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Darth Vader OG


AAA Grade | Indica

1 Gram | $10
3.5 Grams | $35
7 Grams | $65
14 Grams | $125
28 Grams | $240


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Darth Vader OG + Sample Pack
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Product Description

Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG is bred from Purple Kush and Skywalker OG. Gaining its notoriety for “dark side” purple aesthetics and mesmerizing effects, we’re pleased to share this one with you. Medium sized buds are packed with crystal while nicely trimmed and cured. True to its namesake, there are darker hues of purple noticeably present on larger colas. First opening your bag will unleash a strong funk of dank earth and pine. Breaking the buds down further unlocks gassy and floral notes. Smokes to an offwhite ash while it is smooth on the inhale and robust on the exhale.

Sure to leave you bleary eyed and contemplative, we’d recommend this offering an evening in. Happy, euphoric and dreamy effects take hold in first rushes. Not overly productive, but good for abstract thought or simply sinking into the couch.

Flavours: Dank, Musky, Earthy, Pine
Effects: Heavy, Calming, Body High, Contemplative

Medical: Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, PMS, Depression

20 reviews for Darth Vader OG

  1. Beans

    My favourite item from my last order! BEST SLEEP EVER!
    Burns very nicely, didn’t make me cough like most strains, good and potent with a calm relaxing high!

  2. Fatty

    Another great hard hitting Indica . This one I find even stronger than the Mike Tyson strain, great Indica flavour and high ( really wished I ordered more than 3.5 at the time) . Watched the whole Star Wars series while smoking this strain and it did the job well, kept me glued on that couch .

  3. Sirach1331

    I ordered 7 of this based on name. Wish I ordered 14 now.
    This is really nice night time dank OGish Kush.
    Bag appeal is sparkling crystals, especially deep inside the huge fat nugs. Very gummy sticky stuff.
    Smokes like a dream and frazzles ya badder than a blow from a light saber.
    Get some, you will be converted to the dark side after the first smell, lol.
    May the high be with you
    I highly recommend
    Thanks BM
    Get some

  4. :)

    Really liked this one! bought it off the name lol but it did not disappoint. This is a darth vader strain, not an anakin one. Burns nicely, looks great, and has a great potency. 3.5g of this lasted really long by my standards. great for dealing with pain, for dealing with anxiety, or just having a good night of tv and snacks.

  5. SD

    got the AAAA version and it’s pretty damn nice. I vaped this and it didn’t take me much to get me litttt, helps for sleep too. The flavour I like as well

  6. Dharma Initiative

    solid indica, my first time ordered some weed off budmail and this was the choice, smoked nice and got some small to small medium nugs. overall nice buzz and helped me sleep

  7. Reefer

    *This is the AAAA Review

    Currently on the menu as a AAA , I can not attest to this batch . HOWEVER I just finished up my AAAA batch of DV OG and it was very good. Nice moisture level , nose and very clean burn. I’m assuming this batch might not be as good but it’s definitely worth a purchase!

  8. anon

    Great buds, and smoke really well. On the pricier side of things, so not sure Id re-order. But that’s just me. Packaged really well with those humidity packs. Id avoid this during the day if you wanna get stuff done. Evening smoke for me 🙂

  9. CoolHandL

    Love it. first budmail brand ive tried and was not disappointed. smokes clean, great aroma and good flavor. High is great. its truly a AAAA Bud! will buy again, would like to see this offered in a glass jar or tin along with all the other AAAA strains.

  10. CoolHandL

    great aroma, smokes clean & good flavor. Nice high fast hitting. this is a great evening indica, small tight nugs. will buy again. this was my first non-skookum purchase and id recommend!

  11. Whimsical

    I smoked it using a vape and a bong, with an rubber hose adapter.
    The taste and smell were good, but not groundbreaking. The bud was appealing with its dark hues and crystals. I got fuckered on it pretty good, so I wouldn’t advise it for someone looking for a day-time weed. It is a heck of a good time though, I recommend any fan of indicas to try it out. Like others reviewing here, I bought it partially for the name. I was not disappointed, and even Luke himself would fall for a hit of this. Happy toking!

  12. Jrockfromtheblock

    Third purchase of this now. Really enjoy the earth and dank on the exhale and the high is top shelf for sure. Anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of indica will love this stuff

  13. Smac

    This one is the BOMB for me. i’m a sucker I always purchased based off the name, this bud totally knocked it out of the park!
    It smokes beautifully in a joint. Great for winding down or a lazy day.

  14. rEVOLution

    5/5 again! This stuff was super good. The fuel smell and taste was reminiscent of Fatso, from the Skookum Premiere Line.

    Sticky and dense buds.

    Burned slow in a joint, a slightly off-white ash.

    Super chill and sedating.

  15. Timmy

    A really solid Indica for the price. I was using it out of my vaporizer and it mellows you out and has a nice piny smell, if that your thing. Will definitely consider getting again.

  16. SwampsOfSnye

    this one ticks every box for me. i’m a sucker and purchased based off the name alone, that this bud totally knocked it out of the park is just the cherry on top for me. smaller, sticky buds that break up like a charm and smoke beautifully in a joint. tastes even better in a vape. great for winding down or a lazy day. i will def be on the lookout for this again in the future.

    ps i got a sample of danky doodle with this and my god…the stank on that thing! i’ll be ordering some of that shortly.

  17. MarkFloyd

    Smokes good, tastes good – the “earthy”ness is evident on this strain, reminds me of the “earthy” Death Bubbas. Buds were small-fair sized with a chunky look…this strain’s quality is spot-on, definitely has some of that heavy-indica effect. This will be a re-order for me if it’s still in stock next time around.

  18. MarijuanaMonkey

    Lovely bud, first time trying it and I would love to get it again. Thick milky smoke, nice buzz, great taste! I’ve had better indica strains but definitely not disappointed by this guy.

  19. gmac

    This stuff is spectacular!! The force and the dark side are strong within. The flavour is amazing. The burn is amazing. The smell is amazing. The buzz is amazing. This is everything I like!! Come to the dark side! You wont be disappointed. Oh and we have cookies 😉

  20. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    I really enjoyed this strain. The nugs were small, but they were a nice dark purple with a generous coating of crystals. The gassy pine smell was appealing for me also. I rolled this up in a joint which was super smooth to smoke, and I felt aa nice hazy mental high with a relaxing body high. Overall, BM did a great job on this one!

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