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Chernobyl CBD

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Chernobyl CBD

Chernobyl is a cross between Trainwreck and Trinity; This cross is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper. This is a nearly 2:1 example with over 13% CBD and 7% THC. Grown with love by our friends at Skookum Cannabis. Bouldering density while flourishing mossy greens and pale oranges. Frosty and resinous while expertly trimmed and cured. Earthy hits of lemon and sour tropical tang hit your olfactory. Sweet and smooth on the exhale in a joint. Chernobyl is sure to catapult you into the day with a blissful calm. Chatty and focused and great for creative thought. Overall, if you’re looking for an uplifting and therapeutic strain, grab some of this!

Lab tested at 13% CBD and 7% THC

Flavours: Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Sweet, Tropical
Effects: Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Uplifting
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Stress

23 reviews for Chernobyl CBD

  1. Andy

    Just received this today and the smell is absolutely terrific!! Noticed the bigger bud was a little bit leafy but the crystals should make up for it ..can’t wait to try this in my pax tonight!!

  2. MarkB

    I really enjoy this strain, very light, relaxing high with a citrus flavour. It’s great for daytime use, a light buzz that is very calming and relaxing. I would recommend this to anyone who experiences anxiety with higher THC strains.

  3. Missy J

    really happy with this! gives me a great euphoric feeling, and very mild munchies! I love how I feel totally relaxed but still have the energy to get through all my chores!

  4. Ganjah

    YUM! Smell and taste are top quality! This is a great smoke for not getting too high but still feel the healing effects of the medicine. It is also a great one to blend with a bit of indica for a great night sleep.

  5. LateNightToker

    I have not noticed much of a high, this is exactly what I wanted from a CBD strain. Perfect for daytime getting chores done without efforting too much.

    Also this strain tastes so good.

  6. Ray

    Great smell as soon as you open the bag. Looks also perfect. The delivery is pretty quick and can feel my whole body getting in recovery mode. Just love it amd I’ll reorder.

  7. K87

    When I opened my order with this inside it was all I could smell, smelled real great and looked great too
    Good buzz and not wild, will definitely get again

  8. MM

    This strain is alright the first time I tried it – nothing special. I actually didn’t feel much of anything. I still have some left, will try during the day.

  9. Msbone

    I had this one recommended to meI really liked this strain, the buzz was nice and it tasted pretty good, smell was meh. I would buy again i enjoyed it.

  10. SJW

    This is great day-time CBD. Very effective but functional. It has a good taste and the CBD effects seem to last longer than most others I’ve tried. It’s a smooth smoke that is easy on the throat and lungs too.

  11. BMshopper

    First time trying a CBD strain and was pleased to note a respectable 7% THC as well. As others have said, this is nice bud. Smells good, came fresh, nice presentation. Certainly a good “daytime” strain. Would recommend.

  12. Charm

    This is the second cbd strain I’ve tried . It’s just a right amount of a body high while still maintaining and socializing or getting things done . Thanks BM

  13. Bricky

    Truth be told I myself suffer from a little anxiety and chronic pain! Really surprised how nice this bud is! Really smells of sweet berry or flowers! The taste is great with again berry citrus tasteing very smooth burns great white ash! Looks awesome also chrystals and dense! But the best part is how you feel! You get a nice buzz along with calmness! But you also feel energized and want to get things done! A real nice balance! I smoke everyday and this stuff still has a nice kick to it! You do get stoned just not baked! Ha! It’s a must try for every level of smoker! Don’t let the lower thc fool you! It’s frickin great!

  14. Sambedamn

    This is some of the best CBD flower that I have found, and it’s no surprise that Skookum grew it haha Nice looking buds that mix well with a daytime buzz.

  15. NickNuked

    You can really tell that the people who write these descriptions are true chronnisseurs. This balance is near perfect and absolutely great for daytime.

  16. Jeremiah

    This strain (Chernobyl CBD) is amazing for people (like myself) who struggle to keep anxiety down while high. It makes me feel very relaxed and chilled out when I smoke this. Helps with my shoulder pain too. I hope it’s still available when I make my next order. Chernobyl CBD could easily be my new go-to for day-to-day use!

  17. Driedcoconut

    Such a lovely strain, that I had to order it again.
    Strains with very high THC gives me anxiety whereas this helps with my anxiety and tastes good too when vaped.

  18. scantheradio

    I love this strain! It is great if you suffer from anxiety, and need something to take the edge off. You still feel a bit high which is fun too! I would recommend this for anyone who wants the effects of CBD but also want to feel a bit of a buzz. Doesn’t last too long which is nice. Makes you sleep like a rock!!

  19. theblob

    Love it. I like the curating effects of CBD but i prefer strains that can also give me a buzz, so this Chernobyl is perfect in this way. Relaxing, anti-anxiety, but with a small kick. I would buy it again.

  20. YoungBalsamic

    Awesome strain if you’re looking for something with a lower THC content that won’t hit you too hard… the high cbd leaves an amazing body high! Unreal

  21. Ttom11122

    burns very good. not a strong taste and smell but still very good. I’d like to see the lab report though to actually see how much cbd is in the flower.

  22. Mykhthrone

    I loved this stuff. It’s CBD weed so don’t expect to get super blasted, but it made me feel very positive and energetic. I would definitely order more of this stuff for times when you need to take the edge off but still want to be functional and social.

  23. Tkins

    Not a big fan all around but it did open up my creative side. Smell was a bit off but tasted pretty good. It sure made me talk a lot though. Probably won’t try again.

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