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Dried Sardines(20-40pcs) – 5mg CBD per treat

Natural and tasty CBD cat treats. Nutritious dried sardines. No artificial colours or additives.

• Relieve Pain & Anxiety
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Non-Psychoactive

Natural Ingredients: No artificial additives or preservatives.

No Artificial Colours: Natural, beautiful, shiny sardines.

Nutritious Dried Sardines: A healthy and nutritious snack that cats love.

Effective CBD Treatment: Even dosage per piece.

If it is your pet’s first time with CBD, please start with a very small dosage. We recommend breaking down a single piece into 2 smaller ones and note how your cat reacts over a period of 2-3 hours. While CBD is considered to be calming and non-psychoactive, your catto may possibly get drowsy at higher doses.

Ingredients: Dried Sardines, CBD Isolate & Coconut Oil

17 reviews for Cat Treats – CBD Goodies

  1. AJ (verified owner)

    Bought these for my cats. My cats were not a fan but my American Staffordshire Terrier really enjoyed these! I give it to him to help with anxiety. Now he looks for them when I’m at the cupboard.

  2. Maryjane (verified owner)

    I have two cats and both of them love these treats. It took a while for one of them to actually eat a piece but when they did they never have had a problem since. Great product I always include one in my order

  3. ME AGAIN (verified owner)

    We have 4 cats and one is restless and into trouble most times. Provide him one of these and within a short while a new calm comes over him and he plays well with the other cats instead of fighting with them.

  4. M’lady (verified owner)

    I have a super picky cat and so far have only gotten her to eat small bits of this such that I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Might try mixing into her food as other reviews have suggested.

  5. haldir6480 (verified owner)

    My cat loves these, it seems to relieve her aches and pains from age. She comes running when I open the bag and gobbles it down super fast. She seems much more relaxed and at ease when she gets these treats regularly. I will get these again for sure.

  6. Maryjane (verified owner)

    Only one of my cats eats these and selectively. My other cat doesn’t like them. I think it may have to do with their shape but then again the other cat eats it so maybe it’s just preference lol.

  7. Michelle (verified owner)

    My cats love these treats. My older cat has chronic pain and these treats let her relax. I recommend dosing gradually, starting from a very small piece.

  8. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    Here I am again typing another review for these perfect cbd treats for my old arthritis ridden kitty. I found that grinding these things up into powder and mixing them into his wet food is the best method for him to ingest them. He’ll snooze right after, struggles less when walking and is overall a happier old cat.

  9. Quarrels (verified owner)

    We’ve used these for a while and they seem to help with my very bad tempered cat when others come over. Too much makes her sleepy and just go hide though so be careful about dose. We give half a fish for regular and 1 full if we need her sedate.

  10. Holmes (verified owner)

    Got these CBD sardines for my cats aches and pains and groans. Had to break it into smaller pieces and mix into food but it went well after that. Seemed to relax him and had taking his nap a little earlier than usual lol.

  11. goodstuff (verified owner)

    The fishes were a little big for my cats, even after breaking them up but my relatives cats and dogs loved them. Seemed to chill the crazy dog out a bit.

  12. Lala (verified owner)

    My old man (the cat not the spouse) absolutely loves these sardines! I give him one a day with his glucosamine supplements and he goes nuts for them. They seem to help with his arthritis more than if he just takes his supplements so they are worth it. 🙂

  13. Leon the professional (verified owner)

    I have a mean cat . He’s not mean to me or my partner but is to everyone else. Hard to say if cbd is going to help but we are giving it a try . My other cat who is very nice but very picky in what she will eat ate a piece. If you have cats give it a try , or like the other guy said if you like dry fish give it a try

  14. Michelle (verified owner)

    My cats always look forward to eating these. They love the smell and flavour. A small piece goes a long way. I’ve given this to my cats when they are either stressed or not feeling well, and it really helps to relax them.

  15. Faze Zillage (verified owner)

    I love dried fish snacks. Saw these on here for cats. Found out they are made at the standards for human grade consumption. Decided to give it a go. They are great. Really nice flavour. If you like dried fish snacks then don’t just limit this purchase to your cat. This is a great way to microdose CBD. Enjoy!

  16. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    I’m back again dudes. I got these for me kitty although this time I snagged the much larger bag. My kitty appears to look forward for these now although they still must be mixed with treats for him to fully eat them.

  17. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    I’ve been giving these to my cat who has severe arthritis and I believe they help him. I sometimes have to mix them into his food in order for him to eat the whole thing.

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