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Cookies (Baked Edibles)

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At Baked Edibles we use several different types of cannabis and extraction techniques to make our oils and butters. We bake our cannabis oils and butters directly into the products, rather than coat (spray) or paint them on as the last step. The result is a product that is always tastier and more consistent.

Available in Double Chocolate or Ginger Chew

41 reviews for Cookies (Baked Edibles)

  1. tokeyDAbear

    I love cookies .
    I love getting high .
    Add these things together and you have just put a smile on my face.
    Only complaint is that as a heavy user, I wish they would offer a higher dosage cookie….
    but I can always just eat another cookie
    So maybe BM should offer a multi-pack too

  2. Froglady

    These cookies are my new fave 🙂 love the taste and sooo chewy, I was very impressed! Complete body buzz, perfect for staying home or going out for a walk. Will order again for sure!

  3. BlazaFatty

    Ate my last ginger chew cookie after Mary’s coffee failed. I’m sad now. Sad because I gotta eat regular ass chips ahoy or oreos until I reorder this cookie made for the gods.

    6/5 for stealth taste effects affordability.

    Craving more…

  4. BlazaFatty

    Seriously, what more can be said about this fine product!?!?! The Ginger Chew is awesomely tasty and u can have a mini-christmas year-round with the festive flavour. The effects are great background happiness and calmness.

    6/5 for flavour, stealth, affordability and effects. Definite Rebuy!!

  5. King

    I really love the price of these cookies 🍪 they are really good, I’ve bought the double chocolate 2 times now, one for me and one for my girlfriend both times, she loves them as well, but we noticed they are a bit smaller now, still really fresh and soft

  6. BlazaFatty

    Mr Christie ain’t got nothing on the flavour of the Ginger Chew cookie. Sooooo soft and chewy. There is next to no weed taste and it goes great with tea, coffee or milk. The effects are in point, not overly potent or overly weak. They kick in about an hour after eating.

    6/5 due to taste, stealth, affordability and the comfortable effects the cookie provides.

  7. MeowMix

    Wow, didn’t expect the cookie to taste so good. I tried the ginger, it’s so soft and chewy, gets you nice and buzzed and only $7 a piece. Can’t go wrong there!! Will definitely buy again.

  8. BlazaFatty

    Ate my last double chocolate this morning. Once again, absolutely delicious cookie and texture, no weed taste at all. The effects are perfect and kick in about an hr after eating. It helps pain and mood by providing a calming body buzz and causes giggles too… truly feel these are like smoking a 60/40 sativa leaning hybrid.

    6/5 as mentioned previously, these cookies are perfect for stealth medicating and effects.

  9. Blaze4Daze

    These cookies are wicked. Bought the chocolate and ginger. Wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate as i found it wasn’t soft. But i’m giving 5 stars for how awesome the ginger cookie was. Soft and chewy and kicked my ass after eatting the whole thing at once.

  10. BlazaFatty

    Ate the double chocolate cookie about 4 hrs after a failed Mary’s French Vanilla (no effects). Well, this cookie definitely hit the spot. So soft and chewy out the packet. The taste, like I mentioned before, is addictive, I have 1 more of these and 3 ginger cookies and it is hard not to want to eat more than 1/day.

    5/5 for taste, effects, stealth and affordability

  11. BlazaFatty

    1st time trying these. Ate half a double chocolate cookie. Soooo soft and by far one of the best cookies I’ve eaten!!! Effects kicked in about 90 mins later and they were nothing like I expected. Just a nice light buzz, not hating on it at all. Ended up finishing other half about an hr later.

    6/5 due to deliciousness, potency and as a stealthy way to medicate. Definite rebuy every order from now on.

  12. RN_Sleeper

    These edibles are a fun time! I ate half a cookie and waited 45min, felt a bit of a buzz… Ate the 2nd half and wow! Put your seatbelt on… I was feeling great for about 4hrs. I’m a regularly smoke and vape and this was a nice change! Will purchase again. Both flavours are amazing, with a hint of green flavour, but it’s not overpowering. Will purchase again!

  13. Weedaholic

    Awesome tasting product. Purchased the double chocolate. high kicked in about 30-40 minutes after eating it. High lasted about 2 good hours. Definitely purchasing more.

  14. Greenfred

    Taste good work well lotsa fun to take on a road trip.
    Be great if they sold them in 6’s 0r 12’s.Good for plane rides movies skiing any recreational activities .Well done BM will be getting more!

  15. obc93

    Baked edibles are my go to brand for edibles. Expertly dosed and taste phenomenonal. Will definitely grab these again. 30mgs are a little much for me so I find half a cookie works perfect.

  16. Airwolf

    Great tasting ginger cookie…As good as any that would come from a store….One cookie was not eough for me, but after two, I was feeling nicely relaxed….Definitely a great buy…

  17. Justinmcc10

    Dynamite!! My wife loved the Ginger cookie. Worth getting again. Wish there was bulk orders with a discount. Most likely a Indica or dominate hybrid. High potency but not a bad or uncomfortable high

  18. Airwolf

    Excellent taste…Soft and chewy….Eat one ginger cookie and the results were very pleasant and relaxing…Had a great sleep…will definitively buy more…

  19. Kushdiet

    The cookie was fresh right out the packet, great flavour with no cannabis taste at all and the price point was spot on. 5/5 wish i ordered more of these.

