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Budder (BudderKing)

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Product Description

Lab Tested – 99.7% Cannabinoids

Budder is an ultra-high potency cannabis extract made by The Budder King, and is the same product that sold at Vancouver’s famed DaKine Cafe.

Cannabis Culture’s Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, says Budder ranks at the top of the list.

A little Budder goes a long way. One gram contains approximately 40 hits. Each hit is the equivalent of 1-2 full joints, making this product dollar-for-dollar the most economical way to experience the full medical benefits of cannabis.

It takes 28 grams of premium buds (not leaf or shake) to make 3 grams of Budder.

Budder tends to get slightly runny at higher temperatures. Freezer storage makes Budder easier to handle.

To learn more about Budder, click here to read the Cannabis Culture Magazine feature.

Tips and techniques for ingesting Budder:

Quarter Mile Method

  1. Heat up a coin on the burner of a stove till it is glowing red hot. Have a tiny amount of Budder (an amount the size of a pin head or slightly larger) ready on the end of a long metal pin.
  2. As soon as the coin is glowing red hot, turn off the stove burner, and allow the coin to cool SLIGHTLY, but only slightly (5 seconds).
  3. Touch down the pin to the top of the coin, and inhale the resulting smoke through your mouth. It helps to catch it all if you use a small straw or tube. Hold in the smoke for 15 seconds, then exhale and take a seat. Repeat if necessary.

Hot Knife Method

  1. Heat up the tip of a single hot knife, metal spatula or spoon with a blowtorch, torch lighter, or gas stove until it’s glowing red hot. Then, allow it to cool slightly.
  2. Have a tiny amount of Budder ready on the end of a pin, touch it down onto the tip of the hot knife. Be sure to keep the blade of the knife flat, as Budder liquefies instantly when heated.
  3. Use a tube to inhale the resulting smoke, and be careful not to burn yourself in the process! Hold the smoke in for 15 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

242 reviews for Budder (BudderKing)

  1. sk8r

    I am sorry to say that I did not get any buzz from this product. I tried it 5 times over a number of weeks – even tried going 5 days without doing any other pot to make sure I was clean and straight. I’ve been toking for more that 50 years so I do know what a buzz is. The terpene flavour is lovely and complex, and the smoke is super smooth but I get no buzz! Going by all the other reviews, which are 99% positive, I just don’t get it. Perhaps a bad batch? This was my first try with any Budder product. Would like to try other variations but now I’m too scared to risk my $. Not looking for any refund. Just wanted to offer my honest experience. Regards

  2. OldSchool

    With Budder your high is guaranteed and you avoid the tar associated with smoking weed and hash. 2 – 5 hits and you’re flying. I love this stuff and the current container is far better than the old style.

  3. junior666

    I remember this stuff when extracts were just hitting. I loved it then but it seems to fall a bit flat now. It’s tasty and the buzz is okay but it’s really not that good for the price. A lot of other extracts like sauces and resins are way tastier and pack a lot more punch.
    I prefer this with a bit of weed mix for flavor but for straight extract I’m on to other, more well made products.


    Got a gram of this I thought would be a bit stronger. Was a bit weak didnโ€™t last me that long and the high was not there had about 20 hits in a row and no effects! I think the Kleerex was stronger and way cheaper.

    Thanks BM

  5. RyanOkaitok

    Not bad but for $80 I thought it would be stronger, I’ve bought stronger and tastier budder for less then half the price. I hope it was a bad batch?


  6. Baketree

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had this [5+years]. Back when it was one of the few extracts available it was a mainstay of my orders but with so much stuff to try it fell out of favour. Was a little put off by the overwhelming smell of alcohol upon first opening container. Let it air out and enjoyed the smell after that. Dabbed super clean and tasted amazing. The high is far superior to other budders on the site. Really disappointed in the plastic container. Yes it’s an upgrade over the old ‘budder cup’ but really, $80/g and it can’t be put in glass? Every wax/budder/live resin should come in glass with no lip.

  7. gogetyourshinebox

    Great quality dabs…..2-3 hits of this stuff and you’re pretty gone lol. Not exactly sure if it’s worth the $80 a gram though. Overall this is potent stuff and it’s definitely worth a try if you have the means to do so ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. crumbo

    Really high quality dabs. Worth the money if you want to smoke something very pure. Unlike resins which try to preserve the profile of the original plant, this is more of a clear headed and strong buzz which must be because of the fact that it’s almost 100% THC. Great stuff

  9. Mtl

    15+ yrs of partaking and never came across something so potent and pure. Hands down best stuff you can smoke. Made some into vape juice and wowwow nuclear stuff

  10. RsJ88

    This was my first time ordering and trying Budder and it definitely well not be the last. This product is so potent that 3-5 hits for me was way more than enough. I definitely would recommend this to anybody who never tried budder. After this order i decided i want to try all different kinds of budder. I am so happy i finally found a product I am in love with. Thank you very much BM.

  11. Jeff

    Another top shelp extract. I live this stuff too. Unreal quality, excellent buzz, fantastic taste, just a treat to get, if your considering this don’t hesitate any longer its Def worth the 80 pins

  12. Leon the professional

    I got this about 12 years ago and havenโ€™t seen it since. Hands down best stuff. Probably one of the first concentrates I tried and will always be my fav . The same as I remember. If you have never tried this stuff you need to.

  13. Imbo

    Absolutely love this stuff… it is not harsh like shatter is… it is so smooth I always feel so impressed with every hoot. Worth every penny… a must buy for all. Canโ€™t rave enough about how amazing this is

  14. Flightmonkey

    Wow. Holy shit. Wow. This stuff is better than sex! Iโ€™ve tried a few other types of budder before getting this one…it is a bit more expensive but most definitely worth it!

  15. LisaJayne

    Been way too long since the last time I bought some of this so I decided to treat myself. A treat indeed! Same potent Budder same great taste and high. Will definitely not be waiting as long to buy more

  16. Big G

    This is good shnikies. Itโ€™s so good youโ€™ll slap your momma. lol This is a keep to yourself stash.
    Thanks Budmail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Brigow

    Hands down one of the nicest, cleanest products Iโ€™ve tried (tried a few over my 35+ years as a partaker with this amazing plant) Will buy again when this is gone, not an everyday go to, but for a treat every now and then, deff a must try! Thanks BM ๐Ÿป

  18. TyrannosaurusFecks

    Very enjoyable, gives a great buzz and you need very little for an effect. Tastes good and burns nicely. Wish it was stronger for the price but still a great product.

  19. XtremeC

    1 dab after work and I am pretty baked, but was expecting more. It tastes awesome and looks interesting but is too expensive, also I was expecting something mind blowing, unfortunately I wasn’t blown away at all. 10 years ago this would be out of this world but not these days. The Tahoe OG wax I got 2 years ago from a friend was 10x this stuff I actually thought it was some kind of budder. I split this BKB gram with my brother in law and he agrees, its awesome but nothing special especially now a days with other concentrates just as good if not better for cheaper way cheaper!!

  20. Dj mc

    Just saying there isn’t anything better my friends for indica lovers this is the stuff dreams are made of
    Thanks budmail a treat as always just wish is wasn’t so expensive budder boy out

  21. phobia

    After trying it out, I purchased a pen specifically to smoke this Budder — I am very very impressed with it, it has a powerfull snap that is absolutely fantastic. There is nothing whatsoever left in the chamber when it is done vapourizing, so I believe it to be 100% pure. I wish I could afford to order some every time.

  22. benny

    best stuff out there hands down…. will never let u down! order this stuff and be amazed! ive ordered other budders on here but nothing can compare… well worth the price!

