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Budder (Seven Star)


1 Gram for $25

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Seven Star Budder

Seven Star high quality extracts are Kootenay made in beautiful British Columbia. Each batch is produced with passion and care.

Budder is an ultra-high potency cannabis extract made with dabbing in mind. Seven Star uses trichome heavy strains for all of their extractions.

25 reviews for Budder (Seven Star)

  1. soulman (verified owner)

    Don’t like powder as budder, if I knew this was powder green crack god, I would have never ordered it.disappointing..,. Can’t really make hits for hot knife,….

  2. InukSmoke420 (verified owner)

    Budder from seven star, its very good! I love it! Best thing is the high being long and the cough nice and strong. Seven star budder gets a 5 star from me

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Rockstar: Sativa 30% Indica 70% Sweet and fruity smelling/tasting. Fine golden texture. Relaxing and helped me fall asleep. Not bad at all!
    I also bought Bubba Kush, and God again because they have been some of my favorites. Although this time, the texure of the “God” is not chunky and bubbly. It has been broken into powder. Still does the job though!

  4. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    Review on the Animal Face: this strain is a 70% Sativa and has a dry powder kind texture partly resin like. The flavor is nice it coats the taste buds with flavor and the buzz is strong hitting the head first giving nice energetic high moving into the body

  5. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    Review on the Bubba Kush: The texture of this strain is a very gummy resins like with a dark brown color the taste is very nice kushy goodness the high is strong and hits the body leaving you relaxed and chilled recommend to any Kush lover

  6. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I buy these. You can read my other reviews!
    Platinum Cookie: 60% Sativa/ 40% Indica. It has a dry/crumbly, light gold colour. It’s mostly fine and small pieces, but you can see bubbles in the larger chunks. It tastes sweet, and has a stimulating, and euphoric/relaxing effect.

    I bought God again too, because it’s been one of my favorites. 20%Sativa / 80%Indica … With a cold buttery/bubbly texture and stimulating/cerebral effects, for a mostly indica strain.

  7. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    The texture varies by strain. I’ve never had a problem with drier or moister strains, using my dab tool. Which is a little scoop.
    Some of the drier strains, can be turned into small enough powder/pieces to be rolled in a doob.

    Gelato: 45% Sativa / 55% Indica. Sticky-squishy crumbs and chunks of amber colour. A sweet lavender/ earthy taste, and stimulating effects.
    Animal Face: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica. Looser fine grain with a lighter yellow hue, some visible bubbles in chunks. Piney taste with a headrush and some euphoria.
    Jager: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica. A nice bubbly sticky moist texture, dark amber colour, almost orange. Earthy liquorice taste, muscle relaxing effect.

    It’s not the most potent, but it’s a good price, and dabs burn fairly clean.

  8. Dj mc (verified owner)

    Love this budder …every time pure quality…..this is all u need …best product on the menu hands down…they know what there doing here please try every strain all a 1…..thanks again i would give 10 stars

  9. Red E. (verified owner)

    Tried Sour Diesel as it’s one of my favourite strains. The consistency was decent. A bit dry but easy to manage. The flavour wasn’t very strong which was a little disappointing and the potency was a little shy as well. An extra dab will probably get you where you want to be, which is nice but I burned through a gram rather quickly so while it’s a good price, I don’t think it’s a great value.

  10. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Purple God: S60% I40% Dark, big chunks, looks like your typical budder… crumbles easily. Slightly dry with bubbles. Kushy taste!
    Wedding Cake: S40% I60% Golden chunks that seperate and clump back together. Sticky, medium moisture. Sweet taste.
    Lemon Haze: S80% I20% Golden bubbly chunks. Similar to cool butter texture wise. Tastes tangy and sweet.
    LA Kushcake: S50% I50% Golden loose crumbs, small and kiefy. Interesting taste, almost spicy, but with diesel undertones.
    They’re all good.

  11. jason420 (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty good , granted its not super potent but hit enough it will feel like it
    Got 3 different types all were great very pleasant on the nose when first opening it up smelled yummy almost wanted to eat it
    Easy to dab
    Easy to add to a joint for some extra kick
    Dont really recommend hittin it in a bowl seems to run down an out the bottom before the weed burn , maybe was just me adding to much who knows
    But for the price and the buzz can’t be beat
    Going to stock up on multiple flavours next time
    Thanks budmail

  12. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Correcting my previous post. THC Snow was not “Anytime” It was considered “Nighttime” Though its % are 40S/60I

    God: Typical soft budder texture, moistish, caramel colour. Soft/sticky with bubbbles. Crumbles/resticks and tastes great. 20% Sativa and 80% Indica. Strangely the site says “God” is “Anytime” … Though it has much higher indica than THC Snow.
    “THC snow” DOES make you very sleepy, while I’ve just tried “God” and I’m not sleepy. I’m feeling a definite reduction in stress. Almost elated. I think I want to buy “God” again.

    AK: “Daytime” 65% Sativa / 35% Indica … Dark golden, pungent. Looser, smaller grain, not very sticky compared, but it is sticky.
    Even more of an uplifting buzz! Stimulating, without my mind racing. Nice daytime strain.

    Bubba Kush: “Night-time” 20% Sativa/80% Indica …Medium/light gold, fine grain, very sticky. Smells like a freshly broken “evergreen”, or walking in the forest. Soil/earth scent… Earthy taste and nice muscle relaxation.

    I have enjoyed every type I’ve tried. I didn’t think such a great product could be so affordable!!
    I can tailor my day properly, and mix and match to keep my tolerance as low as expected for a daily toker.

