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Buddha Buddah (Miss Envy)


30ml Jar | 200mg THC

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Buddha Buddah is a specially formulated, 100% fair trade organic, THC infused topical body cream.

A uniquely formulated topical body cream designed to increase the skin’s ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture to alleviate muscle pain. With the use of our 100% organic signature blend, Buddha Buddah relieves discomfort associated with inflammation, chronic muscle pain, arthritis and bruising; the cream can also be applied externally for further ailments such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, essential oils, THC, CBD.

Suggested Use: Apply liberally to arthritis, eczema and psoriasis, chronic muscle pain, inflammation, natural SPF.

Each 30 ml jar contains 200 mg of THC




3 reviews for Buddha Buddah (Miss Envy)

  1. Jake28

    This cream is good for skin problems, bruises, eczema, new tattoo, etc. However if you are looking for pain relief below the skin then i suggest either the Buddha bar or the mota cream.

  2. Guitarded1

    Wife is using this product. She is pleased with the results, alleviating muscle soreness in and around her knee area.
    Better this product than her popping Advils all the time.

  3. Harry Brownschwagger

    I can’t sing enough praise for B.B. I love it for delayed onset muscle soreness, it work wonders for skin conditions. I will always keep buying this.

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