  23. sparky75

    WOW! This stuff will knock you on your ass.A little truly does go a long way with this stuff, I will be ordering this again no question.Another quality product from you guys.

  24. Dj mc

    so good love this product worth the cash like the first time over and over again thanks budmail I vape this product matchhead does the job fingernail to much unless u want to sleep all day

  25. thicchigga

    Great stuff all around amazing to smoke and got some very good results by spreading a .2 along with peanut butter on my toast, no wonder this stuff is popular

  26. deepfreq

    Wow just picked up a gram to test out and let me tell ya this stuff is super potent! Awesome flavor with a high that lasts. Definitely a nice treat, will buy again. Thanks BM!

  27. Rikki

    Unreal. Lol. Very little goes a long way. Totally worth the price in my opinion. Got my order this morning, tried this omg felt so good. Was buzzed for quite awhile before trying my new shatter. Love Budmail so much. Soooooooo much. All my purchases so far have been above par. Highly recommend this treat๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  28. woody

    i have ordered this product multiple times and impressed everytime and worth every penny! tastes great and the high cant be beat in my opinion so treat yourself and buy this gem! 10/10

  29. soulman


  30. Murdy

    Love the bk budder. Straight to the melon type buzz.tried it once years ago and wasn’t offered on the site anymore. Was very happy to see it here.will buy more for sure

  31. Sdean3

    Way to over priced. Maybe when butter was rare to see them could get away with it but not now. Lots of butters out there that are just as good and half the price. Good stuff but costs way too much

  32. Blank

    Consistency is good, taste is there. gives a good heavy high after a few dabs. but I think it’s pricey. An after trying it I’m not sure I’d spend almost 100$ on a gram again

  33. alariaq

    This Budder is very potent! OMG! I love it! It is smooth and very tasty. Mellow high that lasts a while. Good medication.

  34. Novascotian

    I have to admit, I was not really impressed with this, don’t get me wrong stuff works very well, but at 99.7% pure and the price of this stuff I was expecting much more.

  35. Thedabber420NWT

    I’ve order this budder and i got the 3 grams bundle. The 3 grams last me about a month. Very good and taste like gold its worth every cent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. puffalot12

    Wow! I regret not trying this before. I was surprised as to how smooth this was. Great product! Thanks BM!

  37. MeHigh

    This is a Wicked High ! Done it in Oil Banger and in Vape and Enjoy this the BEST ! ! A Little goes a long way but the more You can do the Better You Love it ! I’ll be buying much more of this . #10 out of 10 from Me !

  38. jason420

    ive been a long time patient here and over the years this never fails
    5 stars for sure on this here batch

  39. Tumee

    I have been ordering budder on and off for about 10 years now. It is amazing stuff. 98% pure. It will fuck you up. you have to be careful with this stuff. Take it easy the first time you try it. Well worth the price.

  40. Udabbydabber

    Pretty nice, got a large shipment of shatter and some budder in the mail today ! Just dabbed some and it’s super smooth tasty potent terp flavor BAD CONTAINER TO SHIP A SMALL AMOUNT IN !! Hint hint but awesome product just suck it up and but it it’s worth it

  41. Polarexpress

    Often imitated but never duplicated.Budderking budder is the by far the most efficient cleanest way to go from 0 to 290 in under 3.5 seconds.Never dissapoints….As usual impressed with Budmail` s stellar service.Thanks BM!

  42. Jrock

    Just received my order today, it’s been over 5 years since I’ve ordered from this site and I can tell just by looking and smelling this product that the extremely high standard of quality hasn’t changed. I think everyone who blazes should try budderking budder at least once. it’s the best cannabis product I’ve used, and that is coming from a very seasoned smoker. Worth every penny.

  43. TJ Hooka

    My favorite extract, although a bit pricey it pays for itself with quality. The aroma and taste are exceptional and I personally recommend trying it atleast once.

  44. Jghadman

    Its a great product, but if you dont know how to smoke it, I wouldnt recommend it, super strong high, amazing different stoned feeling,
    it cannot be rolled in a joint with some weed, or tobacco, it requires a totally different level or heat, use the recommended methids mentioned here on BM or BM Forums.

  45. 0ld boy

    Excellent product. Smoke mine on a titty nail, and it is; Oh So Smooth. I just don’t buy anything else. I have tried the rest, but keep coming back for

  46. ChronicToke

    Smoked pretty much every concentrate on the planet and nothing comes close to budder from the budderking. Ive smoked stuff that looked like budder but came from somewhere else and theyre not even comparable to the budderking. Budderking budder is by far the best and purest concentrate. Gotta try it to believe yourself, remember best if held for +15seconds if you even can.

  47. namagome

    Feels as potent as advertised. Taste I find to be very smooth if neutral; I was expecting more in the way of terpenes, lthough I’m not in any way complaining.

  48. chef green

    stuff is the real deal, take a small amount and you’ll be paralyzed to your couch.

  49. Sirach306

    1st tried this I dunno maybe 2005-2006. Been a faithfull monthly customer since 2009-2010. Budder was on that very 1st order & I’m still ordering it. U must respect this product. Smoked daily & nightly for a few weeks; It has the power to give U a Titanic Tolerance to THC, to the point dried flowers simply dont do much. I reserve it for nights only. Or lazy Sundays etc… Terpenes are preserved beautifully, U can usually always taste the kush it was made from. They must use bud that is covered in trichs. I personally have strived to make Budder & have learned its typically done with Super Premium buds. Doesnt matter what your extracting, your final product is only as good as what U start with. I’d love to see a Budder made from Moby Dick.
    I love the Budder & will always be ordering it as long as its offered.


  50. soulman

    strong product,1 hit equals five minutes of coughing,,great stuff!

  51. AAAherbs

    This stuff is excellent for pain relief and insomnia! I suffer from both and this medication has got me off sleeping pills that I have been prescribed for 6 years! Amazing what a lil dab of budder can do for ya! I highly recommend this to anyone with chronic pain or trouble sleeping

  52. HatsOff

    I smashed a small bit of this on my titanium nail and it was blast off. Immediately a warm feeling washed over my body and I was enjoying a nice high. I felt tingly, light and very relaxed. It’s a bit pricey, but I can see easily thirty to fourty good rolls off of the gram I got.

  53. Greenmann

    I have tried this many times. By far the best stuff I have ever tried. Worth every penny. But this last batch was even better then before a light yellow almost white wax looking butter. Tasted like pure kush of the highest quality. Beets any site I have tried. Simply put its amazing from out of this world. If there are aliens they brought us this. Thanks BM you always amaze

  54. Muskoka420

    Ordered a gram with my first order along with other amazing products. Soooo tasty. My first dab had me astonished at the quality of this product. Potent for sure! The body buzz and pain relief I experienced was unparallel to any high I had felt before (my first real dab was this budder). Will be ordering again still working away at it! Thanks for coming through BM with some quality medicine!

