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Colombian Gold

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Colombian Gold is some seriously old-school marijuana. A close relative of the even more famous Acapulco Gold, this strain was born in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia and exploded across the United States in the 1960s. Colombian Gold is a near-pure sativa, the result of an original Colombian landrace strain. The buds are long are showcase a fresh and bright aesthetic that is foreshadowing for the effects. The colours are pale mantis and there are some violet flourishes on some of the nicer colas, as well as a generous coating of sticky trichomes. The nose is cheeky and piercing with pine and citrus on the forefront. The taste is quite smooth and is mostly earthy citrus/pine on the exhale. The effects are focused and invigorating, you’ll find yourself energized and full of vitality. Long lasting and most suitable for daytime use.

Flavours: Lemon, Lime, Skunky, Sweet, Woody
Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Uplifting
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Hypertension, Inflammation, Loss of Appetite, Mood Swings, Stress

26 reviews for Colombian Gold

  1. Budman

    This is the kind of strain that you have to try. Whether you like sativas or not, this one won’t disappoint you. Columbian Gold is an amazing daytime strain. Gives you a very productive high that you don’t burn out from. I’ll order this one multiple times

  2. NewfoundlandMan

    Finally ran out of my 7 grams of Colombian Gold (was smoking it sparingly ’cause she was so special) and re-ordered another half ounce…expected delivery date is this Friday and will make for a very happy weekend if all goes well! I hope that BM never runs outta this lovely bud! 🙂

  3. HashHound8

    Great smoke Definatly brings back the old days.You nailed the high and smell,too bad the smell doesn’t carry through to the flavour but a 10/10 on the gets me high scale.Very bright🤯🤯🤯👍✌️

  4. JC

    Absolutely hightastic! Smooth smoke, taste great and will get you up there all the way there, almost indica-ish kind of effects. Not really a daytime type of sativa but a great after work/school/end of day kind of indulgence. Binge watched a few tv show while smoking this until I fell asleep and then woke up to smoke some more : ) A must try!

  5. AP2000

    Great price point for this! Potent and heady and gives off a classic high. The nose and taste are pleasant and mild, definitely nothing to rave about, but equally nothing to complain about. The effect is excellent though. It’s a bit of a creeper, but you’ll know when you’ve turned the corner. A nice buzz full of positive energy. This makes me smile! I think that I need more landrace in my life. 🙂

  6. El Roacho

    Ordered this just to have a taste from 40 yrs ago….What the heck was i smoking? This would be prime weed when i was young. May order more, but the BM menu is pretty well stocked right now….what to do?… Thanks BM

  7. dabdaddylidell

    BBF – Big Beautiful Foxtails 😂But for real though this stuff is awesome, especially for the old timers and joint smokers out there. After a .5g to the face in a paper it has me grinning ear to ear and a serious tingly body buzz all the way to my toes. Be careful with this one if you arent a regular smoker, 2 hits will turn a rookie’s legs into jello. Will be buying more for sure✌

  8. Slednorth

    Decent bag appeal and nice earthy smell with maybe a touch of piney scent. Taste wasn’t bad but wasn’t really much taste at all which is fine. Nicely cured and burned smooth. Great daytime smoke for me as I felt very creative and invigorated. Decent smoke for the price.

  9. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    As claimed, this is a nice batch of a high-end classic. With the old school aesthetics, and a potent, heady buzz, this is worth trying out while it is still available.

  10. smokeNride

    Priced very well. Never tried this Landrace strain before but it makes me want to try them all! Not the greatest tasting sativa, as its quite spicy on the nose, but that’s okay since it rolls up and burns pretty good in a joint. Very ‘pure’ and lasting high, once it comes on. Lab report says its high in caryophyllene, and I don’t doubt that, as it’s a calm buzz. Might be good for users who experience anxiety with other sativa strains.

  11. Canada Man

    I only got 1 g but im happy i got to sample it, id love to get some bigger nugs of this! Really nice smoke at any time of day, i felt great with this one. Im saving a bit for the long weekend. Great Menu to choose from atm.

  12. Highlander

    The smell of this brought me back to the old days. It has that classic healthy weed, herb, grass smell. Earthy. Long onset but once started it good. It doesn’t send you up to the moon but you’ll be cruising smoothly in the sky. Definitely something to sample for a few nights but for me it lacks that little potency.

  13. crbcrowes420

    Good stuff! Got me quite stoned 🙂
    Hope it’s still on the menu so I can get some more.
    The Laughing Budda is great too but it’s off the menu, not surprised..LoL!

  14. Danler

    Pretty decent smoke for the price. Wasn’t harsh, relatively smooth. Would definitely order again, one of the better strains I’ve had recently. Still searching for my “Gold Medal!”

  15. Pauly McJames

    I really enjoyed this strain. Great sativa effects and smells fantastic. Love it. What I really am impressed with is Budmail’s lab reports. For someone like me this is very important as I have found some of the other cannabinoids do not agree with me / my condition. I will very gladly pay a minuscule amount more for the type of quality, service, reliability, and lab reports that budmail provides.

  16. Stinkywink420

    Pretty good sativa. Good day time strain with nice cerebral effects. Will definitely buy this again in the future. It is a decent price for this strain as well.

