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Citrus Skunk


AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Citrus Skunk

Citrus Skunk is a cross of Skunk #1 and California Orange. The buds are lanky and pointed while showcasing a nodular and coral formation. Liberally coated in frost and certain to leave your fingers oily upon handling. This cultivar has an intense terpene profile that’s piercing while sweet with zesty citrus and sweet pine. Rolls and smokes beautifully in a joint, expressing an earthy lemon tart flavour.

First rushes of effects are quite happy, visually stimulating while cerebral. These euphoric effects seamlessly blend into a calming body stone. Overall, Citrus Skunk #1 is best suited for daytime use or social outings.

Flavours: Sour, Citrus, Lemon, Pine

Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoric
Medical: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, PTSD

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

84 reviews for Citrus Skunk

  1. Zemr (verified owner)

    The buds from this one came to me as bright and green with lots of hairs and a strong citrus smell. I found the smoke to be smooth and moderately potent. Would recommend 7/10

  2. ellieOH (verified owner)

    this one different. have never had this strain before but am accustomed to the skunk plants so I figured, why not. good high and very nice appearance budwise. I recommend it!

  3. D (verified owner)

    A little scraggly in appearance but at no detriment to function and potency. Still beautifully coloured and nicely trimmed.
    As described.
    An excellent daytime smoke.

  4. iliketrees (verified owner)

    Citrus skunk is always on point. This is some of my favourite stuff that BM offers. The smell is sour citrus – exactly like the taste. It is heavy – larger amounts can feel more indica-like than sativa-like for sure.

  5. acrolix (verified owner)

    Great bag appeal for sure, nice frosty buds, and a great citrus smell and taste that can’t be ignored. Also very suited for daytime smoking, doesn’t drain you mentally.

  6. Flower (verified owner)

    love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

  7. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    This is a good strain if you are looking for a good daytime smoke. It has a definite citrus smell and taste. The buzz is definitely uplifting but not racy at all. I enjoyed this strain and will order it again.

  8. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Citrus Skunk is an excellent morning and daytime strain! I’ve been smoking this every morning and afternoon, in a joint, while I walk my dog in the woods just before/after sunrise. The bag appeal is good, with frost-covered buds and orange hairs, and a zesty citrus aroma. The high is euphoric and energetic, with a nice calm body stone. This is definitely great weed, it’s not too hard-hitting, in the debilitating sense, and will help you get stuff done. I’d recommend this to those looking for a productive sativa, especially if you’re working from home. Happy smoking!

  9. scorpio9 (verified owner)

    I just recieved my latest order from the awesome team at Budmail (thanks for the freebie, by the way!) And immediately cranked up a nice big spiff of this great looking Citrus , 10 minutes in and wandering around the yard ..thanks Budmail!

  10. WarHead (verified owner)

    This is a good smoke for those who don’t want the sleepy effect. I had energy for hours and was able to get alot done in a day. The first time I had sativa in a long time I usualy don’t care for that smoke, but this one I got a good head rush from and I will be buying again.

  11. BornToHula (verified owner)

    Bought this strain for my friends. Taco farms usually has very good quality flower and this batch was top notch.
    Excellent daytime smoking weed. Very clean and smooth. Lemon taste & relaxing high that is not too powerful but very enjoyable while being social or doing chores.
    Thanks BM!

  12. wheedkween (verified owner)

    I was a bit let down by the appearance of this batch, looks much nicer in the pics here, buds are a bit leafy and airy, smokes very well when ground up, however so I can’t complain completely here. Grabbed this because I needed a nice sativa and the price was good, but I wish I had gone with another strain. Still a nice mellow strain if that is what you’re looking for.

  13. PML (verified owner)

    A real favourite for me right now
    Nice over all feeling, Chore doing energy sensation. Overall a nice strain and it’s understandable why it’s very popular. Currently buying more. Defiantly would get some again and again. New favourite go to strain for every order.

  14. iliketrees (verified owner)

    This is some great citrus skunk. It has nice chunky, resinous buds. Sticky to the touch and will gum up your grinder! The smell is a mouth-watering pungent citrus, as is the taste. The high is very sativa – uplifting and energetic. Very easy stuff to over do it with.