  55. AllAbout420

    First time i got budder it was 3x1g’s and me and my mates loved it. it was dry and just a little bit hard to handle(if you compare it with second mail) on my dab tool but not as hard to handle as shatter. I came online after smoking my first delivery and gave 5 star reviews about how amazing this stuff is and how all the 5 stars review of this stuff are legit. haha
    This 5Grams was my second delivery and i have to say i want to go back and give 4 stars to my first reviews because this batch seems so fresh, waxy, easy to handle, even the high is slightly better..
    Basically what i’m trying to say is i loved this delivery more than my first one, high is great, instant kick in your mind when you dab it and hold your breath for 5-6 seconds and the ‘slowly’ exhale it. i am making about 35-40 hits per gram now but over 40 is easily possible too. Here is my honest review:)
    Yo BM, gotta say i love you guys, Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Polarexpress

    Wow this latest batch is impressive!!!Pure THC bliss.Thanks BM!!:)

  57. AllAbout420

    I simply LOVE it. it leaves 0 residue, my glass nail is still crystal clear after dabbing 1 g or budder in 2 days. High is very strong, just too good, this is the best high one can get in my opinion. i will keep buying this again and again and again ๐Ÿ™‚
    one thing i highly disliked and giving 4 stars was the way this was packed in very cheap plastic containers which barely close.. why can’t you just give it in the same containers as Blue God CO2 extract or some glass or hard plastic container.. it’s an expensive product and id like to keep it safe in a nice container, my current budder containers have very crumbly budder in it so when i try to stick it to my dabbing tool i kinda damage or break the container..
    other than the packing complaint i want to repeat again i simply LOVE this and this has been one of the best experiences for me.
    Thanks BM!

  58. AllAbout420

    Absolutely amazing product, i agree with all the 5 star reviews on here. just too good, clean, strong, awesome and yes as funny as it sounds YES you CAN make 40 hits out of a gram. lol
    the info BM provides on here about Budder is legit, i love 3 grams of budder i ordered.
    Only thing that made me very slightly sad was i got 3×1 gram of Budder, i have 2 scales and both showed its 0.95-0.96 grams in all of them. not complaining since i believe thats good count but all of other things i ordered from on here were slightly(0.05-0.1 over the count) i was expecting the same with this pricey product since BM has set my standards pretty high.. but guess someone dabbed from from Budder, JK lol. Love it and will buy again!
    One of the products you just close your eyes and buy without any sort of worries.
    Thanks a lot BM!! _3

  59. tryptastic

    This stuff has such an amazing flavour! It’s also incredible how little of this stuff it takes to produce effects, will definitely be purchasing again.

  60. Sirach306

    I used to order a gram every month years ago. I guess I stopped cuz I was making plenty of good shatter with BM buds. I recently decided to try it out again & WOW. Why did I ever stop. I get close to 50-60 hits easy from a gram. This is better imo than shatter. Terpene pfofile is amazing. The Budder tastes & reeks of Kush. I prefer this off the knives as Tnail I could easily over due it & only get 30-40 hits a gram. So easy to work with its fool proof. Easy 6 out of 5 stars. If U have not tried this you are simply missing out.
    Cheers BM


  61. Cannaman967

    First time trying, tiny amount hit me hard was not expecting it.

  62. ohmslaw

    This stuff is awesome. When I received the budder, I let it sit around for a few days before trying and when I put a crumb into my vaporizer and blasted away it was a pure tasty treat. Between the budder and the shatter Its a toss up period. Both are supreme products. The Budder would make a nice x-mas gift for the toker in your family or you want to treat yourself. Good work BM!

  63. Thc519

    Finally I get too make my comment on the budder . If you are unsure or new too this site and want a good example of the magic of the products in this site , This stuff is definately the Best product you can buy on here , always a guaranteed best smoke of your life , every hit you take , taste awsome , like pure kush , colour and looks Soo clean , nice yellow … not brown at all . The real deal here !!!!!!!! Trust my word I been trying this stuff since my friend showed me years ago BM Budder King budder . Just got a order last week , still Smokin on this gram religiously . Have showed some friends and let them try , everyone agrees this Budder is the best thing they have ever smoked , respects and thank you SOO appreciated too be blessed with this product BM , I love you . This stuff never dissapoints me ever . I am still baked from the smallest hit in my pipe , if u take big hoots expect to get hit with the godly bomb hit . This stuffs the craziest best bang for your buck worth every penny . Trust my word . I am picky with my weed and smoking medicines , but this is hands down THE BEST EVER . _3

  64. Thc519

    Will always love this the best !!!!!!! Budder , still that same gold beautiful smells awsome , if u wanna smoke the best , u smoke this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gets u faded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it . Thanks BM

  65. willabong

    This doesnt seem as potent as it was before. Maybe its just a weaker batch.

  66. saurenath

    some of the best shit I’ve ever smoked. don’t waste it in a vape or epen, get a proper oil rig and torch and go to town on that shit.

  67. Blifted710

    Amazing budder. Very smooth i didnt cough at all from a .1 dab. Taste isnt overpowering but is nice and lemony. Will definitely buy again!

  68. RalphNaderFan

    Just received this as it has been awhile since I’ve smoked budder. This is a great high. Uplifting without a heavy Indica stone to make me too sleepy so the mix is just right. I wish it was a little less crumbly as it is as bit hard to smoke off coals. However, just fantastic in a pipe (and probably would be off hot knives too). Tiny tokes in little crumbles and blam! I had a great sleep and no nightmares as I often get as I have PTSD). A little paranoia at the beginning but only lasted a few seconds and then a nice, mellow high although very intense so that is why only tiny tokes. The taste is fantastic! Great product! *****

  69. RalphNaderFan

    Just received this as it has been awhile since I’ve smoked budder. This is a great high. Uplifting without a heavy Indica stone to make me too sleepy so the mix is just right. I wish it was a little more crumbly as it is as bit hard to smoke off coals. However, just fantastic in a pipe (and probably would be off hot knives too). Tiny tokes in little crumbles and blam! I had a great sleep and no nightmares as I often get as I have PTSD). A little paranoia at the beginning but only lasted a few seconds and then a nice, mellow high although very intense so that is why only tiny tokes. The taste is fantastic! Great product! *****

  70. Polarexpress

    WOW!.Never did a budder before..i have had some pretty potent weed oils and cherry oils from some white widows and white rhino strains that blew my head off.I thought those were the cadillac of extracts.I was mistaken..I ordered this with the expectation of being blasted to the stars and BM once again did not let me down.With the right temperature on your knife it creates a puff of pure THC bliss.It is a cleaner and faster acting buzz than buds and has no dirty sidefeel to it,very pure THC buzz and this aint no creeper.A nice blast of this stuff and i felt i was run over by a speeding Kenworth.A+ on this stuff and comes highly recommended.Buck for buck the best deal [email protected]!Thanx BM!:)

  71. TDN

    First time I’ve tried dabs, 2 dabs had me higher than I’ve been in a loooong time. Very potent product.

  72. morikix

    The budder got me high,the taste is incredible , big produce Thank you Budmail!

  73. stankmor

    Been dabbing for a while now, first time trying budder its definitely a strong product. Smells and tastes great too plus its pretty smooth. I will be a repeat customer!

  74. Ennui

    Top notch value – high/$.
    Quick strong hits. Solid (mostly) head high.
    Pleasant, clean aroma; minimal smoke smell.

    Only good for medicinal uses (for me anyways), as the strong head high leaves me too physically uncomfortable. If this is not an issue for you, then it’s 5-stars!

    Not too portable. Even if you have the fancy lighter/spoon setup, it looks pretty shady when you do it outside or when people don’t know what you are doing.

  75. Dick Dingerz

    This stuff is amazing!! The taste, the effects and value is all top notch. Tastes almost minty with a completely clear headed high. The only problem is that my tolerance towards other BM products has skyrocketed!!

  76. Proskates

    I normally use oil in a power pen but I tried this stuff and am very impressed, let’s just say I won’t be going back to oil.

  77. Lightinfintry12

    This is phenomenal, just total different, it gives you a instant rush
    Love this product definitely ordering more when im out!

