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Chocolope, from DNA Genetics, is a cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The buds are large and chunky while showing off flourishes of ashy purples and lime greens. The nose is earthy and sweet, with enticing hints of berries, chocolate, and funk. The effects are cerebral and thought-provoking, while clear-headed and energizing. Chocolope is best suited for daytime use as it is a productive strain. Its effects can easily accompany household tasks or more extensive errands. Overall, this strain delivers in every category and is a must-try.

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
Flavours: Chocolate, Coffee, Sweet, Vanilla
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, Stress

25 reviews for Chocolope

  1. JLo

    One of the best daytime strains ever! Clear focused with no anxiety and no burn out. It also leaves you with a positive mental shift that lasts half a day. I always try and grab some when it’s around. I just can’t decide if I like this or the Chocolate Japan more.

  2. Deaner912

    One of the best chocolate strains around. Very nice looking bud and smells amazing. I always purchase this strain when available. Easy smoking and a good daytime high.

  3. Mrsjrm

    Chocolope is the perfect Sativa for a nice intense daytime high. I love using this on days off when I have stuff around the house to do, also amazing as a preworkout.

  4. crbcrowes420

    Love this strain but this batch seemed a little harsh on that back of the throat. Prev batch was much smoother. Aside from that, buds were nice and had great nose. Effect was exactly what I expected, focused and creative. This strain is great for jammin’ with the band or just gettin’ into music. A Fav..

  5. Baketree

    Nice fluffy nug that looks similar to pic. Great nose and lives up to the name. Smells better than previous examples to me. Burned well in a joint and tasted good. Stone was underwhelming to me but still enjoyable. Will usually try Chocolope whenever it hits the menu and wasn’t disappointed.

  6. crbcrowes420

    Very good day time/activity weed…
    Buds: Nice chunky buds…break up nice..picture is good…
    Smell: Chocolate was there but not over powering…smells more like a box of orange pekoe tea when first opened…hence 4 stars…
    Taste: Is very nice…choco with a peppery taste and lingering tingle on the tongue…will try in a vape soon…
    Effect: Great daytime smoke! No burn out and makes me wanna play my guitar…
    great for activities…probably real good for a concert!

  7. CMX026

    A truly unique smell/taste with a nice effect. My order came with two small buds and one giant pillow like nug of frosty goodness. Overall second favourite strain I have got of the site. Highly recommend giving it a try.

  8. Deaner912

    Deff one of the best strains by far. You can’t go wrong with that smell, very distinct chocolate smell. Nice green buds. Nice easy going high with the taste of chocolate…

  9. bigjim

    Good flower it has nutrient burn marks on the bud its ok , ive had chocolope that was absolute fire around 6 years ago . This is good beginner weed good flavor kinda peppery hint of chocolate not bad but its not great and im looking for great not mediocre!

  10. Perseid

    Fantastic, uplifting, productive high with not a lot of jitter. The taste is not-overwhelming but complex and I get chocolate and coffee notes at the end of the vape session.

    I ordered a g as a trial and if I didn’t have too much weed already(thanks budmail), id reorder instantly. I’m hoping there’s an o left in a month.

  11. RebelYell

    The Bag appeal on this one is off the charts! super crystaly frosty lime green buds with bright orange hairs. A musky sweet smell and flavor with a great uplifting high!

  12. Baketree

    Pic is dead on. Gorgeous chunky bud. Decent crystal content. Smoked well in a joint. Definite coffee aroma and every once in a while I pick up a dark chocolate smell. Tastes pretty good but doesn’t stand out. Stone was great. Would definitely smoke again.

  13. Mrw

    The buds look great and the weed is pretty potent .I don’t get how people are smelling chocolate tho ,to me I didn’t quite smell this but the smell is nice nonetheless

  14. The Dude

    Buds look amazing. You can definitely smell chocolate/coffee. Decent high, uplifting with a clear head. Great day time high. I would recommend this to those who enjoy sativa’s

  15. realstonned

    CAKED! Just covered in trics. Great daytime buzz. Just insane smell and flavor it’s like a chocolate brew of some sort.

  16. Rome D

    Great daytime activity smoke, absolutely stellar for hiking and fishing.

  17. chewsky23

    Decent cerebral high. It terms of nugs, wasn’t nearly as impressive or fresh as the other strains I received in the same order. 3.5/5 for high, 2.5/5 bag appeal.

  18. Sixty

    A beautiful soaring high, built upon a solid Thai foundation. Buds are a good size, very solid and sticky. This is the second time that I have ordered this, and will definitely get it again.

  19. Herbdaily

    Everything about this is perfect, smell , taste , look , effects , min burn, clean ( white ash ) LOVE IT my fav to date 6stars

  20. JC for the win

    Very Bomb.
    Styrofoam-like , super crispy but fully intact and whole buds, min shake.
    A tasty, proper sativa that can be enjoyed at any hour over the course of forever.
    5/5 , one of the best I’ve had in flavour + potency – the chocolate is there for sure in the background… It’s on display you just have to slice the pie of tastes to find and enjoy… a must try!

  21. voodoo1549

    Very nice overall I would say it is up their with Romulan (Rom is a bit better 🙂 )

  22. Sublime

    Awesome buds
    Bag appeal 5/5
    Smell 5/5
    High 4/5
    Taste 4/5
    Prive vs quality 5/5

    Would order again

  23. 420Inuk

    For the price, I like this. Its nice and earthy and sweet. Reminds me of my early years 🙂 Not too much trim, now thats what I like

  24. Wearzy

    Great product Taste is what it says chocolate with the hint of coffee flavour wish the high lasted longer other then that great

  25. 123

    smells like citrusy carrots and a hint of chocolate. the taste is predominately chocolate. coats your lungs with a nice coat of chocolate. feels like indica dominant

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