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Capsules (Trichome Garden) – THC Sativa


10x 50mg THC capsules per Pack | 10x 100mg THC capsules per Pack
500mg THC total | 1000mg THC total

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10 capsules per Pack
Available in 50mg and 100mg THC

Regular strength THC capsules that most moderate edible cannabis users will find to be a comfortable dose for everyday use. While not recommended for inexperienced users, this dose will provide noticeable psychoactive effects including effective pain relief and other desired medicinal benefits without an overwhelming psychological high. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid varieties provide a greater range of effects to accommodate users’ needs, from energetic daytime use to more relaxing and sedative effects.

Cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with Sativa cannabis buds and blended with cannabis oil for increased potency. Packaged in gelatin capsules.

2 reviews for Capsules (Trichome Garden) – THC Sativa

  1. LP (verified owner)

    Turns out 50mg is too strong to microdose! Since I enjoy the capsule format, I’ll now be purchasing the 5mg ones. I’m hoping for an inspiring day high.

  2. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    I bought the 50mg capsules. I love them!! These give me the buzz I’m looking for from edibles but can never get. Easy to swallow, easy to carry with you and great feeling.

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