  78. SweetNails

    this was in my first order and i never used it before and i have to say it will be in my life forever it is a great way to start ur day, its a great high but u can still get ur shit done. love the taste of it. it is definite must try AAA. a little goes a long way. Cheers Sweetandlow

  79. Skaggs

    This stuff is super killer . its this crazy creeper high where you take a hoot and it dosent hit u right away but suddenly ur baked as fuck . i smoked mine on a vape pen and this gram last me nearly a month of daily smoking. best bang for ur buck ive seen

  80. Johnnytruelove

    Smoking this budder took me one step closer to nirvana. Upon dabbing this exquisite extract I experienced one of the most pleasant highs to date. This product tastes delicious and is silky smooth on the inhale. Instantly on the exhale my whole body started buzzing, and my head was full of energy. Worth every penny, and is highly recommended.

  81. boon

    Really nice energy off of it. Great for a pre-workout boost ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. 0ld boy

    I have told alot of people about budder, how little you need, how smooth it is,and how high you get, and i believe they all think yeah yeah just another guy saying he had the best. BUT the minute they try it, they can’t seem to get enough.

  83. honda_250

    This is ok but not what i was expecting not as dry as i thought it should be and hade a funky smell like chemical and kinda kushy but not like the honeycomb i make maby it is the type of bud used to make the budder that makes it smell this way doesn’t say kind on description i would assume it is kush but it definitely does the trick maby i will try purging it in chamber see it it smells better amd drys up more decent product tho

  84. JustAnOddWolf

    I just got mine, and for 80$ i am not impressed honestly. I don’t know if its just my tolerance level or not but i smoke at least a .3 in my first sitting. Not too mention this is my first concentrate/budder experience. On a lighter note, the smoke had sort of a minty after taste. So that was cool.

  85. 710dabber204

    One of the best extracts I’ve had the pleasure to dab! Every dab goes straight to the head and made me quite giggly. Clean, extremely potent, a truly sexy pungent smell, flavor and perfect consistency that will definitely bring me back for more. Yet again thanks budmail, it’s a pleasure to do buisness with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Synonym

    High contender for top extract here and beyond! This one has me coming back for more, especially with it’s uplifting headrush and mellow light fade-out. A must try!

  87. Jordan65

    This is my fav extract of all time. The taste of budder is so clean. To me it’s worth every penny and I’m happy it’s a staple. Looking forward to my next gram.

  88. proppa

    I thought i was getting the same old budder i use to get , but this batch wasnt anything like the golden ear wax it always looked like. This time I got a hard, flaky, greyish rock-type budder. Smelled a bit similar to the same thing… I figured it may have been from the cold. Pretty dissapointed

  89. G2p3nis

    After reading the reviews and the budder link, I decided to try this golden stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is nice and the hi is definitely soaring at first. The hi reminds me of a strong sativa hash. I wouldn’t smoke this before going to bed, cause it really stimulates your brain. I suggest storing this in the fridge.

    I really dig the clear mental hi you get and that the next morning I don’t get that hungover feeling I get from my premium indica bud when I smoke too late before hitting the sack.

    The hi lasts a good 2-3hours. It’s a bit trippy at first but very energizing and productive. If you break the tip of a pensil, I use about that size. Two small hot knive blasts. (about 1/3 size of a bud regular blast) Anything more, expect to get right ripped. If you get paranoid easily off strong bud, I suggest not over doing it at first. Take your time to find what amount better suits your needs.It doesn’t smell too strong in its raw form, so it’s quite stealthy.

    Great product and would order again.

    Thanks BM!

  90. Bermenheimer

    Took the plunge and tried this out.
    It came in as pictured, in a manageable consistency. You could pick some pieces up with your fingers when it’s chilled and it breaks down very easy, though I chopped mine into little hoots.
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you only got 40 hits from this, you were taking some pretty big ones. I’ve had this now for 11 days and I would say that with my usual 2-3 a day plus a few days of sharing with other folks…I’m easily over 40 hits in and I think i have half left.
    Leaves a hashy taste on your tongue, is very smooth on the exhale, almost synonymous with the taste of a Pax vape on medium. Fucking incredible value, incredible high.
    Seasoned smokers that I’ve shared this with have all gotten ripped to shreds off 2 hits.
    Would DEFINITELY buy again.

  91. Nuna

    My last budder came in really fresh I’ve never seen it so fresh good stuff looked a little small and finished a little bit faster then when it dries up but all in all budder is worth the money

  92. 0ld boy

    Budder is an AMAZING arthritis relief product love it!!! Have no need for regular bud when i have this.

  93. AwesomeBastard

    Got this a 2nd time, even though my review before was a 3. The $5 deal is good.

    This time it came in a golden container, which came really creamy and buddery, and melted like butter.

    Get a nail, from a head shop, spend like $100. there is no other choice to smoke this.

  94. Dr. Hook

    The best way to knife, is with two butter knives on a stove burner on high, wait for 15 minutes, the knives are hot, use a needle and long one and a hooter made with soya sauce cut few inches from the rim to make a glass hooter, and burn away a nice hit for your self you can’t miss with a glass hooter, makes oil

  95. richie-5000

    This is the holy grail of smoke. awesome stuff. This budder is the most potent stuff I have smoked up till today

  96. rps

    hey! got my budder today. wasnt expecting for a couple more days… freakin awesome! this is my second order of a .5 budder and it just keeps getting better…

    awesome product

  97. rps

    hey! just got my .5 of budder today. so excited to try it… i used a small wax vaporizer and noticed a slight butane flavour. other than the normal flavor, it was smooth and one hell of a kick once you feel it….awesome keep up the good work!

  98. AwesomeBastard

    Go to a head shop, get a titanium Nail & rig for a bong. Go to walmart, get a blow torch. Smoke budder with this, and not the dirty coin or knife way. yeah its expensive but so is this budder. Its good budder, just too expensive.

  99. Princess Kush

    Amazing stuff just WAY too expensive. Locally I can get it for half price.

  100. Winston

    Potent stuff! I smoked it in a bong with a glass filter and this budder f’d me up. i recommend at least trying once.

  101. gmajor77

    This was definitely worth the money, the taste is amazing nd the high is so good, the best way to smoke is with a tiny dab on a glass nail and produces alot more smoke than expected will definitely be ordering again

  102. hawkgurl669

    Tried it by itself with the recommended amounts set out above. Definitely wasn’t enough. I found using that to seal my joint was FANTASTIC! I found that it was even better than described. So wonderful!

  103. mechz

    Got a nice fat chunk, does not have a big odor but smells very potent up close. Had me almost drooling.

    I haven’t had the pleasure of smoking this with a nail yet but in my cloud vape pen it hit me with a strong body stone, lay back and feel the wave almost like the first times getting high. I remember falling asleep with a smile on my face.
    Excited to hit this with a rig.

  104. Mesenoth

    This product is an amazing treat. Nothing could ever replace flower for me, but budder is great. This product is innovative and unique.

    The smell is not very strong and resembles roasted bud, but in a very clean and fresh way. The taste is somewhere between citrus and pine. It is very sweet on the exhale.

    By the time you exhale you’re toasted, and by the time you sit down you are roasted in a way that feels more like a psychedelic than anything else. Sensations will become fuzzy, and you will be couch locked. It is amazing, but I would not personally recommend this for occasional or light tokers.

    Thanks for the great product BM!

  105. HawkeyeRicky67

    Budder works great in an oil vape. Kudoos to those what made this batch.

  106. HawkeyeRicky67

    This stuff works great in a vape made for liquids, get a ringer/whitey off every hit, give Kudoos to them what made that batch!!!

  107. HawkeyeRicky67

    Just received my batch of budder and I have to say thumbs up to this batch anyways, haven’t gotten a bad batch yet, but I read that it does happen, I hope not often. Thx BM you rock at pain relief.

