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Death Bubba


AAA Grade | Indica

1 Gram | $8

3.5 Grams | $28
7 Grams | $55
14 Grams | $110
28 Grams | $210

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Product Description

Death Bubba is a distant relative of Bubba Kush. Grown with love by our friends at Taco Farms. Medium-sized buds boast a resinous coating and spongy structure. Vibrant purple flourishes amidst forest greens comprise the aesthetic. Classic kush aromas of musky earthy pine and floral citrus spice permeate from the bag. A dank exotic bouquet is noticeably present on the exhale. The effects of this strain are heavily sedative and narcotic. The first onset is throttling while calming. A body melt of high calibre then sets in leaving you sandbag-limbed. Overall, Death Bubba is best enjoyed on a lazy evening.

Flavours: Sweet, pungent, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Inattentiveness, insomnia, nightmares, pain, stress

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

67 reviews for Death Bubba

  1. B.Rak

    Dense, deep purple bud vibes. A wonderful evening toke for those who want to relax. The buds busted up okay, but the taste is all indica. Deep dark diesel. Lol that’s how I’d explain it.

  2. Hey_buddy

    i was really hoping for this one to put me to sleep. It made me feel lazy but not sleepy so I was a bit disappointed. As for the bud, I loved the smell and it was a really pretty looking bud.

  3. SourCreamCreamy

    You can’t go wrong with my Bubba especially Death Bubba. I’ve bought this strain a gazziolion trillion babizillion times… It’s chill, it’s happy and it makes you hungry, really hungry. I also feel couch locked at times. Surely this strain helps with sleeping too. I’m vaping it right now, goodnight.

  4. JLo

    My half was 2/3 rock hard buds, the other 1/3 were loose. Definitely all Death Bubba, all smelled the same. For the price the 2/3 exceeded expectations and the looser stuff is what I expected, so definitely happy. The hard buds pressed into really nice rosin. The rest smoked clean in the bong. Death Star flavour came through over the Bubba for me. Death Bubba has been my nausea go to for the last 4-5 years. I’m interested to try the Death Bubba, Tuna Kush cross.

  5. thicchigga

    Great strain for insomnia/sleep. it’s all the things about bubba kush you love but with a more sweeter/berry taste, especially on the exhale or when grinding 🙂

  6. Mushy

    High grade trips. Creeper high… Indica side effects but still well balanced. Smells good n doesn’t smoke too gassy, like other Death Bubba strains I’ve tried. So flushed well..
    Nice people colour to the leaves. Crystals all over and easy to roll into joints without drying out to much.

  7. hutch89

    Very potent indica dominant strain. Good for both daytime and Nighttime use. Smells very kushy and dank. Sticky to the touch. Buzz is not over powering but nice and steady.

  8. Toronto420

    I’ve been ordering Death Bubba for years and this go around wasn’t the greatest. I didn’t get the kick that I expected and the potency was weak. Still better than anything local or from OCS so still worth it, but I wouldn’t order this batch again.

  9. RyanOkaitok

    Good clean thick smoke as always light grey ash nice trim and cure. Vary relaxing high but won’t put you to sleep if you’re a chronic smoker.
    The AAA strains from budmail are better then the AAAA from most sites

  10. SnarleyQuinn

    This strain packs a punch! I’m not concerned with scent or appearance of the buds as much as I am about the potency, and this stuff is strong. I had the first solid night’s sleep I’ve had in a while thanks to this! Highly recommended if you struggle with insomnia and stressful thoughts.

  11. TreeFer ReeFer

    Death Bubba is always a good medical strain. Pains and stress seem to drift away, a good munch and then a really good sleep . i jump on this deal ! love it


    Can never go wrong with death bubba my favourite strain. Always order this stuff every time it comes out great high best for night time use. Not a daytime strain u less you want to do nothing all day but relax.
    Thanks BM

  13. buds ahoy

    Very nice. Nicely cured and potent. Still hoping for a strain like this but with CBD though. But if you want to be your normal wrecked self this stuff will do, I am sure.