  13. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    Really good budder that is easy to handle with convenient packaging. Tasty products that vape smooth, a good bang for yyour buck product. Will try again

  14. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    For the price, these are great!
    I like the various % levels of Indica/Sativa. (Night-time/Day-time/Any-time)
    This order I had THC Snow, Pink Kush and Hemp Star.
    The flavour and aroma profiles are very accurate.

    Texture wise:
    The THC Snow is Thick, darker, chunky and similar to soft/warm chocolate chips. (Still firm) (40S/60I) Anytime
    Pink Kush: Is very sticky, a little dry. A Golden colour with a finer smaller grains. (10S/90I) Nighttime
    Hemp Star: Is very similar to the Pink Kush, Golden, sticky with a fine grain size. (90S/10I) Daytime

    I really enjoy mixing these with honey oil for a super duper dab! The selection of strains, and the various effects are fantastic!

  15. 420lion (verified owner)

    got the golden goat, this butter was clean. smelled of citrus and sunk. When dabbing threw my glass rig gave very clean smoke and little residue left over on my glass. 10/10

  16. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Holy Grail: Dryish, firm but still soft. (Breaks into chunks) Filled with bubbles.
    Lemon Haze: Moister, with a sticky, crumb texture. Like crumbs from soft cookies.
    Mimosa: Moister, with a finer/smaller crumb texture/smaller grain size, also very sticky.

    Using a clean rig, they taste as described. The tiny jars have a silicone inside so you can get every last bit. Careful when opening, they are often full to the brim!

    These are pretty good for the price. They don’t taste as good as other more expensive extracts, sauces exc. But these are still quite potent. They don’t burn as clean as some. But the price is worth it. There is a unique flavour and effect profile from each strain. It’s a nice change from just honey oil, or THC edibles alone.

  17. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I ordered Golden Goat and Sour Diesel.
    The flavour profile is nice. Tastes great and the effects are as described.
    The two grams have different textures.
    Golden Goat being drier/crumbly … like sticky sand.
    Sour Diesel is wetter and clumped together, looks just like the picture.
    Great price, I hope it stays in stock. This is a excellently priced extract!

  18. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Parfait pour passer une soirée relax, rire avec des amis et/ou écouter un film tranquille.. bon produit doux sur la gorge et plus qu’abordable au niveau qualités prix.

  19. Dj mc (verified owner)

    Its good not perfect melts messy….but gets job done….i got pink kush….its was good gives ya a headache if ya smoke to much….if u want to sleep soundly this for you

  20. JLo (verified owner)

    I got six t try when they dropped. Grabbed the Pink Kush, Rockstar, Bubba Kush, THC Snow, Holy Grail and Black Mamba. The Pink, Rockstar, Holy Grail and THC Snow all had a similar colour and consistency of beach sand. The Bubba Kush is a bit darker and clumped up like full melt bubble hash. These five were all great, decent terpene profiles distinguish each cultivar well in effects and flavour. The Black Mamba wasn’t a great experience for me. The wax is darker and in one big clump and it has a slight taste of butane or propane. Doesn’t seem to be quite purged properly. It’s not bad enough that I won’t smoke it but I wouldn’t get it again. See some new ones are up so I’ll give the diesels a go this round. Loving the concentrate menu lately!

  21. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Excellent produit idéal pour relaxer et / ou dormir. Sommeil profond sans mal de tête au réveil c’est un bon produit au goût et les effets sont très agréables.

  22. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Budmail, I was so grateful to have seen this product on your menu as I didn’t want to order from another source. I bought Sour Diesel & THC Snow (I missed the Pink Kush–Please, get more!) and they’re both great. Lately, I’ve been indulging in sativa concentrates and Seven Star Budder Sour Diesel hits all the right buttons. THC Snow is a good hybrid for unwinding, watching movies or listening to your music. I’ve also had AK & Super Nova from another source, but would rather purchase from BM, so please, let this product appear on the menu more often than not! Thank you, Budmail!

  23. Beans (verified owner)

    Got the super Nova it’s nice budder and for the price can’t go wrong it makes an excellent addition to a joint or nice to hit in a rig all together can’t go wrong
    Thanks BM

  24. Adam (verified owner)

    I love this budder. It is my new go-to. I have never seen budder this good for the price and I hope they never stop selling it especially at this price.

  25. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Tempted by the much cheaper price. Kootenay has not disappointed me with a product yet… I ordered “Holy Grail” … But I just missed the stock.
    I received “Supernova” Instead. I was hoping for a more “daytime” budder.
    But night-time is good for me too.

    It comes in a tiny little plastic jar, filled to the brim. Careful when opening!
    It’s quite dry. “Keify” No problem, my dab tool is covered in oil.
    It was hard to get the right amount without spilling, the container is small, and FULL.

    I might try to, re-hydrate it with a humidity pack or orange peel.
    It sticks to the wet of your skin. You could probably roll hash-balls. (If you don’t mind, smoking dead skin. Not for me.)

    OK, so I cleaned my rig, and I’m winding down for bed.
    I had one rice sized dab of the “budder” / keif… It’s “SuperNova!”
    Relaxing body high, muscle relaxant, making me drowsy. Definitely relives stress and inflammation. Good for inflammation pain.
    It tastes just as described… “Citrus, sweet, musky and pine.”

    Great price, burned clean. I’ve bought dry budder like this, sometimes it’s schwag!
    I’m used to “Budder” being thicker, and moister. But this is potent, tastey and affordable… Give it a try! It’s worth it.

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