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Budder (SeC) – Lunar Alchemy


1g for $50

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1g of Budder for $50

Small batch Budder boasting an exotic and pungent terpene profile – sweet, expertly made and highly potent!

9 reviews for Budder (SeC) – Lunar Alchemy

  1. Rocks

    Very enjoyable, totally the thing for having a couple and working in the garden. Or ducking out of a social gathering and having a little nibble before ordering the next round. Thanks !!

  2. MarijuanaMonkey

    I’ve ordered this a few times, I usually get it specifically for my boyfriend and it’s his absolute favourite! It’s a bit pricey but it smokes great, smells dank as hell and hasn’t disappointed yet!

  3. Funky Munkey

    Very high quality butter from some of the best extracts in the biz SEC. Super useful in a dab pen or otherwise. Also doesnt melt and get sticky like other shatters but stays together and is more easy to manage. This is good stuff and I would recommend.

  4. Jlab

    Not bad, pretty skunk but melts darker for sure for 50/g I’d just expect a little more nug in the run, only reason it got 4 stars, but this shit slaps

  5. JT

    A little dry compared to budder king but for the price it’s a good deal. I found it to be more of a daytime high. It gave me a more of a energy buzz.

  6. JLo

    I don’t think this is like kief. It’s like the budder we used to make. It’s dry but it’s definitely budder like. Very flavourful, potent and clean. I enjoyed it more than Kleerxs budder. If I had to guess it was made from GG#4. I usually lay off the concentrates for the summer, but I might make an exception for this one. Just wish we knew the cultivar name and it came in more than one flavour.

  7. Dj mc

    I grabbed 2 gs of this product it’s like kief not a budder but still very potent…..taste isn’t bad but not great …I rather have budder king …thanks budmail………need to try these guys edibles

  8. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    The texture is almost like pressed hash, rather than a budder. The potency is there, but the taste is only average. I’ll personally get the more flavourful, better-textured budded from KleerX for $5 cheaper.

  9. TRwriter

    This is more like a crumble. Super strong as F. Six puffs on my wax pen and it was to the moon. Taste didn’t do much for me, but to be fair, I’m just using a cheap wax pen. I also like crumbling a bit of this in the vaporizer bowl with dry flower.

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