  108. happycamper

    So,I finally tried budder for the very first time.Boy,am I pleased.
    After applying the smallest amount to my pure egot& wax-t glass tank (which by the way is a breeze to use with budder & tastes amazingly smooth)I was over the moon!
    Definitely safe to say,Ill be ordering this again n again.
    Thanks for the service BM!

  109. 20syl

    budder oh budder.. I love this stuff, wish it didn’t wreck my tolerance and cost so much.

    hit dabs off a TI nail, wouldn’t bother smoking it any other way to be completely honest but it’s just my opinion.

  110. whspr_me

    Be careful! Wow. I Mixed my budder into the following recipe:(i see below no tags are allowed, so I’ll assume you’d prefer no links too, just Google “the best no bale bars you’ll ever eat” isn’t the “no bake” ironic?!
    I whisked into the warmed peanut butter for even distribution, then made my bars. Instinctively I licked my fingers clean of melted chocolate and peanut butter. Admittedly, I’m out of practice and a bit of a lightweight… But my feet are tingling, and my face is numb, and I’m having difficulty typing this review right now. Sweet Jesus, I’m going to have to cut those bars small!

  111. dylanr

    better than anything cannabis related that I ve ever tried this be the SHIT

  112. indicalover9

    got mine today awesome 3g and sour Kush good stuff thanks bm keep up the good work

  113. Edanko

    First of all, Budmail was impressive in the shipping and processing of my order. I am truly amazed by the quality of both the product and the customer service. Now as for the Budder, let me tell you, this concentrate is pure fire. Nice color and texture and even better smell! The buzz was a mixture of an intense body high filled with happiness and total relaxation.
    I will definitely be ordering some more of this top notch product!

  114. genericid

    Love the budder! I don’t normally smoke from a pipe as I find it too harsh. This is a smooth smoke and the buzz is well worth it. As Linda Richmond would say, “It’s like budder”!

  115. paul

    Love this stuff! Taste is awsome and so is the buzz.

  116. Perryl

    I wrote a review well over a year ago, maybe even close to 2 now. Nothing has changed since then. The product is just as tasty and potent as when I tried it the first time. My experience has improved a lot though, not only have I tried every variety from BM but I have tried many other variations made by a few select friends, and I have made my own.
    The best you can do when making your own is pay 50 bucks a gram in materials. Depending on the starting material, which to get anything close to this you need high quality kush. At least a double a. The point is, this is absolutely the best concentrate I have come across, and I have come across hundreds.
    Haven’t tried it? get a g with your next super premium or premium buy and use it sparingly, tiny little bit in a pipe. You won’t regret it. Get yourself a vapor rig with a titanium nail for best results.

  117. ddesorcy

    I stopped everything for 6 months after smoking most days for years. Last night my budder came, wow, such a wonderful feeling, I slept like a baby and I have many problems sleeping. Thanks BM for a wonderful product

  118. 0ld boy

    Easy to use tried it in my vape,on a cigarette,even heated it then spread in papers. Awesome product,nice taste,clear high. I will reorder.

  119. Surferdude

    Very nice flavour. Lasts a very long time. Used it on the ash at the bottom of the bowl. Well done BM.

  120. indicalover9

    omg this shit is the bomb don’t forget to hit the deck after you have a hit. and best with hotknives hehe

  121. thatguy

    hands down one of the most wild highs. it’s much more of hard body high along with the nice spacey head high. it’s not difficult to store, or handle. it just takes a few tries to get the hang of smoking. i dont own a concentrate rig, so i just hot knife (with one knife and a pin). i definitely recommend this for any kind of toker. the high is an experience and a gram of this stuff with last you a long time if you smoke conservatively…which i recommend, cause you will for sure feel like a bit of a burn out if you smoke this on a daily basis.

  122. 0JIBN3Z

    Very impressed! Hard-hitting, right to the head. Thank you, BM!

  123. Hapablap

    Fantastic stuff! Fantastic flavour and fantastic effect. Worth every penny. Just wish it regenerated itself…

  124. 123

    smells like high grade indica in concentrated form in lighter aspects of the smell, the taste is more oily than paradise oil but has less distinguishable flavour characteristics. the high can last the whole day from 1-2 small pieces and is nicely buffered by some sativa (or hybrid) in the evening

  125. mrxmas

    this is by far the best I have ever smoked. and does wonders for my severe nuropathy. thank you

  126. Rippyzippers

    Another order of Budder. This new August batch is much, MUCH darker than the batch I recieved in July. July was much lighter in color, more waxy but smooth, if you rubbed it between your fingers it would kind of just wax away on you.

    This new batch is almost like soft caramel. Its very sticky, but doesn’t stick to your fingers in a way that makes it not easy to work with, they are just very different samples.

    It lacks that usual Tuna Kush undertone, but is still very powerful. Cool to see the differences in the product, But I wonder why this is sticky vs the other one which was not at all. Still a powerful stone and well worth the money, I still laugh at how badly it puts my friends down =D

    Thanks BM

  127. BigPanda420

    This shit is bomb. just stopped by a buddies place and we smoke a g together on his oil rig and i am floored with the quality of this budder. top quality! I do however wish that they offered BHO on bm and i would buy it regularily! I promise! anyways this stuff will not be found anywhere but here so buy it up and dab it all day!!

  128. pokerquick

    ordered a gram of this and just wow, it was like Christmas morning for a child opening up the package, and then smoking it, it hits you real hard, a nice strong stone, heavy on the lungs, all I took was a crumb sized hoot and felt like I had smoked a whole blunt, highly recommended, if your a beginner to smoking watch out because this will knock you on your ass,


  129. OldSchool

    This is the stuff to buy, bar none. It is very potent and the high lasts a very long time. In 2 hits you’re done and you don’t have to poison your lungs with tons of smoke. Be careful, this is very strong and 4 hits caused me to OD which wasn’t pretty. The best way to smoke this is by hot knife or equivalent method, but the knife must not be too hot as the Budder is very volatile when overheated (will bounce off the heated knife onto your shirt or the floor). This is very high quality and I am extremely pleased with the product. I might buy hash when I don’t want to get too high but Budder is the ultimate stone. Just don’t overdo it because it takes a few moments to take effect and it is easy to smoke too much (too much is really too much). Thanks BM! This stuff is amazing.

  130. Rippyzippers

    Strongly recommend picking up some of this batch of Budder. Much more potent than batches I’ve had in recent months and while they haven’t been bad by any means, this batch is certainly a noticeable step up. Half a gram of this lasted me 12 days of daily use. Could last much longer if it was poked away for special occasions. Dont miss out!

  131. Raw_Roller

    very very clean oil taste and a nice clean inspiring high. smells like a hint of skunk and some great kief. a small amount, about the size of a braille dot sent me soaring.

  132. bonggy

    not enough stars for rating,,,, dont let anyone say any different this stuff is incredible, using a hmk curve and the smallest of hits get u insanly high, very happy will deff get mamny times again

  133. higuy420

    Not bad but a bit dry. Goo please . .a- budder and the plastic dixie cups don’t work to well…. mine showed up a mess. But great products, thanks BM

  134. pennypartycat

    I LOVED this! Hard hitting and really enjoyable! I will 100% be ordering this again definitely worth the money

  135. Smoke

    Killer shit will knock you out even if your a HEAVY smoker!!!! ~_~

  136. blazeAlot

    Ok. I got a .5 and at first glance I was like “that’s it? This wont last me long” but…after 2 hoots I was like “shit, they weren’t lieing ” taste is SO good on the exhale. The high made me feel up (def wanted a cig after lol) I will def get more and I now can see the point 5 will last me longer than I thought. Worth every penny!