  15. Beans (verified owner)

    Very nice day time smoke. Great for having a coffee and a joint of skunk to start the day the taste is very nice and smokes smooth burns clean thanks BM

  16. BornToHula (verified owner)

    Excellent daytime smoking weed. Very clean and smooth. Lemon taste & relaxing high that is not too powerful but very enjoyable while being social or doing chores.
    Thanks BM!

  17. Mich smokes a bit (verified owner)

    I haven’t been smoking long and I haven’t tried too many strains.
    But Citrus skunk is my absolute favorite strain.
    The high is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Depression gone. Anxiety. Gone. And I’m actually happy and feeling great when smoking this. Excellent strain. Hope there is more coming.

  18. MsYeo (verified owner)

    100% my favourite strain. I deal with anxiety and depression quite often and have been struggling with finding good strains at our local government run stores. After many a low quality, bone dry, waste of packaging, over priced strains.. I resorted to online shopping at Budmail. Got a sample pack and for me personally, this was my favourite. Flavour and effects are where it’s at. The experiments continue…

  19. Curtis (verified owner)

    Not sure why coreythecrow does not like this batch but this is personally my 3rd time getting citrus skunk from Budmail and it has been the best citrus skunk I have ever had! I had some good citrus skunk from one other website but are not consistent so I prefer grabbing from here because the crops are more consistent. Smelly, sticky, and full of lemon terps, these skunky buds will have you disoriented with beautiful, care-free zen that keeps you motivated and energized. One of my favourite strains from Budmail and one of my personal favourites. I think the last batch might be a tiny bit terpier but otherwise I have no issues with this citrusy skunky bud. The ashes are a bit darker on this batch than I remember but still a quad in my opinion.

  20. Ozzie (verified owner)

    I am usually not able to socially perform when high however this has been a great addition to our rotation. Must confess we leaned towards hybrids so I am still missing the body high. Regardless, great experience and will order more when available.

  21. Corythecrow (verified owner)

    Not sure if its because I’ve been a marijuana consumer for 20+years or not that this just fell short. I’ve had this strain several times before from different sources and I can say they were slightly better than this one. While not bad, its not great or exceptional. Personally, the wife and I found it a bit harsh on the throat when rolled with nothing overly exceptional about the buzz which is odd considering the parents of this strain because Skunk #1 and Cali-O are a couple of my faves and usually level me pretty good.

  22. stoner (verified owner)

    outstanding herb , doesn’t burn me out. this one is definitely AAAA. i wouldn’t mind ordering again……it’s a must!
    the effects kept me flying well into the afternoon,, what a great deal,,,, thank you. It’s a great day time, clear headed high.

  23. digs Sativas (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite sativas. Joint or bong it gives me a great high with minimal ‘couchlock’ and then after it wears off you can function without feeling burnt out. I definitely order this one any chance I get.

  24. HannahHerbs (verified owner)

    Positive productivity. Great for daytime smoke, and tackling tasks. Bewàre though, without avenue for energy, might feel a bit jumpy. Will buy again.

  25. Cyberstace (verified owner)

    Really nice buds and beautiful taste to this stuff. I love the effect of this strain . Uplifting and the taste is awesome . Not too strong but really nice buzz and again the taste is awesome.

  26. rEVOLution (verified owner)

    Citrus strains are easily becoming my favourite. The flavour of this one is amazing. A great wake and bake strain. It was a little bit of a creeper for me, but provides a good kick in the ass to get you going at your housework or tasks.

    Taco Farms has always been solid. Great stuff BM.

  27. Sharkeatsgirl (verified owner)

    Nice smell and good taste, great daytime high. Would not be good for nighttime! Buds look really nice, they’re green and orange, tight and full of crystals. Not a huge sativa fan but this will be nice for sometimes.

  28. Mean Mr Mustard (verified owner)

    Love the taste and I always grab this one when it’s available. I love the citrus lemon flavour and it doesn’t tire me out. Fast acting and a clean high. AAAA

  29. B (verified owner)

    I recently ordered Citrus Skunk and I’m really enjoying it. It smells amazing and is excellent for daytime activities. For me personally, it is a reasonably lasting high which then slowly fades into a warm, relaxing and peaceful state of mind.

  30. Franky 420 (verified owner)

    Citrus skunk is a very tasty sativa with a dense bud and the smell is a intense limone flavor the buzz is cerebral and very strong 9/10 overall tanks tacos farms

  31. Tink95 (verified owner)

    This is a really nice sativa! I typically prefer non citrus sativas but this bud wasn’t too heavy on the lemon and has a nice fresh taste. Long lasting high without the drowsy!

