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Dog Treats – CBD Goodies


100mg Beef Tendersticks, 5mg CBD per treat

200mg Beef Tendersticks, 10mg CBD per treat

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From the lovely folks at CBD Move, these treats are 100% Canadian Beef with no additives or preservatives. Available in 100mg Beef Tendersticks, 5mg CBD per treat for smaller dogs, and 200mg Beef Tendersticks, 10mg CBD per treat for larger dogs.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Beef, CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil


3 reviews for Dog Treats – CBD Goodies

  1. Jess

    I bought this for my standard poodle who just got neutered. I initially got this for a natural pain management, but I noticed he stopped sneezing (has been having seasonal allergies) and seems a little more calm. He loved the treat too, and is usually a picky eater so I was pleasantly surprised. I will be buying more!

  2. Diogo R

    Great treats, I have a jack russel terrier and he loves them. I break them in half because he’s small but there great I usually give him these treats at night after our walk to prepare him for sleep.

  3. Shane13scott

    I bought these after the Bully Bites were no longer in stock. My dog preferred to eat these over the dried biscuits, as they were gone in an instant! They appear to work as my older canines seizures have seem to diminish. Would purchase again!

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