  137. Ballistikz

    Five star rating! A must have on every order. There’s no better budder out there, this stuff is the best. Taste so smooth and clean. One to two small hits, it does the trick every time.

  138. Azazel

    Anyone who thinks this stuff is overpriced, is crazy. Been smoking the same .5 for 5 days. This is the perfect extract. Incredibly smooth smoke. It beats anything that is sold on the street.

  139. Jay

    always a good buy when u need a little treat. best used with coals

  140. ChronicToke

    Incredible!!!! Product was well packaged so little was lost. Smoke was extremely potent! Not something to party with, unless you dont plan on doing much. Simple tasks like getting out of the chair just became out of the question so make sure you have your snacks and drinks close by. Will definitely be purchasing this product again.

  141. rosecity

    This was totally worth the money. You get more out of a gram than you would expect. Taste is pure, high is clean but heavy. Best way to smoke i found was to roll into a ball with hash (used Kemo Dust). I would definitely recommend this product.

  142. jimbis

    Very nice great high nice taste but did anyone feel it was harsh on the throat?

  143. Tumee

    You can’t go wrong with Budder.You can’t get any better smoke on the planet. Been smoking it for years.A gram will last you awhile.I smoke it off Colt Cigars.Very little tabacco smoke.Careful,it burns real quick.The Volcano Vaporizer is the best way though. Cheers Tumee Gotta Love YA BM

  144. ArH

    Wow. Extremely potent stuff right here. Didn’t like that it kind of smelled like isypropanol. Otherwise great product. Will order again.

  145. chris758

    I want to live in a bucket of this stuff!!! seriously….lower the price so i can make that possible

  146. Rand

    This most recent shipment ( 5g, February 2013 ) of Budder is your best ever …….. The Budder is crystalline and not viscous ( i.e., not syrupy, sticky, or wasteful ), easy to work with, and easy to smoke and carry. It is pure THC: fragrant, potent, tasty, …. umm, did I say potent ? …… and worth every penny of the expense ……. Yay for BM !!!!

  147. TommyCannabis

    First thing i noticed, Deeep intense DANK smell.. Then how pretty it looked like in the pic just a little darker so like maple cream,and now i just smoked it.. And, this is quite good stuff i thought it would of been a lil heavier but its definitly more a sativa head high, clear buzz like in the description, smoked with knifes melts into n oil that i smoked after and damn thats when i get really high!! 9.5/10 (indica strain id may have a give 10/10) now its time to try the oils… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  148. one gram japan

    a mainstay order for me. literally everytime i order, it contains some amount of budder. i’ve been ordering from these guys for over 4 years and its quality has been consistent over time. good job again budder king and budmail.
    if i could give six stars, i would…

  149. Rand

    WOW !!!!! Thank you BM …….. the 5g budder that you sent this time is the BEST batch yet !!! Super fragrant, super, super, potent ,,,, and equally important: it is crystalline, easy to work with, and does not leave sticky hard-to-retrieve budder residue along the lining of the container !!!!
    Kudos !!!! Yay for our pot-tolerant, secular democratic, society, and pioneers like you.

  150. BaBooN2011

    One word…Chronic!!!
    Dont miss out on this golden deliciousness!!!
    10 out of 10

  151. ganjatoker420

    literally next to none needed. usually use hot knife or ontop of a bowl of fresh ground tastes like heaven it does create alot of smoke so be ready to spray some air freshner, if others around you don’t have the same mindset about the goodies:P
    AWESOME JOB BUDMAIL AND SISTERS;) Keep up the great work

  152. garett613

    I just got a gram never tried it b4 and it is amazing all the hype is true but make sure if you are gonna purchase this product have a method to smoke it but ya a recommended buy for all im a chronic smoker and gets me every time

  153. Mrniceguy

    I bought a gram of this heavenly goo !!! and All that hype about butter !! And its all true !! I love this stuff !! I already have had 40 hits +. And still have lots left, a little less that half a gram !! Im an advanced toker and 2 of these hits and im back too the ol days giggling at everything and everyone !!! Thank you budderking and bm you guys are my heros !!! Lots of love !!

  154. Puffnstuff

    Nice …rips face two tokes… keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times

  155. Starky

    This stuff is one of a kind and im glad to see there is more of it on the menu already. Looking forward to my next order! Thanx BM!!

  156. Rambo

    If I had a million dollars, I would convert it to grams of budder!!

  157. warek

    always wanted to try this and finally got the chance.. outstanding stuff! nice clear headed buzz that just sends ya flyin!!

  158. bornagainbho

    Taste is very sweet, smell is dank, has a caramel look and consistency. Very happy with the order only thing i’m concerned about is if it was fully purged.

  159. SmokeyG

    Great stuff, very powerful, Long Lasting, and Is something for only Well seasoned Smokers. You Best be ready for Lift Off, with this stuff, because I Whacked myself with 3 Hits the first time I done it, And Watch Out! after about 2 Minutes It was Crazy Zone. heart Pounding, Lungs barking, back of head blowing off, Simultaneously. But This is my 3rd order, So i ave learned to adjust The stuff, Its fantastic as An everyday smoke, When You learn how to use it, Half a Dab Is like Smoking A Personal Joint Of REALLY Good Smoke, and It will keep you stoned for a couple of hours, No Let down, You dont even realize you are stoned anymore, Its so amazing. Thanks BM, for Coming Along with This Majic Juice. I am a true believer in it, For sure.

  160. tfath

    i am still a lil sketch about the torch lighter but budder is so proper a must for any connissuer

  161. Perryl

    It’s like a whole joint in one hit. This stuff is so potent that you need about .01 to enjoy it. Maybe .02, but you get the idea. Hard to handle though, easy to lose little bits. Can be very soft, almost oily, when not kept properly. Worth every penny though. Oil, hash, premier buds, all have nothing on this stuff.

  162. Roach

    received yesterday and after sampling a few hits yesterday and a few today i have to say this i the best extract i’ve ever sampled, i will definitely be ordering again and again, budder thc glass and the paradise oils are my favorites on here, thanks BM

  163. Oknowimrdy

    Very Potent, Very Smooth Hits. This stuff is a great bang for your buck, 1G will last you 1 or 2 Weeks easily doing 2-3 decent size hits a day. Will order more next time as I love this stuff for dabs!

  164. xdrinkwaterx

    Budder is amazing! my lighter suffered a death blow when i dropped it but it worked great before then.

  165. mikey

    promptly recieved second order of budder and am super pleased again, very tasty

  166. zt66

    WOW! This is an excellent concentrate for sure and in my opinion a 9/10 overall at least, and im very hard to please. You should make sure you have a proper rig to smoke it with(nail and dome or a skillet), or you will waste a lot.
    potency 10/10
    appearance 10/10
    taste 9/10
    P.S. the THC glass is a must have aswell

  167. mikey

    this is the shit…. this is the new shit…well worth the investment

  168. smitty

    The budder is the bomb, best concentrate I have ever smoked. Thank you Budmail. Much respect, and thanks to all involved, in making this all happen. Your web, product line , and customer service is the best.

  169. George

    Best budder around, and the budder kit, very clever. Sometimes oil gets into the lighter but it’s an easy fix. Very pleased.

  170. smokeyj

    Looks like a snog heheh nice taste oil sticky 4. Hits good high thanks bm

  171. mikey

    very tasty product, worth the price, a lot milder than i thought it might be…

  172. KyokushinJ

    Awesome little device, really makes u feel like your getting the full dabbing experience with ur budder without having to go out and drop $200 on a kit at a headshop. Simple, quick, and effective, i’d reccomend one to anyone who uses extracts such as budder, oil, or hash with any sort of regularity. Of course it goes without saying the Budder itself is like pure gold.

