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Chocolate (Baked Edibles)

Chocolate bars from $15-$22

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Baked Edibles has the longest-running commercial medical cannabis bakery in Canada, based out of Victoria, BC. They source 100% of their cannabis from federally-licensed MMAR growers who have been growing cannabis in BC for over 20 years. The oil from this cannabis is tested for pesticides and other impurities by a Health Canada-approved analytics lab before being turned into their wonderful edibles.

36 reviews for Chocolate (Baked Edibles)

  1. Mac

    I love the Hazelnut Crunch! By far my favourite edible on here so far. There is a bit of an after taste but you just have to drink with it then it goes away. Candy edibles dont get me high but this product does. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you love chocolate.

  2. Moss

    I tried the mile-high mint- this stuff is delicious. I couldn’t taste any weed at all. I usually ate 3 squares in one sitting (heavy smoker) and the high would last at least 2-3 hours. Relaxing body high that makes you love everything. I would definitely get this again.

  3. tokeyDAbear

    Quick and easy way to take a measured dosage
    Or you can eat the entire mile high bar at once, like I did, and spend $22 to take a LOOOONG and focused PS4 session.
    But I regret nothing LOL

  4. Laura

    This review is for someone like me: fairly new to weed, completely inexperienced with edibles, really overwhelmed by the choices/unsure what their dose would be and scared to green out on too high a dose.

    The Mile High Mint was my very first experience with edibles and I have to say it gives the best high I’ve ever experienced every single time. It was also the most delicious chocolate bar I have ever had. I don’t like mint in chocolate generally, but this made me want to eat the whole thing. So creamy it melts right on your tongue! Be careful with storage because of this (I keep mine in the fridge).

    It takes a while to set in, but that’s normal for edibles. Make sure you take this about fifteen minutes AFTER eating something! If you don’t eat a nice meal or snack first before you take this, then lower how much you take initially to 1/4 piece or you might have some green out issues. Medibles kick in faster and harder and burn off quicker if you take them on an empty stomach. (There is a great medical study published online that outlines the effects of food on edibles and if you are into getting the most out of your medicine like I am, then you should check out!)

    About half a piece (7 MG or so) after some pizza or cereal gives me an out of this world head and body high. (On an empty stomach half a square nearly greened me out though so be sure to eat!) With the right dose I fly super high, everything people say is both deep and hilarious, music becomes a transcendental experience and I can hardly move my body is so relaxed.

    It is an incredible, complete and LASTING high. The average ride, from consumption to fade out, is about 5 hours for me, with the peak hour of awesomeness being hours 2-4. This alone makes it worth the price and then some. Flower highs are good but it takes time to pack and vape it. To get the same out-of-this-world high that these edibles give, I’d have to be vaping 2 full chambers every hour or so, which is not my idea of relaxing. I just want to be high and get on with feeling good for the night and these chocolate bars do just that.

    I have a stoner roommate who had been using heavily for over ten years and he ate half an entire Mile High Mint bar and didn’t feel a thing. I don’t know if edibles ever affect him or if one bar just wasn’t enough. ME on the other hand? I haven’t been using flower for very long, less than a year of semi-regular use I’d say. Now, I’m by no means a heavy user, but vaping flower is starting to lose the over the top euphoric sensation that calms my anxiety. I have to vape two chambers back to back of AAA grade or higher to get that and even then it only lasts for maybe an hour max after really kicking in. With the Mile High Mint bar this is not the case. It gives a strong, consistent, high every time right through the entire bar.

    I cannot recommend these edibles enough and will be trying all the others!

  5. Envycleopatra

    Delicious chocolate that packs a good punch! I love that each piece is only 5mg as I can control how much or how little I want to use. I typically take 3 pieces for a good, long lasting buzz. Also great for microdosing. The taste makes me want to eat the whole bar!

  6. Fugen

    Tried a Mile High Mint for the girlfriend who is a non-smoker and new to edibles:
    One block was perfect either all at once or two halves over 60-90 mins.
    Noticeable affects after 30 mins, few hours of energy and giggles followed by a remorseless kitchen-raid; Two blocks 60 mins apart adhered her horizontally to the couch for most of the night and concluded in 4-5 hour coma like state…. ordering more.

