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Crystal Coma


AAAA Grade | Sativa | Organic

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Crystal Coma
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Product Description

Crystal Coma

Crystal Coma is a rare sativa-dominant cultivar with somewhat mysterious lineage, although it’s believed to be born from a cross of Skunk and Cheese. Contrary to what you might think based on its parents, this batch of Crystal Coma has a surprisingly sweet nose with hints of cream and berry. The dense, expertly-trimmed buds feature a mottled green palette coated in crystals with vivid orange pistils peppered throughout.

The smoke is smooth and flavourful, burning to a fluffy white ash with undertones of sweet, aromatic spices. It packs a heady high that is as uplifting as it is powerful, slowly melting into a euphoric yet trance-like stone befitting of its name.  A must-try for all sativa connoisseurs

Flavours: Sweet, Berry, Cream
Effects: Creative, Focused, Euphoric, Hungry
Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Sleep

20 reviews for Crystal Coma

  1. lovebud12

    Got a chance to try a little bit of this as I’m usually an indica smoker – this SOLD me. I always go for the calming highs that combat anxiety, and this was the perfect strain. Blanket of calm that comes over you, very uplifting and relaxing, long lasting. Would buy this over and over again!! Wish there was more in stock
    6/5 stars.

  2. Rachpuffs

    I found this to be a perfect day time smoke, gave me energy without the stress. Happy and uplifting, personally I found it to be very “light” tho and didn’t last the longest for me. other than not lasting a super long time this is one of my fav strains, and i always buy some if it available

  3. Safetosurfthisbeach

    Never had crystal coma before but the name sold me. Buds were small but really nice and tight. I prefer to use my vaporizer for this strain, get the most out of the flavor. High hits right away and lasted for a short while. I find I’m vaping through it a little faster than most. I’d get it again though.

  4. The dude

    This has one of the best aromas of any strain out there. Delicious taste as well on the smoke. Very light coloured ash. I would definitely buy this again.

  5. _ZETOR_

    Crystal Coma smells and looks great! Very smooth taste – creamy and fruity. Something Dutch about it. Sweet creamy aftertaste present in my mouth long time after vaping it. It makes me happy and full of energy. This is exactly what I needed!

  6. Sirach1331

    Number one Stunna. OMG this is dangerous for any beginner.
    Solid AAAA. Nose is overwhelmingly pungent.
    Bag appeal is, off the off the hook, crazy wicked.
    Wish I got more
    This is my favourite out of 4 other indica’s in the order.
    WoW this might convert me to a Sativa Man, lol.
    I highly recommend
    Thanks BM

  7. Tarboss

    A great choice for any time of day or night. A very pleasant sweet smoke with a nice bite to it. Leaves a calming heady buzz that is still social and energetic.

  8. Smac

    it was very smooth and tastes good. i smoked in a doobie It knocked me out in a good way. Makes you happy and want to dance, just like the description.
    A must for a happy energized high

  9. Linksblueocarina

    One of my favorite strains was Blue Coma and this strain is very similar. The smell and flavor is very fruity and with great effects. Thanks BM for providing this wonderful strain and I recommend to all to try.

  10. wardawg

    The smell instantly made me recall the dutch hawaiian that had been available all summer (very good thing). Good head stone on offer here, more on the pleasant side than the haze-side of the scale, which was also how the hawaiian hit.

  11. JimmeeSpence

    This hit me just perfectly on a Sunday afternoon smoke session. It tasted excellent and burned nicely. Settle in for an uplifting smoke. Perfect partner to a streaming filled day

  12. John

    what can i say, it was very smooth and tastes good. i smoked it out of a bong and knocked me out in a good way. just like the description, makes u happy and want to dance.
    a must for a happy energized high

  13. TomFlry337

    I’m somewhere in the middle on this one, and on the other hand my GF actually loved it….I thought it smelled I’m and looked rly good but did not get me all that buzzed. Overall I would go 6/10

  14. soupmixx

    soo delicious! AAAA forsure, just to bad i bought the last zip, lol X_x to bad for everyone else #YouLoseSpringfield, for anyone considering super premium, a must to check out !

  15. Nunu

    Top Notch flower it’s recommended it completely helped my symptoms not to mention I clean the entire house amazing flavor and long-lasting effects just wish it was $8 LOL

  16. TomFlry337

    Bud size was not all that impressive and the smell was faint….had a decent amount of THC but in comparison to all the other were I bought I could only give it a 6/10

  17. Chips

    What a treat. Taste , smell, high are all great. Recommend to anyone with knee pain. Takes it away almost immediately. Great strain will for sure be ordering again

  18. SID

    A nice relaxing strain that offers cerebral stimulation to keep you motivated to create or keep focused on a task. Doesn’t offer a huge burnout but definitely can sometimes leave me feeling a little lazy after smoking a bit too much. Fantastic burn as always on BM, cheesy/skunky/diesely smell and taste, super yummy!

  19. Perseid

    Surprisingly light for a strain with this name but does feature a decided Indica lean that I’ve noticed is typical for this grower. Effects last a surprisingly long time with no real burnout. Also didn’t really have to use much to get there. Everyday smoker; was settled about a third of a j in.

  20. NickNuked

    Def as described orange hairs on crystal packed dense green nuggs, didn’t notice much of a pine to the nose or taste.. which im happy about.

    A very sweet cheesy diesel with a hint of lemon for sure that comes together really nice.
    Nuggs break up like the skunk. not super dense like some of the cheese strains ive tried (uk cheese)

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