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CO2 Oil (Shhhhh)

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CO2 Honey Oil is a variety of extract that is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid”, which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents.

CO2 oil is generally a loose, orange-tinted oil that can be either clear or opaque depending upon the finishing processes used after extraction. The appeal of this method for many is that it is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents.

Contains: 1 gram of Co2 oil per syringe. Lab-tested to contain approximately 80% THC.

34 reviews for CO2 Oil (Shhhhh)

  1. Tokesbeforeblokes

    My boyfriend and I love these. The Rockstar is my personal favourite, helps me relax before bed, has a nice taste and the high is just perfect. For the price point, they’re worth every dollar!

  2. Bongtoker420

    I bought the Rockstar/Pink Bubba oil and would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of c02 oil, it tastees great, vapes smoothly and it comes in a little syringe with a removable application tip that makes filling carts 100% easier

  3. OldJames

    I’ve tried a full array of shatter, bho, lho, distilate, budder, rosin, you name it and rockstarXbubba by sssshhh is my absolute favorite. Little goes a long way and this doesnt iritate my lung the way bho, and some rosin extracts do even with a low temp controlled dab rig. The ONLY dabable I would buy currently.

  4. R4

    great products, i have tried multiple varieties and enjoyed all of them. Mody dick has been a favorite and the tangerine strains too. The only complaint i have with them is the syringe head is not pointed and makes it harder to dispense into a vape cartridge.

  5. Pufferz

    The Rockstar/pink bubba is probably my new favorite! It tastes amazing and gets you quite high compared to others i’ve tried. Would definitely recommend!

  6. Kreamyg

    Little expansive compared to some of the other products in this category but I can’t say that I was disappointed with the product. Thanks again budmail

  7. Big B

    The mango like flavor is very noticeable on the first couple pulls off a pen. I’be also found it will let you know when you’ve had enough when smoking off the charcoal. Stays potent though out the gram if you don’t over do it

  8. Selenium Sam

    I got the Pink Bubba. While it works ok (vape) I found the flavour on this batch lacking and the high not as strong as the last time I purchased this oil. However it is a Shhhh product and with that comes at least a certain level of quality. Hopefully the next batch is more flavorful.

  9. Nigz

    Hey budmail fam😊 hope all is well on this sunny day. So I went with the combo rock/pink and I don’t know what it is but I don’t taste the strains at all. This is only my second time with co2 oil but am very big on concentrates. I have a high tolerance so need something strong more often than not. This lack of taste is why it loses a star to me. Now this is not saying it’s bad I just don’t get the gassy or skunky undertones of flavor you should from the pink bubba even the rockstar. 😔 maybe my palate is off I don’t know 🤔 anyway it is fairly potent as couple dabs will do ya 😉 I would purchase again to see what the flavors are like on their own. Definitely a must try but it’s a lil pricey I’d rather put towards terp sauce or caviar as terps are out of this world. Ty though BM quality product as usual. ✌️🇨🇦

  10. Patient Zero

    Me and the wife got Pink Bubba/Rockstar and we’re quite pleased with this one. We used it to refill our shhhh vape pen and i have to say, the taste on this is way better than just Pink or just Rockstar. You get the awesome high from the Rockstar but the delicious taste of the Pink! The Pink is super smooth but doesn’t have as good of a high, for medicinal purposes, as the Rockstar but combined, less harsh and leaves sweet yummy taste!
    Will definitely reorder! Thanks BM!

  11. Binks

    I purchased the pink bubba and a Puma mini
    vape as well. Great oil very strong.. get the puma mini so you don’t waste a drop. The spice controls the universe.

  12. 8Ball

    Fairly pricy but you get what you pay for. Enjoy the Mango Haze, can definitely feel the higher CBD content. Fairly runny, easy to put into a vape pen.

  13. BlackMamba lama

    Ok… typically I am discreet about leaving comments… but this deserves a 5 star. The hit is smooth & you get this euphoric high that feels like you are melted into your couch. One hit you are cozy, three or four … expect to have a lovely sleep. I find that if you add this oil to mazar a Sharif hash and y
    Whatever stressful day you had, best believe this combo will make sure you forget all about it .. plus you have the best sleep of life. This is my second time purchasing this CO2 oil. And I 100% plan on reordering ! This is a potent high so dont make any exciting plans, unless you hang out with sloths (which if you do, I am super jealous)

  14. 4our2wenty

    I noticed the moby is always out of stock and for good reason. This stuff only comes in .5 but the high amounts of CBD in it make up for it. Tastes exactly like a haze strain and its somewhat more solid so it burns slower 5 stars for this.

