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Vape (CCELL) – Silo

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1 CCELL SILO Vape Battery for $40

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As the best match of CCELL cartridges, CCELL Silo batteries are great examples of our pursuit of perfection. Through numerous tests, our engineers finally achieved the perfect balance between high performance and compact design. While high discharge rate provides generous amount of vapour, the handheld size assures best discreteness possible. Inhale activated, self-adapted optimum temperature setting and no-button design make the CCELL friendly to all user groups.

After every single charge, the SILO 500mAh battery is able to consistently deliver full volume vapour from start to finish for over a week under normal usage frequency. Sleeker yet still powerful.

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Dimension: 63 x 18 x 28.8mm
  • Rechargeable with Micro-USB Port
  • Quality Circuit Board with Multi-Protection
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Inhale Activated
  • Stealthy Breathing LED Indicator
  • Magnetic Connector with Built-In 510 Thread

Multiple colours available! Compatible with most of the 510 threaded refills on our menu (not compatible with Daily refills) !

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16 reviews for Vape (CCELL) – Silo

  1. Olivia

    On sale, it’s a super inexpensive vape, the refillable cartridges that belong to this brand are good and inexpensive too. Can’t complain about the quality. You get what you pay for plus some with this one.

  2. Rus

    Couldn’t resist passing this deal, amazing price! I have been wanting to buy a vape battery for a while and this battery is nice, small and compact – overall this was a solid purchase. Really happy with it and would recommend to all.

  3. Amysaidnomnom

    I guess I’m the only one not jazzed about this one. It gets 3 stars in its favour for the battery life factor, alone. It’s the only thing worth getting it for. Otherwise, it’s pretty finicky. Unlike my other vape pens, it can sometimes take a while and effort to actually heat up and pull from. Eventually, you’ll find a way to get it to work. But, when I’m through trying to tinker with it, adjusting the cartridge in the unit or the magnet piece, or visibly sucking my face right in trying to hit off it, I just give up and use any other pen I have which won’t cause me as much annoyance. You can barely see the little dot of light that shines while you’re trying to hit it, making it hard to see if it’s actually doing anything or not. The magnet piece is also a bit of a drawback, as it’s tiny and easy to lose. The easy fix is to just leave the magnet sitting in the unit, but when changing cartridges to another pen, it’s still an extra step and extra attention you have to pay not to lose that little attachment. As seems to be the unfortunate norm for vaping units, the instructions lack details (I’ll always want to take a point away for that). No heat adjustment (though I wasn’t expecting there to be). No warning that the battery is low.

    I see they are currently on for $20-25. I got mine at full price for $40 just before they went on sale, and I’m sorry, but it’s not worth full price to me. Get it on sale for the impressive battery-life factor alone. But, at full price, I would rather recommend getting two BC Trees pens (which are amazing value for its durability and heat control) at $20 each, and keep one fully charged as a back-up to mostly make up for its not-AS-impressive-but-still-very-good battery-life factor.

  4. Missy

    I love this vape battery I’ve burnt through a few so far, but this one seems pretty good!!! it holds a charge a lot longer then most and has a nice pull

  5. Duke

    Amazing product! Small, sleek and a nice pull! Was on the fence about vapes until I used this product! Looking forward to the different strains to vape!!!

  6. cool

    Unbeatable price on budmail. Wanted to get into vaping and the honey oil here kept mentioning this device so I tried it and its working great. Hits better than most disposables I’ve tried. I had to find the empty cartridges elsewhere but it was worth it. I got it in pink to save 3$ lol

  7. Sir Smokes Alot

    I bought a pink battery for my girlfriend and she totally loves it. It’s sleek and easily concealable for those discreet session needs. I’m glad I bought her one because she takes it with her everywhere she goes and I can rest easy knowing that if I forgot to bring something with me when I’m out and about then she’s got my back. Highly recommend!

  8. munchqueen

    I was so surprised with how tiny this vape was! Compared to your regular sized Bic lighter, it’s slightly shorter and maybe two fingers wide. I haven’t had to charge it once since I got it in the mail and it’s been well over a week. I got mine in pink and I’m happy with this purchase 🙂

  9. Weatheredbrink

    Great product, battery lasts and smooth toking. I have tried many batteries and this seems to work much better and last longer than the rest of the other products.

  10. Bongtoker420

    Been using this for 3 days and have no complaints, I can get some nice clouds after a couple pulls and the battery came fully charge and hasn’t died since I started using it

  11. combeng

    Wasn’t sure about spending money on this vs getting a more typical cylindrical device, but definitely worth the money. Feels high quality and good battery life. Only tried with one distillate so far but worked very well.

  12. Bud Master Kojer

    These things are crazy good.. super tiny, literally smaller than two fingers and yet it is powerful. I get bigger clouds with smaller pulls on this than with an over-packed vape pen. It’s my new unit for daytime and travel smoking, plus I’ll probably end up getting spare cartridges to fill with straight cbd oil or a good potent nighttime indica.

    My only issue is the setup can be quite fragile. I dropped my unit from pocket-height onto my carpet, and it fractured the refillable cartridge to the point the oil leaked out and it’s completely unusable, so that pissed me off pretty good especially since it’s $70 oil.

  13. El Choppo

    Sleek design with a nice silver wrap around, and super discrete. Easy to hide in pocket and take on the go. This pairs really nice with the cherry oil. One of the best items I’ve purchased.

  14. brainfever

    I don’t understand how a battery this small can last this long. Awesome small package, fits in a pocket with .5ml cart. Used KleerX distillate in CCELL cartdrige and its great! Much better than any pen-style vape I have used

  15. Selenium Sam

    I have bought 2 of these so far and have to say they are excellent little units especially when combined with the cartridges they sell on here for them. They are direct draw so no buttons or settings to fiddle with and the unit’s battery charge lasts a very decent length of time. Highly recommend ccell products if you are looking for a concentrate vape unit.

  16. STBaggins

    I was kinda skeptical about first purchasing this vape. But to my surprise and in all honesty the description they put for this product is almost spot on, in my opinion. I have only had it for 3 weeks now but haven’t charged it and it hasn’t died on me. No problems using different viscosities to smoke and huge blasts, all without buttons while being small and compact.

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