. I am going to reorder this forsure a nice terpy concentrate. If your in to the dab life like me it’s a must try 😉 before I buy it all 😂 peace bud fam and mucho respect as usual 😎🇨🇦✌️

  18. frozenlandscape

    Just ordered the white widow, the smell is fantastic. Very easy to work with although a bit more crumbly then typical “budder”. Decent taste and the high is fairly quick onset, would definitely recommend and I would like to try out some other KleerX products.

  19. Patient Zero

    Dutch Treat was part of my order and lets say, I didn’t expect it to be so dry and crumbly, it’s not like other budders where you can use a dab tool to scrap off a little.. this literally crumbled and you basically need a little spoon to scoop it out..
    The high is well worth the price, but the taste is fantastic at lower temp!
    Will reorder, Thanks BM!

  20. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    Absolutely great! The consistency is exactly what you want from budder, the taste is exceptionally good, and the price is the best option on BM at the moment. Try it!

  21. Baketree

    I’ve tried the Lemon OG and White Widow. Both are really well produced. The OG had a great lemony flavour and smell. Widow hits a little heavier but tastes great as well. Widow is a little waxier and easier to work with than the OG was. The OG was very honeycomb like and crumbly. Not a complaint, just an observation. Not a fan of the plastic container but at least it didn’t have a lip at the top.

  22. Patient Zero

    So I ordered 1g of ghost budder a while back and they ran out and sent me 1g of BudderKings Budder as the replacement.
    Since I haven’t “purchased” that budder i’ll leave my review here, definitely the cleanest smoke ive ever had, almost feels like it sobers you! then an hour or two later, you’re hungry and pretty focused but coach locked, Easily the best budder ive ever had and i’ve tried alot! it’s just super expensive but 99.7%ThC is worth it lol
    Now im going to try ordering 1g of Kleerx dutch treat but if you “run out” and send me budderkings budder, I wont mind lol 😉 10/10 service BM! Thank You!

  23. John A

    Like the other guys said. It taste’s just about as good as BHO is going to. The Lemon OG tastes the best IMO. However!!! Its not budder. I would call this wax or almost honeycomb.

  24. zharov

    This stuff is so damn terpy I was not expecting it to be so nice to be completely honest. Budder I have tried up until this point doesn’t have shi on this goodness

  25. Eskimo Stoner

    I just received this in the mail today and I gotta say holy this packs a flavour punch 😱😱😱 dabbing it off my quartz nail for maximum flavour on low heat.

  26. Hdollops

    great tasting terps that kicks like a mofo. defs cop this shit………………………………………………………………………………..

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