  14. Highlander

    Great stuff, excellent smell, oh boy when you crakc it open the room smells for a while. Amazing, last batch was also great. So far the consistency is excellent.

  15. buddy

    This is some of the best Indica I have ever had for settling down my muscles and my nerves. The fact that it’s organic makes it so much better. Such a clean high and not so bad waking up in the morning.

  16. Greenfred

    Loving this bud grabbed 1/2 of this with some pine tar ,so hard to say which one I like better! Really appreciate the gram of gorilla cookies cone Doobie you sent as well.
    Smell was on point , well cured and buzz was great . As always I should have grabbed a whole oz but then wouldn’t be able to try so many different strains.
    Well done as always budmail thanks again!

  17. BornToHula

    This is some amazing AAAA quality bud.
    We have had two orders of this now and I am very pleased with the looks, smell, taste, burn and smoothness of this smoke.
    The high kills any stress I would have from the work day and I would mellow out just in time to have a good night rest. It is a great strain for those with restless sleep syndrome. Love this strain!

  18. alyssalovesugly

    GAS. This has been one of my top five purchases though BudMail hands down. Don’t need alot of this bud, gets my appetite going and just makes me feel all marshmellowy. Really dug this bud!

  19. Shoots85

    You can’t go wrong with death Bubba. It’s a great all around strain and this batch didn’t disappoint one bit… the nugs were big, smelt great, smoked well and had a decent buzz to it but it is a bit more harsh on the lungs

  20. hutch89

    This stuff is nice especially for the price. I’m surprised this is not a AAAA strain tbh. I have always lived death bubba since the first time I tried it on this site it was fire. This is as good hit still awesome and worth the price forsure.

  21. lostintheclouds

    Grabbed this again to try with a friend. Another great bag of it. Really like this strain and hope it stays available on the site for some time! Great for bed.

  22. lostintheclouds

    A really nice Death Bubba, this is one of my favourite strains and it was perfect. Definitely will keep repurchasing this while its on here. This is the best strain for right before bed and just generally settling myself down.

  23. Linksblueocarina

    Buds are dense and dark, taste is great and you get that wonderful bubba flavor. If you have issues sleeping this strain will fix that. I recommend this strain and by the end of the night you will feel nice and relaxed .. sweet dreams 😴😴

  24. Arabiyyah

    I would’ve gave 5 stars but I smoked death bubba before and remember feeling a stronger high than with this current batch. It’s still a nice mellow and relaxing high though.

  25. Herbalisst007

    Ordered this strain back in September on my first order along with a few quads but this is the stuff I stuck with keeping the quads on reserve for special days this stuff is great for the day for the evening breaks up nicely smells great and it’s not a full-fledged high I would say it’s probably a mediocre functional buzz That keeps you in a positive mood

  26. Brad181

    Great flavor, vapes well, a small bowl goes a long way with my CF Hybrid. Great for mellowing out and having an awesome sleep. The buds look great. I’d buy again.

  27. JLo

    This has become a staple for my medicine box over the past couple years. It’s the perfect combination of genetics for my medical issues. Always consistent and great quality. Nothing better if you’re puking your guts out with a migraine.

  28. 4our2wenty

    Dense buds that taste and smell more fruity, sweet than your typical skunky death bubba. Its relaxing and burns clean only problem is the effects don’t last long. Given the price and consistency ill give it a 3.8/5

  29. Sublime-haze

    Gassy, earthy tasting. Easy to smoke, great for before bed. Dense, tight darker colored nugs.
    It’s not the most unique Indica on the menu, but I have found this strain to be generally consistent and effective. If you want something that will just work and be effective for insomnia, this a strain worth ordering. If you are looking for something more exotic then this might not be your first choice.

  30. Rev

    Found this one rather…generic tasting with short lived high and medium/low potency. Very dark, almost black/purple. There is a big difference with forced purple and genetic purple..I’ll leave it at that. Won’t hit this one again.