  32. Stephan (verified owner)

    Grabbed a 1/2 oz of this.
    Got it yesterday. Wow!
    I usually get the Big Deal but this full price quad is worth every penny!
    Thanks, Budmail! You’ve done it again!

  33. Twisted_Toaster (verified owner)

    The oh so delightful Citrus Skunk. Super delicious lemon nose and huge burst of terpenes on the bust. Very energizing and not to zonky. Super Good for getting/staying focused.

  34. Dailytoker (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke. Dense buds with lots of lemon smell when you break the bud. Dry toke from joint is amazing. After lighting it lasts till about half way before the resin takes over. Very tasty stuff wish i got more. If you like super lemon haze this ones very similar.

  35. BryTO (verified owner)

    This is probably the best sativa I have ever had. Everything about it is perfect. From its appearance & smell, to how awesome you feel. Great for anxiety! For those who vape, this one produces a lot of clouds and tastes great! I can’t wait for it to come around again.

  36. dsokDonna (verified owner)

    Wow…..this is some truly nice shit!! The buzz kinda creeps up on you. Like this way better than the Dutch Hawaiian…..gotta get me more of this!!

  37. BlazaFatty (verified owner)

    This is a great trippy high… it switches between soaring and relaxing. Was at mall Christmas shopping and wow, square 1 was lit for me for the next 2hrs… slowly digging into my hq… need more!

  38. Adam (verified owner)

    This strain smelled great and smoked nice. As soon as I opened the bag I could smell the citrus and you can taste it during the smoke as well. The buds were a bit more leafy than I personally prefer but it was still a solid smoke that gave me a good high and I would recommend trying it for yourself.

  39. harry (verified owner)

    Really nice product this one. Like the smell and taste. Although I am no connoisseur, I recommend trying this one. Would re-order this strain for sure.

  40. LT (verified owner)

    Good smoke for morning, I get lots done with this strain. It tastes energizing and burns beautifully rolled up. Nice sativa strain to add to my favorites.

  41. SDVCS (verified owner)

    Definitely a favourite. The flower has a great citrus taste mixed in with the full bodied classic skunk. The pundgent smell that hits you as you open the box makes my taste buds tingle. Lovely mellow high that is great for day or night relaxation.

  42. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    The smell from this one is amaZing! This was absolutely a great strain to smoke with your best buds and play some games. Made us feel happy and soaring all day thanks!

  43. Ribs123 (verified owner)

    Great strain. Top shelf stuff. As soon as you open the bag you can smell the citrus. Amazing looking strain. Tastes lemony. It’s gets you up and keeps you going. I would definitely order again. Thanks BM.

  44. Will227 (verified owner)

    I really like this one will definitely be ordering again..i got a few different strains on my order and this one was my favorite.. Opening the bag filled the room with a great citrus smell. Like the taste and the fact it doesn’t burn me out. But if you smoke too much ull find yourself not very productive..

  45. Goonies (verified owner)

    Oh que oui ! Les effets Sativa ce font vite ressentir ! J’ai adoré dès ma première puff ! Humm, goût de citron laissant vite fait au Skunk de prendre le dessus !
    Très content d’avoir essayé cette variété

  46. Dr. Zaius (verified owner)

    With a potent lemon scent, this strain offers a reliable, energizing effect that is perfect for daytime chores or recreation. The aroma is as sweet as a bag of Sour Patch Kids candy, and the texture is just right for vaporizers or rolling.

  47. Mystrust (verified owner)

    Smells great and gives a nice high. While it doesn’t make me tired at all, I do get stuck in my head a bit with this one. That isn’t a bad thing though because at the same time I feel total contentment. Will be ordering again.

  48. Macten10 (verified owner)

    This is some Quality bud! Great citrus taste and smell. The smoke is smooth and the bud burns clean. This bud is potent bUT being a sativa strain won’t make you ko. Budmail has consistently impressed me with the quality of their bud. Keep bringin that fire BM!!

