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California Orange

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Product Description

California Orange is a sativa leaning hybrid of unknown lineage that was created in the 80’s in California. This example is truly remarkable in bag appeal, sporting large colas with a mosaic of lime green, royal purple and auburn. Adding to the aesthetic is a generous layer of beautiful trichomes. The nose is a clean and invigorating blast of fresh mint, berry, citrus and pine. Furthermore, the taste is an earthy citrus and sweet herbal combination. The effects induced are a strong cerebral euphoria that is giggly and social. The potency is high, so a newer user should heed with caution.

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing
Flavours: Mint, Berry, Citrus, Pine, Sweet, Tropical
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Hyperactivity

26 reviews for California Orange

  1. bhrk

    Absolutely loved this strain! Perfect balance between a good buzz and ability to function. Loved the orange taste and smell, gave me very happy vibes.

  2. MellowCheech

    Despite it being a sativa, for me this strain was very Hybrid-esque. It’s a very relaxing, mellow, kind of social high that isn’t too overbearing (it didn’t give me anxiety or anything)… Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day without getting too stoned to function. In higher doses I feel like it could aid in sleep though. The smell was very tangy/orangey as the name would suggest. Nice bag appeal, and easy on the lungs as well. Overall it was a very nice strain.

  3. Highlander

    Humongous buds. Very long, fluffy and beautiful. Trim could’ve been a bit tighter and was a bit harsh in a vape and more so off the bong. Nothing to worry about really.

    The smell is very nice, hints of citrus and summer. The high was was good, lasting pretty long. Excellent boost in mood and energy.

  4. Sweez

    Buds are nice size. Sweet aroma when opening the bag. I found it hit a little hard in the back of the throat, but very tasty nonetheless. Sweet smell and sweet earthy taste. The buzz is very relaxing but wont lock yah to the couch. Great daytime and nightime medication. Would definetly purchase again!!

  5. PeaJay

    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, smell, look and buzz of this one. I chose this specifically because of the THCV levels. This, too me, tasted like oranges, especially on the exhale and has a lasting orange after taste. I weighed out about .3 of a gram and rolled up a small doobie. The buzz was good and fairly long lasting, not too intense. I recommend this and will likely by again if in stock.

  6. Anna_Gramm

    Again a weekly deal not fite for my taste…definitly don’t like the after taste of it.Descrition is a littleoff(maybe havé à compréhension problème)i am not a fan of sativa ,Stil i had better than that on this site.

  7. Mrsjrm

    California orange is one of the best tasting weeds. This citrusy earthy flavours work together. The weed is always great quality and burns very very well.

  8. Bud Good

    Very good weed, a time tested classic. This stuff exhibits more of a creamy orange flavor as opposed to the deep citrus orange flavor that is unmistakable and prominent to California Orange. Great herb that handles and smokes fantastic.

  9. Lethal

    Arrived very quickly and well packed, looked fantastic nice colours 3 nice buds made 7 grams, had a very sweet taste and so smooth. Will he ordering again

  10. SourCreamCreamy

    This strain really got me thinking. Was this the most beautiful blend of purple and green I have ever seen in such a sexy dro, yes. I love the smell and the colour is freaking outstanding. It gets you high too.

  11. Magicactus

    So this came in nice and early today, along with a jar of Sophie’s Breath. Once I cut into the package the smell of orange creamcycle filled the air incredibly. The orange so grabbed my attention that I had to try it first. I only got a 7gram bag but three wonderful large full buds that looked more like four star the rated three star, which was surprising. I had about half a gram in the bong over a few bowls and nice… a little on the hot end but full blown relaxed sativa high.. perfect for a couple of hours on the guitar, and warm up the appetite for dinner… whether I buy more depends on how much I like Sophie’s Breath once I get a chance to try it though. Potency is why I would think it is a three star… nice but could be stronger for my tastes.

