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Cactido #5


AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Cactido #5 is a cross of Cactus and Dosido. This strain is normally best suited for evening use, but this phenotype displays a stimulating daytime effect. Pale mantis green and bright orange pistils contrast nicely over creamy trichomes. Trimmed and cured to exacting standards. Hazy citrus and spice are evident upon first whiffs. The citrusy zest intensifies when broken up. Earthy peppery haze notes linger on your palate after smoking. A stimulating buzz begins behind the eyes and temples. Then the effects blend with a fantastic calm, warming any racy edges. The potency is good and the effects churn on for hours before drifting away. Overall, Cactido #5 has minimal burnout and is best enjoyed on a care free afternoon.

Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Spice, Hazy
Effects: Stimulating, Calming, Buzzy, Cerebral
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Fatigue

15 reviews for Cactido #5

  1. Ttom11122

    8.5/10 smells/tastes like strawberry lemonade strain with just a hint of Moby Dick. very strong, good looking flowers. Burns great too. good price too

  2. JT

    Only problem I had with this was that I didn’t buy more of it! Just wow, I’m not usually into smoking sativa as much but this strain was a pleasure, im happy I decided to try it out. It was super smooth and easy on my lungs, but killer euphoria and chillin vibes!

  3. NickNuked

    Definitely “intense” notes of haze-citrusy zest which is exactly as described with a lingering back drop of earthy musk.

    Nice buds, burn and stone.

    Personally for me the “peppery” aura is too intense and the citrusy-musk doesnt clash well.

  4. Sharkeatsgirl

    I loved Cactido #5! Great daytime smoke, very buzzy high with energy. Lovely crunchy buds with lots of crystals and very tasty in a joint! We enjoyed it by a daytime fire up at the cottage, great times.

  5. tg204

    Great daytime sativa. After vaporizing some I almost immediately felt clear-headed, organized, and just sort of content. I was able to do a bunch of tedious chores that I had been putting off for days and then chill out on the couch without feeling sleepy. Not usually a big sativa guy, but this is exactly what look for when I use them.

  6. Prince

    Loved it. Did the job and delievered a nice awake and alert feeling allowing me to be productive and go on with my day. Didnt get a fuzzy head feeling. Just reordered again. 🙂

  7. Envycleopatra

    Excellent sativa strain! It sometimes makes me a little bit dizzy, which is why I only put 4 stars instead of 5 – but otherwise in terms of taste and overall high, it is one of my top favourites. It really gets me motivated and gets the creativity flowing !

  8. Budtb

    Absolutely amazing for the price. Like always budmail is my main go to love the smell of it and all of the flavor it has inside when you smoke it 4 more to go now done

  9. GoanGreenleaf

    On point again Budmail. Got my 14g today thank you for the free sample of ICED BANANA PUNCH.
    Only available through premier strains. Cactido is a beautiful day time buzz. Forest Green with orange flames here and there. Super Rocky buds. Another Great strain BM.

  10. JLo

    This stuff has crazy terps. When pressed into rosin it tastes just like liquorice. Somewhat similar smell to the Where’s my bike just less orange flavour. The high is more relaxed though. I’m obsessed with Dos-si-dos right now, actually anything with Face Off OG is the bomb. The bud colour and structure is also really cool with this one.

  11. GoanGreenleaf

    If you have smoke the sour diesel before this has a slight hint or odour. None the less still amazed by the colour. BM premier lines is where it.
    wedding cake. 26.5 THC amazing simply beautiful
    Iced banana punch 18 THC super frosty.
    Orangeade 18thc. Smells like oranges tastes like oranges.

    Some of the finest flowers. Thank you BM for making this possible.

  12. SourCreamCreamy

    Nice little buds, very nice high. I vaped it during the day and it kept me mellow and focused. My browski and I didn’t feel much burnout so you can play all day!

  13. Canada Man

    Very sweet smell- tastes good, smooth hits in the bong. Looks like the pic- awesome orange hairs- great size nugs. A little smaller than a golf ball, but bigger than a grape. Im happy to have this stocked up!

  14. AP2000

    Vape review: Definitely a day-time strain! It’s heady and quite potent with little to no burnout. Bag appeal is lovely. This is very attractive . Contrasting dark buds with light hairs. Very appealing! Taste-wise it’s quite mellow. Herbal and mildly citrusy.

  15. C dog dinger

    Very nice sativa ,, Haze qualities ,, excellent up effect … nice burn through a clean smoke. Kept my mind and body moving nicely for another 2 hours, body remained relaxed…. a nice positive strain ,..
    “ kept me thinking positively ,, and positively charged …. to sum it up in a simple sentence . Thank you Budmail, greatly appreciate the service and product . Outstanding quality

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