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CBD Isolate Gummies (Vitalita)


Available Doses: 750mg (25mg/serving) | 1500mg (50mg/serving)

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Vitalita CBD Gummies

Soft texture, intense flavour, gluten free and made with the highest quality CBD. 30 gummies per bottle.

Available Doses: 750mg (25mg/serving) | 1500mg (50mg/serving)

5 reviews for CBD Isolate Gummies (Vitalita)

  1. Ely (verified owner)

    I am really glad to have given these a try! I would take half to one gummy at a time, depending on the pain I am feeling that day from a past car accident. I have not had to take a single pharmaceutical, prescripted pain medication for a few months now! Super happy and amazed with the results! I use this in conjunction to CBD vapes on really terrible days.

  2. Jen B (verified owner)

    i’m super impressed with these. i am bipolar and have crazy anxiety and these actually work almost as a mood stabilizer for me. i’m calm, way less anxious, and i can relax enough to sleep. i will most likely experiment with lowering my intake of pharmaceuticals and use these instead. big thumbs up.

  3. JimmeeSpence (verified owner)

    Stronger than I expected. The presentation of the bottle alone upon unpacking was top notch.
    Good tasting too, I don’t usually get edibles but would recommend these to anyone

  4. Minmindymin (verified owner)

    I am really glad I decided to try this product. I bought the gummies to help with my pain and it has helped alot. It’s really nice not to have to take pain medication. I

  5. Minmindymin (verified owner)

    I am really glad I tried them they help alot with the pain. It’s nice to have something else to take then pain medication. I only take half of a gummies.

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