  7. Coops

    Delicious tasting bar, but the high did not work for me whatsoever. As I have researched & discovered through helpful info (along with BM support), the effects of many edibles can vary based on the person, however, if I had to guess then I would say my batch did not contain hardly any, if any at all, THC. The bar was listed at 210mg (with 15 pieces) – supposedly, higher dosage of THC than the Sunshower gummies, but had little to zero effect.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone and short of the great taste, it was basically a super-expensive chocolate bar.

    I gave two stars because BM was extremely nice/helpful and credited part of my order (something that I believe is great support), however, I would avoid this product if you have any doubts and stick with what works for you. Personally, I’ll never buy these again.

  8. SmokeAnothaOne

    Delicious tasting bar, like you don’t even taste the cannabis. There’s stronger edibles on the site but these ones are still very nice regardless. I’ll probably try this product again someday

  9. King

    Really good chocolate 🍫 I got Mile high mint, shared one with my girlfriend, we both loved the taste and the price , will by again , budmail has the best edibles

  10. Mariss

    Very tasty bar, I had the ginger and it was hard not to eat the entire bar in one sitting. I ate half one day and half another, both times and experienced a comfortable high and my chronic pain did feel at ease for a few hours.

  11. obc93

    Decided to grab a few more of these with my last order which was mostly MOTA brand edibles… boy am I glad I picked these up because the MOTA brand was a huge disappointment. BAKED EDIBLES makes the most consistently dosed edibles on the market and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Just one or two pieces and you’re rocking the entire day.

  12. Patient Zero

    Got the Mile High Mint and just amazing, I need higher a does to feel anything and 3 pieces gave me a nice relaxed body stone for 3 hrs!
    They come in perfect sizes so its easy to portion, and the taste is so good! Mint isn’t to over powering, and totally destroys any weed taste!
    Will order again, just not regularly because of the price.. Thanks BM!

  13. apple

    I was excited to try this because there were so many good reviews and I got the mint flavour because it had the highest THC content since I am more of a heavy user. I think i only had half of a piece but it tasted so good and I has high for a good amount and not too high either which was great!

  14. Mimi

    I bought the caramel sea salt chocolates. They are very tasty and easy to reach a good high. With one square and a half, I felt super energetic and in a good mood. They also help me with some bad period cramps. I will buy again.

  15. LintThief

    These Baked Edibles bars are easily the best edible on the market. Not only do they taste good, but they have the correct texture, and get you really high. 1 piece gives a good buzz, but 2 pieces is perfect for a good 4 hours of gaming. I first purchased one of these at a dispensary in Nanaimo and I am hooked ever since. I will continue to buy these guys every time!

  16. lostintheclouds

    Got the salted caramel crunch bar quiet some time back and am finally digging into it. Absolutely love the flavour. Usually eat about a square or two of it for a nice comfortable high.

  17. Brandon

    Bought the hazelnut crunch bar, one piece and I’m good all night. Amazing taste, with Christmas coming, these are going to be some excellent stocking stuffers .

  18. Em

    I love these chocolate bars. They’re great because just one square can be used for one or even two people, so the bar lasts you at least a month or probably more.

    This one is in my cart permanently (I like the mile high mint especially).

  19. obc93

    Dark and ginger is a great tasting bar and baked edibles are consistently dosed every single time I have tried them all and will definitely purchase these from Budmail again.

  20. obc93

    Hazelnut crunch tastes good and is perfectly dosed for me. Doesn’t quite taste as nice as the mile high mint, but baked edibles has become my favorite company to consume edibles from.

  21. obc93

    Mile high mint is absolutely amazing. I’m normally good with 10mg doses so the extra thc gets me nice and high which is perfect if I have nothing to do but relax. Tastes good, especially if you like mint.

  22. Baked

    My first time ordering this and I got Hazelnut Crunch. Super yummy… I started feeling the effects 30 minutes later. Good buzz, I was feeling really loose, relaxed and a little sleepy.

