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Danky Doodle


AAA Grade | Indica | Organic

1 Gram | $9
3.5 Grams | $30
7 Grams | $60
14 Grams | $115
28 Grams | $220

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Product Description

Danky Doodle

Danky Doodle is by KC Brains and combines Big Bud, Viking and KC636. Despite its Big Bud lineage, the buds in this harvest are all thumb-tip sized or smaller, but are liberally coated in frost. Bright hues of lime green and violet contrast nicely over bright orange pistils and a healthy blanket of trichomes. As its name suggests, aromas of dank earth, skunk, gas and floral spice make up its backbone. Smokes nicely in a joint where it burns to a light grey/off-white fluffy ash while it is smooth on the exhale.

Charges hard and fast with an even expression of calming and stimulating properties. Bright and humming pressure behind the face leads the way before a calming bodymelt rolls in. We found this to lean slightly towards the calming side, but suitable for any time of day.

Flavors: Skunk, Fuel, Floral
Effects: Social, Cerebral, Soothing, Engaging
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Pain, PMS

5 reviews for Danky Doodle

  1. Grassimo

    Man this stuff should be AAAA. Looks amazing, smell fantastic, burns clean and tastes great. The high is great for work I was talking to everyone lol. Definitely a standout strain for me off just a 1g FREE sampler. Ordered more and probably will order more again lol!

    Thanks BM!

  2. Peek

    I was hesitant due to price, but I’m glad I pulled the trigger. This is probably the best bud I’ve ordered from BM and that says a lot. Very potent, grinds up nicely, rolls great and has a surprisingly smooth draw for such stanky bud. Overall, very impressed.

  3. Melissaroy478

    Amazing amazing amazing. Love this product. The taste the look everything is amazing. I roll my joints smaller cause i get high out of my mind. Very recommended!!!!

  4. Vaga

    I got this on sale and I’d say it’s worth its price! I also loved the description in the email 😂

    Not very strong smelling in the bag, more fuel than skunk which I personally love. The taste is beautiful fuel…its the taste that brings me back to my teenage days of smoking good bud. It’s subtle and not overpowering, extremely enjoyable.

    Burns well, I’ve never had bad burning bud from budmail. The smoke is a little harsh but only a few small coughs 😉

    The high hits fast but mellow..the bag says “soothing” and I think that’s the perfect way to describe it. A nice Saturday afternoon smoke.

    5 stars for an AAA

  5. C dog dinger

    Good herbs mang ; Reminiscent of big bud ,, ; the effect , the subtle flavour ,, the bud structure s unique ,,not plain Jane like big bud . this beauty is effective for many ailments ,,, she ll please you beyond your expectations ….

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