  15. gramps

    Expensive but you get what you pay for. 3rd time purchased. Tried several others on different sites cheaper by $12 . or so. No apprehensive feelings and a completely toned down but very nice feeling and good high. Just what I needed. Good product 3 times running so far.

  16. 4our2wenty

    What a combo this one! The bubbaxpink really make the rockstar more heavy, musky/skunky, tastier indica than it already is. Amazing mix of taste! Mellow at 2-3 pulls but eventually it will make you useless. This is probably the best for appetite, sleep, relaxing. I think the price of $65 is about perfect for this oil. Better to spend the extra cash and get the co2 type oils as its cheaper thc/price ratio per hit.

  17. margaret bruce

    I received this this morning , I won two on Budmails twitter page, what a gift, a one hundred and thirty dollar value, frigging AWESOME. I haven’t had oil since i was a kid, didn’t like it then cause it was so messy, now today with the vape pens its a GREAT product..Thank you very very much BudMail for this opportunity . “Talk about wake and bake” more like coach potato time….LOL

  18. DW99

    Cannot express how much I LOVE bubba/rockstar. Puts me to sleep like nothing else. One of the better things is, it comes with a blunt point need to helps make transfer the honey very concise and easy. No other concentrate does this. Also tried the CBD Mango Haze. Only for daytime use as it actually energized and focused me.

  19. otho

    Great oil but the plungers come out of the syringe during shipment. Leaving you with 0.5 grams of unusable, loose oil in a bag and 0.5g of oil in the syringe. Would not recommend buying until they change the syringes they ship in. $65 for 0.5g and a sticky syringe is completely unreasonable.

  20. TheSpaceMan

    Fantastic oil. This will give you a long lasting high and its quite smooth. It can be very runny. I found it easier to dispense the whole plunger into a glass dab container. Better to handle it that way. Dabs clean and tastes great! Thanks BM!

  21. TerryLahey

    Won two Rockstar/Pink Bubba through twitter. Probabaly the best concentrate ive had, very smooth and powerful. Very well packed and discreet, easy to use! Will be ordering more of this very soon!


    Using in 710 readymix vape pen. Very strong almost feels like expands in lungs on inhale. Small drags work better for me…sometime i forget the potency and end up inhaling too much so i cough then it leads to a immediate warm feeling all around. Best for staying under the radar & discreet

  23. six

    Smooth and clean ! Great for nerve pain in my legs ! One dose lasts a couple hours and it works almost instantly! Another great bonus with this company is the little funnel ! Makes it way easier to fill the tank !

  24. Indicanadian

    Easily the best honey oil I’ve tried so far (Rockstar). Very smooth, full body flavor and quite potent in all the right ways.

    Using the Puma Mini Vape and this product is all you need.


  25. the_skull

    Great stuff, and the syringe is really handy.

  26. Eskimo Stoner

    first CO2 oil i have bought on BM and all i can say is WOW

  27. Buds all day

    Love this stuff! I tried the Rockstar this time and find the high to be very nice. A little time consuming to refill the shhhhh pen but we’ll well worth, discrete and powerful!

  28. Anonymous

    Great product! Tastes awesome, and is very potent; one or two small hits off a vape pen will have a novice smoker feelin’ great! I’m a big vape pen user so this stuff is fantastic for me!

  29. Anonymous

    Rockstar was some very good oil. Have the mix blend comming in. I can’t wait this is the best oil on the menu so far.

  30. Gen Brock

    Extremely high quality stuff. Excellent flavour. Nice draw on the Puma. The syringe is extremely well designed and allows the user to get all the oil out, with none stuck in the spout. Well worth the coin.

  31. jrobi

    Pleased with this product, the syringe it comes in is awesome.
    The consistency is like room temp honey, easily applicable to dab, or line a paper with.
    The taste is smooth buttery, I use this to fill my vape pen on the go.
    Will buy again, would recommend.

  32. bigbudz

    Great stuff amazing flavour and hits you immediately the smell is strong as well smoking this both through a vape and a bong love both 100% would fully recommend this product

  33. Schoenhals

    This is a great refill for the toko gold cartridges. Which was why i ordered it and i was not disappointed. Tasted nice and i see it sold like crazy. Please find more products like this.

  34. jyojyoma

    Please keep stocking this! Best oil refill hands down. Pink Bubba is basically a panacea.

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