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CO2 Oil (Daily)


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CO2 Oil – Daily

CO2 Honey Oil is a variety of extract that is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid,” which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents.

CO2 oil is generally a loose, orange-tinted oil that can be either clear or opaque depending upon the finishing processes used after extraction. The appeal of this method for many is that it is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents.

Contains: 1 gram of CO2 oil per syringe

We DO NOT use Vitamin E acetate to thicken oils, neither MCT or mineral oil in DAILY vape products.

Staff Pick:

Flavour: Girl Scout Cookies

“Maybe the tastiest oil I’ve ever vaped…I always vape this in a CCELL cartridge on a very low heat setting. Anything about 5.5 is overkill and detracts from the flavour. 

The GSC high is great for work, activities, anything really – as long as I don’t vape too much. It’s easy to get too stoned. Fortunately, the burnout is minimal. It gets my imagination going, very cerebral. And did I mention that it tastes really good?” 


Quality Ingredients

Daily’s  passion is all about making use of nature’s most effective ingredients.

We combine potent natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with our industry’s professional formulated expertise to ensure our products deliver unmatched results and provide our consumers with the best quality products possible.

Everything we do considers people, the planet and our passion.

Our main priority is to be completely transparent about the ingredients we use. We are proud to state all of the ingredients included in our products on individual product pages. We are happy to provide a comprehensive list of all the ingredients we formulate

Addressing Issues Wisely

How you choose to consume CBD/THC containing products may have an effect on the experience you have, mostly in regards to the timing of the onset and the duration of the effect. Inhalation (smoking or vaping) and ingestion (eating or drinking) produce different effects because of the way in which the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream.

Inhalation can produce an effect within seconds, so waiting at least five minutes before inhaling a second time will help control your experience. Be mindful of the potential effects’ inhalation can have on lung health. Heating methods (such as vaping) are associated with fewer negative health effects than burning methods.

We DO NOT use Vitamin E acetate to thicken oils, neither MCT or mineral oil in DAILY vape products.

The effects of ingesting CBD/THC containing products will take longer to experience and may last longer than inhaling it. Be sure to wait about one hour to gauge the level of effect after ingesting CBD/THC containing products.

Our main priority is to be completely transparent about the ingredients we use. We are proud to state all of the ingredients included in our products on individual product pages. We are happy to provide a comprehensive list of all the ingredients we formulate. .

41 reviews for CO2 Oil (Daily)

  1. Outthebay

    Love this stuff… tried the African Killer Bee and Girl Scout Cookies. Vaped it right out of my C-cell Silo. Only negative is that it can be hard to refill the c-cell carts even if you heat up the oil.

  2. Nursechris

    These guys, not only do I get the best smoke but they almost always stick a little gift in with it. Last time I got a free sample drink mix and this time it’s a free gram of flower to try. You guys are the best and I will leave a review on the grass later after I try it. Thank you so much.

  3. Mr. Mountain

    Been loving the GSC,. Its smooth great flavor and the effects are just right. I used with zen battery and Ccell cartridge. Great product. highly recommended.

  4. Bud Master Kojer

    Last review for Girl Scout cookies was supposed to say I WASNT overly disappointed.

    Also my only issue with the syringes are the weird screw on cap as the part of the tip of the syringe is bulky and prevents you from having better accuracy with the tip.

  5. Bud Master Kojer

    Bought the Girl Scout cookies because it was the staff pick and supposed to be very tasty. Was overly disappointed as I use it with the ccell silo and it works great and it does taste damn good. Cant say it’s the most flavourful oil or concentrate I’ve had though, but for straight vaping oil it’s great, got it for daytime use as it’s a hybrid but can still cause some anxiety from the sativa. I’ll likely try cheaper oils next time but I don’t doubt I’ll be buying this stuff again, especially the indica strains.

  6. Bud Master Kojer

    Bought the watermelon kush as a Christmas gift for someone because it said it was for someone looking for a change from the traditional weed taste because you could apparently pick out the watermelon and berry flavours in the oil, but when I tried it I didn’t get much flavour of any kind, just basically tasted like I was using a dry herb vape so I was a bit disappointed with that at the $70 price point.

  7. G2p3nis

    I liked the first three I ordered, that I reordered 3 more. The gelato is my favourite of this order. The high is clear, steady and energetic. Paranoia very low. Taste’s great. The spaces cookies strain is good too. A little more of a heavy head high. Less clear but not far off from the gelato strain. The super lemon haze tastes great and the high is wonderful. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone trying to get ultra sedated. It’s a very functional, almost unnoticeable at times, it’s very clear. Very energetic and creative. The only thing they could improve on, is having a sticker with the name of the strain to add on the seringe. It’s just transparent with no markings, so they can get mixed up easily if you have a bunch. I have to use a sharpie, but it rubs off. The envelop it comes in could be reduced by half in size. A+

  8. G2p3nis

    African Killer Bee is a superb sativa, I barely get any anxiety, and the high is clear and positive. The deathbubba is awesome and mellow. The strawberry haze really slowed me down mentally for a good day. Nice buzz tho. This was my first time trying this c02 oil. It rocks with the CC oil atomizer and battery I picked up too here. It’s easy and quick to use, and the quality and taste of this c02 oil is up there. The dispenser works well. Warm it up in your hand for 5 mins before dispensing. A+

  9. Mr. Mountain

    Top quality stuff. Use it with the CCell cartridge and it is super smooth and great taste.
    Its got a great high. Nice selection to choose from. will keep ordering. Thank you Budmail.

