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Capsules (Baked Edibles) CBD

20 CBD capsules from $40 to $75

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20 Capsules per Bottle – 10-20mg CBD per Capsule

Pure CBD cannabis extract in MCT oil. This clear, clean oil contains zero THC and has extremely positive effects for the body and mind, with no psychoactive effects. Examples include relief from anxiety, depression, glaucoma, asthma, liver disease, and even cancer.

Has added lecithin to assist with binding the CBD molecules in the oil and maximizing the bio-absorption into the bloodstream.

Administer as needed every 4-6 hours, remembering: start low, go slow.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Extract, THC Extract, Lecithin, Gelatin Capsule

2 reviews for Capsules (Baked Edibles) CBD

  1. BlazaFatty

    Bought these in july 2019 to share with my dad. We both have chronic pain issues, however different opinions for treatment. He is anti-DRUG (as in pills are cool, but God forbid weed!!!), whereas, I use cannabis daily for fibromyalgia and spinal injury. Well, these pills had a big effect on his pain levels and ability to sleep at night. He is still negative towards cannabis, but at least had a positive reaction to its therapeutic benefits.

    5/5 due to price, ease of use and effect. This is great for people who are hesitant with using traditional cannabis or new to medicating.

  2. obc93

    My first time trying any CBD product and I decided to go with BAKED EDIBLES because their THC products are by far the most consistently dosed. I wasn’t disappoint with these either.

    Will definitely order again.

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