  31. Brandon

    Bought a quarter of DB, as soon as I opened the bag I knew I was going to be purchasing this again soon. Using it in a vape, is nice, very smooth, didn’t make me cough once. I find it has a coffee-like smell and taste which I love. Even in a nice little J it’s phenomenal, again a smooth smoke. Puts me in a really great mood for about 30 minutes, then mellows me right out just in time for bed, and gives me some of the best sleeps I’ve ever had. I recommend this to all of my friends who enjoy a nice indica.

  32. Berns that Kush

    DB has a really good bag appeal. Hardly any shakes, buds are dense and smells and tastes like classic bubba kush with a bit of a stronger potency than its original strain. I enjoyed this during the day when there isn’t much to do. Calm, relaxing, all-in-all a descent indica with a great flavour.

  33. CW

    Always a good strain to fall back on , love the smell and earthy diesel deliciousness to it. Only got a gram this time but will probably get some more of this.

  34. gogetyourshinebox

    Solid indica….didn’t quite do it for me in terms of the stone but it’s an above average indica. Has a very earthy bubblegum flavor to it. Worth getting a gram just to sample

  35. Greenfred

    Cant go wrong smells good, looks good smokes wonderfully good long buzz had a little too much and sat down for quite a bit Works just like its supposed to will defiantly get more!
    Thanks BM

  36. Adam

    Solid smoke, will get you stoned. Preferred the pink bubba but the death bubba is solid too. Can never go wrong with Golden Spruce they always make good quality cannabis.

  37. HIO87

    Just received my first batch of the DB and wow, all the reviews lived up to the hype!! Very pleased. Burns well, great bag appeal, smell. Fast shipment before Christmas! 🇨🇦

  38. chillisthedude

    Good quality indica that did the trick. I picked up a half oz and the bag appeal was excellent. Would purchase again but hoping the next batch is nice and fresh from the harvest.

  39. Tkins

    Don’t be fooled! This strain will hit you right away! I rolled my normal 1/2 gram joint to smoke myself and this particular strain is the best one I have had yet. The joint was too much. Had to put it out and save it for later. Highly recommend

  40. Nigz

    Only got a little to try. I enjoyed it. Was flavorful and not too bad of a buzz. I would purchase again at some point. It burned well in a bowl for tokes and Recommend trying for your self atleast one. Ty BM 👍🇨🇦

  41. iliketrees

    This is nice stuff! Has a strong, pungent smell and a very nice taste on the exhale. This stuff has been cured to perfection and is a treat. Gives a pretty lazy stone, very calming.

  42. tokeymon

    Picked up a oz and I’m very happy.wish I had the funds to grab a lb.
    Sticky tasty and hard hitting nugs of varying sizes .smoked and locked in couch..

  43. Princess

    The Death Bubba is awesome. After a long day I finally tried it out and wow!!! Worth buying again and again. All my pain was gone and I had a wonderful nights sleep. I was so refreshed the next day. Thanks BM

  44. teflon_shawn

    Fantastic bud! Expertly manicured nugs. Very smooth smoke. Im a huge fan of Death Bubba and this is on point, extremly relaxing and heavy. I hope this sticks around for a while. 5/5 for sure!

  45. LisaJayne

    Loving this mellow bud! Very nice smoke. Bag appeal is fantastic, buds are nicely manicured and covered in crystal. Busts up nicely and burns great. Will definitely be repurchasing

  46. GSO

    This weed burns pefect. It is amazingly even and white. Taste is soft and no cough. It does not however taste, look or have the effects of any bubba or death bubba I have ever had. It also does not provide the strong painkilling effects that you may expect from “death bubba.”

