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Cocktail Gummies (Dose) – 300mg THC


10x 30mg THC gummies for $26

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Dose Cocktail Gummies

Dedicated to creating the highest quality, lab tested products on the market. With precise and consistent formulations, you can Dose with confidence. Each pack contains 10 Gluten Free wine gummies made with real Champagne and natural fruit flavours that will enhance your senses. Feel the difference!

Overall, we’re very happy to carry Dose gummies on our edibles menu!

300mg THC per pack – 30mg THC per gummy.

10 x Gummies per pack

Active Ingredient: 99% THC Distillate

Ingredients: Glucose, Fructose, Gelatine, Tartaric Acid, Prosecco, THC Distillate, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Natural & Artificial Colour.

Health Benefits: Insomnia, Pain & Joint Relief, Anxiety, Nausea, PTSD, Increased Appetite.

Keep out of reach of children!

Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more.

7 reviews for Cocktail Gummies (Dose) – 300mg THC

  1. Shabba (verified owner)

    I love these candies. They taste great and get you where you need to be. I will be recommending them to my friends. I hope you always carry these in stock!

  2. Laura (verified owner)

    These are the only candy edibles I will be purchasing from now on! Lol. U only need one and it keeps a good high. The flavour is good the texture isnt the greatest but overall a great buy

  3. Lite weight (verified owner)

    The wine duo was very good, tastes close to the nonmedicated candy. More potent than a lot of similar products and gives a nice buzz. Ships in a very small container which is nice. they are easy to cut into pieces for microdosing.

  4. Mashooze (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of this product so obviously, enjoy them. Great quality, good buzz; helps me sleep. Expedited promptly after purchase. Can highly recommend the product.

  5. Stykii (verified owner)

    If you like wine, then you will like the taste of these. Very potent taste but other than that I like them. Very nice buzz but not overpowering. 10/10 will buy again

  6. Paisley (verified owner)

    Purchased these twice, and will continue to purchase. Decent flavour, texture and great result. Would like a better resealable wrapper for the internal packaging.

  7. Laura (verified owner)

    Recently purchased these for the second time. Really high quality high. The packaging was nice to go with the champagne feel. Theres a good chew to the gummy also. Will continue to purchase!

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