  10. CC

    Oil and cartiges are the Best !! Great quality good taste, top choice for me. Not a fan of the new syringe.
    However the descriptions dont match the packaging….ie web site says indica but it’s really 50-50 Hybrid. Not big deal unless you’re like me and cannot handle the sativa side effects. So be prepared to get so,ethically g you can’t use…I have had this happen 4 or 5 times and it’s a waste at 70$ a pop to throw out.

  11. Nursechris

    I just got my order and tried this and it is the bomb. It as a smooth great taste and the high is just perfect. I used low heat to help with the transfer to the c cell. Great product.

  12. CC

    Syringe is a great format, never leaks during delievery which puts this as my #1 favourite. Flavour and choice is usally great. Even like th 1:1 for day time. Only wish they had more indica dominate or old favourites again. Otherwise love it

  13. dabdaddylidell

    Had to pop in here and let some new users in on a little cost saving measure, buy this oil and a CCell cartridge. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve had 20+ year smokers tear up from choking so hard on the Jet Fuel off my Puma battery. I have to warn them 5 seconds not 10😂In terms of vape oil you can’t beat co2 for taste/effect and the variety of strains these guys keep around is phenomenal. Keep it up!

  14. Arch

    Great stuff — consistency, potency, and flavor are the best I’ve experienced for CO2 oil. Highly recommend – price is higher, but worth it IMO. Best to use CCell carts, which thankfully BM now stocks. Thanks BM!

  15. Leon the professional

    Got the cbd thx gelato one and it works tastes great. Filled a ccell cart with this and it works great . Package is nice and the syringe is high quality

  16. Mamed

    Another tom ford pink and satisfied again. Haven’t had a burnt taste from these specifically and the consistency among cartridges is uplifting. Rockstar used to be my go to until TFP stocks were replenished. Keep it BM

  17. Corcor

    Very Berry skittles…(the purple bag).. That’s what you’ll taste if you vape Tom Ford pink kush.. took 2 seconds to connect the flavour. Astounding. Same ..with the powdered nestea flavour of super lemon haze..when you vape these in a ccell. Use a middle to mid low heat setting and hit like once every 40 seconds – to a minute if you want the smoothest and tastiest hauls..whether Terps are food or plant… It doesn’t matter for me with this one .. because it lasts long and feels potent

  18. Sandilicious

    This is the best tasting oil I’ve ever had, incredibly potent as well. I found it very easy to refill the tanks, it seemed easier when the tank itself was warm; I didn’t need to bother heating the syringe other than holding it in my hand for a few seconds. The syring itself is all glass and metal, very well made. Blending this with cheaper oils is fantastic and doesn’t diminish the taste very much. So tasty I always end up taking an extra toke or two. A+++ product, 10/10.

  19. Dr. Huneytime

    Love the Zen co2 oils. They hit hard, good flavors. I would recommend this to any user. Sad to see how low the stock and options are right now. Really hope you guys re-stock real soon.

  20. R4

    Not a bad strain but i dont think its going to be a normal one for me. The taste was ok, but it was a little harsh on the throat and wasnt as effective as i would have liked

  21. Jewbear-official

    Zen Medical Labs produce the best co2 on the market today. Point blank. No matter the strain. A must have product for all users. I’m a weekly user of this stuff. I can only hope Budmail can restock faster on the strains because it seems they go fast.

  22. BlazaFatty

    Bought a syringe of Jedi Kush. Used a hairdryer on the syringe to refill my cartridge. Using a joyetech evic battery running at 6.3 watts produce clouds of smoothness. The taste is kush-like and easy on the lungs. The effects are like a indica-leaning hybrid, something like
    65-45 split, and very functional!

    5/5 for stealth, taste, potency. Would def re-buy.

  23. BlazaFatty

    Bought a syringe of Bruce Banner. Refilling cartridge with the syringe was easy after using hairdryer for a minute. I vape it using a joyetech evic set to 6.3 watts. This produces great clouds that are smooth on the inhale and exhale. Just like Pink Kush as a strain has a certain taste to it, so does Bruce Banner. You can taste that this is Bruce Banner when you vape it. The effects are a uplifting and potent heady hybrid. A great anytime strain.

    5/5 due to taste, potency, stealth. Zen Medical is producing seriously potent quality oils.
    Def re-buy!!!

  24. 4our2wenty

    My first time buying Zen medical and after a few uses I can say I prefer this to the shhhhh co2 oil. Seems to be less runny and packs much more flavor. You can tell it’s overall a better product right away. I’ll stick with these!