  20. Kelmo

    Seriously, so much fun! I giggled my ass off!! I recommend one for beginners. Two for a giggle fest and experienced tasters. The ginger cookies were delicious.

  21. based

    5 stars all the way for the ginger chew cookie. Super fresh and delicious cookie with only a hint of cannabis taste. I would consider myself slightly above average tolerance and eating one full cookie had me VERY stoned for 4 hours. Not overwhelming, but nice and stoney. Took about 1hr and 10mins to fully kick in.

  22. Pixxiestix

    Super yummy cookies! I got the ginger and loved them. I have a high tolerance though so the 30mg was not enough for me. They didn’t taste weedy though and I appreciated that. Would buy again cause of the yummy factor.

  23. Sam

    Great for some who don’t physically smoking! Perfect size for those that have a high tolerance! Only take half of the cookie if your tolerance is low!

  24. Bruh

    Awesome edible for beginners or a mild buzz for edible enthusiasts! Taste great well worth the price! Not the stale edible you get from the guy on the corner this cookie was fresh and chewy all through!

  25. Orchyd

    I got the chocolate one and I found it weak and very dry for the value as well.
    Not as soft of a cookie as I prefer.
    The chocolate used is of low to average quality for the disc.
    Would not repurchase but sure someone else might like it and I still want to try the ginger cookie which wasn’t in stock til now.

  26. Beesgf

    Tried the ginger and it was really delicious – too good really, it was difficult to hold off.
    I tried 1/2 and then decided to try the whole things. The high was VERY effective.

  27. reesedeluca

    Nothing is worse than a bad tasting cooking. I mean who cares if you get high if the experience sucks? This was actually a delicious cookie so the high was just an extra. LOVE!

  28. BlueMoonRocks

    I’ve tried both the ginger and chocolate cookies and was really impressed with the quality of the baked goods – you can tell they use quality ingredients and put in the time & effort to make a nice product. They’re super tasty, it’s hard not to eat a whole cookie anytime you want to dose lol. Dosage is definitely accurate too, one cookie gets me super high.

  29. H

    This cookie is Absolutely delicious. Has all the qualities of a freshly baked chewy cookie. Very gingery, I taste no weed when eating g this. 1/4 at a time is a great buzz.

  30. davedaveee

    This stuff right here gets me stoned to the bone. Nothing like smoking a little green and adding this to your table while your going in with the bros in fortnite.

  31. 8Ball

    One of the better edibles I’ve ever had, will humble you if you are not careful. Nice packaging, was moist when I opened it. Would definitely recommend/buy again.

  32. Marie

    Awesome products! I loved this cookie! It tasted really good! It also gives a nice little buzz. Very nice taste and texture, tasted fresh and good, like it very much

  33. Towelie

    Awesome cookies! I tried the ginger one and it is going to be a go to from now on. A mellow buzz and a delicious cookie! The spices are nice and fragrant and add some delicious flavour to this medicated treat. A great snack to get your morning started right !

  34. Morning Wood

    The double chocolate is my new favorite thing. Great taste, good light high. I have a really high tolerance so the Cookie is a great booster. Some friends have tried it and felt the effects much stronger than I usually do so it depends on how often you smoke. Would recommend and will continue to order in mass quantities.

  35. Knomadoobad

    Flavour wise I’d rate these 5 stars especially for the ginger cookie. Its seriously one of the best ginger cookies I’ve had in general, medicated or non medicated.
    The 30mg dosage gives me a nice medium buzz (50mg is my preferred dosage for edibles) and is perfect for a nice relaxing evening.
    I’m on my third purchase already.

  36. Doodles

    This cookie is amazing…texture kinda dry… but great with a glass of milk…but very soft and chewy…smelled good but kicked me on my butt lol…definitely ordering this again

  37. based

    The pros: tastes amazing (ginger chew) and worked….cons being I don’t find it as strong as chocolate edibles offered on this site. I usually eat 15mg of chocolates and get a nice stone. Half the cookie (15mg) only gave a slight stone, but it was pleasant. I’d say anyone with average to above average tolerance eat the whole thing. I’m sure if I did it would’ve been great.

  38. F1fan

    I ordered the double chocolate chip cookie. It had a great taste I enjoyed it for breakfast with glass milk the effects were mild, what a great way to start off your day in my opinion

  39. Shovenkauf

    The cookie came and did have a label that said 30 MG of thc. Ordered the double chocolate variety and cookie was kind of dry and very strong cocoa flavor but no cannabis flavourful which was kind of a letdown. Two people with strong tolerance said a cookie was weak yet one of us with a low tolerance thought it was too strong.

  40. Jennyburrr

    Great cookie, soft, chewy, smelled fabulous
    Knocked me on my butt
    Would definitely buy again

  41. Stoner

    Cookie itself was great,soft & chewy, tasted great . Was my first time trying an edible. It’s a creeper, and knocked me on my ass lol. I would recommend this product, but if a first timer I’d recommend starting with half.

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