  173. curtis

    it was the best product in the order. take considerable amounts for the full effect. its potent.

  174. pooch

    I am so pleased with the budder kit. it heats up in under 1 min, and is by far the easiest way to smoke budder or oil. if hoots and hot knives are your thing i definitely recommend this kit. The budder it self is out of this world. best extract on the planet by far! will be getting some more of this for sure

  175. Shikari

    I bought this today and had a session with it almost immideatly. Strong, potent, and decilous. Possibly the best hit I had ever done.
    The budder itself is extremely good, and the budder torch is THE BEST way to smoke it. The budder torch also works well with other oils.
    Great tokes for a great price.

  176. soulman

    this one was super toke,good for hours!!was more than i expected ,,highly recomended,

  177. tbagz

    This was unbelievable! A very strong but light feeling high, and sends you flying through the universe.

  178. webster_5001

    really great product. powerful and compact. will order again

  179. Sublime420

    It doesn’t get any Budder than Budder. Thanks BM this stuff is insane.

  180. Chef420

    This is fantastic smoke. Very smooth and up buzz, I like to make a dead ash with a smoke on a pin, then put a tiny drop on the ash and light and chase the dragon through my one hitter lol!! Really wicked smoke a couple hits is all you will need of this stuff!! Also they say around 40 hits per gram but there’s definitely more like 60 hits I think, maybe 40 retarded monster hits!!

  181. BigPanda420

    It’s been a couple months since I ordered the g of budder and it’s still kickin. At first you got to go a little overboard and lace everything with it. Then it starts to slow and it will sit away for weeks at a time. Now a couple months later I still have a nice chunk of the container left and it’s perfect for those bowls when you’re either low on bud or just in the mood for a thc blast. Great on top of kush haha crazy highs!! It’s worth it because I have oil that still has some in the vial but it’s inaccessible unless I break it open which could mixx glass fragments in the oil. So, overall this is a great product and I’m sure that anyone who like oils and extracts would love this.

  182. HBO

    Great Product a very powerful budder I smoke alot of earls and this was super potent i suggest smoking it with a ti pad or oil dome its really the only way!

  183. Chef420

    Oh yea….. This is like a fine wine, or some freaky picked perfectly ripe fruit. Something good to savor

  184. Budly

    Incredible product great for bed time I put a few drops on a bowl smoke it cough for 10 minutes and pass out .5 lasted me9 11 days and I’m a heavy smoker I will order this again for sure thanks BM

  185. vinthesin

    second time ordering! WE LOVE YOU BM!!! this is one of the best products we have ever had! it is worth every penny, and is powerful. we are heavy smokers, and this enhances bowls, is a nice blade toke, and works well on an ash. very cool, and better than any oil. why get anything else…seriously good…please dont ever change bm!


    AMAZING STUFF!! reccomend whoever has not tried this to get someee asap

  187. Mr Review

    worth every cent! a little goes a long way. I will order this again.

  188. Islander

    The udder was awsome very potent and got ppl coming back 4 more

  189. anon

    the odor is enough for me… this budder might be the the most dank kush smell. worth every penny!! and its a good smoke melts nice.

  190. Pat

    The high is what you would get from a few hits of really good weed. I got a powerful headrush followed by a nice buzz for a few hours after. It was really tricky to use at first though, and it gets really sitcky

  191. BigPanda420

    I was very impressed with the 1g of budder I recieved and it has lasted over 3 weeks now. It is definitely a delicious and EXTREMELY potent extract. I am an avid user of hash oil and I can imagine that anyone who enjoys regular extracts will go themselves in heaven. I found it to be worth your money as well because you can get every last morsel from the container you’re given unlike glass vials which always leave you cursing for those last few drops. Simply use a knife or pin and just wipe the budder onto your bowls or in joints. No need to heat the extract, it’s consistency is similar to that of a clump of refrigerated honey, making this product a lot less messy and adds to the fact that all of the 1g you receive may be consumed.

  192. shillbilly

    its a great high. but not worth the price for what you get. but the quality is top rate.

  193. codeine

    BHO is strong but this stuff is killlerrr.
    if your buying budder, oil or wax i consider you to buy a Dome or a skillet/curve.
    tastes great, very potent. ordering and reordering this for life

  194. pb and j

    This is some of the best budder ive ever got. Perfect waxy texture and a killer kush reak!

  195. Thepuzzle

    This really wasn’t my thing. I like smoking my joints and can do without dabbing with hot knives. Having that said I can see how some other people would love this product. Good tasting and extremely potent which is why I still have to give 4 stars. If you prefer chilled out smoking sessions like me, this probably isn’t your thing. Would recommend trying as the high is like nothing else.

  196. VegasWeedSux

    Amazing product, burns/vaporizes extremely quick and clean. Strong herbal/citrus smell/taste, great texture to work with.

  197. Stang

    nothing comes close to budder taste like pure kush without the harshness very quick high

  198. Keekay

    It doesn’t get any more potent than this!! I’ve tried a couple batches. The first was the most golden budder I’ve ever seen, the second was a little darker with more moisture, but full impact. Smelled like concentrated heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. kingkusha

    super sweet……makes your mouth water for twenty minutes after you take a hit and what they say is correct a lil goes a long way you smoke two or threee big blasts and before you know it your csught in a vortex like no other …buder is king

  200. Nigz

    the batch i got was tastey smooth and stonie thanks bm! i would order more next time.

  201. curtis

    I smoke weed all the time and when i got my package today it was the first thing I tried. I have to say this is serious stuff. it definitely did the job. Thank you BM.

  202. Anonymous

    BEST SMOKE EVER, the bar has been set high.
    The only negative of this product, a hot knife seems to work best, which isn’t the most convenient. next time ill get the kit.

  203. niddy

    I really don’t understand how someone could give this product a negative review. It’s pretty much the holy grail of weed extracts. Anyone who says they don’t like this, is an asshat.

  204. Anonymous

    Serious tokers only! lol this shiz is da bomb. Knocked many so called stoners “out” for the night! so good!

  205. the_skull

    Last time i got this in the summer and it was all melted to the side but was easier to work with, this time it was hard and therefore more bulky, yet harder to work with, both times however it smelt of the finest herb. This stuff is just flat out amazing.

  206. Anonymous

    Just received my kit like 20 mins ago and already a fan of the kit!! Makes smoking budder 100% easier ๐Ÿ™‚
    The budder is amazing quality!! Fully recommend this product!!

  207. nstoker420

    2nd time getting a gram of the budder. This shit is no joke this is the finest cannabis product I have even consumed. The only way I smoke it is off a pin onto a red hot blade. This stuff burns away super quick but you can make it last if u smoke it off a blade in small amounts. The first order it was a bit runny. 2nd order it was in rock chunks. Both got me high as hell and I couldn’t tell the difference. Thanks very much BM

  208. Bryan

    Ive gotten to try all of the oils and now budder. It is twice as good as uncle jhons honey oil and only ten dollers more. It smelt like heaven with a hint of alcohol and tast like nuthing ive had before i do recomend buying some herb to go with the budder because if your not careful it goes by very fast overall a great product will be buying again thanks budmail ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. Anonymous

    As usual … AWESOME … nothing compares to it … big hit and you get a head rush … no other weed product can pull that off. Worth every dollar every time i have ordered it.