  25. Mamed

    No complaints after a few orders of rockstar. I’ve had it ‘burnt’ tasting from other stores but not over here. Also tried pink death, tom ford pink, dark angel and death bubba. Except dark angel the rest was good for my ‘standards’. Keep it up BM.

  26. BlazaFatty

    Bought the 1g syringe of Space Cookies. The syringe is very sturdy and easy to use (once a little heat is applied). The oil itself vapes great on a joyetech evic battery between 5-7 watts. The effects are awesome sativa goodness. Great for all day and evening usage. The taste is sweet and addictive.

    6/5 for stealth, taste, and effects. I’m really loving Zen Medical/Daily as opposed to Keyy, Shhhhh and Erbatip. Their oil is best on site. Def rebuy!!!

  27. BlazaFatty

    Ordered the Tom Ford Pink Kush 1g syringe. The packaging is nice and the syringe is very solidly made. It was easy to refill my old zen cartridge using hair dryer to heat up syringe. The effects and taste are phenomenal… its soooo smooth and addictive. Very easy to vape non-stop, then stand up and be like “Whoa wtf hit me!!!”

    For the price and quality, I give this 6/5. Def gonna be a regular in my orders

  28. Jake28

    The oil is absolutely amazing. I cant get enough of it. One star off for syringe, it makes it hard and sometimes messy to refill a cartridge. I suggest heating the syringe with a lighter just before refilling a cartridge

  29. Hurthle

    This oil is amazing. 1 hit stoning power. I can never get enough and i go through it so fast. Have to ration it so it lasts more then a few days. Hopefully the strain selections get restocked soon.

  30. DJ Review

    Ordered girl scout cookies to refill my zen / daily tank.

    Fantastic product, great taste, smooth, very strong, I will definitely be buying more.

    Refilling was simple, I placed the tank and syringe near a hair straightener for a minute until they were warm. It allowed the co2 oil to flow smoothly from the syringe to the tank, no issues.

  31. AliceD

    Sour Sunset was smooth, good taste, and relaxing. I like the packaging and ease of use. Would order again as you get a good quantity for the price you pay.

  32. MeowMan

    I normally like the zen tanks quite a bit but this product was completly awful in terms of taste and smell. I tried the tru OG strain and maybe it was confined to that strain online but wow, I was shocked by how disgusting it tasted and smelled compared to other oils.
    On another note as good as zen tanks USUALLY are, they are massively over priced IMHO

  33. Megpie87

    This oil is great … I use it to refill my vape tanks …. it’s comparable to the quarry …. I really enjoy these guys oil …. it’s the best available in my opinion .. I’ve tried to many strains fire og was great think that was my fav. Lol anyway the only down side is the syringe …. I have started putting it in a better one as soon as I receive it cuz I’ve wasted alit of product trying to refill my tanks …. they really should change their syringe… maybe add another peice that fits inside the tank …. because at the cost of their oil you don’t really wanna waste any …. but again this is oil that’s worth it’s price and i highly recommend it !!!

  34. Biohacker

    Only 4 stars due to the price… it’s a little overpriced and should be under $60/g, but this is the best co2 oil out there! So many strains, taste is incredible and effects are potent.

  35. HAL

    I have tried 3 different brands for Co2 thc extracts and Zen is the best one. For pricing you will not find it cheaper anywhere else besides budmail. Definitely recommend this product to anyone.

  36. Lord_Baklava

    Purchase the Girl Scout Cookies. Exactly what you would expect and want from GSC. A pleasant euphoric head rush followed by hours of euphoria, pleasant vibes and feeling uplifted. I noticed after the euphoric high ended I still had lasting body heaviness and “the munchies”.

  37. WetGrass

    Recently purchased the ‘white death’ didn’t care for the flavour. Tasted like burning tires at first….then mellowed out to a copper/ penny taste. Almost like blood. Haven’t had that problem with any other flavours. Great product but I wouldn’t recommend the white death.

  38. DW99

    Just bought 3x Crazy which I have been dying to try. Have bought Purple Urke, Pink Rockstar, master Kush and the quality is undeniable. Except for the inexpensive ORO honey, Zen is the highest quality product I have used

  39. Fat Jesus

    Great oil with great taste. This one packs a good punch but doesnt put you out of order like other « flavors » would. As always Zen Med quality is appreciated and cannot go wrong with this product.

  40. Oilmtl

    First time trying Zen Medical c02. I usually buy the Quarry brand.
    Got the white death and pretty satisfied with the purchase.
    Great high that makes you want to sit on the couch and chill. Not the strand to go for a nature hike! Very tingly extremities and super relaxed. It’s an anxiety killer.

    The taste wasn’t great, or maybe I’m just used to a different brand. I’m sure I can get used to this stuff.

    My one real complaint is with the syringe. Yes its much easier to fill a cartridge but it tends to leak. The syringe isn’t capped properly and if there is any air inside it can push the cap up and start leaking.

    But I will definitely buy this again and try a different strain.

  41. Schoenhals

    Big fan of vaping CO2 oil. This did not disappoint. Definitely ordering more of this. Nice taste and packs a punch just like the shhh refills. Used in toko gold tank. Seems to work well.

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