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Cake Batter


AAAA Grade | Hybrid | Organic

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Cake Batter
Price:   $250.00
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Cake Batter

Cake Batter is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Grown living soil organic by one of the premier farmers at Skookum. Impressively grown while the buds are large, hand-trimmed and sticky fresh to the cure. Pale mantis green with tangerine pistils and generously caked in trichomes. Complex and uniquely scented with tangy ginger, musty gas and a sweet creaminess that follows through when smoking. Burns to a nearly white ash and leaves a resin ring.

Formidable in its effects while pleasant and enjoyable. Stoney, creative and focused but it could scramble you when smoking higher amounts. Suitable to smoke just about any time of day, you may find yourself dipping into this Cake Batter when nobody’s looking. While (baking) supplies last!

Flavours: Musty, Gas, Ginger, Creamy
Effects: Spacey, Calming, Happy, Creative
Medical: Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Stress, PTSD

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.


18 reviews for Cake Batter

  1. RancorDaBs

    Once again a great product. Expertly cured cannabis! Smooth smoke with an excellent flavor profile . What all cannabis should be like. Had a few large buds in the bag which has been a miss with other growers! good to see them in the bags and not cherry picked or moldy and sent for extraction

  2. Sublime-haze

    This is the first strain I received in 2021, and let me tell you this sets the bar high.

    The buds are a bit fox taily but gorgeous shades of green and frosty. 2 nice large nugs in my 14g. About what I expect from more ‘exotic’ LSO strains.

    The cure is on point, springy buds with a nice clean burn. Its a bit sticky, rolling with oil and hash was a task. Flavour is subtle and sweet with a touch of kuahy skunk n funk.

    Buzz is top notch. Functional yet potent. Nice warm and relaxing stone with a good headyness to it.

    I dont often give 5/5 but damn do I ever like this stuff

  3. spaceman

    One of the smoothest strains I have ever tried in over 20 years of smoking. Absolutly delicious and a must try for any cannaseur. A big 5/5 and highly recommended. Thanks BM!

  4. Kingzeus

    top quality bud. You can never go wrong with skookum. This strain is another great flower waiting for u to have a taste . The taste is pretty decent but the thing that stands out is the high after smoking it u will know. great for anytime of the day but preferable at night overall 5 stars out of 5 all around

  5. Gruff

    Really nice smoke, lots of trics, smooth, very subtle flavour. I’d say its like apple pie, its sweet and theres like a buttery pastry behind it. It’s a great smoke much better than some tins, buy before its gone.

  6. Smorg

    Just received this morning and wow this stuff is incredible! I felt amazing after taking a bong rip. Another skookum product I am definitely happy with!

  7. Tarboss

    This is a banger of an Indica. I purchased an ounce, inside that was a multitude of bud sizes, including three massive ones spanning my hand. This is a dank, musty yet ginger smelling bud, when burnt tastes of forest and metallic diesel,( in a great way ).

    This sends tingles down the spine of a heavy smoker. Sink into your couch and chillllll

  8. wardawg

    Got this in the build an ounce and I haven’t had the chance to try the rest of the strains but it’s getting really hard not to order more of this already. The effect is the ideal hybrid buzz, and I mean ideal, it’s the tops. Amping you up but also delivering that body feeling. Outstanding.

  9. ssass1981

    I usually don’t purchase anything but indica but skookum has had such a great reputation that I turned to trying this. Boy im glad I did!! The flavor and taste is 10/10. The high is beautiful and just perfect for anytime of the day. Strong strain not suitable for beginner smoker. Will be buying more in the next few days!! Thanks again!!!

  10. Shwarmski

    the cake batter without all the calories. Good taste and good high.

  11. SourCreamCreamy

    i typically give out a lot of five stars to dros because they all grant you a high in small differences, I give low stars for strains that gave me and my peoples bad highs that lasted for minuscule amounts… sadness bros and brosettes. Now to this strain, cake batter, damn you gotta give props when they are due this strain is 6 STARS for this price, I SAY 6 STARS. I wish I had more…

  12. gitchford

    skookum really makes some beautiful, high quality nugs! sticky, moist and full of flavour. cake batter is simply fantastic! i bought an eight but wish i had bought an oz!

  13. godofthewitches

    I only got a gram of this Cake Batter to try out, and it was worth it; had I bought 28g, I would have been smoking this for days. I would have liked to smoke this in a joint, but I smoked it out of a bong, which had smooth and heavy hits. It made for a good afternoon smoke and I enjoyed my coffee with its effects. Thanks BM!

  14. lovebud12

    Skookum never disappoints! Another new favourite strain. Perfectly cured, smooth and burns to a white ash. The high is perfect and long lasting. Highly recommend

  15. Steve-o

    As far as Hybrids go this on takes the CAKE! I personally prefer the buzz from hybrids, rarely disappoints. Burns nice, definitely an evening strain as you wont get much done after some of this bud.

  16. j-$

    big, sticky buds covered in crystals. i can’t quite pin the taste down exactly but i’m
    enjoying it so far. real potent. i would most likely order this again but in a smaller quantity than last time.

  17. Maryjane

    You can never go wrong with skookum. This strain is another great one. The taste is pretty decent but the thing that stands out is the high. Very good strain

  18. Bricky

    Another top quality bud from the skookum boys! Another unique smell and taste! To me it was little musty and Spicey yet creamy smooth! Burned to a nice whit3 ash! Has a good kick to it that’s for sure. Nice evening delight. Glad I tried it and would recommend! [email protected] budmail!

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