  12. Greenfred

    Very smooth easy on the throat smells nice ,high was good definatly ok to get chores and mundane stuff done easy to go about the day without worrying too high .Liked it not sure I’ll order again right away too many others to try.
    Thanks budmail can’t all be homeruns but not bad !

  13. BornToHula

    Very pleasant smooth smoke. Love the smell of this one. It is a relaxing sativa that won’t induce anxiety for me and is functional enough to get some work done around the house.
    PS thanks for that free pre-roll of blueberry cheesecake. Love that strain 🙂

  14. vanzolini

    This has a nice smell, nice taste. fairly squishy airy nugs but rich in colour.
    easy smooth smoke, fairly decent functional high. Would order again if it goes on sale

  15. SID

    A new favorite of mine! The smell is SOOOO nice, really lovely early evening strain for when you want to wind down from the day but don’t want to munch out and pass out hahaha. The flavor is so yummy – so terpy and delicious. I am bipolar diagnosed and it leaves me completely functional, just a whole lot happier and stonier 🙂 A fantastic smoke – no residual feelings of anxiety and intensity which I am sensitive to in Sativa’s. This will be my new fav and I’ll def be ordering more of this!!!

  16. Deaner912

    Nice large buds with a nice mix of orange and purple. Looks alot better in person then pics. Pine like smell to the buds but not much for a citrus flavor but overall deff a good quality bud

  17. sativa_lvr

    Had the previous batch. Did not have time to leave a review.

    So happy it is back in stock. This bud is the perfect end of afternoon high. Usually I get not even highs even with hybrids; sedated couch potato or squirrel on crack, and this flower is really well balanced. Relaxed but you can do tasks. Rather mellow than fried out of your mind. Only had a 1g tester and to say the least I kept it for a long time because I would keep smelling it. It smells more fruity/orangey than ISS (which is a close companion odor-wise). Buds are really pretty as well.

    5* BM. Again.

  18. TomFlry337

    I have no complaints with the Orange, the buds were nice and the smell was definitely fruity. It was a great high and tastes of fresh oranges. I would buy again

  19. Budman

    Nice dense nugs. Pungent smell. Most citrus flavoured weed will only smell citrusy.. Cali Orange actually has that citrus taste to go with the smell. Slow burning with a nice high. All around good smoke

  20. Magicactus

    Couldn’t help myself.. only had a tasters sample of this and it is so delicious and burns so incredibly well I just had to order another half before heading for vacation.. to afraid it would be all gone by the time I got back… lots on the menu but did not want to chance loosing out on this delicious smoke… definitely one of my big favorites now.

  21. LisaJayne

    I have to say this was a nice change from the usual strains I order. Bag appeal and smell was delightful. Nice size when busted as well. Definitely a lil sticky, which is a great burn.

  22. InukHash

    She really enjoyed this strain!!! Said was muncher and sleepy, but is a sativa. Felt indica ish. The people she shared with also liked it very much! She will order more, for sure!

  23. BigChr

    The smoke of the stuff is great, the problem I had with it was that someone during shipping stuck a pen or sharps object through the package and pierced the several layers including this delightful bad. Need i say it wasn’t too cool of meeting with my mailman that day. Great herb, uncool experience.

  24. Magicactus

    Nice fruity scent upon opening the bag… busts up nice with lots of frost… crept up on me and lasted a good two hours plus… yes I have to admit I was forgetting stuff throughout the evening… smoke something else if you need to concentrate, otherwise indulge as much as you want… unlike other sativas this one gave me couch lock after a couple hours.

  25. XtremeC

    This was the my first real strain I purchased back 18 years ago when I was 17. This is now the 2nd time in my life trying it, this Cali is flipping amazing! I’m energized but it is actually quite intense more space outness. Smells great citrus orange and light taste of orange. Once again it has impressed me, thank you BM for bringing back great memories 😀

  26. AP2000

    Potent and uplifting. The buds are slightly sticky and cured beautifully. Taste is orange rind all the way (vaped). As the description notes, there is a mild sedation that creeps in after some time. This is a great winding-down in the evening strain. Thanks BM!

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