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Battery + Charger (Budmail)


1 Charger & Variable Voltage Battery for $20

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Battery + Charger (Budmail)
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Budmail Battery + Charger

Variable voltage vape kit with adjustable voltage from 1.8V to 3.6V. Kit includes USB charger 🙂

Instructions for use:

  • 510 Thread Pitch
  • Press 5 times to turn on and off
  • Hold button down while inhaling (when light flashes, release the button)
  • Tap 3 times to adjust the voltage (temperature at which the device operates)
  • Tap 2 times for Pre-heat function (Green)
  • Green = 1.8 Volts White = 2.7 Volts Blue = 3.1 Volts Red = 3.6 Volts
    Charging Instructions:
  • Red light means charging
  • Green light means fully charged
  • Fully charged in 1 hour

Match this handy unit up with one of our refill cartridges from our vaping menu and you’re all set!

14 reviews for Battery + Charger (Budmail)

  1. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    Pen works great and is compatible with an array of cartridges. I was pretty bummed that the charger broke within two days of receiving the product, it just snapped in half.

  2. trysite (verified owner)

    New to vaping, this little gadget is something else! My 1st pen was from BC Trees but this BM vape pen… inexpensive, sleek, discreet & efficient, the lower voltage settings are beneficial to completely harvest the multitude of rewarding effects cannabinoids & terpenes have to offer in Full-Spectrum Extracted products, without burning/wasting them!
    Great product for a great price… again! BM never fails!!!

  3. dav (verified owner)

    Works fantastic, was doubtful at first, but my first two weeks with it has been great! Super discrete, with no smell an excellent purchase for anyone.

  4. kk slider (verified owner)

    Works great! No complaints at all. Battery a lot longer on average from other pens I’ve used, and I have a hard time finding adjustable wattage at lower prices so this was a great pen for me.

  5. Slayer stoner (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Charges in about an hour and goes for quite a while before needing a recharge. Sleek and shiny design, I really do recommend to anyone interested in getting a rechargeable pen.

  6. dudeman (verified owner)

    fits perfectly on any cartridge. fast charging and it holds the charge better then any other one out there. slick silver and discreet for public use! Best value get two!

  7. :) (verified owner)

    These pens are awesome! super easy to charge. I love the temp adjustments and the preheat setting is a godsend. I thought I was set with my bc trees pen but I got this as a gift for my partner and I’ve been extremely jealous ever since. budmail never disappoints.

  8. King (verified owner)

    Really good battery, I bought this and a sauce cartridge,I really like how the battery looks and works, really easy to use, really great price.

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    Great battery. I like that it has a preheat function. It also has 3 settings like most other batteries. The charger is great too. Small and charges fast

  10. Snailia (verified owner)

    Great little battery! I’ve only had it a few weeks but it’s working good so far & I love the simple design. It has adjustable heat settings which is great!

  11. cseitz15 (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Sleek, discreet and pretty, you can’t go wrong! Combined with the Golden Goat cartridge they’re a great pair! The price point was awesome too.

  12. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    Super stoked. Spent an arm and a leg for some fancy one that just draped the bed on me. Didn’t even have temperature gauge or anything. For $20 you can’t go wrong. Budmail for life. Haha

  13. Soleil2208 (verified owner)

    I really like this battefy..very easy yo use, long lasting charge.i also reaaly like the look and it’s slim like a pen ..fit with all the cartfidge on sale from budmail. I recommend .

  14. junior666 (verified owner)

    Finally! A chargeable battery that’s easy to use, and fits all the cartridges offered at budmail!
    Simply screw on any product you want, switch it up whenever. Press the button and
    go. Variable temps make it perfect for different substances, and is simple to switch between them.
    No more dead battery before the product is used up, no more leaks or throwing away the whole pen. This is a game changer!
    Excellent battery!

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