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Capsules (daily) – THC

1 bottle of 50 mg THC Capsules for $45 $35
1 bottle of 100 mg THC Capsules for $65

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Solvent-Free Vegetarian Capsules

Concentrated oil rendered from cannabis, also known as “Phoenix Tears,” are a very strong medicine used to alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses, such as cancers, AIDS/HIV and diabetes. Phoenix tear oil soothes the effects of radiotherapy / chemotherapy for patients in recovery. Dosages are recommended for late-stage illness to combat severe pain, nausea, weight-loss from treatments, but new patients should slowly work their way up to this dosage, as the concentration is very potent.

Capsules available in either 50mg or 100mg of THC. Infused in MCT oil. 25 capsules per bottle.

Dosage: Take one capsule, wait up to 2 hours before re-administering.

21 reviews for Capsules (daily) – THC

  1. Drew

    My first order from Budmail. I was skeptical about these pills more than anything else because I have tried others.

    1) Value – $35 for 1250mg of THC. You will not find a better deal.
    2) Potency – As potent as every other review suggests. I am a heavy smoker and one of the 50s was good.
    3) Efficacy – I bought these as a means to deal with anxiety, because I find that when I’m smoking a joint, hitting my bong or dabbing I often overdo it. I am getting waves and waves of relief from, again, ONE 50mg pill.

    The next time I am ordering and these are available I am going to stock up on a few bottles. Thanks Budmail you have secured a permanent customer.

  2. Marshall

    This is by far the best edible on this site especially if you’re sick and don’t have the very much money .Thanks budmail you guys are making my meds more affordable.

  3. dudeman

    These capsules are by far the best ones out there. Very clean and fast acting. better then edibles… They work quite well and are at the best price for this high of a dose by far.

  4. jyojyoma

    Being a picky stoner who had dabbed and smoked bubblehash from BM all day before for years (but then took a 3 month T-break recently), I’ve been very pleased with these. 2 of the 100mg’s is a good and strong stone for me (i’m a tall, 180 pound dude) after I had already got my bubblehash tolerance up again but want to stay away from smoking cuz i like to make out with my girlfriend a lot haha. Definitely good bang for your buck. So thankful for BM :~)

  5. AP2000

    These are great. They provide a full-spectrum high, so best to be had when you’re not about to go anywhere or do very much. Great for sleep and hunkering down, excellent for pain relief too. Great value. Go slow!

  6. JohnDoe

    Best value by far on the site but pretty damn strong. I hadn’t been high in a while combined with losing a bit of weight made me practically have a seizure on 200mg. Highly recommend but take it slow

  7. haldir6480

    These capsules are super potent, great for when I need to sleep or feel like blasting off and chilling to some tunes. I found one 50mg capsule is enough for me to be stoned for 5 hours, definitely not for light/inexperienced users. I highly recommend these, they are an excellent value. I want to try the 100mg next.

  8. SJ

    WARNING: THESE ARE EXTREMELY STRONG. I went from being a daily toker for years to a occasional j on special occasions type smoker. I took these while on antidepressants and I think I started to have mini seizures. Serotonin OVERLOAD. I could see how these would be amazing for people who are seriously ill, but if you’re a moderate or mild smoker steer clear of these for sure.

  9. Diogo R

    Best bang for your buck in terms of thc. Especially now seeing that it’s on sale, it’s an awesome sale. Im a heavy hitter so I usually take 2-3 capsules each dosage/day I use them. Already repurchased, and will continue to buy them in the future.

  10. tokeyDAbear

    First time I went macho and took 2 pills……boy oh boy did they hit me….and HARD. I just reordered this recently. Moderation is key folks.

  11. rottenapplebug

    So happy these are back in stock! The best value on the site. Solvent free too? Yes please. 2500mg for $65 cant be beat. Thanks, daily and Budmail. Hope these can stay stocked consistently.

  12. Dirtochie

    Great to see the 50’s on sale. Please bring back the 100’s when you can. Not sure if the colour of the oil has anything to do with strength as it has not been consistent over my previous purchases. Don’t get me wrong, these are top notch.

  13. Slimthug

    These are awesome that work very good great to take with you or places you can’t smoke all my friends love them too…will definitely be ordering more

  14. afriend

    Daily smoker, but 50mg was enough to get me flying. Best and easiest way to get baked. Lasts 5-6 hours. By the end I was super sleepy. Certainly just me, but edibles and oils only work for me on empty stomach.

  15. wassamhere

    I am a daily smoker and didn’t notice and compounding effects when taking one of these. It moreso extends the high that you have. I gave one to my buddy who is a low weight and he said it was the highest he had been. May be too potent for moderate users, but perfect for me! 😛

  16. No name

    Wow – too strong for me, I now break open the capsule and pour half in my coffee or tea. My first time using these I felt the effects for a good 10 hours, however I have a low tollance to THC and usually use CBD products. – great bang for your buck though.

  17. CassF

    These are very fast acting and help me get to sleep better than most products I’ve tried! Also very good at relieving migraine pain. I ordered the 50mg capsules and will definitely be ordering them again!

  18. Milo

    THIRD time ordering the 50mg capsules. Love these, great for a chill day at home or before I go out. Sometimes I break the capsule and just put the liquid under my tongue (idk if I should do that lol) but it also hits a bit faster.

  19. LisaJayne

    These capsules are by far the best ones out there. Very clean and fast acting. I use them for sleep and appetite, as well as chronic pain. They work quite well and are at the best price for this high of a dose.

  20. alex

    25 capsule (not 20)… not sure what to think. Its very nice for sleeping but i took 3 in the morning and almost felt nothing. Ive bought 5 bottle … i tought it was the best deal ever

  21. LisaJayne

    I love these so much I’m on my third bottle already! Very discrete and convenient. Quite potent as well always helps me fall right to sleep at night. Really surprised there is no other reviews yet.

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