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Citrique is a well-balanced, slightly sativa-dominant strain of somewhat mysterious origin, although it’s believed to be a mix of Lime Skunk and Orange Valley OG, with some Haze genetics thrown in for good measure. That explains the surprising potency of this strain, packing a powerful punch with its spicy nose and lemony follow through. Featuring dense green buds with spots of dark purple punctuated by long, tendril-like pistils and conspicuous trichomes, Citrique has notes of crisp pine and zesty pepper on the inhale.

Citrique makes for a very smooth smoke, yielding an uplifting and energizing high while burning to a grey, snowy ash, making it ideal for any time of day. While strong for a sativa, Citrique is still a great strain for unwinding, and some find it a perfect complement to the creative process.

Flavours: Pine, Pepper, Crisp
Effects: Energizing, Euphoric, Uplifted
Medical: Pain, Stress, Anxiety

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

35 reviews for Citrique

  1. Missyfit160

    A really great strain and perfect for the daytime! Buds looked bouncy and fluffy like the pictures. Doesn’t trigger any anxiety which is a PLUS, and you can totally function during the day!!

  2. The dude

    So impressed with this. The aroma and flavours are absolutely delicious, very sweet citrus taste on the smoke. Beautiful looking buds, light ash, and very enjoyable high.

  3. dudeman

    The smell and taste is a citrus, fruity, the aroma is so unique unlike any other cannabis strain.. But the high… Blissful euphoria and body relaxed… But you want to do stuff and it”s exactly what I love in a daytime strain like this. Awesomely balanced effects. The best value!

  4. AnAbsoluteAlien

    Super impressed! Taco Farms really produced a nice strain with Citrique! Mood elevating; I can feel this one behind the eyes! The smell is very reminiscent of what it’s name suggests; citrus. Buds are nicely coated and a medium density. Even though it’s considered a AAA I’d rank it an AAAA.

  5. Smokecloudss

    sticky icky, and beautiful flavors! please bring back this beauty and cinderella chunk ! wow I could smoke this stuff all day, and it really helped me go to sleep

  6. johnnyboy

    WHOA! This is definitely going on my list of favourites. I don’t usually pick up on the flavour notes of cannabis – but with this particular strain, it’s quite tasty. Very unique taste and a nice little high. I’m going to do what another reviewer said and give it a shot with music. For music, I love Tutankhamon/King Tut.

  7. JLo

    I’m enjoying this one quite a bit. Tasty citrus that’s fresh and clean smoking. Has a really nice head stone but knocks out pain for me too. It’s a creeper which I always a fan of. For anyone interested I’m pretty sure the genetics on this are a cross of Orange Valley OG (Agent Orange crossed with SFV OG) and Lime Skunk.

  8. JimmyD420

    I got a half quarter of Critique and loved it. Nice, strong buzz, fairly potent. Clear high that brightened my mood – great for the day time. The flavor/smell reminded me of NL#5 x Haze or Jack Herer. Would buy again.

  9. AP2000

    I love this strain immensely! Vape review: I find it wonderfully minty-piney and citrusy. It produces excellent clouds of vapour and is the perfect after dinner nightcap! It’s a wonderful balanced blend of heady goodness and physical chill. Thanks BM! Just magnificent!

  10. Greenfred

    Really intense flavour on vaporizer taste familiar but unable to put my finger on it.Super buzz great for activities but easy to go over the line and end up sitting for a bit.Great bag appeal buds look great smell fantastic.
    Well done Budmail and thanks for the complimentary doobie and teaser .

  11. Magicactus

    I knew immediately the instant my knife sliced the package open this was going to be amazing. Citrus filled the air to the point you could almost taste it. mostly medium sized buds and one large cola that I could hardly fit in the jar sideways. Flavour in the bong was amazing. I have been on a wonderfully energetic high for hours, just going back here and there for a quick hit. Love this stuff and quite possibly getting more.

  12. bhrk

    Tight buds, super easy to bust up. Decent amount of crystal, heavy on the resin. Loved the lemony taste. Smoked a little and cleaned my living room, smoked a lot and had to take a nap.

  13. RyanOkaitok

    My first time trying the strain. Nice trim Good cure clean burning, the buds are mostly big with a few medium sized ones that are a little fluffy and a bit sticky.

  14. AP2000

    So good, I had to go back for seconds. This is my evening choice. It’s just potent on all levels! Great for gaming, relaxing, movies, chilling, even nightcaps, and at higher levels, basking in general ‘stoned-out-of-your-skull’ goodness. Thanks BM – this one was really great for me!!

  15. JeanGuyPicard

    This is an amazing Sativa strain. The potency was great, didn’t need to load much into my vape to feel the effects. Very nice citrusy aroma and taste. I found this to be a great strain for daytime AND evenings 🙂 The AAAA rating is well deserved.

  16. 8Ball

    Pretty decent smoke but definitely not AAAA. Classic sativa energy and clear-headedness, was still able to get things done but wasn’t overwhelmed. Will maybe buy again?

