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Cherry Bomb

AAA Grade | Organic | Indica

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Product Description

Cherry Bomb is cross of a California Skunk and a Hawaiian sativa. Grown organic in living soil. Bright lime greens and marmalade pistils are prominently displayed over glistening trichomes. Medium-sized, sticky and dense while showing off attractive mountainous formations. Pungent notes of skunk and fresh grass envelop your olfactory upon first whiffs. Tangy jack and cherry notes are unleashed when broken down and smoked. Finely balanced while suitable for nearly anytime of day. Best enjoyed with a coffee or tea in the morning. A stimulating surge of euphoria hits you while a warming energy counterbalances any racy thoughts. Overall, Cherry Bomb is a potent craft strain that delivers on all fronts.

Flavours: Sweet, Pungent, Woody, Fuel, Cherry
Effects: Balanced, Stimulating, Calming, Focused, Social
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress

6 reviews for Cherry Bomb

  1. Leon the professional

    Nice smoke. I only got 1g in a sample pack but was very happy with it . I found a cherry taste in there . Can’t go wrong picking this . Would buy again

  2. Toronto420

    Not bad but not a repeat for me. Buds were huge, lots of big stems. My oz had 2.4g of stem after I broke down the big buds. Smoke was smooth and tasted good. No cherry flavour for me. More gas and diesely.

  3. AP2000

    Quite a versatile daytime smoke. It’s pretty functional for an indica-dominant. This one leaves you with a nice mellow glow. Taste-wise, there’s a faint hint of cherry but is relatively mild in a vape.

  4. RyanOkaitok

    The buds I got are pretty big one of them weighed 8.06g dense but not too solid just as described. Clean smooth and thick smoke makes you think it’s not vary potent but wait a few minutes after smoking because it is strong the ash is salt and pepper grey for some reason.

    Overall I highly recommend getting as much as you can

  5. Harry Brownschwagger

    4/5 stars for potency. The smell is so good, after busting up, it gets better, with a really cheesy fuelled smell. The taste and burn is excellent. 5/5 bag appeal.

  6. hutch89

    Definetly not impressed by this strain. It was a bit damp and was leafy for budmail quality pot especially being $10 per gram as I have purchased stuff from bm for $7 a g that was much better. It got me high but doesnt have much of a taste or smell .Not worth the money in my opinion and would not order again. It

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