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Chocolate (Mota) – Black Cherry Cube THC


900 mg of THC per bar

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900 MG THC

Great for patients looking for a high dose, discreet, and convenient edible option. Made with THC distillate and easily divided into nine, 100mg pieces. This chocolate cube really packs a punch.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa powder, THC Distillate, Whey protein powder, Whole milk powder, Soy lecithin, Organic dried cherries

Store in a safe manner away from children and pets

43 reviews for Chocolate (Mota) – Black Cherry Cube THC

  1. Funky Munkey

    Hands down most powerful edible ive ever taken. Had me to the moon off a quarter. very powerful but still tasty. Not what you are used to and a little pricey but well worth in my opinion.

  2. OgLoc

    Great dosage size and flavour. Nice nighttime treat with lots of cherry pieces. All you need is one piece really it is dosed properly for 9 pieces of fun

  3. CC

    Very Nice! Great alone or in your morning coffee. Nice morning pickup. No crash. I regfriferate due o the bar being a very soft texture and I could see it melting very easily.

  4. Serval

    This is one of my favorite edibles available here. Bang for your buck, this is near the top. one square is enough to send me to outer space, while half a square will get me nice and toasty. The flavour is great as well. I recommend.

  5. Chris

    I’m going to have to give this product 3 stars so far..
    The taste is great you will most certainly notice the taste of dank going on even over the very nice taste of the cherries but that is not what I am removing stars for.
    I am a heavy everyday smoker and have been trying to get the buzz I am looking for from edibles and had 400mg within a 2 hour span and only really felt it a bit? maybe I got a less potent batch on my first go at this?
    At any rate the rest of it my wife had and she agreed she only felt it a bit and she is a everyday smoker as well..
    I’ll be trying this product again and maybe have 500+ and see what happens

  6. Rudy

    Ate the hole bar and that was too much lol definitely strong and the real deal would recommend! Iam no stranger to ediables and this thing packs a serious punch !!! I don’t recommend eating the whole bar at once.

  7. Rudy

    Ate the hole bar and that was too much lol definitely strong and the real deal would recommend! Iam no stranger to ediables and this thing packs a serious punch !!! I don’t recommend eating the whole bar at once hahahahaha

  8. BD5%

    This bar /wonder packs as advertised, and will deliver intended level. As I would consider myself seasoned with edibles…each dose(usually 1square) have yet to be disappointed and am blissful for saaa?y 3-4 hrs.
    Do yourself a favor and refrigerate, it gets soft relatively quick, and it makes it easier to cut-up if need be. Enjoy!

  9. Chris

    Long time smokers, so enjoyed the flavor but didn’t get the experience expected.
    It had a nice chocolate flavor, not over powering in cherry or extract.

  10. Danny

    This definetly packs a punch so be careful if you do not have a high tolerance. The price per high you get from this is great and I’m a chocolate lover so it’s a win win! Recommended

  11. Norah

    I really like these! I love how small the squares are so that you’re able to get a high dose without having to eat the entire bar. The taste for the dosage is really good too!

  12. L M N Tree

    If you are new to edibles this is something you try once you know what you can handle. Or you might go to the 🌙 and regret it hahaha . But if your looking for something that will never disappoint. Put this in your 🛒
    P.S If your take to late might miss all the fun and wake up glued to your 🛌 the next morning high like a skyscraper…

  13. Bic Mitchum

    Amazing edible! Not my first time around the block and usually edibles have little effect however this chocolate packed a knockout punch! Wow! Used it for baking or coffee Or even just a sweet tooth craving! Perfect 10!

  14. Weatheredbrink

    Good product and nice taste. Potency is high and experience lasts for awhile. This was the best edible deal I have found online for chocolates. I would recommend.

  15. Stableboy420

    5 squares gives a daily smoker of 25 years a huge buzz and makes a day at the beach just that. Can’t beat the price per mg of THC and it’s delicious with a cup of coffee.

  16. Danny J

    Good bar to have on hand. Going on a trip where you need lots of edibles, it’s nice to just throw this in your bag and know you’ve got it covered. Relaxed, mellow high.

  17. Dalanc

    Very potent, one square would get me good. In saying that I have quite a low tolerance and thc effects me in low doses, ate 3 just to try it and it was kinda overwhelming, start small.

  18. Bud Master Kojer

    It doesn’t give a super fantastic high because it’s just distillate, but I usually buy these once in a while because it’s a decent price for the potency and they work well for relaxation and/or sleep. The cherries are delicious, and the chocolate is good but there is definitely a potent weed flavour as well which I personally don’t mind.

    This go around though there was an issue, basically the whole thing was garbage so 0/5 rating for the product, but a big ol’ 10/5 rating for Budmails service as I brought the issue to their attention and they more than credited the cost of the bar and informed the vendor of the problem. Not phased though, as shit happens eh? Will still likely buy again.

  19. B

    The taste isn’t great, but I mostly hate the cherries. The Weed is really noticeable. It lasts a long time especially if you divide the pieces, I’ll have a quarter of one if I need to do stuff, half if I’m just bingeing and a full square if I really want to get high and do whatever but I wouldn’t have more than that at once.