  49. Highlander (verified owner)

    Very Potent. Taste on a vape is so so, but the nugs look gorgeous and smell great. First time trying Citrus Skunk, not a fan of the taste but it is really potent. I would buy again 🙂

  50. Sam (verified owner)

    This is probably my third or fourth time ordering this strain, obviously I can’t get enough cause it’s just soo gooddd! The high is amazing & very citrusy!

  51. Mxcael (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this strain before and honestly had to get more because of how good it is. It’s great for daytime highs and makes me feel really calm and euphoric and the taste is just as great in my opinion, especially due to the lemon taste. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a good sativa to smoke.

  52. jackbox (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. Gets me relaxed and ready to go. Great daytime high not only to still get stuff done but be happy while doing it. The flavour is surprisingly citrus-y.

  53. okcismelanie (verified owner)

    Amazingly tight packed buds that explode when put in the grinder. Zingy flavor and a long lasting high that keeps me going for hours. Great price for this top shelf product

  54. Magicactus (verified owner)

    First buzz of the day… had to do some work up in the nursery so Citrus Skunk was in order… it only took two single shot bowls in the bong to make me happy… a third just about kicked me out of the park, but off to work I went and it was a lovely energetic ride… went back for another hit about every twenty minutes and it made for a great work morning without any burnout at all.

  55. Billy T (verified owner)

    What a wonderful bud. Defiantly citrus like in smell and flavour. The bud has a light green coloration with darker leaf undertows. A fine dust of lighter green colours beed out with fine crystals. It has a puffy fluffy look to the bud along with orange like looking hairs intertwined throughout.
    The high was fast acting, defiantly helped with the motivation. Got lots done, however I pre-warn, time seems to go by fast while under the influenced of the flower. Got lots done though. lol.
    Would recommend.

  56. zappdog (verified owner)

    A great high right away, I was hoping for more of a skunk smell and flavour. A bit of lemon taste but again not as much as I was hoping for. I gave it four stars only cause of the lack of hoped for taste

  57. puffinman (verified owner)

    Very good to open the bag and the essence of sweet skunk in the morning is a perfect way to start the day. This is excellent as this is my second order of this fine herb and I most certainly will order again “)-~~

  58. Spin (verified owner)

    Great bud sticky icky and flavorful, the bud smoked nice and hit well. Gave me energy with a manageable buzz to do anything that is needed from you. Good strain overall

  59. JPK14 (verified owner)

    Got mine today and I didn’t like it cuz when I smoked it taste and smells like stempys 👎 but all I can say better no weed at all😜 I prefer MK Ultra but been waiting for re-stock

  60. Rawbeigh (verified owner)

    Really nice stuff. Woke up this morning partied out, one of those mornings a coffee just can’t fix. Rolled up about a .7 and hit it 3 times throughout the day, completely obliterated my debilitating hang over, and let me get a productive day out one that would have otherwise been a write off/sick day. This bag literally just paid for itself. 5/5 will use as a remedy again.

  61. Sholdies (verified owner)

    Good bud. Smell is definitely on the skunky side. But has a nice lemon hint to it. Smokes well and the high is uplifting. Great for day time use as your feeling good but still able to function.

  62. heyage13 (verified owner)

    Great skunky, citrus aromatics and flavours to this one. Almost comes with a zesty taste. Leaves you with a great jovial and energetic buzz. The energetic rush from this strain will leave you feeling invigorated and very energized.

  63. Padams89 (verified owner)

    This strain was amazing! Gave you a head high like an indica but gave you energy like a sativia. Really recommend this for a cheap but nice strain. Will buy again.

  64. 👌 (verified owner)

    Got a gram of this in my sativa sample pack and had to get more. Smells great, looks great, smokes great. Top notch product 👌. Hope it is still on the menu when I need more

  65. Sam (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this sativa strain, very strong, uplifting high without feeling ‘groggy’ or ‘tired’! Will definitely be purchasing this strain again! Thanks BM!

  66. chillisthedude (verified owner)

    As a smoker who enjoys Indica all the time. I was impressed by this sativa, it gave me a good high that lasted. Was manicured well and covered in crystals.

