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Capsules (Baked Edibles) THC

20 THC capsules from $120 to $220

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20 Capsules per Bottle – 100-200mg THC per Capsule

These are the quintessential THC extract capsules. Made from a full-profile cannabis extract oil, these THC caps are known for countless positive effects on the body and mind. Examples include relief from: anxiety, depression, glaucoma, asthma, liver disease, and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments.

These caps are infused into MCT oil, with added lecithin maximizes the bio-absorbtion of the THC molecules into the bloodstream.

Administer as needed every 4-6 hours, remembering: start low, go slow.

Keep out of reach of children!

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Extract, THC Extract, Lecithin, Gelatin Capsule

6 reviews for Capsules (Baked Edibles) THC

  1. Baker

    Wow these things are powerful and awesome. I got the 200’s and one layed me on my a**. I highly recommend but if you get the 200mg ones to only start with half or a quarter to start. Wasnt expecting it to hit so hard.

  2. Dood

    Took 5 at once and can’t remember the past few days. Awesome product for the sale price. Definitely worth it.
    Now I’m just filling the characters out. Go budmail!

  3. NinjaaMastaa

    200 mg is way too intense for me.
    I originally purchased because I had surgery and I cough when I smoke plus I’m on a sugar free diet so edibles go out the window. These will be great for the days I take adventures to the zoo or stampede.

  4. 420Connoisseur

    the 200MG are great at night its a bit intense but works great for me , and you can always manage your dose if its too strong just get gel caps and dose it the way you want thanks a lot Baked Edibles and BM for the great product

  5. Dick Dingerz

    I ordered the 100mg capsules and they were perfect! They took around an hour to kick in full tilt and when they did I was comfortably numb and happy yet functional for around 5 hours. 200mg is just a little too much for me so I hope they get the 100mg capsules back again soon!

  6. Sandilicious

    These are the best capsules I’ve tried, hands down. Very effective and potent medicine. 200mg is quite intense, well worth the price. I might try the 100mg as well for daytime use, those 200mg’s will send you off to take a nap for sure 🙂

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