  20. cool

    I split this entire bar with a friend in one sitting and I was in a really good place for over 12hours. I’m buying more right away. One of my favorite products on budmail now. Would not recommend for beginners, my buddy was not able to function for a majority of the experience.

  21. KatlandKat

    So far this has been the most helpful product for me. I take one square at night and sleep so much better than usual. Tastes great as well. Will be buying this on a regular basis from this point on.

  22. ADbud

    Hi, I ate 3 pieces and got a little body buzz ( 300mg). I thought it was going to be to much.
    Taste and smells great, will have to try 4 pieces (400mg) next time.
    thanks Budmail.

  23. Smac

    Initially I though the bar was expensive but is TOTALLY worth it.
    The flavor, the big chunks of cherries DELICIOUS!! and the hiii was great I woke up feeling well rested and ready to rock

  24. t-dog

    These are good, and strong. I’ve been cutting each of the 9 squares in 1/2 and having them. They taste good, and are pretty strong. I’m not sure that I’d ever eat a whole square at one time. I seriously woke up high the next day after my first one. I made the mistake of having it around 9pm. I wasn’t sober until about 9am the following morning.

  25. Gustlik

    This is unreal, just two squares got me good. Highly recommended for problems with sleeping, this will make you sleep like a baby, you’ll just wake up with dry mouth so have water close by

  26. Stableboy420

    Typically I will take 5 squares of this chocolate and have a great day at the beach, just relaxing…that’s when I break out the edibles, when I have nothing important to do, otherwise *I can see 2 or 3 of these squares doin the job quite well, but still leave me functionable.

  27. Hdollops

    This lil mofo hits pre damn hard…Tastes intensely of weed as well…………………………………………………………………………

  28. Thrashknar

    I ordered one of the 900 mg Mota chocolate bars, I ate 2 squares( edibles don’t normally work for me) I was high as giraffe ass. this is super strong, be very careful kiddies.

  29. Dante

    Unreal! Taste really good and gets you really high. Good price as well only 60 for 900mg I will probably buy one every order. Highly recommend these !!

  30. John

    I’m a frequent smoker and for so long I never gotten high on edibles.
    I decided to try this with my friend. We each had 3 blocks and I ended up throwing up because it was way too much.
    It’s very strong so start slow. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS

  31. mimi

    Best edibles I have tried so far, they are amazing for someone who has a very high tolerance and consumes on a daily basis, I used to get the 300mg Mota bars but I would have to eat the whole bar to feel anything, these are great one or two blocks do the trick and the effect last for about 4-6hrs

  32. TommyCannabis

    these are good i personally bought 2 bars and they work i mean they get me really high combined with smoking but they will put you to sleep for sure.. youll have no choice zzZZzzZzz lol

  33. Sir Smokes Alot

    I love this product for it’s potency, taste and delivery. I can always rely on one of these bad boys to help me fall asleep. Only drawback is that I wake up with a desert dry and itchy throat, now that might just be cottonmouth from the night or I might be allergic to this product because I have contact dermatitis to fresh bud, learned that when I was growing indoors…. Overall though great product, highly recommend!

  34. Weedaholic

    POWERFUL PRODUCT! definitely worth the money! ordered 2 of them. ate a single cube and the high was amazing, chocolate tastes great, not weedy at all. high lasted a few hours.

  35. GeeGee

    First time trying this product from budmail and I do have to say it is very very potent and not much is needed in the dosing department one 100mg piece might be too much for first time users so dose correctly!

  36. funkymanz

    Really strong, but tastes great!. Really strong. As the others said, would start off with 1/4 of a square. a little expensive but highly recommended.

  37. JonnyMTL

    Knows me out good I only have 1-2 a day if I’m really stressed and even then after taking the second one I don’t come close to wanting to smoke and it fucks me up hard amazing too much hahaha 🙂

  38. Weedaholic

    Amazing product. Ate a square and it tastes pretty good. Hits you in about 20-30 minutes. You can feel the high slowly creep up on you. 3 hours in and the high is still going strong.

  39. Jd

    Tasty and strong. Take it easy on the dosage. Not recommeded for beginners as even a quarter square is 25mg of thc. Has chunks of dried cherries. Yum.

  40. R4

    Probably my favorite THC edible product! Love the taste and love the 900 mgs! Cutting each cube into 4 for myself right now and I’m finding that works for me. Knee pain relief and feels like a whole body calming high. Will definitely purchase more of this!

  41. mimi

    Due to my daily usage for a couple of years now, my tolerance is pretty high and this chocolate bar was just perfect. The taste in my opinion was better than the 600mg Mota chocolate milk ones and one block did wonders for my pain and insomnia, will definitely keep buying !!

  42. B.Rak

    Yum! I Was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the dried cherry pieces. Mmm. I ate a whole piece! Lol The taste is good, but the potency is great! I’m gonna sleep well tonight, thanks Mota+Budmail!

  43. B.Rak

    Yum! I Was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the dried cherry pieces. Mmm. I ate a whole piece! Lol tast is good, potency is great! I’m gonna sleep well tonight, thanks Mota+Budmail!

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