  17. NewfoundlandMan

    I am enjoying reading all of the various “reviews” of the Colombian Gold and glad that so many have had the chance to sample this “old-school” sativa…I like this weed! For me she’s a creeper…the joint goes out halfway through and I’m lost in a daydream, cuddled in a warm, fuzzy feeling…not speedy at all…lovely!
    My Gold is nice and fresh, tastes yummy and burns well, but in my opinion tastes even better/stronger/grippier when dried out a little bit. I’m taking out a few buds a day and letting ’em dry overnight from now on…try it you may like it! Cheers and Peace and Love! 🙂

  18. SourCreamCreamy

    It’s decent sativa. Smells decent and looks decent. They’re a decent size too. It sets my mind right and keeps me focused and happy. I like this bud for a day time toke.

  19. Deaner912

    Not a big sativa fan myself but this strain was not that bad. Like a sweet kind of pine smell to it. Definitely a day weed you can smoke a still get things done. Easy on the lungs.

  20. vanzolini

    i really enjoyed this one, very smooth smoke. has a light citrus taste to it. Good functional sativa effect.
    Great for the price, would order again for sure.

  21. Bud Master Kojer

    Total review – 3/5:

    Bag appeal – 3/5 – nugs are similar to the pics but not quite as white and mine had a lot of stems that could have easily been trimmed off. When picked out, the bag was a couple grams under the 14 I paid for. Nugs are light and spongy and not overly coated with trichomes; some have a lot of pistils and some are almost barren. Mostly small nugs, couple big ones.

    Smell – 3.8/5 – the smell is decent, varied, like some fruity berries with a citrusy twist coupled with some earthy sourness. Kind of similar to Dutch Hawaiian but not as pronounced and with more of an earthy sour twist.

    Taste – 1.5/5 – no taste or flavour when smoked, it’s actually kind of weird how flavourless it is. If anything you get some plant-type flavour as an after taste. Not bad, but definitely not good. Might possibly be better in a dry herb vape but I didn’t test that before this review.

    High – 4/5 – asides from being a creeper, the high is full sativa and is quite good. Took about 10 minutes after smoking to realize it, mostly head high, no body feelings. Made me want to be up and doing something, to be productive, so when I sat down to play some video games I found myself lost in thought and started writing reviews instead. On average, it doesn’t seem to last as long as some sativas though.

    My opinion on this batch is that it’s a bit expensive for the overall quality but still a decent sativa. I’m more of an indica fan so sativa fans might enjoy this more than my review might indicate.

  22. sativa_lvr

    First, I am really glad you can provide sativas in this nature. Been a while since I passed an order. I really like the old school/landrace stuff and that makes me return here (as well as realiablity, quality and some rare stuff from time to time). Buds are big in my 3.5. In fact its one big nug + 2-3 small dimes. Smell is very nice. It smells skunky, but with more of that damp woody walk in a forest. It stinks up for a while. Cure is on point, cant say for now about the buzz (I hope the labtest is coming!). I may post another for the high alone.

    All in all, well worth the price. Had worst in the street days. Thank you for providing great sativas.

  23. Sixty

    If you were to take the Colombian Gold that we all remember, and remove what was done to it through the various methods of mass production and smuggling that were required back then. You would end up with this.

    It has the extremely long onset that I remember, you can get through an entire joint before the effects are clearly felt.
    Which start with that buzzy sensation that I remember quite well.
    The taste to me is very subtle, mostly just a nice woody smoke, with hints of sandalwood, pine, and spicy hash.
    The stone is pure Sativa psychedelia, and will leave you soaring around in inner space for a good number of hours.
    There are even some tiny gold shade leaves that can be found within the buds.

    Very happy that I grabbed an Oz of this one.

  24. snicklefritz

    I have a lot to say abut this but ill try and keep it short. Landrace strains are pretty intriguing and typically carry a lot of hype. I find they usually are these strong sativas with great effects like this columbian gold, but i also find they typically lack appearance like this columbian gold. The buds are somewhat loose and just a bit leafy with a soft smell, kind of think of it as like “highs” in highschool. The buzz is definitely a different story tho, very strong sativa high that’s pretty unique compared to what ive been smoking lately. I dig it, 4 stars for the buzz. Ordered 7 gs and am satisfied not sure if i would order more, but my opinion might change. Id suggest trying before stocking up. On a side note, this might have been a bit harsh? I think the various tin series may have turned me into a weed snob. lol.

  25. SID

    Harsh, resiny smoke. Nice grey-white burn. A little leafy (but it is an AAA strain so it definitely meets those standards!!). I actually found it made me want to get creative or get focused on a task but I’m prone to anxiety with strains like that and this doesn’t offer that same anxiety so this is nice – makes dancing a lot more fun I can say hahahaha. Onset is quite instant, happy onset with a relaxing undertone. But definitely makes me want to DO and not sit. Which is great to keep me focused.

  26. NewfoundlandMan

    I would’ve loved to had the honour of being the very first person to do a little “review” of this lovely looking Colombian Gold…but my 7 grams haven’t been delivered yet! 🙁 (she’s just been sent to the shipper) I’m so happy that I grabbed a few grams before it’s all sold out! I’m just hoping that there’s a cargo “shipload” of this Gold available for everyone to sample…If she’s anything like my “flashbacks” from the late 70’s, I will be re-ordering immediately! 🙂 I will pop back in “2-3 business days” (hopefully wired on the Gold) and probably ramble on as I’ve done in this post! LOL! Cheers!

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