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Cereal Milk


AAA Grade | Hybrid

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Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk is a hybrid cross of Y Life and Snowman. Featuring an expert trim and absolutely dripping in frost, the buds of Cereal Milk are extremely dense and have a mottled green palette with tinges of dark purple, interspersed with vibrant orange pistils. As the name suggests, Cereal Milk has overwhelmingly sweet aromas with a pleasing creaminess that may remind you of your favourite cereal as a kid. The smoke flavour is equally delicious as notes of pine and an underlying berry fruitiness dance on your tastebuds as it smoothly burns down to a fluffy, near white ash.

Cereal Milk hits fast with almost immediate feelings of calm and relaxation that spread throughout your body in a soothing wave, followed by an uplifting boost to your mood that washes all your worries away. Just like with cereal, one of the best things about Cereal Milk is finishing off your bowl, but even if you’re not smoking it in a pipe or bong, you’ll want to savour this delicious strain until the very end.

Flavours: Pine, Sweet, Creamy
Effects: Calming, Relaxed, Soothing, Uplifting
Medical: Pain, Anxiety, Depression

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

2 reviews for Cereal Milk

  1. Shawn204 (verified owner)

    As soon as the bag opened, a lovely creamy/ berry aroma smacked me in the face. One crack of a bud and the welcoming aroma intensified. The flavour mirrors the scent when smoking in joint, bong, or vape.
    The buds were tight / medium sized and riddled with trichomes. The ash (when burned) produced a nice whiter ash.
    The high was felt cerebrally and eventually settled into a relaxing physical high. With no couch lock, I would suggest this morning or night.
    I would grade this as “AAA+” vs Budmails “AAA”

    I highly reccomend this strain.

  2. Phil (verified owner)

    Another quality strain from Taco Farms, definitely leans more towards the indica side.

    A great smoke overall, but I found it not to be as flavorful as the Sorbetto.

    Still incredibly enjoyable.

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