  47. MaryShelley

    I just got a 1/4 of this today, figured I’d try it after reading the reviews and description, and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with this strain.
    I’m somebody who smokes a lot of weed, and I mean a LOT (about 3 – 4 ounces a month regularly), so I have a pretty high tolerance in general, and rarely am I impressed like this anymore.
    I’ve been smoking a lot of the MK Ultra lately as well, and I like it, it;s a great value for the price, for sure…but the Death Bubba literally blew my head off. I took three little tokes on a glass one-hitter I use, my personal favorite method, and about 15 mins later I was on the moon.
    When it first hits you, it’s very cerebral, and stuff can get swimmy a little, not super trippy but definitely noticable, then it spreads throughout your body, making everything, just, vibrate, and it’s an INTENSE body and mind high for a good 2 hours or so, leading you into a very strong couch-lock and then a coma

    I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough!! 5 stars all the way

  48. RebelYell

    I love all cuts of bubba and this one pleases! A beauty aroma of earth and fuel with a chem scent that smells like a new rubber ball. Very narcotic indica buzz. If this one was 9 dolla a gram it would get 5 stars from me.

  49. Sam

    Awesome strain! Delivery was quick & perfectly sealed! This indica is great for nightly use as it tends to make you relaxed & sleepy! Perfect for when I get home from work!

  50. Mo

    Potent indica, I use it at night before bedtime. Strong smell, tastesike bubba kush. Buds are dark in colour, mostly small buds. Top notch bud, I highly recommend.

  51. Anonymous

    In da couch! Earthy but sweet taste. Definitely a good idea for night time use.

  52. Batman

    Its one a.m. after working on renovating the batcave its time to fire up. Death bubba is super relaxing but after a long day can knock you out pretty quick. Its beautiful to look at with deep shades of purple. The taste is good, not very stong but is a little pungent in a very good way.

  53. Gfunkton

    Once again BM hits the nail on the head with this strain, a beautiful mostly indica strain, with absolutely thick buds, coated in a glistening layer of tricomes, and if that’s not enough for you, even the colors are out of this world, glad I scooped some up before it went out of stock! 👍

  54. canada81

    This was pretty good, nice smell and taste. High is good but not really heavy, a bit balanced but way better than the platinum blackberry tho.

  55. Robbie 420

    This product came in a sample pack that i recently tried and was hands down the best bud in the bag. A must pick if your a long time smoker.

  56. Wow..

    I absolutely can’t say how good it really is.. Just nice purple and chrystal coated nugs, grown for a king man.

  57. Guch

    This stuff is potent! Absolutely stinks, delicious flavour !

  58. Jean-Guillaume

    Great high! Great taste! A+. Would definitely buy again.

  59. kevininch

    this is a very good strain, when using a vaporizer this seems to burn forever, and I am not complaining bout that at all, Great taste super buzz and yes it put me to sleep after a couple of bowls. love it thanks

  60. EasyRider1965

    Was very excited to order this product, when it arrived was disappointed with the trim and overall appearance, the buds were not as they were described, buds are small on average the size of a quarter, not frosted and after smoking 2 bowls found it to deliver a high but was expecting it to be better from the description

  61. soulman

    Thx,.BM. this strain was great smoke,worth it!! piping it you can feel instant high,but when you knife it ,your into another state of mind! GOOD STRAIN!

  62. Toney2dank

    Bag appeal 9/10 large dense nugs, not a lot of purple but still hidden through the nugs.
    Smell 10/10 super skunky
    Smoke 10/10 very smooth, great when smoked in a paper the flavour is out of this world

  63. nstoker420

    good price, A++ quality , Smells / Tastes amazing
    Got my thumbs up!

    Thanks BM _3

  64. AAAherbs

    Death bubba is the bomb !! No trouble to know its cross up with bubba kush, tastes yummy and nice body stone, pure indica, one of my favorites so far!!

  65. jillj

    Extremely mellow smoke and very relaxing. Definitely for bedtime, if u are medical for anxiety or insomnia like me this will do u nicely. can kinda sneak up on u and will mess u up physically so don’t get trapped downstairs or anything. ask me how I know this lol.

  66. nstoker420

    I got what I was looking for nothing bad to say. Very nice colas, Very good kush taste. If anyone says this does not taste kushy they need to clean there pipe and get thinner papers. 😀 Cheers BM _3

  67. Chronicchris

    This stuff is great , didn’t Taste as kushy as I was hoping but still good flavor , bud look amazing and this stuff will put you down for a little bit great high but I won’t get much done after you smoke it

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