  17. hutch89

    I love this stuff and just keep ordering it. Lol. It’s one of the nicest sativa highs I have ever experienced and that is saying alot considering the amount I have smoked over the last 15 years. Bag appeal is amazing but the high is and the aroma on this batch is so unique unlike any other cannabis strain.

  18. MADD79

    Strong bud. Hits the head. Offers a solid taste and enjoyment while vaping. My buds were a little too dry but not enough to complain. This is the 2nd batch I’ve tried and there is consistency which is great to see

  19. Yvil

    I like this strain. An uplifting sativa with little burnout. Great in a vape, a nice strong flavor. Lasts a long time, doesn’t burn up too fast. Please keep the high THC strains coming BM. Thank-you.

  20. Mo

    Fine example of a fine sativa, dense buds. I smoked it in a joint and in a mighty vape, has more taste and kick using the vape. Top notch sativa, I’m enjoying it…

  21. NorthernLight

    I really loved this strain. It’s effects are very pleasant. A light and airy day time high with very little to no burn out. I would definitely order again.

  22. BocasOne

    I guess I’ve confirmed that Sativa and I don’t belong together. I thought perhaps it was simply because I hadn’t experienced the best Sativa had to offer…. While the smoke was smooth, citrus flavoured, and skunky smelling, the high was boring – not the kick-ass I was hoping for. I would never have guessed the THC was above 20% based on the joint I just inhaled.

  23. Patient Zero

    I wasn’t overly impressed for quad A, the smell wasn’t great the taste was alright but the high was really good. Lots of yellowish brown crystals on mine (not white).
    It was only a gram and my “first free gram” off BM + my first time trying any of there quad A, and it was more like the triple ive tried.. even a little worse..
    Ive ordered some more Quad A of other strains so ill keep my fingers crossed it was just a off nug..

  24. Leon the professional

    Very nice buds . Got 7 g and it came in 2 buds. Well worth a try for the sativa people out there. The buds are sticky and you can tell there’s lots of thc in this .

  25. OneHandClapping

    By far some of the best herb I have vaped recently. Definitely a cerebral sativa that had a pronounced effect on my ability to listen and hear music. Lyrics suddenly became intelligible and musical notes and chords resounded with great clarity.
    In my opinion Citrique is definitely a keeper.

  26. snicklefritz

    Great looking nugs. A little dark, frosty, nice smell and a very potent high- love it. I think this bud is very unique and definitely worth a try. Get some!

  27. SourCreamCreamy

    Nice and smelly, sticky stuff. I like it a lot and you should too. I’ll buy it again too when I have more sweet money. I haven’t smiled in years. Thank you

  28. Nodi

    i smoked, than I painted my whole bathroom and cleaned every inch of my apartment ! Be ready to do shit . This one packs a creative punch and good 4 pain

  29. Nogica

    Absolutely amazing stuff….smells citrusy… smoke is nice and smooth… i was baked for hours… what a kick… WOW…by far my favorite strain…I will be ordering some more that’s for sure… thanks BM

  30. MontrealSmoke

    This strain is amazing! nice fruity taste and smell, buds are perfect and the stone was top!! Could smoke this strain every day without issue, joint form and as well in a bong.

  31. AP2000

    My favourite strain from BM for 2019 so far. The taste is somewhat citrusy and pleasant, but the buzz is what this is all about folks! Lovely head-to-toe buzz, and it’s very smile inducing! It’s my go-to strain for after dinner happiness. Yay me! This cold February just got a whole lot more tolerable.

  32. Rob

    I usually vaporize or decarboxylate my weed and make my own edibles and this is a great batch for that. I have a hard time smoking anything so I can’t review that but this does carry a potent punch in the old vaporizer 🙂 enjoy. (I was put off a bit at first at the extremely light smell to these buds but that has no effect on the quality I think).

  33. hutch89

    Nice strain. Buds are slightly dark in color and caked in Crystal’s. Its definitely potent in smell and taste. The high is great nice and balanced although it can coucklock you if you smoke to much.

  34. Highlander

    This is what I’ve been looking for, great mix of body and head high. The onset is almost instant. It rises slowly and then is steady. Euphoria and relaxation immediate. This is the type of stuff I would find back in my teens, that heavy head and body buzz. Excellent. The taste in a vape is a bit light but the smell is amazing. I’m really impressed at the speed in which it started to take effect. About half a dynavap chamber and I’m good. Very potent. Only complaint is the price 😛

  35. gogetyourshinebox

    This stuff is pure fire. The buds are long, dark, and frosty as fuck. The smell and taste is a citrus/fruity mix 5/5. But the high…..OH MAN, you can definitely see how it’s 24% THC. Blissful euphoria and your body is relaxed…but you wanna get up and do shit too which is exactly what I love in a daytime strain like this. Awesomely balanced effects. My current favorite sativa/hybrid on the site rn!! Grab some of this beautiful flower now!!

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