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Budder (SeC) – Lunar Alchemy


1g for $50

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1g of Budder for $50

Small batch Budder boasting an exotic and pungent terpene profile – sweet, expertly made and highly potent!

5 reviews for Budder (SeC) – Lunar Alchemy

  1. JT

    A little dry compared to budder king but for the price it’s a good deal. I found it to be more of a daytime high. It gave me a more of a energy buzz.

  2. JLo

    I don’t think this is like kief. It’s like the budder we used to make. It’s dry but it’s definitely budder like. Very flavourful, potent and clean. I enjoyed it more than Kleerxs budder. If I had to guess it was made from GG#4. I usually lay off the concentrates for the summer, but I might make an exception for this one. Just wish we knew the cultivar name and it came in more than one flavour.

  3. Dj mc

    I grabbed 2 gs of this product it’s like kief not a budder but still very potent…..taste isn’t bad but not great …I rather have budder king …thanks budmail………need to try these guys edibles

  4. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    The texture is almost like pressed hash, rather than a budder. The potency is there, but the taste is only average. I’ll personally get the more flavourful, better-textured budded from KleerX for $5 cheaper.

  5. TRwriter

    This is more like a crumble. Super strong as F. Six puffs on my wax pen and it was to the moon. Taste didn’t do much for me, but to be fair, I’m just using a cheap wax pen. I also like crumbling a bit of this in the vaporizer bowl with dry flower.

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