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Canna9 Pet Tincture (Miss Envy)


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We realize some of our furry friends can be a little fussy, so here at Canna9 Wellness we’ve created a hassle free alternative; a solvent free CBD food additive. Containing a proprietary blend of organic oils and minerals, this mixture will reduce high blood pressure, inflammation and arthritic pain.

Our signature organic recipe will strengthen and improve mobility of joints and muscles, while rehydrating skin and providing a brilliant shiny coat!

Each 100 ml bottle contains 250 mg of CBD. Each ml contains 2.5 mg of CBD.

Suggested Serving:
5 lb – 10 lb: 1/2 dropper
10 lb – 25 lb: 1/2 – 1 dropper
25 lb – 50 lb: 1 – 2 droppers
50 lb+: 2 – 4 droppers

Ingredients: Organic flax seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic sunflower oil, cod liver oil (source of vitamins A and D), organic sesame oil, rosemary extract, 100% organic Co2 extracted CBD hemp oil.

16 reviews for Canna9 Pet Tincture (Miss Envy)

  1. Sacire

    My 11 yr old pup isn’t as agile as she once was, however, after about a week she walks ‘less slow’ and with more ease. I can’t wait to see how it continues to help her mobility.

  2. Cyberstace

    So far so good. I t seems to be working and he is full of life at times during the day and has a great appetite. I will keep giving my little buddy this mixture. He is so worth it.

  3. FrankieCdn

    Love this stuff, my roomie’s dog used to growl at the cats when they got to close to her, now they sleep together (no it’s not a sign of the apocalypse), they are all happier, calmer and my one cat with an arthritic leg no longer limps when it’s cold out. This is an awesome product and I am glad BM brought it to me! I highly recommend it.

  4. FrankieCdn

    Still using this on the cats and dog. My one cat was injured as a kitten and limped every winter until I started giving him this stuff, now his limp is gone. All of the pets are calmer and more affectionate than before and since they are all small this stuff goes a long way. Highly recommend this CBD product.

  5. B

    I firmly believe our 11 year old lab would not be as active without this amazing oil. He has very weak back legs, trouble getting up and tires walking …now he has a little more pep in his step….dosing is s bit difficult as the dropper isn’t very accurate.

  6. FrankieCdn

    I gave this to my dog before he passed and it helped me keep him around a lot of extra time, it helped with his arthritis as well as making him a calmer dog overall. I still give it to my cats and my roommates dog. My cats are more affectionate than ever and the dog is calmer and also more affectionate.

  7. haldir6480

    this stuff is great. I used it for my 12 year old cat who has mild arthritis. After 4-5 days of half a dropper per meal mixed with his wet food he was walking up the stairs faster and playing more. He really likes it and I plan on trying more cbd pet products in the future.

  8. MP

    I mainly got this to give to my dog but i also give it to my cat (i checked with the producer to see if its suitable for cats) and i think this is a great product. It really calms down my dog and seems to suppress inflammation. She is also very eager to receive it and will lick it up straight from the dropper. At first i was mixing it with a bit of peanut butter. My cat seems more hesitant to take it, i dribble it over his wet food. He has glaucoma and while he never appeared to be in any discomfort before receiving the cbd i feel as if tho this product is reducing the swelling in his eye and helps make him more comfortable. Keeping a close eye on this to confirm over the next while. (i have used/ do use other treatments for my pets however only after using this product is where we seem to see improvement)

  9. Kingzeus

    this worked miracles for my dog .. i have a older dog that has cancer.. she shakes all the time like shes nervous anyway i bought this and gave it to her and the shakes went away ..i give her half a dropper twice a day and shes mobile and energetic .. 5/5 great product


    Works for my dog who is 12 and has trouble walking and getting around. He’s in some pain but this helps him and I’m happy because it’s better then giving him pills.

  11. Milo_pug mum

    This CBD oil has been a blessing for our pug Milo. After about three days we see a noticeable difference in his energy and mobility. He seems to be painfree. Also the taste, Milo doesn’t mind either. We hope to post a video review shortly to show you exactly what we mean. We love this product

  12. SHH

    Great product for my girl, works amazing. I just take the dosage amount and drop it on a piece of dehydrated liver and it soaks in and voila she eats it no problem.
    Only think I suggest is maybe to put dosage marks on the dropper, had a hard time figuring out what was considered full and half.

  13. Hoopley

    Very happy with this product. We have a ten year old German Shepard and he’s still very active. This oil seems to help with the next day recovery time.
    I dribble it directly onto his dry food on a daily basis. He has never once shown that it bothers him taste wise.
    Even if the only effect is the on recovery side, I think it’s worth trying.

  14. HappyCamperStace

    Another home run & win for my PUP! Young but BAD arthritis. Using this on his food am & pm for 2 wks & the Metcam pain meds are now gone… WTG BM!!!!

  15. Blond high

    So far so good. My friends cat has been doing great on this stuff. Found it very easy to give to her. And she seeming not too be in any more pain.

  16. ABToker

    Great product, easy to give to your pet. Dosage is easily readable. Has been effective in lessening seizure activity in the family dog.

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