  23. B.Rak

    Mmmmmmm. Taste is better than the mota dark chocolate mint bars, has more of a bitter dark chocolate taste which is delicious in my opinion, not really tasting weed at all. I ate 3 squares.
    Update: The high is good, I feel nice and loose. Very relaxing. Will have to test them on their own to determine potency. Very good though! Yum!

  24. Cat

    I bought the mint one, it has the highest THC content of them all. The taste was very enjoyable, but be sure to have gum or something to eat after because your breath is going to smell pretty bad. The high was very nice. Start by eating 1 first. I ate 2 the first time and I was out cold.

  25. Buds all day

    The chocolate bar tastes delicious but I found the buzz to be very couch lock even with only consuming 15mg. I would try another brand before I go back to these

  26. BettyJane

    I totally love these, baked edibles is the only edibles manufacturer that has delivered consistent product. One bar will last you quite a while, and they taste so good it’s tempting to just eat the entire thing in one go, I wouldn’t recommend doing that lol

  27. BlueMoonRocks

    I’ve tried the Mile High Mint and the Hazelnut Crunch bars and wow, just on a taste basis alone, these are better than any chocolate bar I’ve found at a fairly standard grocery store. The potency is accurate and dispersed evenly throughout too – I tried having just 1 or 2 squares to see if I could reliably dose and it was consistent every time. I would break off however many squares you need for your dose, then put the bar away for another time to avoid going too deep and regretting it lol.

  28. davedaveee

    Tasted amazing, even without the effects of THC i was enjoying this delight of a treat. Would purchase again. Felt a solid body buzz and my eyes were red. Must of worked. ADIOS -slick

  29. Towelie

    Amazing chocolate bar. Tried the hazelnut and it was perfectly sweetened and had lots of fresh nuts in it. Could not taste any medication in it at all. Effects were felt within an hour and very pleasant. Would Recommend

  30. Blond high

    Absolutely delicious! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love chocolate and this stuff is great!! My favourite it the salted caramel chocolate. Can’t wait to try more!

  31. Blond high

    Wonderful chocolate! 😊😊👍🏻😊Relaxing high. Great for when you’ve had a long day at work. 🤗 high comes on very nicely, not too strong. I will buy again🤗

  32. Aktez

    I ordered the Dark and Ginger. It took about two hours to kick in. For non-smokers one cube might be too much. I would start with 1/4 and wait out the time. Non-smokers should try taking 1/4 every half hour and that should be a nice, functioning high. But it’s different for everyone so enjoy experimenting with different edibles!

  33. Frenzy

    After purchasing a few different types of edibles I found the hazelnut crunch and the mile high mint to be my favourite. One square of the mint and two squares of the hazelnut and you’re having a great night. Be sure to store them in a cool place to maintain their form. I’m back to order more. Enjoy 😊

  34. Mystery Mac

    Great taste, very creamy. Some pieces really got me high while others weren’t that great. They do melt easily though so watch where you store them. Overall very happy though, would purchase again.

  35. Jeff

    After a great experience with other Baked Edibles products (their chocolate cookie really impressed me: it felt way stronger than they said it was, which was a pleasant surprise) I decided to try their Mile High Mint out. I’m glad I did: one square did the trick for me. I took it at 5:30PM on a Friday afternoon and it took awhile to kick in fully, but when it did I was feeling it for the rest of the night. The thing I like about this is each square is 14mg. If you don’t partake in edibles too often that is like the perfect amount. Personally I use edibles about twice a week, and I think 20mg is the sweet spot. But I find Baked Edibles is one of the more reliable companies out there in terms of correctly dosing their products. Even if you have a high tolerance, a square of the Mile High Mint should be sufficient. And if not….take two! I will definitely be ordering this again when I’m done, it’s powerful stuff.

  36. BornB

    Ate 10 percent of the Bar first day and nothing happened, ate the Rest on 2nd day and still nothing. Mint Taste was nice but I feel I got ripped off $22. Will be avoiding Baked Edibles Brand, not giving up on budmail distributed medibles and will be trying other brands. Mile High Mint (210 mg thc) is highest potency and nothing happened.The back of the Package says its BATCH : 021118-01 Best Before 07/11/18 . Perhaps its a Tolerance problem or certain people cant absorb medibles?

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