  67. Cing (verified owner)

    Tastes great ! Buzz is good but lasts only a few minutes and then just relaxed after. Not my favourite. Smells good . I have been feeling a little bit tired from it for a sativia

  68. BuddyVanDoodle (verified owner)

    Very nice! Buds are covered in trichomes. The smell is very unique. I didn’t like it at first, but after storing in a jar for a day or so I started to enjoy it. Would buy again

  69. Nigz (verified owner)

    I have been curious about this one for a little bit. I have a special place in my lungs for skunk # 1 as it was first strain I Grew with great success so when I saw it was part of it was used to create this strain I got excited. Unfortunately it doesn’t remind me of it but it is a nice smoke. Not skunky at all I found but it has a citrus smell and flavor I’m assuming from the Cali orange it bread with. It’s good day time strain as others have said indeed. Burns a little funny but not anything off putting. I would get this again sometime especially when batch is changed to see if it gets lil skunkier lol. Anyway if you’re curious it’s worth checking out to see if you like it. Another nice one BM 👍cheers. 🇨🇦

  70. Curtisdabsolot (verified owner)

    I dont usually buy sativas much i tend to stick to indica but i like this stuff alot, it has super lemon/lime smell and the bag appeal was 9/10, for a sativa i would purchase this again

  71. Imafordman (verified owner)

    Ordered this sativa and enjoying my purchase, read the reviews and one reviewer describes a lemon taste . I actually did faintly discover a lemony taste (subtle) .
    Nice relaxing easy going , would not hesitate to reorder.

  72. Padams89 (verified owner)

    Nice buds, amazing taste, gives you energy but yet a head high at the same time.
    Purchasing again for the 3rd time right now. Rolls good in papers also.

  73. Mrsjrm (verified owner)

    The buds were nice, great smell. The taste is very sour/citrusy, it’s very easy to smoke. It hits you with an instant mind buzz that than relaxes your body. This is a perfect sativa!

  74. based (verified owner)

    Small nugs, but powerful citrus scent and taste. An invigorating sativa high at low doses, some couch lock creeps in when you go hard on it. A worthy buy at 9/g!

  75. spaceman (verified owner)

    The flavor keeps getting better, after a few days in a jar the citrus/lemon really comes out. Tastes like lemon on exhale. A great all-day strain, just don’t over do it or the indica comes out and can put you on the couch real quick. A must try! thanks BM!

  76. Bruh (verified owner)

    Great smell of lemons had many strains in my order and smelt this one as soon as I cracked the seal.. Nice sativa high great for daytime smoke! Must try for all the fruity smelling weed lovers out there!

  77. Bill (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the smell of lemons and the smell of skunks. Combine them and I guess you get some pretty tasty weed. It’s very light on colour. Nice and pungent outdoor before and after smoking. Covered in sparkly crystals. It’s lit!

  78. L10nK1n9 (verified owner)

    This stuff is GREAT! Definitely become one of my new top 5 favourite sativas. Smell/flavour is strong and just like the name says; skunky AND citrusy. Effects are very potent and just as the profile reads; euphoric, cerebral, and visually stimulating, while being able to relax my muscle tension and numb my arthritic joint pains very effectively. Good daytime smoke in smaller doses through a pipe or bong, however it’s easy to go a little too hard on this flavourful strain and set yourself up for a lazy day. Highly recommend, especially at the price. Absolutely will be trying again!

  79. RebelYell (verified owner)

    I love these sticky citrus sativas! This one has almost the same terp profile as ISS citrus kiss and cali O. The buzz is energizing at first but settles in to a nice relaxing body buzz after the initial high. Great for creativity!

  80. Dane (verified owner)

    This is kind of everything I like in a hybrid. A quick sativa jolt then instant body and mind relaxation. After that you’re sailing. I haven’t been able to find a favourite strain, but this might be it.

  81. iliketrees (verified owner)

    This stuff is phenomenal! It is reminiscent of the island sweet skunk that was on here a couple weeks ago, but this stuff is more pungent and has a richer flavour. Effects are very much sativa, gives a nice, energetic and euphoric experience. Would definitely recommend.

  82. hutch89 (verified owner)

    One of my go to sativas on this site . Love the lemon pine taste and smell. Ordered twice in a row as this is a great day tome smoke. Doesn’t burn me out.

  83. Jimmy jack jones (verified owner)

    Outstanding herb,, lemony sweet smell and a very nice flavour,, the effects kept me flying well into the afternoon,, what a great deal,,,, thank you.

  84. Budman (verified owner)

    Nice tight sticky buds. This one burns clean and slow. It’s a great day time, clear headed high. I already ordered it again, this one is definitely AAAA.

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