  210. Anonymous

    The Smoothest, purest hit you can ever get.
    I reccomend buying at least 10gs, for a long lasting supply as you only need to scrape some out with a pin which you will then need to light with a lighter to lower the viscosity to a thiness where it will drip on to yor bowl, Budder kits however although are a nice portble hot nife, healthstone bowls are a much better idea, as no smoke is really wasted, and oils can be collected under the bowl.

  211. Anonymous

    I dont think I got that many hits.Im not saying they are wrong…it is effective stuff.

  212. Sweedestchef420

    Wish I had an option to rate 10 stars!! Smells like a big bag of kush and you need only the tiniest amount on the dabber to get a good sized toke that is the best tasting cannabis product I have ever smoked!! Will order this again for sure!

  213. Mr Review

    looks exactly as pictured. Very strong kush smell. melts with heat and bubbles with gentle flame. This stuff is strong, its like being hit in the face with a shovel! You wake up 4 hours later wondering what happened ๐Ÿ™‚


  214. Martinyzie

    Eeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!! This stuff Is like ridin’ a bull with mad cow, ya shut up an’ hang on as long as possible!
    Seriously, this budder is amazing! Smooth, little smell and soooooooooooo potent!
    Careful you don’t need much more than a nerd. Yes. Like the candy.

    On the downside it’s crazy expensive so caution is advised to use sparingly, even spread on a paper with your favorite bud and shift gears a bit. Definitely ordering more.

  215. Anonymous

    I had pretty high expectations, and this stuff more than surpassed them. A very, very clean product, the smoke was delicious! Long lasting and uber potent, this stuff is awesome. I used the quarter mile method BM has on the Budder product page with great success…took a tiny bit of practice, but it worked wonders. I stretched a gram pretty far, much further than advertised…you really don’t need much budder to get where you want to be.

    Great for capping the end of a smoking session, or for that last toke to unwind before bedtime, too. I love it!

  216. Zoey

    This stuff is so good i dont even have a work to describe it. It taste like nothing i have ever smoked in my life i would recommend it to everyone!! The smell of this stuff is a stong kush smell and is amazing.

  217. budman403

    I tried budder for the first time about half an hour ago. To be honest, I’m surprised I had the brain power to log on to BM. Simply said in one word “WOW” highly recommend this stuff. Ok it took me twenty mins to write this so…

  218. Octojode

    awesome product, highly recommend. the only reason it only gets 4 stars is, me and a friend did an order the same time and his budder was chuncky and stunck to high heavens but mine was runnier and nowhere near the potent smell. still amazing though and will be ordered again and again and again thanks bm

  219. nstoker420

    if you diss this then u must have good shit. Cause ive been smoking over 6 years and havent seen anything compairable except really potent bho(butane honey oil), but even then the bho is not as strong as budder.
    very tasty product, nice white plooms of smoke, clean burning on the hot knife. I dont dare smoke this stuff before work, for one id be way to zoned lol.

  220. bigjeff22

    this budder has a peanut butter consistence one little pin head on a hot glass nail produce a stoney yet clear head high sativa dominent with a kush/Lime teaste this stuff is very potent be careful

  221. nstoker420

    You guys rock, this was A+++ grade and I am very satisfied, thanks for a little extra :), will be a returning customer xD

  222. Rand

    Budder is one of Budmail’s and Lady Jane’s most awesome products! The high is rapid, intense, and stealthy …… it’s a one-hit, almost-scentless, but perfumey, joy …. perfect on your way into a meeting …. It is very viscous, like chilled molasses. Therefore, store it in your freezer and then take out what you need for the day, and roll that crumb in keef powder from your grinder … that makes it manageable to hold and portion off …

  223. Skyy

    I was sceptical about this…but I quickly came to the conclusion that Budder is AWESOME! cant say the same about the “budder kit” though…

  224. Anonymous

    This is my 3rd order yet I continue to be amazed at the quality of budder ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wish it didn’t run out so fast. A must try!!!

  225. Anonymous

    as usual .. budder kicked my ass … only half a gram and i got a room full of people wrote off … still got like .3 of a gram left. Try spreading a few tokes worth on a paper .. kinda wasteful but taste amazing and so far i have finished the joint. expensive … but a wonderful treat.

  226. Kaya

    Very nice and uplifting. No feelings of anxiety what so ever. Very easy to smoke too much….. I wake up several hours later wondering what happened lol. Thanks BM!!

  227. Anonymous

    good stuff ive order 3 times
    budder is better.will oreder again

  228. REVIEWER#9

    awesome taste, dont need much, can easily overdo it with this stuff id get it again for sure

  229. Anonymous

    Budder is so insaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee brothers!!!

  230. Anonymous

    Was very impressed on how this stuff turned out, keep in mind im a very heavy toker and always looking to try something new in high potency. Lit the size of a match head and bang I was struck hard. Almost got some Visuals(like on mushrooms) on 4 to 5 hits.

  231. Anonymous

    TWO WORDS…MIND BOGGLING. An absolute must try! 3rd time I’ve ordered Budder, and it still blows my mind how amazing it smells and how potent this is per size of hit. If smoked properly, there is nothing on this planet that will give you the weed buzz that budder can! Rookies will not be able to handle more than 1 hit, Experienced smokers can venture to 4-5 hits max. The inhale is so smooth , followed by a creeping cough that can last 10 minutes or more. Depending on how much you smoke, the Buzz can linger until the next morning when you wake up.(Budder Hangover)

    Final Grade A+++

  232. DJ Roberto Ramirez Elian Gonzalaz

    Son of a billy goat! The budder was the most medicated i have ever been off of Cannabis in my entire life! this almost pure THC extract is incredibly powerful!

    It was the most intense yet mellow Marijuana high!

    Truly a gift,

    Thanks BM!

  233. Guch

    wow holy shit I ordered oil of paradise and that was some insane omfg wtf ftw insane premo next level intergalactic stone and this was even next level on that reaks like some bomb kush and tastes like heaven and one match head sized piece did the trick. only thing is its very very sticky but who cares because its out of this world. thank you BM because u are legendary

  234. Jm85

    I was a bit skeptical at first about this “Budder” but once I received my package and fired up a couple hoots of this stuff I was in love!!

    Great Work BM!!

  235. Jrock

    Got my order the other day which came pretty damn quick. Ordered the budder kit, some god bud, pk bubblehash, double jack tincture and some space bars. All the counts are good and I’m really happy with everything. My highlghts are definitely the budder and the hash,very fast onset and intense highs.BM is professional and discrete and there’s no doubt I’ll be placing another order.

  236. juice353

    i got a .5 it was awesome i vaporized it with a weed base. but i lost the rest of it on the go train so i ordered a g and i promise to be careful with this one

  237. Anonymous

    First time user says : if I had unlimited cash flow, I would have some of this around all the time. It is very nice.
    However , I was shocked at how quickly a g disappeared . Perhaps I mis-used it or was inefficient with it .
    I was left feeling like it was a treat and a very expensive one.

  238. Anonymous

    I smoke a lot of hash and oil extracts and man. This stuff is wicked. It is a lot easier to handle than BHO or ISO oils. The high is pretty good. Nice smooth onset to couch loc. Sometimes hard to not cough but if you do you know its working ๐Ÿ˜›

  239. Anonymous

    What a mind blower, nothing like the smell of budder in the morning. Smells like what good weed is made of. Best shit out there.

  240. Anonymous

    This stuff is the best tasting i ever had.

    Yummy I Looooove Budder.lol

  241. Anonymous

    i didn’t know what to expect. it has a kind of creeper buzz that is clear and it tastes good. it is hard to handle so keep it in the fridge.

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